Toybox: Review Index & Full Collection List

Here’s my current sex toy collection, listed alphabetically by category. At least $29,456 worth: Dildos galore, an assortment of clit and G-spot vibes, Womanizer clit pulsators, butt plugs, penis toys, and other sex aids! All toy names below link to my review.

Find my favorites explained here: Why are these the best for me? ⬅️This post is updated for 2022, and I’ll update it again later this year!

This post is not updated! I think I last updated it sometime in 2019… and then 2020 happened… and now I have literal hundreds of extra vibrators & all kinds of stuff to never add to it, oooops! Please see my Sex Toy Guide Index and my Reviews category for more-updated work!

Key: ❤❤❤❗ = My neighbors hear the screaming; ❤❤❤=I come so hard the room spins; 😄 =good, consistent orgasms; 🎨=dildo art; ☹️=Using this toy makes me sad

Dildos (Plus Thrusters and Pulsators)


Air Pulsation Clit Stimulators

Butt Plugs, Non-Dildo Prostate Toys, Misc. Anal

Thrusters and Pulsators

Penis Toys

Toy Mounts and Other Misc. Toys

16 thoughts on “Toybox: Review Index & Full Collection List”

  1. Found your site today and I am loving all the information–your reviews are well written and I am positive they will help me find the right toy for me. Great job!

    • Thank you, Elena!!! I really appreciate that you took the time to comment; sometimes I wonder if anyone’s getting anything out of my reviews. I hope you do find just the right toy(s) for *you*.

  2. Hi Felicity!
    I see Lelo Soraya 2 Wave on your list. Any thoughts on how it compares to the We-Vibe Nova 2?

    • Hi! I think the Soraya Wave’s rolling “wave” motion on the shaft is interesting. It’s like an intriguing curiosity. Overall, it’s less orgasmic for me than simply thrusting the Nova 2’s softer silicone shaft (to rub it against my G-spot). Most of all, the Soraya Wave 2’s clitoral stimulating arm is frankly annoying, with very little adjustability. Feels like a twig that’s poking me in the wrong place.

      Like all Lelo products IMO, the Soraya Wave 2’s price is inflated: We-Vibe & Womanizer are luxury toys for sure, but Lelo toys tend to cost 30% more (than comparable We-Vibe) AND are generally less ergonomic / harder to control AND have weaker motors.

      I’m sure you’ve gathered I would not buy the Soraya Wave (1 or 2) for myself or a friend.

      • Awesome info, thank you!! 💜 Price was definitely a factor… I’m not much for the “luxury” toys and some rabbit vibes aren’t proportioned to fit me either.

        Guess I’ll stick to the cordless Wand and Sassy for now. Maybe and Njoy plug instead.
        Thanks again☺️

  3. Didn’t see your RealCock2 listed under your dildo collection. I should be getting the Rockwell and day now. Hope I didn’t order something sub par to the BMS dual density.


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