Uberrime Sensi Vaginal Plug Review: Soft, Squishy Artisan Silicone Wearable

Looking for a wearable dildo? I gotchu! Well, Uberrime does, to be exact: this indie toymaker’s Sensi is a small dildo/vaginal plug. It’s odd that I’ve never reviewed a vag plug before—because I rarely meet a sex toy that I don’t want to put in my vagina.1 Vibrating butt plug? Check, it’s in. Magic Wand with silicone head? Why not, it’s going in too.

This Sensi by Uberrime review will cover how and why you might wanna wear a squishy vag plug!

Uberrime’s Sensi vaginal plug isn’t the most typical sex toy, so why would you want one?

  • For squeezing around during clit play or oral sex: it’s soft and clenchable.
  • For double penetration too: wear Sensi (vaginally) during anal.
  • Bike riding is more interesting than ever, seriously. (More on that soon.)
  • I mentioned clenching, right???

Sensi’s shorter length (4.5″) was designed to fit securely inside the vagina, instead of sticking out like a normal-length dildo or many an insertable vibe would. That means I can sit on it comfortably most of the time. (Except a few days here and there when my cervix gets especially sensitive.)

That is one issue with vaginal plugs: no toy will be a perfect fit for everyone. Some vaginas are naturally longer than others, and some expand more during arousal. (Remind you of any other organ?) For me, the Uberrime Sensi fits the very best when my cervix is high; it’s easier to keep in place—without extra support—while I’m walking around with it in.

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Closeup of Sensi’s glitter plus Uberrime’s trademark flower-swirl base.

If you are looking for a wearable vaginal plug, something for use outside your house, then Sensi will stay in place with more supportive pants, like not-baggy jeans. A pair of tight spandex shorts keeps it in place for me (under a second, loose pair of running shorts) while I go out to exercise. That’s because…

I keep taking Sensi along on bike rides. You see, I was sitting with the Uberrime Sensi vaginal plug inside me while I was working once. (Something I do with a lot of toys.) Anyway, I stopped being able to feel Sensi after a while, so I figured: Why not take it somewhere bouncier???

When bicycles first became popular with female riders, there was a lot of anxiety—that the bike riding would promote unhealthy masturbation and detract from a woman’s real purpose, bearing children. *yikes*

This 1897 ad promotes a bicycle saddle that “insures…a graceful attitude” by “entirely relieving the sensitive parts of the body from pressure of any kind.”

That was 125 years ago, but still: I said, “Fuck the patriarchy,” bike-rode all over with my vaginal plug inside, and then came home and masturbated some more. Hell yeah.

When I’m really pedaling and bobbing up and down, Sensi adds a boost to my biking. Once I even came while squeezing around Sensi and flying down a hill. I find myself exercising about 25% longer—literally, going the extra mile—with Sensi’s soft silicone inside me. If you’re a bit of an exhibitionist like me, then wearing this plug discreetly can help fulfill that desire for public play.


And hey, why limit yourself to using the Uberrime Sensi as a vaginal plug? It works perfectly well as a small dildo too—especially if you’re a lover of softer insertables. (And shorter ones!)

Is Sensi the most orgasmic toy I own, by itself? No. The ridge is large, but the silicone is so squishy that just holding it in place doesn’t provide G-spot impact.2

It’s a soft touch, basically; like a whisper against my G-spot, versus the SHOUTING of the Njoy Pure Wand.

Sensi is for clenching around, pure and simple. It’s a great addition to other forms of play, like using a good bullet vibe.

Find the Uberrime Sensi in Amethyst fade or Mermaid Blue-Pearl.

* * *

  1. One exception being pressure-wave clit pulsators! We-Vibe Melt is awesome, but it’s staying outside.
  2. Sensi is somewhere between 00-50 and 00-30, akin to the softness of many fantasy dildos.

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