Rose Toy Guide – 11 Tricks for the Strongest Orgasms

Looks sweet, but will knock your socks off. The Rose toy is a strong clitoral suction sex toy, powered by (1) air pulse technology and (2) vibration.

The TikTok Rose vibe is so popular, several dozen different Rose suction toys are out now โ€” and happily, all Rose toys are body-safe silicone!

This guide compares “TikTok Rose” toy versions, because multiple brands make Rose vibrators now. For each flower sex toy, I’ll rate all 3 steady intensity levels and the vibration quality (how rumbly or buzzy it is). Then I’ll cover how to use the Rose vibrator, cleaning difficulties, and Rose toy offshoots like flapping-tongue floral vibes.

But maybe you’re wondering, “But how to use a Rose toy?” Its clit sucking technology just *clicks* with 80% of users, but I needed to explore different techniques to find my groove while using the Rose vibrator. What I’ve discovered after testing a dozen Roses over the last 3.5 years: Tricks for the best Rose toy orgasms!

How To Use a Rose Toy

  1. Apply lubricant. Squirt 2-3 drops of quality water-based lubricant on top the Rose: use your finger to spread it around! This way, you’ll avoid discomfort during prolonged Rose toy masturbation! (You might want to keep going for a while!) The safest safest pH-balanced lubricants are free of glycerin and propylene glycol: I recommend Sliquid H2O.
  2. How to use Tiktok Rose toy - 1. Apply lubricant
    A quality lubricant makes extended Rose suction more comfy.
  3. Hold the Rose toy’s power button for โ‰ˆ3 seconds to power on. Start on function #1, the lowest steady intensity.
  4. How to turn on Rose sex toy - power button location
    Find the Rose vibrator’s power button in the center of its bulb, front side!
  5. Place the Rose toy’s opening over your clitoris. You might need to spread your labia first. If you don’t feel the air-pulse suction obviously, try using your phone camera โ€” flipped selfie-style at your vulva โ€” to use as a mirror & see where you’re touching. You do not need to retract your clitoral hood. The Rose will work through the skin, since it’s strong and vibrates too.
  6. Explore your favorite spot for clit stimulation! The center of the clitoral glans is packed with nerve endings, but it’s valid to enjoy clit stimulation above or below their clitoris even more.
  7. If you feel overwhelmed, pull the Rose’s mouth back slightly, so it’s cupping the bottom of your clitoris (closer to the vagina).
  8. Or, for more pressure: push your hand against the Rose toy’s flat bottom to apply a stronger suction seal.
  9. Enjoy as you play with the Rose toy, finding your happy sexy spot by imagining a fantasy or listening to audio-porn โ€” or whatever turns you on.
  10. Tap the power button to increase intensity, moving through the 3 steady suction-vibration functions & to try out the 7 rhythmic suction-vibration functions.
  11. If you usually orgasm by rubbing off or humping&grinding: Grip the Rose’s bud and rock its opening back and forth, rubbing the suction-pulses up and down your clit!
  12. For the most intense: Add kegel clenches or a vaginal sex toy. Dual stimulation is required for some of us to have the hardest orgasms. I love vaginal play, so I usually pair the Rose vibe with a G-squeeze pussy plug, which is incredible. I clench around the G squeeze, kegel-squeezing its super-soft silicone. Effin’ fantastic.
  13. If the Rose vibe suddenly is TOO STRONG: You may reach orgasm in seconds. Be ready to gently pull the Rose’s blow-hole slightly away from your clitoris, to avoid overstimulation.

Best Rose Toys – tested & rated

Now you know how to use a Rose toy: Which one do you purchase?

Not all Rose sex toys are the same: Some have much rumblier, deep-vibrating motors than othersโ€”to better stimulate the internal clitoris! I’ve owned 12 roses by unknown vs. popular makers, and I’ve picked out the top 3 over the years. Full power & stats compared table below vs. the popular Satisfyer Pro 2:

  • โšกBest power + rumble, traditional Rose๐ŸŒน: Inya Rose. Best balance between power and rumbly vibration, in traditional rose toy shape.
  • ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽจPrettiest + deepest vibration: Zen Rose, OMG. The vibration is sooo deep, traveling via open petals. Strong power, decent range: 2 more steady speeds vs. traditional Rose toys. Easier to clean. My favorite.
  • ๐ŸŒฌ๏ธGentler sucking (no vibration): Lovehoney Rose= Romp Rose. Great for extra-sensitive clits.
  • ๐Ÿ‘„ Tightest suction mouth: Firefly Dream “moon vibe” (not technically a Rose, but has the same suction+vibration as a Rose). Flexible oval mouth protrudes to lock around the clitoris strongly.
ToyTotal Power,
Low to High Intensity,
out of 10
Rumbly Vibration,
Low to High Intensity,
out of 10
Inya Rose
From 7.5 to 8.75.
From 9.75 to 9.0.
Quite rumbly.
Zen Rose
From 6.75 to 9.5.
Best power in a flower!
(Also the cutest!)
From 10.0 to 9.5.

From 3.0 to 5.5.No vibration.
Firefly moon vibe
From 7.5 to 9.25.From 9.9 to 8.5.
Satisfyer Pro2
From 1.0 to 8.75.
Best speed range.
No vibration.
Wild Rose
From 120 to 150 pulses/minute.
0.25″ length tongue motion.
(No suction.)
From 6.0 to 3.0.
Adorime Rose/ other generic Rose toysFrom 6.0 to 8.25.From 9.5 to 8.5 & a bit weaker vs. Inya Rose.

Note that the “Rose Toy Official” isn’t official anything, it’s a marketing gimmick. They did not not produce the first Rose vibrator, and their toy is fine but nothing special.

How-To Charge Rose toy – Contact points

Each Rose vibrator includes a magnetic charging base, that you sit the Rose toy on top of to recharge. See the charging nodes here:

How to charge Rose sex toy - magnetic contact points

A cord extends out from the base, and you use its USB-A connector in any USB-A adapter block or computer port.

You may need to twist the Rose slightly after you sit it on its charging base, to make the magnets connect. Twist gently, until you feel a click, and you see the Rose’s power button light up.

Rose toy how to charge - charging base
Rose vibe sitting on its charging base, cord extending behind it.

How-To Clean a Rose toy

The Rose vibrator’s petals make it more difficult to clean vs. most air pulse suction vibes, which have a smoother mouth. Here are tips:

  • Pick up a soft-bristled toothbrush that you dedicate to cleaning the Rose toy.
  • Rinse the Rose’s top down with running water, then squirt liquid soap on it. (Any liquid handsoap will work well.)
  • Rub the crevices down with your soft toothbrush, now a “rosebrush.”
  • If you have long fingernails: Do not stick them into the Rose’s hole to clean inside. You could tear the silicone. Instead, wet a Q-tip with water. Circle it around gently inside the bottom of the air-pulsing hole.
  • Rinse once more with tapwater.
  • Shake the Rose off, mouth pointing downward toward your sink or a towel, to remove any water that could pool.
  • Let the Rose vibe air-dry with its suction-hole resting on a clean towel.
Rose vibrator how-to clean silicone petals

Can You Use the Rose toy during sex?

It’s possible to use the Rose vibrator in some sex positions. Spooning sex,” where your partner penetrates your vagina from behind as you both lie on your sides in bed, is easiest if you don’t have large outer labia that need to stay spread.

Doggy style sex is also possible, though the Rose does not have a handle to grip, so it’s not the easiest toy to use during sex.

Check out the We-Vibe Melt for the very best suction toy to use during sex with a partner. It’s specially designed to wrap around the pubic mound, so it doesn’t interfere with vaginal penetration.

NS Inya Rose vibrator review_ vs. Lora DiCarlo Baci, We-Vibe Melt
From left to right: We-Vibe Melt with its slimline grip, Inya Rose vibrator, discontinued bulkier air-pulse vibrator.

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