Rose Sex Toy Guide

What is the Rose vibrator? Often called a suction sex toy, this popular bud actually (1) pulses air and (2) vibrates simultaneously. It does not suck inward, it puffs air outward at the clitoris, touch-free—in an INTENSE way.

This guide compares “TikTok Rose” toy versions, because multiple brands make Rose vibrators now. For each flower sex toy, I’ll rate all 3 steady intensity levels and the vibration quality (how rumbly or buzzy it is). Then I’ll cover how to use the Rose vibrator, cleaning difficulties, and Rose toy offshoots like flapping-tongue floral vibes.

Best Rose Vibrator Ranking

So the Rose toy was originally by a brand called Adorime, and whose Rose price has jumped from $40 in 2020, to $66 in 2022 due to its popularity (not just inflation, here). Since 2020, many other Roses have been released: some are stronger, and some have a secondary thang like a flicking tongue.

The classic Rose shape is compact and easier to hold—for pure clitoral stimulation. So here I’ll rank Roses for easy clit orgasms only.

All these vibrators except the Lovehoney Rose have 10 functions: the first 3 are steady pulse-vibrating intensities, followed by 7 rhythmic patterns. I’ll rate the intensity level of each toy’s 3 steady speeds, which are easier to classify than interrupted bursts of air. Ratings progress from the lowest steady speed to the highest steady speed, on a 10-point scale.

Top recommended Rose-style toys are:

How to Use a Rose Sex Toy

Using a Rose vibrator may sound like spontaneous insta-orgasms, based on the TikTok hype. But not everyone will find this type of clitoral sex toy (1) easy to use or (2) better than oral sex. It depends on your individual preferences. BUT, no matter who you are, absolutely follow step #1 below, then proceed:

How to use Tiktok Rose toy - step 1, lubricant
Lubricant is essential for comfortable silicone toy use.
  1. **Use lubricant.** I can’t emphasize this strongly enough. The puffing air can cause discomfort and irritation if you’re not well-lubricated, and natural vulva wetness will dry up faster than a synthetic lubricant. Be sure to use a lubricant free of glycerin and propylene glycol. My favorite water-based lubricant is Almost Naked, a pH-balanced formula with aloe vera for thickness; or Sliquid H2O is good too.
  2. After applying lube to the toy, run a finger around the Rose’s inner “mouth” rim, to spread the lube.
  3. Hold down the Rose’s power button for ≈3 seconds to power on. Start on function #1, the lowest steady intensity.
  4. Then situate the toy over your clitoris. You may need to spread your outer labia first. If you don’t feel your clitoris’s location clearly, consider using your phone camera flipped toward your genitals, like a mirror, to see what you’re working with!
  5. The Rose will work whether or not your clitoral hood covers your clitoral glans (=its head, the visible part of the clitoris). The hood doesn’t need to be retracted.
  6. If you’re using the Inya Rose’s high power⚡, you may even feel like pulling the mouth back a little as you get adjusted to the intensity!
  7. Depending on (a) which Rose you’re working with and (b) your individual sensitivity level, you may not need to do anything else. Orgasms can be very fast with this product.
  8. If the mouth doesn’t feel tight around your clit: Angle the Rose’s base slighty upward or downward. Some people experience more pleasure from stimulation right above or right below the clitoral head (or even to the right or left!).
  9. For even more pressure: Press the Rose’s base harder into your vulva, or even sit on it, for even more pressure.
  10. For less intensity, do the reverse: Make sure it’s lightly touching your labia and avoid a real “seal” from the air blow-hole.
  11. Press the power button lightly if you want to increase intensity! Or if you want to flip through functions #4 through #10, which are rhythmic patterns.
  12. If you tend to orgasm by rubbing off (your clitoris against the clit) or grinding (your clitoris against another object or human): Rock the Rose’s bud slightly, maybe 20 degrees up and down, to make its mouth move.
  13. If it suddenly feels TOO STRONG: Orgasm may be approaching in seconds. Consider pulling the Rose a quarter inch away from your clitoris when you orgasm, to avoid overstimulation.

The Rose is definitely a powerful toy, and very focused clitorally! Many people think its precise-targed OOMPH is fan-fucking-tastic; while folks who tend to prefer broader clitoral stimulation will think it’s just a lot and be confused.

How to turn on Rose sex toy PR
To turn on the Rose vibe: Hold the power button down for 3 full seconds. It’ll start blow-vibrating.

If you’re new to sex toys and you do not have difficulty orgasming, I’d definitely recommend one of the not-ultra-strong Rose models to start with.

Positions to Use the Rose In:

The Rose can be used for clitoral masturbation, or have fun with it during sex with a partner—depending.

  • Most comfy: Lying back in bed, pillows behind your back, holding the Rose to the clitoris. Simple.
  • Most pressure: Sit on it! Situate the Rose against your clit, then lean forward while crossing your legs.
  • Let them watch: If you have a sex partner, let them watch your reactions while using the Rose toy.
  • Or do it together: Can you still function while using the Rose? If so, try pressing it against yourself while touching your partner or giving a blowjob.
  • Clit stim during sex?: The Rose’s bud shape is just over 2.5 inches tall. It’ll be easiest to fit into doggy style sex / positions where the user’s vulva is more exposed. Some people may be able to fit the Rose into forward-facing positions: like cowgirl. It depends on your anatomy! I’m tightly spaced, so the We-Vibe Melt’s flatter shape is much more ergonomic, IMO. Keep in mind: Air pulsation toys’ intensity depends on being consistently situated. The motion of faster sex, of vigorous thrusting, will detract from the Rose vibe’s power.

Best Rose Toys: Product Details

Inya Rose by NS Novelties

Currently $41.99 (CHECK PRICE here)
Rumbly vibration: 9/10 overall. Deepest pitch on function #1.
Air pulse power: 7.5, 8.2, and 8.75 out of 10.

The Inya Rose packs deep power into its little bud! Tied for strength with Satisfyer Pro 2, but this Rose has rumbly vibration running along.

Rose vibrator_ NS Inya Review, suction mouth size in hand
Inya Rose is available in red or in light pink now.

Now, in 2023, the Inya Rose starts somewhat gentler, yet maintains the deeper vibration of the 2020 Rose toy. Three steady air-pulse+vibration functions progress from “Oooh!” strong to “Yeah, I’m definitely gonna cum on this.” (It also has 7 patterned functions, for 10 total functions.) I personally orgasm a lot easier on the 2023 Inya Rose than other Rose toys—unless you count the Moon vibe, next, which is somethin’ else, stronger suction.

But if you’re prone to clitoral overstimulation [you need lower power], keep looking at our next rose vibe contender…

Lovehoney Rose Toy

Currently $49.99 (CHECK PRICE here); Save 10% with code phallophile
Rumbly vibration: Doesn’t vibrate!!! But does suck!
Air pulse power: From 3 to 5.5 out of 10.

Lovehoney’s Rose toy is the gentlest Rose option: Great if you have a more sensitive clit and don’t want to be blown away.

The Lovehoney Rose has better suction than other Rose toys: it slurps, like no other Rose. Sucky clitoral action that surrounds the clitoris, and pulls your skin lightly inward.

It is super low-key to start out, and has 6 steady speeds vs. other Rose toys’ 3 speeds! Even the highest intensity on the Lovehoney Rose is less BAM💥 than every other Rose’s lowest level. I recommend the Lovehoney Rose for:

  • Anyone who wants a gentle cunnilingus feel.
  • Beginners who aren’t used to strong air pulse toys.
Lovehoney Rose sex toy review

Part of this Rose’s gentleness is that it does not vibrate. Other Roses air pulse and vibrate; Lovehoney’s model only pulses air, while the mouth is well-designed for a clitoral suction effect. Personally, I really love vibration rolled in because vibration travels to stimulate part of my clitoral shaft and inner labia better, it’s more all-over; so the Lovehoney Rose is less effective for me. I find myself wanting to pull out my Satisfyer Curvy 3 (stronger, $33.95, 11 air pulse functions & optional vibration) and rub off on it. That said, I think the Lovehoney Rose is well-done for folks who enjoy a light, slightly sucky feeling right on their clitoris.

1 huge advantage: It’s easier to clean (inside the mouth) than other air-pulse Rose toys. The Lovehoney Rose has a removable silicone mouth, and less cracks for lube & fluids to dry inside. You still may need to soft-toothbrush the petal texture outside. If you’re like me & your family gives you enough cleaning to do already, check out the Rose-that’s-not-a-Rose, next:

Wild Rose by Evolved

Currently $89.99 (CHECK PRICE here); Save 10% with code phallophile
Rumbly vibration: 6 to 3/10.
Stimulation power: From 120 to 150 motions/minute. 0.25″ tongue & thrusting tip length of movement.

Two kinds of movement! This is the most fun “rose” style for me personally, because I really like rubbing/thrusting motions inside & out.

The wide tongue moves up & down for clitoral “licking” while the bullet-style vibe pulses inside the vagina. Both sections vibrate, but the ⬅️motion➡️ is the real star of the show. A quarter inch back and forth: it’s lightly stimulating vaginally,

While the rubbing tongue does a lot more for me. Run through the tonguing rhythms, lie back & enjoy this self-propelled bud

Evolved Wild Rose vibe fluttering tongue

The very flexible connector is awesome because “rabbit” dual-stimulation toys often don’t fit me. But with Wild Rose, the two sections can come closer, or move apart, to suit individual clitoris-to-vagina distances.

The Wild Rose is best if you do love rubbing & grinding movements during sex: it’s not so focused on the clitoral glans (head). It cleans up easily, too. One downside: it does make noise, creaking more than air-pulse Roses, as the Wild Rose vibe’s tongue moves. I wear headphones!

Firefly Dream

Currently $69.99 (CHECK PRICE here)
Rumbly vibration: 8/10 overall.
Air pulse power: 7.5, 8.5, and 9.25 out of 10.

My favorite air-pulse sucking vibe. The Firefly Dream is soooo much easier to clean (no petals), its crescent is easier to grip during sex (from behind!), AND it’s got a tighter suction mouth. It encloses my clitoris more fully, so the air-pulses feel more surround-sound. See it vs. a normal Rose:

Rose Vibrator Inya vs. Moon Vibrator Firefly Dream

This moon vibe has two different motors that vibrate, and you can control each function separately. It’s one of 3 total clit toys that can make tears of pleasure well up in my eyes, the stimulation is so intense. Only caution: not for users with larger clits; see a mouth-size comparison chart here for details. Full rating & power recap here.

Sugar Pop Jewel by NS

Currently $54.99 (CHECK PRICE here)
Rumbly vibration: 9/10 overall. Pretty darn rumbly, especially on low speed!
Air pulse power: 7.5, 8.2, and 8.5 out of 10.

It’s not technically a Rose; but it sure as hell feels like one. This “Jewel vibrator” is made by NS—creator of the rumbliest Rose vibe—so the Jewel’s powerful, too. It vibrates & pulses air just like a normal Rose vibe.

BUT, the Jewel vibrator’s “mouth” is like 100 times easier to clean: no petals with tons of crevices to get your fluids trapped between. I love that, because I feel like my stress-relieving fun toy shouldn’t be adding extra cleanup to my life.

Sugar Pop Jewel vibrator review

This vibrating pulsator’s silicone forms jewel-like facets, and it’s soft enough to feel gentle to the touch. The storage cap is removable, a shiny nonporous plastic top that completes the gem look.

Adorime Rose

Currently $65.99 (CHECK PRICE here)
Rumbly vibration: 6/10 overall. Neither buzzy-buzzy nor really rumbly.
Air pulse power: 6, 7.5, and 8.2 out of 10.

The Adorime Rose is like a low-key Inya Rose: the Adorime toy starts lower. But, the Adorime has higher-pitched (buzzier) vibration. It’s still quite stimulating, and warmup speeds are nice—or they would be if I wasn’t a tad irritated by the vibration quality. That said, if you’re not so particular about vibration depth, the Adorime Rose is a toy that may make tears well up in your eyes if you don’t need the most power in your clit stimulation.

Adorime Rose vibe, just washed.

Rose from “The Rose Toy Official”

This is a site that’s buying up Google Ads for search queries “Rose toy” and “Rose sex toy.” So I wanted to see what the deal was. And purchasing from Rose Toy Official1 is not the best experience. Here’s why:

Rose Toy Official Silica Gel Rose Review
  • The product description is titled “Silica Gel Rose Vibrator.” YIKES. Silica gel is a desiccant, a drying agent, that’s absolutely unsafe for rubbing against sensitive, wet regions. So the question becomes: Do you really want to give your money to a company who cannot use the right word to distinguish between substances that are harmful to, vs. safe for, human mucous membranes?

So over 3 weeks after I ordered this Silica Gel Rose Toy, it arrived in a teensy box labeled “HAPPY MEETING” / *smaller font underneath*: “JOY AT MEETING.” (Not a criticism, just an interesting name.) This Silica Gel Rose is less powerful than the NS Inya Rose, I felt the second I turned it on. It’s more in line with the Voodoo “Flower Power” rose’s intensities: 7.2, 7.5, and 8.2 out of 10—except the vibration is less high-pitched, a point in the “Official” toy’s favor. Honestly I’d be happier with a Jewel vibe or Wild Rose getting to me 2 weeks sooner, and without confusion about whether it’s actually silicone.

How to Clean the Rose Toy

The Rose vibrator is a headache to clean, except for the Lovehoney Rose, which is somewhat easier; the Wild Rose also traps less gunk; and the Jewel vibe is a breeze to clean. The petals in the traditional Rose vibrator shape trap fluids like nothing else. Just rinsing it with water isn’t sufficient, so follow these steps:

Rose vibrator guide - how to clean Rose toy PR
  1. Run water over the Rose’s mouth, then add soap. Any unscented soap will work.
  2. Run your finger around in circles, inside the mouth. (This is best done with trimmed nails, as spiky long nails can pierce the silicone.)
  3. To clean space between petals: You really need a soft toothbrush to clean certain nooks in the Rose: at the four V-shaped cutouts around the sides, and in between the 3 rings of petals surrounding the pulsing mouth. And I mean very soft bristled; a dedicated toothbrush, just for the Rose.
  4. Brush lightly with water and soap.
  5. Shake the water out when you’re finished, with the Rose upside-down.
  6. Leave it to dry on a towel.

How To Charge

The key to charging (most) Rose toys is making sure the magnetic nodes in the base-bottom line up with the nodes in the charging base.

You may need to turn the flower vibe, until both contact points line up on its circular base.

  • For standard Roses: The cord will either emerge out of the base right in front of the power button, or on the opposite side (180 degrees). You’ll know it’s right because the power button will light up.
  • With the Blossom, the charger is applied to the side of the toy, so it’s easier to see that everything’s lined up correctly.

All these toys are USB rechargeable, which means you can either plug them into your computer (as seen above), or plug their cord into a USB adapter in your wall outlet—just like you charge your cell phone via the same wall adapter. Charge for approximately 2 hours.

Other Flower Clitoral Vibrators

Getting all flowery here… 🌷🌹🌸🍃 Floral vibrators seem to be bursting forth in extensions now. Pointy tongues (their thorns, perhaps?) or trailing vines, to name a few protrusions on this unique trellis.

First, though, did you expect the Rose toy to be a real suction vibrator? It’s not, but the first toy below is…

Maia Tulip suction vibrator review
The Maia Tulip’s mouth is over twice as wide as any Rose vibe’s: Tulip is 1 inch diameter, vs. all Roses I own being ≈0.47 inches D.
  • Tulip by Maia: It’s got a big suction mouth, that draws air in! Then that air is vented out a hole between the mouth and the Tulip’s petals. The Tulip has low-speed vibes built in, but they remain more toward the Tulip’s golden base, rather than reverberating through the suction mouth. The suction could be stronger, I can’t actually feel it on my clitoris; and the rim’s circumference is big around enough that it’s unfortunately cutting into my inner labia as they pouch outward. It is worth exploring for anyone who thinks they’d enjoy light suction. I much prefer the Maia Destiny: its suction is stronger, its mouth is wider so it doesn’t feel as prickly, and it’s comfortably oval: my preferred vulva-pump shape (review of my favorite oral sex simulator toy here).
  • Flicking-tongue Rose: Inya The Kiss flutters back and forth like crazy, over a 1-inch range of motion. If you get off on targeted clit stimulation🎯, it’s definitely worth checking out. zing-zing-zing! At top speed, the Inya Kiss’s tongue flickers ≈270 times a minute.
  • Adorime Fiona “Clit Licker” & Vibrating Egg: By the original Rose brand, this is now the closest rosebud shape—but with a 7-inch tube dangling in between the rose and the vibrating egg. That seems long, when the average clitoris-to-vagina distance is 2 inches. It reminds me of when I tried the Lora DiCarlo Ose and I wondered if they crafted it for aliens. It’s worth noting that this Fiona by Adorime is yet another air pulsation vibrator; the name “clit licker” is misleading since it puffs out air, it doesn’t lick.
  • “Rose dildos”: Another Rose variant filling my spam folder this year is versions of the Rose with a long rope extension again, but with a “thrusting” bullet attachment. The Wild Rose is the best of these I’ve found. Do keep you mind: you cannot fit lifelike thrusting power in a 2-inch-long mini vibrator: Handheld thrusting dildos are over a foot long, and even those are prone to stalling out when you clench too hard around them. The vaginal thrusting is short & wiggly; while the tongue will please if you enjoy motion! (I do!)
  • Inya the Bloom: Clitoral texture. The silky silicone forms a hundred soft, flexible little tips; in the midst of which there are 3 “flutter points.” (See image here.) Love the teal color in this one!
  • The Pillow Talk Passion is pretty trumpet-flower look by my favorite vibrator-motor-maker, BMS. I adore their fully adjustable speed control, best vibe control system ever.
  • Don’t need it powered? Uberrime makes Rosae, a pure platinum-silicone rose to grind your clitoris against. Super-soft and squishy: This is much gentler way to get off than a powered Rose, with building orgasms as I use a vaginal toy. Full review here!


  1. This is one of those claims, like a dildo labeled “FDA Approved,” that’s just a random assertion without any particular authority behind it. This company wasn’t even the original Rose seller.

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