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About Phallophile Reviews

Phallophile Reviews is a guide to body-safe sex toys—with a focus on silicone-based ones. The site’s first and foremost goal is to help you make the best sex toy choice for you, based on your desires and preferences.

On this site, I only promote products that I would consider buying for myself or a close friend. I do not review clit, vag, or anal toys sold exclusively on Amazon, as that platform is filled with misleading descriptions and lies about what is safe. And I feature retailers where I have personally shopped and whose work I deeply respect. We’re so fortunate to have *a lot* of toy choices online today—literally, more every day—and Phallophile Reviews exists to weigh what’s worth it, and what’s not even worth considering putting your 💲 into.

Contact Me

My email is phallophilereviews@gmail.com. Feel free to contact me for specific toy suggestions; I’ll work with you to help find what will suit you!

I don’t accept guest posts unless I believe the writer is really authorative in a sexuality-related field and honest too. I do all my own writing, with the exception of occasionally outsourcing male toy reviews to respect-worthy writers like All Male Sex Toys.

I don’t accept money from advertising banners, as I don’t like the spammy look of a site with a million sidebar promos. Paid reviews are very unlikely to happen, unless you’re an indie silicone maker I’m already aware of and have seen a positive consensus in the fantasy community about; in those cases I’ll accept a small fee for the full-day labor of writing a review and taking product photos (I’m a slow, careful writer, and I edit my work heavily!).

About Felicity

Call me Felicity. I love words, food, sex, art, and studying people—and not always in that order! I started Phallophile Reviews after I learned about body-safe toys. I realized that my vag (and later my butt) didn’t have to settle for cheap junk: porous and potentially toxic materials. After reading what seemed like a million sex toy reviews, I decided that body-safe, platinum silicone dildos were often under-reviewed. And since I am a huge phallophile—a lover of dick—I wanted to change that! So I became a silicone dildo expert. 

Felicity Phallophile Reviews
You might’ve noticed that I like my dildos.

As the site grew, I realized that there were lots of other great non-dildo options I was overlooking: awesome, affordable bullet vibes and powerful G-spot vibes that work well vaginally and clitorally. And why not throw in some butt play too?

In each of my reviews, I work hard to describe what specific stimulation preferences that particular toy will appeal to. People’s bodies are just so different! I’ll describe my preferences in case you’re looking to judge how yours might compare while browsing my writing:

I’m cisfemale, soft bisexual, a pleaser, kink-interested but not into pain play, a switch, exhibitionistic, divorced with children, ex-religious, and so much more. I respect diverse opinions and different life experiences. I hope to help my readers find what works best for their own bodies, and to learn to embrace their unique sexual identity. I also hope you have a blast reading my site!

If you like my work, consider buying your next toy from my affiliated sex shops here: buying through these links costs you absolutely nothing, while I earn a small commission so I can justify the time I spend writing detailed reviews and guide posts! Also check out my discount code, FELICITY , for 10% off Peepshow Toys purchases (minus SquarePegToys & blowout deals).

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