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About Phallophile Reviews

Phallophile Reviews is a guide to body-safe sex toys—with a focus on silicone-based ones. Our top priority is to help you make the best sex toy choice for you, based on your desires and preferences.

On this site, I (Felicity or Phallophile, the main writer) only promote products that I would consider buying for myself or a close friend. I do not review clit, vag, or anal toys sold exclusively on Amazon, as that platform is filled with misleading descriptions and lies about what is safe. And I feature retailers/dildo-makers whose shops I’ve personally bought from, and whose work I deeply respect. We’re so fortunate to have *a lot* of toy choices online today—literally, more every day—and Phallophile Reviews exists to weigh what’s worth it, vs. what’s not even worth considering putting your 💲 into.

Contact Me

My email for readers is now phalrev@gmail.com. Feel free to contact me for specific toy suggestions. I will do my darndest to suggest what toys could work best for your personal tastes.

About Me & My Personal Preferences

that time someone told me dildos were boring, phallophile face bathtub full of dildos
That time someone told me, “Dildos are boring” and I’m like, “🤔… Have you SEEN all the dildos?!?😈”

As a reviewer, I call you to first be aware of your own preferences. Different bodies have distinct tastes in re what they like! Discovering what *you* like is an exploration. I describe my own feels in each review, and I read widely about how other humans react to popular toys. An overview of my preference set as a clit-and-vagina-owner follows, along with my current male partner’s likes/dislikes:

fun sex toys - penis plushie in my bathroom Saturday night
Just a Saturday night with a ginormous plush penis, LOL.

I’m a cisfemale, soft bisexual, pleaser, mid-30s, have submissive tendencies but can come satisfyingly from vanilla sex, exhibitionist, divorced with children, ex-religious, humanist, rebellious, a foodie, a coffee nut, and a lover of language. Importantly: I hope you have fun reading my site!

“Felicity” is what I’ve called myself, though you can call me “Phallophile” too. The second term means “phallus [dick] lover”—since, back in 2017, I decided that body-safe sex toy info was soooo important to share with the world, but not enough in-depth dildo reviews existed. I was a book editor at the time, so I decided to try my hand at writing too. Platinum silicone dildos had been my hobby, so I began trying to put into words: How do they all compare, and what do they all feel like? Because I’m hyper-analytical, of course I had to start comparing silicone vibrators too, the year after that 😄, and then we moved into anal play and beyond!!!

If you appreciate Phal.Reviews, you might consider buying your next toy from my affiliated sex shops here: purchasing through these links costs you nothing extra, while I earn a small commission that justifies the time I spend composing reviews and guide posts. Also check out my discount codes, felicity or phal10, for 10% off Peepshow Toys body-safe purchases (minus SquarePegToys & blowout deals). Thank you a ton!!!!!!

Promotional Disclosures

I don’t accept money from advertising banners, as I don’t like the spammy look of a site with a million sidebar promos, nor all the sites where you have to leap around animated ads mid-post to keep reading, yikes.

I do not write reviews for any upfront fee. I don’t work with manufacturers directly in most cases1 because they often expect positive reviews in exchange for sending product, which creates more bias, IMO. Lovense, for example, banned me from their review program after I critically reviewed their “fingering vibrator” that’s a prostate plug with buzzy motor. Instead, I work with shops that carry a range of manufacturers, so I can suggest related, better alternatives whenever a product falls flat. I primarily work with Peepshow Toys because they’ve been the most supportive of my critical takedown reviews and “line up 10 toys and see what’s best, discard the rest” approach for the last 6 years. (Plus, you can’t accidentally purchase a toxic PVC dildo at their shop, since they don’t carry any unsafe toys).

Most links will earn me a commission if you click on them and purchase within 30 days. You’ll either (1) pay the same amount as if you’d found the toy on your own, or (2) you’ll pay slightly less (for example, 10% discount on non-clearance, non-SquarePeg items at Peepshow Toys here, when you add to cart).

I deeply appreciate your support. It allows me to be independent, writing more critical reviews. I’m so grateful I can ignore all the spammy promo solicitations that arrive in my inbox, and only accept quality brands who won’t expect me to wear rose-colored glasses. As someone who’s been sent literally a thousand vibrators and hundreds of dildos, I love that I can closely compare any sex toy to many other options out there, with a wider view of what’s available and which qualities you should demand as a toy-buyer.

I don’t accept guest posts unless I believe the author is really authorative in a sexuality-related field, and honest too. I do all my own writing, with my partner contributing short descriptions about his experiences; in the past, I’ve occasionally outsourced penis & prostate toy reviews to respect-worthy writers like All Male Sex Toys.

Social Media

I post new review updates & what I’m loving currently at:

  1. Exceptions are when I write indie toymaker reviews, which I will do if a maker is accepted and praised in the fantasy community, and I want to support their art because it looks bad-ass. I’ve done this for Paladin Pleasure Sculptors, Fantasy Grove, Strange Bedfellas, and Pleasure Forge.