Fun Factory Vim Review – Superb Rumble, Irritating Lines

Rumbliest wand vibrator EVER. The Fun Factory Vim has rumbly vibration like I would not have believed (till I felt it):

Since I am super-critical about vibrators. Fun Factory has produced good motors in the past, but nothing of *this* caliber: Top-notch deep & rumbly, from start to finish as I move through the Vim’s 5 steady vibration functions.

The Vim wand is awesome, but not 100% perfect for me: Let’s dive into its power, pros & cons, and my experience with Fun Factory’s (who started making body-safe silicone vibrators almost 20 years ago!) first magic-wand-style sex toy.

Vim Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly rumbly vibration on all speeds.
  • Quieter than Magic Wand.
  • Adjustable speed control: More options.
  • Slimmer handle.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Looks more attractive.
  • Is more water-resistant.
  • Rechargeable & cordless.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Sharp lines are irritating for sensitive vulvas.
  • Luxury pricetag.
  • Not the strongest wand vibrator.
  • Large = not the easiest to use during sex with a partner.
Fun Factory Vim wand vibrator head texture silicone

Power Rating vs. Other Wand Vibrators

I’d rate the Fun Factory Vim as an 8.5 out of 10 for its highest intensity.

Wands are the strongest vibrator category, so the Vim is up against tough competition. Its max. speed is not exceptionally strong in the wand world: You’ll still get more total power from a Magic Wand (except the Mini), and the teeny-by-comparison PalmPower Recharge has more *kick* than Vim, too.

Fun Factory Vim vs PalmPower Recharge
Fun Factory Vim vs. PalmPower Recharge, a strong mini-wand.

But Vim’s got something else: Rumbly-ness. Even on the Vim’s highest speed, function #5, it retains a rolling, grrrrling rumble. I rate it from a 10 to an 8.8 for rumbly vibration (where 10= maximumly rumbly). Fun Factory has its own chart, rating Vim by implication1 against the Magic Wand Rechargeable. Here’s my independently-tested chart:

FeatureF.F. VimMagic
Wand R.
Out of 10
4.75 to 8.55.5 to 9.4
Out of 10
10 to 8.810 to 6.7
(3 feet away,
against skin)
33 to 4336 to 51
Functions5 steady speeds,
3 patterns:
All adjustable
4 steady speeds,
4 patterns
Weight15.46 oz.
(Under 1 lb.)
21.32 oz
(1lb., 5.32oz.)

Fun Factory’s Vim is quieter than my most powerful wands, topping out at 42 to 43 decibels when held against my pelvis. Measured from several feet away in the open air, Vim is seriously silent vs. the Magic Wand R.: Vim, up to 45 decibels, vs. 59 to 60 decibels for Magic Wand.

Fun Factory Vim vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable
Fun Factory Vim’s top speed (#5) is weaker than function #3 out of 4 on MW Rechargeable. Vim maintains lower frequency throughout, which correlates strongly with “rumble.”

My Experience with Fun Factory Vim

Recently, I’ve trashed a Womanizer new-release; critiqued a We-Vibe relaunch; and drug a Fun Factory design through the mud last year too—so this is a pleasant surprise. A high-priced vibrator that stacks up!!!

When I pulled the Vim out of its box, I saw its color, which I’d call “navy royale,” nice… then turned on the motor.

Hooorah, that’s different, was my first conclusion. Oh, that is rumbly. Wow. Like, reeeeeally rumbly. This is, like, a new level for Fun Factory. 30 seconds later: Yeah, this is definitely the best vibe motor Fun Factory’s ever sourced.

Fun Factory Vim Wand Vibrator review

Background: I’ve enjoyed a Fun Factory “G5” vibrator in the past, thought it was quite good, but not unparalled.

The Vim is a step-up. A big rumble-stick. OMG.

“Flexible neck” is often listed as a selling point for wand vibes, though some people find the flex frustrating: it means you’re getting less firm pressure against your vulva. But, I think the Vim compensates due to its weighted head:

So the Vim is full-on weighty even when its neck is bending dramatically. (See a photo of the neck-flex as I hold Vim against my shorts, here.) The head weight feels super. Which leads us to:

Vim’s Silicone Head Texture: My only “WTF”

Beautiful to photograph, and distinctive:

Fun Factory Vim wand head texture

The Vim’s silicone head is textured with wavy lines. Unfortunately, they are firm and thin lines—which my clit & labia interpret as “sharp.”2

Rubbing the Vim against my vulva is like a 1 out 10 on the pain scale. If I lube the head up well, then it’s like a 0.5 out of 10. Very low-level discomfort. I’d prefer a zero out of 10 pain during my pleasure sessions, but Vim’s rumbles almost entirely make up for it. Almost.

Fun Factory Vim and Swan Maximum bullet blue vibrators
Great times for blue vibrators, though, whoa! Swan bullet review here.

Handle Design, Vs. My Fave Wand

Fun Factory Vim’s handle is 10/10 easier to grip vs. Magic Wand if you don’t have large hands. It’s slimmer.

Its all-over texture may be helpful if you find vibrators slipping from your grip due to lots of lube or fluids. (It’s splash-resistant, so you can get it wet.) Again, I tend to prefer smoother, but the Vim’s handle textures are fine. Here’s Vim vs. Magic Wand vs. my favorite wand vibrator, whose curvy handle design makes it IMO the very easiest to hold onto and move ’round:

Viben Sultry vs Fun Factory Vim vs Magic Wand Rechargeable

I still love the Viben Sultry most, because (though it’s not as rumbly as Vim) it has a bit more crunch on the higher levels, a good speed range, a superior handle, waterproof submersible rating, and lighter weight than Vim too (347g for Sultry, 433g for Vim; that’s over 3 ounces less). Sultry downsides: An excess of patterns & more-difficult button control than the Fun Factory Vim.

How to Operate Vim – Adjustable Control

The Fun Factory Vim uses 3 buttons to manage the 8 adjustable functions (5 steady speeds + 3 patterns) and the travel lock.

  1. Press the FUN button and the + button simultaneously to turn off the travel lock.
  2. Press the + button to move through the 8 vibration functions.
  3. To return to a prior function, you hit the – button. (You can’t cycle through.)
  4. To access adjustable intensity: Hold down either the + button for higher, or the – button for lower frequency, on any of the 8 functions.
Fun Factory Vim vibrator review

The 5 steady-speeds can all be toggled up and down: this allows for really precise fine-tuning. I find the 5 speeds cover a good range, and they’re well-spaced apart (with zero adjustment). But, I treasure easy adjustability, which Vim does well.

Fun Factory Vim’s “press & hold” adjustable control is reminiscent of BMS Factory’s “Incremental Speed Control,” found in the PalmPower wand ca. 2013 (a full decade ago) and then in the Pillow Talk line—like my favorite vibrator ever, Pillow Talk Sassy.

Battery Life & Charging

Vim includes a long charging cable, which attaches to the wand handle’s bottom via strong magnetic nodes. I like the bright red cord: it makes Fun Factory cables easy to locate and grab quickly.

Fun Factory Vim has 3 hours, 13 minutes hours battery life on low power. If you run it more on high speed, like I do, then expect a little over 2 hours run time per charge. A full charge does take some time, about 4 hours.

Water-Resistant: Shower with It

The Vim is called “water-resistant,” which translates to IPX 5–6, or resistant to jets of spraying water.

Fun Factory Vim water-resistant in shower

So, you can wash it in the sink and shower with it. I’ve showered with it, would recommend. Hold that big rumble-stick between my thighs, where the lighter weight does make it pretty stable.

Fun Factory Vim is not submersible: Don’t take it in the bathtub, lest the neck get water-logged after a while.

Recap & Rating

The Fun Factory Vim is for everyone who prizes rumbly vibration. Deep, low, resonant; all the way through. Vim’s “weighted” motor simply feels sophisticated.

Luxe, sensual. The Vim has vigor, indeed.

Only downside for sensitive vulvas: the odd pairing of an ultra-rumble motor with slightly prickly lines on the Vim’s silicone head. Ironic, because Vim’s biggest selling point (in Fun Factory’s words) is that other wand vibrators are “irritating.”3 Lubricant does help, but really, can I not just have smooth silicone along with the Vim’s excellent rumble motor?

Vim’s other features are first-class. It’s a luxury vibrator that pulls its weight. Grrrrr.

Find the Fun Factory Vim here:

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(out of 5)
Orgasms per dollar value:
Sweet O’s, but pricey.
User experience/ Ease of use:
Fantastic motor: Best rumble, good power, adjustable; Easy to operate; slightly grating
Luxury feel:
Water-resistant, body-safe, clean & minimal packaging, travel lock, 2-year warranty
Run time (3.2hrs.)
& easy charging
Total4.5 of 5 ⭐s
Vibration power,
low-to-high intensity
[vs. all vibrators]
4.5 to
out of 10
Vibration depth
(“rumble”), low-to-high
10 to
out of 10
(measured from 1 foot away)

Fun Factory Vim

Fun Factory Vim has a serious *Rumble* motor — but 1 big downside for me. Vim pros & cons vs. Magic Wand ...

Product SKU: 4032498100012

Product Brand: Fun Factory

Editor's Rating:


  • Incredibly rumbly vibration.
  • Quieter than Magic Wand.
  • Adjustable speed control: More options.
  • Slimmer handle.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Looks more attractive.
  • Is more water-resistant.
  • Rechargeable & cordless.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Grated texture is irritating for sensitive vulvas.
  • Luxury pricetag.
  • Not the strongest wand vibrator.
  • Large = not the easiest to use during sex with a partner.


  1. Anyone who knows anything about wand vibrators will infer that “leading wand” with 4 speeds is the MW Rechargeable, it’s a legend and the top name in the game.
  2. Here I stand for everyone who does NOT LIKE sharp and pointy surfaces near their genitals. I just say NOPE to the spiky flaps, the clitoral cheese-grater bumps, and the pointy-points. Apparently some people do enjoy these sharper—but not outright damaging—sex toy surfaces, so it would be lovely if there existed two head options for the Vim.
  3. Fun Factory’s listing reads, “Most wands deliver pure power and nothing else. On their low settings, they’re buzzy or irritating.”

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