We-Vibe Sync 2 vs. We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe pioneered wearable “couples vibrators”: C-shaped toys for hands-free clitoral stimulation during PIV sex.

The idea is: In We-Vibe Sync or We-Vibe Chorus, the smaller vibrator-end fits inside the vagina. Then, the larger end remains outside to vibrate the clitoris, while a penis can thrust behind this wearable vibe. Stimulation all-around!

It’s a great concept that works fairly well for some users—but there are caveats. We’ve thoroughly compared the Sync [2nd Generation, released 2023] vs. the Chorus [released late 2019], We-Vibe’s two premium couples vibrators right now. Which is the best We-Vibe toy, Sync vs. Chorus? Importantly, how do you wear a We-Vibe couples vibe during sex, and what should you honestly expect? Plus, my full thoughts on We-Vibe’s remote and app control…

Sync 2 vs. Chorus Compared

Sync 2 and Chorus are extremely similar vibrators.

The motors are now indistinguishable. That means, We-Vibe Sync 2 is as strong as Chorus, and has the same vibration depth (rumbly vs. buzzy). I rate this We-Vibe motor as between 3.5 and 6.25 out of 10 for power (from its lowest to highest vibration intensities). Then, for rumbly vibration timber, its speeds run from 10 to 7 out of 10.

I’ll pit Sync 2 vs. Chorus with winners, losers, and ties:

  • Power: Sync & Chorus have the same motor. (The frequency measures as the same on every function, and I can’t feel any difference either.) 🟡Tied.
  • Flexibility: Chorus has 2 adjustable joints, while Sync 2 has 1 very adjustable joint. Functionally: It’s a draw. 🟡
  • App connection: Both use the same We-Vibe Connect app (in theory). But Chorus requires you to connect to its Squeeze Remote first, then link both vibrator and remote to your phone app. Sync 2 is supposed to let you connect directly to the app, but my new Sync will not connect at all, even after I’ve made sure I’m using the updated version of the app. ❌=no one wins with We-Connect!
  • Remote control: Chorus’ remote is bigger and squeezable. If you’re trying to change speeds during sex, that’s easier (gets lost in the sheets less). It feels slightly nicer in hand. Functionally, the two remotes do the same thing. ✅ slight win for Chorus.
  • Different colors: Sync 2 comes in this forest green or in purple; while Chorus comes in shimmery dark blue, pretty pastel blue, shimmery “cosmic” pink (pictured in this review), or purple. Color tastes vary, but I personally like the shimmery tones available in Chorus. ✅ to Chorus for more options.
  • Texture against clit & vag: Sync 2 now has thin, grippier lines on the silicone touching both the clitoris+vulva and G-spot+vagina. Chorus and original Sync had wider ripples, which feel less aggressive than Sync 2. I’m sensitive vaginally (especially my anterior wall, the “G-zone”), so I find the Sync 2’s “updated” texture to be a downgrade. Not all users will be annoyed by this texture. Still, draggy silicone is undesirable for most people, and it certainly does not help this couples vibe stay in place during sex, so ✅ to Chorus.
  • Price: Chorus is $199, Sync 2 is $149. ✅ to Sync 2.

Overall, that’s 3 points for Chorus, 1 point for new Sync (2 points if We-Vibe can make the Sync 2nd Generation pair to their app in future), and 2 draws. Sync 2’s $50-cheaper pricetag is a big pro if you’re budget-conscious. But, if you’re sensitive to draggy silicone (friction! rough textures!), the We-Vibe Chorus is 100% the better option vs. We-Vibe Sync 2.

We-Vibe Chorus review vs We-Vibe Sync 2
Chorus, left; Sync 2, right. They’re the same size, but here Chorus is opened up more.

Sync Pros & Cons


  • Dual-stimulating motors: 1 for clitoris, 1 for G-spot.
  • Very adjustable shape: bends to fit different anatomies.
  • Well-shaped for wear during penis-in-vagina sex.
  • May be worn under clothes, as foreplay.
  • Remote control included.
  • Rumbly, kinda-strong vibration.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Waterproof & USB rechargeable.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • App control… might work for someone?


  • Doesn’t provide clitoral pressure unless you’re sitting on it a certain way.
  • New, finer raised lines in the silicone will be draggy for sensitive users.
  • Current version We-Vibe app doesn’t allow Sync 2 to connect to my iPhone yet. We-Vibe troubleshooting tips offer no solutions.1
We-Vibe Sync 2 distance between clitoral and G-spot stimulation
Sync and Chorus are both really adjustable.

How to Use

We’ve tested We-Vibe Sync 2 for its intended use, during penis-in-vagina sex; and as a wearable vibrator (inside my shorts)—my favorite use for We-Vibe C-vibes. Here’s how it feels:

As a Public / Foreplay Wearable

We-Vibe Chorus became my favorite “for-foreplay” remote-control vibrator a few years back. (It’s more stable internally for me than the Lovense Lush, which also doesn’t stimulate clitorally like Chorus does.) How I’ve worn the Chorus: inside lil athletic shorts with a lined crotch! This keeps the vibrator in place well when I walk normally, as Chorus’s clitoral stimulator bulges slightly, not a lot:

We-Vibe Chorus - how to wear in shorts

For me, the best thing with Chorus is sitting down on it, after being teased beforehand. Prior, he’ll be controlling it as I walk around the room, knowing he can amp up the vibration to full speed anytime. Waiting. Eventually, I’ll move to a chair or, better, to the edge of the bed atop a waterproof blanket. There, I get to grind my clitoris and G-spot off to the Chorus’ vibration on its highest intensity level!!!

I’ve switched back to speaking about the Chorus, because I tried this with the Sync 2 one time, and I was like, “Nope.” The thinner, textured lines in the Sync 2 now provide… a hint of pain, whereas Chorus was pure focus on pleasure. Here’s a closeup of that new texture, where I feel the 2nd Gen. Sync’s lines so much more acutely:

We-Vibe Sync vs Sync 2 differences
Sync 2nd Generation, top: the lines are thinner, less padded. Sync 1st generation, bottom: the thick ripples are less grating.

Overall, the Chorus is absolutely the best warmup-to-sex wearable vibrator: I’m very ready for penetration after grinding off on it. How does that work?

During Couples Sex

We-Vibe couples vibrators can be great during sex, within certain limits.

Mainly, the man / penis-haver cannot be railing their partner like a fucking machine would. Because long, vigorous thrusts will pull the Sync, or Chorus, or Unite out of the wearer’s vagina. So, what to do?

We-Vibe Sync 2 how to fit hands-free clitoral stimulation
We-Vibe C-vibrators like Sync work with the smaller, flatter end inserted vaginally; while the larger vibrating side rests over the clitoris.

Instead, you want to grind, not fuck hard. For me, the best experience is short strokes during missionary-style sex. He needs to be thrusting shallowly (and, hopefully, talking sexy to me!) for it to really work well.

This way, the We-Vibe will move slightly side-to-side with any thrusting, but not be knocked out. In missionary, gravity is working against the Chorus (or Sync) less. In contrast: Doggy-style sex is impractical for us while wearing a We-Vibe couples vibe, as it will fall out onto the bed—just use a good wand, a Melt, or a fantastic bullet vibrator instead!

Penis Vibration: How Does Sync Feel?

I enlisted my boyfriend to answer this question I’ve seen a handful of guys ask—which is great, because penis vibrators do not get the street cred they deserve!

Is the We-Vibe Sync (or Chorus) good as a penis vibrator? Well:

It’s good but not great. The vibration is felt across the whole front of my shaft during penetration. I know we’ve had to add more lubricant when we use it, because my ridge will rake against the firm silicone without. It makes half your vagina a firm and flat surface. Which is different. Maybe not a good “different.” I’d be fine if you liked it, but really it’s not super comfortable to thrust against — but, we’re going slower anyway so we don’t malposition the We-Vibe. I don’t know, it’s OK. Since you’re more orgasmic than me anyway, I wouldn’t pay… [he asks how much the Sync costs] …$149 for the Sync… or $199 for the Chorus for it being a good penis toy.

So yeah, we see the point for couples who really want the clit-having partner to cum during PIV sex, without holding a vibrator. We just don’t think that a penis penetrating against a hard surface (the We-Vibe Sync’s, or Chorus’, vaginal section) is very cushy, and the Sync’s vibration isn’t strong enough to make this a “Wow, mind blown” experience for everyone.

Clitoral & G-spot Vibration

The Sync 2 (and the Chorus, same motor) do offer moderately strong vibration: 6.25 / 10 at high speed; and quite rumbly. The deeper vibration is more resonant, less high-pitched and whiny, than many vibrator brands can achieve.

We-Vibe Chorus, cosmic pink, with its squeeze remote.

If you’ve read this far, you’ll have already guessed that Sync 2’s texture isn’t awesome during sex for me. Bingo! What about the We-Vibe Chorus, though? It’s…fine, I guess. In my experience, We-Vibe couples vibrators offer less G-spot stimulation than a well-shaped penis. I enjoy the vibration outside, but inside, the flat piece is cock-blocking my G-spot more than stimulating it. And, it’s frustrating just knowing you can’t move around too much, or the vibrator will lose its place on your clitoris.

If I want clit stimulation during sex or while using a realistic dildo, I will opt for IMO the best mini-vibrator in the world, the Maximum Bullet. It will not get knocked out of the way during fast sex, because its stretchy-silicone finger loop is soooo elastic, it’s amazing. It also vibrates stronger and can be focused more directly than the Sync 2, not to mention it costs $94 less.

Swan Maximum bullet with realistic dildo - dual stimulation sex toys
I grabbed the pink color above, but it also comes in this blue-blue, OMG.

We-Connect App Control

The We-Connect app continues to fail for me and my iPhone. Every single We-Vibe toy I’ve tried app-testing over the years has been either (1) extremely frustrating or (2) occasionally glitchy: with the exception of the We-Vibe Vector+ prostate plug this year, where we’ve mainly played in person and not used the long-distance function.

We-Connect app - for We-Vibe Sync 2

My Sync 2nd Generation simply won’t connect to the We-Connect app. The app is still showing a picture of the first-gen Sync (you can tell because they don’t make Sync 2 in that light-aqua color), and it. does. not. connect. to new-Sync. Ugh. I deleted & then redownloaded We-Connect from the App Store, just in case. I also followed the other 3 instructions for what to do if your vibrator doesn’t pair—which I’ve been through plenty over the years, trying to get We-Vibe’s app to actually work. That said, my Chorus paired well to the We-Connect app immediately, staying connected while I tested it for about an hour.

So, I’m glad all We-Vibe’s app-controlled vibrators now include a physical remote control! It saves me the stress I feel just thinking about the We-Connect app. I’m sorry to say that the Lovense app continually kicks the We-Vibe’s app’s booty—since We-Vibe makes rumblier, more-robust-feeling motors than Lovense.

We-Vibe Sync 2 remote control

Care & Cleaning

The We-Vibe Sync 2 and all We-Vibe couples vibes are made of body-safe silicone outside, with metal contact points for the charger (on the clitoral side).

Silicone is functionally nonporous, and pretty easy to wipe down while cleaning. Just wash with any hand soap under running water. Focus for 10 to 20 seconds on rubbing your fingers against the Sync 2’s texture-lines, to remove any fluids that might have collected there.

The packaging looks classy, and you get a little storage pouch: that’s nice for keeping the proprietary charging cable together with the Sync or Chorus. A We-Vibe couples toy should run for just over 2 hours on average. It’s the same magnetic recharging cable for Sync and for Chorus.

We-Vibe Sync 2 packaging

I recommend discarding the Pjur We-Vibe Lube sample. It’s made with glycerin and alcohol, and has an unsafe osmolality for both vaginal and anal use.

Recap & Rating

The We-Vibe Sync 2 is attractive at first glance: $50 cheaper than the We-Vibe Chorus, yet the same motor and the same flexibility. It can easily bend to fit different vulvas well (not all of us are spaced the same down there!). And comparable Satisfyer C-shape vibrators just don’t have the comfy adjustability that We-Vibes do!

Unfortunately, the Sync 2 arrived with two unexpected drawbacks. First, app control is nonexistent with my iPhone (whereas Chorus works fine with my iPhone). OK, fine I guess, we could use the remote control instead. But then, We-Vibe has added this draggier-line texture inside both Sync 2’s stimulating arms. I find it mildly irritating when a penis is thrusting behind it, or when I’ve tried to grind off on it. It’s like a 2 out of 10 on the pain scale for me, even when well-lubricated. Not everyone will find it so annoying. Still, I’m wondering… how is Sync 2 an upgrade? I submit: This new Sync is not better—and in some respects is worse—than the original We-Vibe Sync released 6.5 years ago.

See the Chorus here.

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(out of 10)
per dollar value:
User experience/
Ease of use:

Buttons & remote
work well;
during sex is
tricky; app
control is
flat bad
Luxury feel
nice package,
2-year warranty)
Run time (2+ hrs.)
& easy charging
[vs. all vibrators]
3.5 to
out of 10
Vibration depth
10 to
out of 10
  1. And I’m a pro with uninstalling, reinstalling, toggling Bluetooth on/off, “factory-resetting” We-Vibe vibrators, and more at this point, after having tested We-Vibe products for the last 5 years.

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