We-Vibe Vector Review – Judged for vibration power + app control

Rumble, baby, rumble! We-Vibe Vector has become OMG the most fun butt plug my boyfriend’s ever owned. The vibes. The custom angle. And… the remote control, the best part for me 😉

Vector is easier to walk around wearing than his previous fave vibrating plug, and IMO it’s the best butt plug motor I’ve ever felt.1— but this We-Vibe prostate vibrator isn’t flawless. We’ve spent a couple months testing it off and on, and discovered these We-Vibe Vector review pluses and minuses:

Pros & Cons


  • Really rumbly vibration + good strength.
  • Adjustable prostate-seeking bulb.
  • Smooth silicone,
  • Easy to clean.
  • 2nd motor rocks the perineum stimulator!
  • Remote control (or app-controlled).
  • Easy to wear while walking / doesn’t rub awkwardly.


  • Long-distance app can be glitchy.
  • Thin / beginner-sized. Not for anyone seeking a thick anal toy.
  • No hands-free O’s yet, just lots of arousal!

Adjustable Neck

He thinks it’s bad-ass he can fine-tune the Vector Plus’ prostate positioning, especially when he’s sat down on the Vector and is feeling really turned on.

The custom angle works via a metal joint, in the “neck” or stem between the Vector+’s bulb and its base. You bend it with your hand, and the shape stays put after you insert it anally.

We-Vibe Vector + adjustable angle, 2 positions for prostate stimulation

This way, the Vector can reach slightly deeper for anyone whose prostate is farther in, or be angled more sharply to push into the P-spot when you sit and rock forward on the vibrating plug. That said, no toy shape works perfectly for everyone, so I have (amidst my 8 years of sex-toy-question-reading) seen 2 guys asking for deep prostate plugs, more than 4 inches insertable. (It’s possible they were wanting just deeper anal in general.) In any case, Vector+ is a prostate focused toy, but not an anal depth probe, with 4.5 inches max. insertable length.

We-Vibe Vector + Vibraton Functions and Strength

Vector has 10 vibration modes pre-set, and boy do they rumble.

“Rumbly” describes vibration that’s typically lower-pitched and/or less grating against the skin. (Since some folks 👋 get irritated by very “buzzy” or squeaky scrreeeee kinda vibration.)

And Vector+ is simply a grade A+ rumbly motor; along with the best We-Vibe products. (The Nova flexible “rabbit” vibrator is my personal fave.) Vector Plus’ vibrations retain significant depth as the intensity increases; and as the two vibrating motors roll along together, in tandem. (I need another copy of the Vector, since he has the one usually and I might want use Vector as a G-spot plug [without sanitizing it!].)

That “rumbly” thing is killer. I didn’t really get what you meant by it before wearing this, but the vibration is… energizing. I am so close to a prostate orgasm with this plug now.

—He said
We-Vibe Vector review - Prostate vibrator in hand

Overall, on top speed, I rate the Vector+ a 7.25 / 10 for vibration strength—keeping in mind that BIG wand vibrators are the ones that can stack up to a 10/10 power, whereas the Vector+ is compact at 1.2 inches insertable diameter & 4 inches insertable length.

Remote Control

It’s a Netflix & chill kinda vibrator, our Vector sessions have gone recently. He says he’s never been so turned on by a plug. And I really like the handheld remote, since—when I’m trying to relax on the weekends lately—I want a momentary break from my cell phone.

We-Vibe Vector+ Prostate Vibrator with remote control

If the plot gets a bit boring, I know what to do! The Vector’s remote has 4 buttons: 2 to move up or down between the 10 functions, and 2 to increase/decrease vibration intensity. It’s very exciting to watch him sit up and pay attention when the vibes suddenly pick up😊 I’ll watch him for feedback, see if I want to tease him more… or if I feel a little disruptive and want to get him going toward high steady speed, then break the flow by jumping into the intermittent patterns.

The patterns are super fun to watch him react to: they’re not just annoying jolts of frustrating on-off-on-off-on-off vibration, they’re rhythms where the Vector+’s two different motors play off each other.

The Vector’s prostate vibes definitely get him really riled up, literally dripping, and the Vector has been the most sexy leadup into the bedroom for us. Honestly, I’m the one who usually cuts the Vector sessions short (he would totally sit back and enjoy for an hour plus), because I want us to do more…

As he walked, down my long hall toward the bedroom, when we first played like this: “Wow this thing really jumps around, it’s like it’s massaging in front too…” He referred to how the perineum stimulator wiggles, which feels super cool. (I can say this with authority, it’s not a bad clit stimulator either🎉). Look how Vector moves itself as it vibrates!!!

we-vibe vector rumbling with vibration

So, the remote can of course be controlled by a partner, like I enjoy: but either the black included remote or the We-Vibe app (discussed next) is also a simpler way to change speeds while playing solo / masturbating, without touching your ass.

Vector Review for App Control & Long-Distance Vibration

The We-Connect app (a.k.a. the “We-Vibe app”) is fairly easy to use, and now gives much clearer instructions for how to connect any We-Vibe vibrator. To connect vibrator to phone via Bluetooth, you gotta hold down the vibe’s power button for about 10 seconds, then hit the “Done” button.

We-Vibe Vector+ Prostate massager how to turn on pr
The only thing to watch with this power button: Don’t sit down hard on a totally flat surface, quickly (especially if ur 🍑 not too padded!).

For in-person play, the app does let you make up different individual rhythms for the vibration better. But, since I’m not a particularly rhythmic person, the preset patterns (via remote) are just as good for me and let me avoid my phone during date time. So, I sent him home with the Vector+ to use the app as a remote control:

We-Connect vibe app - for We-Vibe Vector+

In app, you see the two sliders (far left screenshot above), where you can drag either motor’s strength up & down. If you hit the icon at the top of the arrow, you can also tap into other pre-set patterns, and vary their intensity; or create and save your own patterns / rhythms to replay again later. He says, “I mainly set a higher-intensity while I’m walking, I’m not dragging up or down all the time. The app is a nice touch, I just need to be concentrating, like, home sitting down on the plug, to get a lot out of it.” More on his experience in the next section.

Vector+ is long-distance capable as well. One person has to have the vibrator and the other person can be anywhere; you both create accounts inside the We-Vibe app. Historically, We-Connect has been glitchier (for me in a previous relationship) than other vibrator apps, but the time my bf and I tried it this time, it ran smoothly. We played for half an hour on a weeknight, and linked up once I got his username via texting, then stayed connected so I had control all throughout. And it was nice to see him in video—though I do like the in-person viewing much, much better.

Vs. Other Vibrating Prostate Plugs – His Experience

So, prior to this, he’d had the most fun with “Plex with Flex” by Hot Octopuss. How has playing with the Wevibe Vector plug affected that?

The Vector+ just sits better inside my pants, first of all. It is the one to go for if you want a remote controlled plug to touch your prostate while moving around. I take the doggo on a long walk most days, and its the best there. It almost bounces when I start walking fast — the perineum stimulator doing its work there — but does not work itself out [of my butt]. After I walk for 15 mins with that thing in, OMG I am ready to be back home. In my shower finishing, or in bed to relax and tilt it more, and it is cum city in the end. Really great. The vibrations are such a tease until I can sit down and relax and focus on the prostate play, with some manual help. Incredible. If only it was a little wider and longer, I would love it as a dildo to thrust as well and it could be the jack of all trades, “one toy to rule them all”! Still, the “Vector” is damn good at what it does, and I believe you’re writing about how the remote control fun proceeds together…

Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex vs. We-Vibe Vector+ vibrating anal plugs

So yeah, the Vector+ excels for rumbliness and is very wearable. He had liked that previous vibrating favorite, the Plex with Flex, when we used it during foreplay, plus when he wore it during sex a couple times; for those cases, the Vector has taken the lead now. But, Vector is not as dildo-shaped (less “shaft”-like), and not for anal thrusting so much.

Battery Life & Other Features

The Vector+ is magnetic rechargeable, and comes with a USB compatible cable. It will run for around 2 hours per charge, based on our testing. (If you run it on high power all the time, it’ll be more toward 1.75 hours, whereas if you’re just using it on low rumble, you’ll get slightly over 2 hours’ span.)

We-Vibe Vector+ packaging
Vector+ packaging. The remote and charging cord are underneath the white piece the Vector plug rests on.

The Vector+ is waterproof submersible, rated IPX7. It carries a 2-year warranty from We-Vibe (double the standard 1-year warranty you get with most premium toys). The silicone is seamless, and should be washed with any hand-soap under running water (for 30 seconds to a minute) after each use.

Recap & Rating

Overall We-Vibe Vector review conclusion: this P-spot vibe is super-deep and rumbly vibration that’s “hella exciting.”

Its vibes retain a low-frequency pitch—almost thumping, as the two motors play off each other and put pressure on the taint outside too. He says it almost bounces as he walks, but it does stay fully inserted (does not pop out).

For its compact size, Vector has awesome power. (Larger vibrators can be stronger, but it’s rare to find big & vibrating anal plugs.) I find myself wishing I had a prostate because I’ve felt the vibration enough to know how good those rumbles are 😉

If you’re wanting a plug that’ll turn you on, and that’s slimmer (not lorge), Vector+ will be the best fit for those preferences. It’s quite wearable (vs. the Lovense Edge being bulkier to walk around in). My boyfriend finds Vector excellent for use while walking, then likes to rock against it while jerking off; and I think the remote control is a kinky new way to tease him, pre-sex. Top tip: Pair it with Sliquid Silk for good lubrication!

Find the We-Vibe Vector + here,

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(out of 5)
Orgasms / sensation
per dollar value
Ease of use:
With remote
Ease of use:
With app
Premium feel
package, extras)
Run time & charging4.25
Total4.4 of 5 ⭐s
of vibration
From 3.0
to 7.25
/ out of 10
(Deep vibration)
From 10
to 8.5
/out of 10
We-Vibe Vector

Vector+ is OMG the most fun butt plug my boyfriend's owned. We-Vibe Vector review for Prostate vibration, ease of wear & remote control! Pros & cons + our experience.

Product Brand: We-Vibe

Editor's Rating:


  • Rumbly vibration + good strength.
  • Adjustable prostate-seeking bulb.
  • Smooth silicone,
  • Easy to clean.
  • Remote control (or app-controlled).
  • Easy to wear while walking / doesn't rub awkwardly.
  • 2nd motor in the perineum stimulator makes it move and wave!


  • Glitchy long-distance app.
  • Thin / beginner-sized. Not for anyone seeking a thick anal toy.


  1. U know I used this anal vibrator first before handing it over to him😁

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  1. Would this work on someone with a prostate if they are quite tall, like 6’4″? I think you mentioned in another article that if someone with a vagina is really tall, it can mean that their g-spot is farther up their vaginal canal.

    • I would say that the safest answer is to directly measure the prostate depth (maybe with a fairly-rigid dildo; see how far to insert it before it’s hitting the P-spot, grip around the toy right below the anus, then remove and measure up to that point) of the particular individual human.

      Just in theory, it seems like there could be an association between “greater height” and “deeper prostate,” but I’m not finding any data on that after a quick search; the studies popping up in search results are all on total prostate size in relation to prostate cancer risk (which makes sense for medical data; sure it’s easier to get funding for research about health problems, than for anything pleasure-adjacent).

      • Thanks so much for your response, and the care/ time you took to research your answer! I thought you had said in another article that someone’s G spot would be / might likely be higher up if they were taller. Did I misunderstand?


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