Sex Toy Sales

Here’s a secret I learned only after I became a sex blogger: there are always sex toy sales going on, not just around the holidays. (Though Black Friday-Cyber Monday sex toy deals are without a doubt the best!)

Here are all the best current sex toy deals from my favorite reputable retailers.

Good Vibes:✝


Peepshow Toys (all body-safe):

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Mr. Hankey’s huge silicone dildos:

Lovehoney (US):✝

Lovehoney International:

Lovehoney Canada:✝

Lovehoney UK:✝

Lovehoney EU:✝


Luvoqa (all body-safe; US shipping only):

  • Spend $75 on anything and get free 2- to 3-day USPS Priority shipping anywhere in the US when you enter code PHALREV at checkout.

Stockroom BDSM and fetish gear, plus toys:✝

These sellers carry some toys that are not body-safe, so buyer beware! Porous sex toy materials can’t be sanitized and will begin to harbor bacteria with use—in some cases, they leach harmful chemicals too.

** I recommend TPR/TPE masturbation sleeves, like Fleshlight, because they’re nontoxic (though porous): this means that they need to be washed thoroughly and fully dried after use, and then should be discarded if any discoloration occurs. 

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