Vagina Stretching – How-To, Safely

Go BIGGER?! Vagina stretching helps you take larger insertables—starting small, then working your way up to receiving more girth and/or length.

Why do vaginal stretching? Three primary reasons: 1. Sheer fun, because being crammed-packed vaginally can create a euphoric feeling. Vagina expansion & fullness triggers a feel-good chemical cascade in my brain; it’s different from clitoral orgasmic pleasure. 2. First-time vaginal penetration, where you need to stretch the hymen gently to not tear it. 3. Dilation, for pelvic floor dysfunction or postsurgical recovery, where you train the vaginal (PC) muscles to avoid painful sex.

The best stretching tools fit those aims:

G-squeeze stretching pussy plug - fold over to insert
Squeeze-worthy, body-safe V-plug!

#1. Pleasure & FULL feeling: G-squeeze vaginal plug, hands-down the most comfortable & fuck-all-yesssss filling toy I’ve found. Sizes XL & especially 2XL are fullness heaven; 6 sizes laid out side-by-side here. Start smaller if you’re less experienced with stretching. (See Picking the Right Size, here.) Each G squeeze folds over so you can get it in, then expands once inside, gently surrounding the G-spot. Brain-melt. 🫠

Beginner dildo - Neo Elite 6 tapered dual-density silicone for gentle insertion

#2. First vaginal sex toys: A. Beginer dildo: Neo Elite 6″ Tapered Dual-Density silicone. Super-soft silicone outside, supported by a firm core, so it’s gentle but stable. The small head is a small fraction of an inch over 1″ diameter [like 1.05″], then the shaft expands to 1.25″ diameter. Great suction cup.

B. Beginner vibrator. Either:

  1. Maia slimline vibes like Monarch are kickin’. 3 strong speeds, from high to lower intensity. Firm ABS plastic. 0.8″ diameter.
  2. Pillow Racy Racy: Smol G-spot vibrator. Silky silicone, flexible tip, easy to grip the handle, very rumbly vibration, fully adjustable speed range, quietest. Use it as a clitoral vibrator to warm up first. 1″ max. diameter (bulb); 0.875″ diameter shaft.
Vaginal stretching, from small to average-size
Beginner-friendly toys compared: A medium tampon for size, Maia Monarch slimline, Pillow Talk Racy, Neo Elite 6″ Tapered; vs. average-penis-sized Neo Elite 7.5″w/Balls (1.5 inches diameter × 5.5 inches usable).

#3. Dilation for PC muscle/recovery issues: Wellness Dilators. Four silicone dilators, progressing from “single-finger” to medium sizes: 0.5″ diameter, 0.75″ diameter, 1″ diameter, 1.255″ diameter. Designed to not poke the cervical area. Flexible, but not truly-soft silicone.1 The Wellness stretching set could also be a gradual trainer kit before 1st penis-in-vagina sex, if you want to ease into it extra-gently.

Wellness silicone dilator kit 4-step vaginal stretching
Wellness dilators set of 4, next to my palm & very-small fingers.

This how-to pussy stretching guide is based on my experience stretching for pleasure, vs. stretching (= vaginal dilation) necessary due to pelvic floor issues like vaginismus or recovery after hysterectomy. Find a personal perspective on dilators for vaginismus here, by Betty Butch.2

How-to Stretch & Dilate Vaginally

I’ve found this process useful for taking more girth vaginally, for maximum fullness. It also applies for first-time V-penetration (for “virgins”): Go slow, take your time, and stop if you feel any pain!

  1. Take time to get relaxed & warmed up (aroused). Anything low-key & sexy that works for you. I like to take a walk while listening to music or an audiobook, then a nice warm shower. Using a favorite clit vibrator is helpful, too.
  2. Lubricate your toy sufficiently. Some vaginas are wetter than others. But when stretching wider, you’ll want to eliminate all possible friction. An expansive toy should be lubricated enough to not drag or create extra stress on your tissues.
  3. Just the tip / use a smaller insertable toy (dildo/plug) at the beginning. Give your muscles & tissues time to expand.
  4. Go deeper, seeing if your vagina wants to push the toy out or lock up.
  5. Rest break + clit play if you’re hitting a wall. Remember to take your time. Enjoying a no-grip bullet vibe or an excellent clit-blower works for me, when pausing from further insertion. If you just can’t expand more, or don’t have enough time, try again at a later date.
  6. Keep inserting the toy, slowly.
  7. Once fully inserted: Enjoy. You may feel a pop as a bulbous toy (like G-squeeze!) passes your pelvic bone internally & is all the way in; it’s like, “Whoa!!!” for more feeling. With more cylindrical dildos, you’ll reach a full sensation that may leave you thinking, “That’s it, that’s enough.”
  8. Thrust the toy/dilator in-and-out, gently, to see if ya feel more.
  9. Lie back and feel all the feelings. Play with clit and/or nipples for more pleasure, too. If you have a giving sex partner around: A sensuous back massage is fantastic when you wear a stuffing pussy plug.
Stretching with body-safe dildos - Silk lubricant, Neo Elite 7.5 average size dildo, G-squeeze vaginal plug medium, VixSkin Johnny girthy silicone dildo
Stretching from an average-sized dildo to a thicker size: move up 0.2 to 0.3 inches diameter at a time, or use a compressable plug like Medium Gsqueeze in-between. With Silk hybrid lubricant.

Making the vagina longer 📏 is, in my experience, a much more arduous task vs. wider. But other vag-owners do sometimes manage it: learning to insert toys up to 10 inches length for vaginal depth play!!! I personally know I’m not built for that: I can work up to 10″ girth [circumference], but long length inside the vagina is crazy to me. Because:

Stretching (whether vaginal or anal stretching) is an individual process, where everyone gotta go at their own pace & realize their own personal limits. These tips are general guidelines. Always slow down / stop if you ever feel over-extended in a painful way.

Total vaginal length diagram
Total vaginal length averages about 3.6 inches long (when not aroused), but with big differences between individuals. Diagram source:3

How Long to Stretch?

Expect several stretching sessions, over a week to months, depending on how much extra girth you’re trying to take. If your new stretcher toy is close to your starting point, it could only take a single session:

But if you’re (1) new to penetration, or (2) experiencing painful penetration already, then go slower—gradual stretching is the way! No rush, just listen to your body’s cues.

For WIDE-stretching fans, spend three good 30- to 60-minute playtimes working your way up for every extra inch circumference. (Super-soft silicones are the comfiest & most hygienic material to stretch on.) You will have a natural limit, and as you approach it, stretching progress will likely slow down.

How Big Can a Vagina Stretch?

This is super-personal. When looking at penis size, it’s obvious that some are just bigger and some are smaller. No surprise, then, that vaginas are the same: some reach much larger sizes naturally, while others are more compact.

Everyone can stretch some, expanding their natural size preference with 1 to 2 inches greater circumference / at least half an inch additional length, with practice.

SquarePegtoys G-squeeze monster vaginal plug 2XL

But vaginal training exercises take some V-havers much deeper & wider. Marathon-level vaginal stretching can take folks up to 12–15 inches circumference or 9 inches length vaginal extension (rare!). This may look super-cool, but it’s important to not push past pain, so you avoid tearing your vaginal tissues & perineum 😱, and maintain a healthy epithelial lining.4 More on safety:

Safe Stretching Tips

Recap of important points about safe vaginal stretching:

  • 💦Lubrication.
  • 📏Choose an Appropriate Toy Size (don’t start out too large, versus how much you can take right now).
  • 🛀👙Chill Before you start playing and/or get into a sexy mood!
  • 🛑STOP If You Feel Pain.🛑 The most important part of pussy stretching: if it really hurts, don’t do it. Sensations of “weirdness” and “pressure” are different than true pain, which is a signal your brain receives to keep your tissues safe. If in doubt, pause and consider the feeling very closely, don’t just keep going.
  • 🫗Be Sober when seriously stretching, so that you don’t ignore pain signals like someone might when drunk or otherwise altered.
  • ⏲️Rest Periods. If you’ve reached a new girth level, and at any time felt maxed out, give your vag at least the next day off from penetration. Stretching is working your pubococcygeus [PC] muscles, after all.
  • 🧘No Stress. It’s easier to go with the flow of how much stretching feels right on any given day, over a period of weeks or even several months—versus presetting a hard goal that you later feel disappointed about not achieving. Find your body’s “happy size” for stretching & vagina stuffing, and enjoy it!

My Stretching Experiences

My stretching journey’s progressed from “Well that was a bad idea” (with my 1st vaginal sex) to “fun & easy” girrrrrrth plugging. A short summary:

*Patience* and lube, dear reader: The advice I missed when I was starting to stretch.

When I was young and impatient, I asked my first sex partner to penetrate me too fast. I later realized I was bleeding. (A nice long fingering warmup would’ve been the practical course of action. And now, I always use silicone lube with P-in-V sex, it’s the best for smoothness + safety.)

When I bought my first dildo, I jumped for a 2″ thick PVC dildo. I got it in me without noticeable damage, but after a couple times was put off by the oiliness and shower-curtain smell. Was there a better big dildo I could use to stretch and feel FULL?

I learned about body-safe silicone, then dual-density realistic dildos. Tantus Uncut#1 was my first larger silicone toy: a bulky rounded head & 8″ length. No problem, with lube; but its multitude of skin textures is draggy. Craving more expansive stretching, I bought a VixSkin Maverick and was like “Whoooaaaaaa” over the 2-inch-thick, squashy head. So slick, and its compressable head is softer than a real hard-on.

Girthy dildo stretching
I found myself exploring different density (hardness) silicone dildos, and preferring dual-density (which is soft outside) or 100% super-soft.

When exploring fantasy dildos, I got myself into a bulky, fisting-headed “alien” dildo. 7.5 inches around the head, past my current comfort zone. Took a few sessions before I managed to insert it into my vagina, pressing over my pelvic bone internally. No injuries, but this one’s not-ergonomic shape put me off: it started too big.

Next, Nick Capra in life size was a great girthy challenge. I hadn’t realized real phalluses came that thick (7.2″ inches max. circumference). Capra’s shaft is more tapered—thickest at mid-shaft—so its realistic shape is easier to stretch on. The amount of skin texture is great, too: not draggy but also not unnaturally slick.

Around this time, I started realizing my personal difficulty zone. Anything over 2.2″ diameter / about 7″ circumference is where I really needa slow down when vaginally stretching.

So, the Fist Trainer dildo by Tantus seemed an interesting challenge. Its kinda-soft silicone was less cushy, unfortunately; measurable on the medium A durometer scale vs. the super-soft 00 scale. (So, in retrospect, I should’ve chosen a squishy-soft silicone dildo like the Longneck Smooth to meet my now-exacting comfort standards.)

Tantus Fist Trainer fisting dildo vs. human hand

My largest dildo: I learned about vagina stretching as an extreme sport with the “extra-small” Goliath’s 11-inch circumference (by Hankey’s Toys). My vag needed a break for 2 days after I conquered Mt. Goliath, despite 3 training sessions, 3 smaller toys prior, and coconut oil. Phew. Was it too much? I felt back to 100% vaginally within 3 days, but don’t have the energy to prep for that size…hardly ever.

Mr. Hankey's Toys Goliath dildo sizing up progression, Mr. Hankey's Toys Chorizo n Eggs, Bad Dragon Flint small, Mr. Hankey's Toys Nick Capra, Tantus XL Fist Trainer
This vaginal stretching session maxxxed me out.

My fave for *easier* maximum fullness vaginally: Today, the 2XL G-Squeeze “pussy plug” is absolutely tops for me. (It also comes in 5 smaller sizes.) Its secret: the scoop scape, a cutout on one side, so you can fold it inward while inserting it into the vagina. Then, it widens out once it’s past the tighter vaginal introitus: opening up. I insert it with the folded side toward my butt, it goes in and expands, and then I can flip it 180-degrees so the scoop is enclosing my G-spot zone (on the anterior vag. wall = belly side). It’s so much girth yet soooo very comfortable. I don’t feel overextended or maxed out; never uncomfortable later. The SuperSoft platinum silicone is incredibly gentle. Using a favorite clit vibrator while wearing a big Gsqueeze vaginal plug: that’s just sensational.

SquarePegToys G-squeeze vagina stuffing plugs - 2XL vs. XL sizes
Gsqueeze “back” side, top; vs. the scooped front side, bottom, which you can fold in to get it in!

Picking the Right Stretching Size

Starting with a reasonable-for-you sex toy size matters! If you’re buying a first sex toy and aren’t experienced with penetration, look for something 1.25″ diameter or less. But if you’re used to penetration and are looking to size up bigger:

  1. Know what size you can take comfortably right now: True for width especially.
  2. For each step-up, increase between 0.2″ to 0.3″ diameter / a max. of 1 inch circumference. (This is true for both vaginal stretching and anal stretching.)

When evaluating your current comfort level, you can measure against any of: a sex toy you already own, your partner’s penis size, or your own fingers.

Most toys have published specifications. If you can’t find yours’ specs, go with the soft tape measure method, next:

  • You’ll need a soft sewing tape measure. ($3 to $4 on Amazon, or as cheap as $2 at major craft stores or Walmart.)
  • If using fingers to measure against: Wash your hands well, then insert as many fingers as you feel comfortable with, into your vagina. Take your time.
  • Then measure the sex toy / penis / fingers. Good lighting is helpful.
  • Make sure to stretch the tape measure tight to be accurate. (If it’s loose, you won’t get an accurate measurement.)
  • You should measure the widest [inserted] point of the toy or body part. Measure straight across the thickest section to gauge diameter.
SquarePegToys G squeeze vaginal plug review product info size specifications
Get ur tape measure, but pull it tight & use it in the light!

Most dildos’ and vibrators’ “width” is maximum diameter, the distance across; but a few makers like SquarePegToys [for the G-squeeze specifications] use circumference, distance around the toy. Keep that in mind when measuring: whether you’re recording diameter vs. circumference.

  1. The smallest dilator is 30A Shore, while the last three are all 15A Shore durometer.
  2. Dilators & safe lube can help ease penetration in some cases, but do seek a competent gynecologist and/or consult a pelvic floor therapist if needed!
  3. Bernard Haylen and Dzung Vu, “Surgical Anatomy of the Vaginal Vault,” in Neurourology Urodynamics 41, no. 6 (August 2022): pp. 1316–1322.
  4. Outer cell layers that help prevent vaginal infection, maintaining protective Lactobacillus bacteria. This is why water-based lubricants with high osmolality are problematic for vaginal safety.

2 thoughts on “Vagina Stretching – How-To, Safely”

  1. I’m trying to decide between the extra small and small g squeeze. I almost always have pain with penetrative sex, even when it’s only 2 fingers. The dildo that I use the most is 1.25 inches in diameter; the tapered head on it is extremely helpful and it generally doesn’t hurt, but it does sometimes feel unfulfilling/boring after a bit (that one is the Tantus Leisure which is harder than I’d prefer). I have another that’s 1.5 inches (a Tantus super soft) that I use on occasion, but it just feels like I’m being stretched a little too much. The g squeeze small is 1.65 when expanded, but I know it’s made of a very soft material and has those divots in it which perhaps make it feel smaller. Thoughts?

    • Hi! Yes, that is a hard choice because you’re correct that the SuperSoft silicone is squishy and compressable, but then again, you don’t want to go too large. In general my thought is to go smaller whenever one’s not sure they can take larger. I’m measuring the G squeeze XS as just a hair over 1.25″ diameter when spread out, and only 4 inches circumference maximum also when spread out (not folded in), so I’m not certain where SquarePegToys is getting the 4.4″ circ. figure from. … Maybe get both sizes to be sure? 🤔


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