Magic Wand Micro Review

Itty-bitty Hitachi! Is this the most adorable wand?!? Magic Wand Micro’s 8.3 inches shorter than the bulk of a big Magic Wand (Original, Plus, or Rechargeable). But, how strong is Micro vs. bigger Magic Wands? I’ve got the full power run-down for ya:

Magic Wand Micro size in hand

Pros & Cons of Magic Wand Micro


  • Easiest-to-grip Magic Wand.
  • Takes up less space during sex with a partner.
  • USB-C connection to vibrator. (No special charging cord needed!)
  • Padded silicone head.
  • Much lighter-weight.
  • Medium-strong power,
  • Decently rumbly vibration.
  • Handle shields your fingers from vibration better, vs. a bullet vibrator.
  • Medium-small, rounded head fits neatly between inner labia.


  • Magic Wand vibration feel, but less potent.
  • Not waterproof. Not submersible.
  • Single-button function control: No + and – buttons like MW Rechargeable has. Must flip through 4 patterns to return to steady speeds.
  • Medium-small, padded head is not for anyone who prefers either (1) pinpoint clit stimulation or (2) broad stim. like a full-sized Magic Wand.
  • Very-flexible neck lessens clitoral pressure.

Legit Magic Wands are by Vibratex, who acquired the naming & distribution rights from the original Magic Wand maker, Hitachi, in 2013. Vibratex wands are the Hitachi wand legacy.

MW Micro vs. Other Vibrators – Intensity Chart

Magic Wand (=MW) Micro has lots of grrrrumbly kick to its vibration. It’s:

Power & rumbliness ratings for all body-safe-silicone Magic Wands follow, vs. the best alternatives. Since the MW Micro is a hybrid between a mini “bullet” vibrator and a wand, I’ve included favorite bullet vibes & smaller wands.

(From Low
to High),
out of 10
(From Low
to High),
out of 10
in Decibels
MW Micro,
4.5″ Long,
5.0 to 6.58.5 to 5.529 to 42
MW Recharg.,
13″ Long,
5.5 to 9.410 to 6.731 to 56
MW Plus,
13″ Long,
6.0 to 9.810 to 6.532 to 56
MW Mini,
9.5″ Long,
6.75 to 8.09.5 to 7.534 to 44
7.4″ Long,
4.0 to 8.810 to 5.532 to 55

by Blush,
4″ Long,
$26.99 /
5.5 to 7.55.0 to 4.039 to 45
Swan Max.
3.6″ Long,
3.75 to 7.010 to 6.536 to 46
4″ Long,
3.0 to 6.59.5 to 7.528 to 32
9.2″ Long,
7.0 to 9.259.0 to 7.046 to 65
Magic Wand Micro vs. torso 2
Micro Magic Wand above Rechargeable full-sized Magic Wand, which is significantly stronger.

Your expectations are critical when deciding whether to buy a Magic Wand Micro. If you go into it wanting maximum wand power, you will be disappointed. But if you love bullet vibrator power, the Micro Wand is compact like that & could be just your speed.

The Micro’s highest intensity level (function #3) is closest to the Magic Wand Plus’s lowest intensity setting, or falls between Magic Wand Rechargeable’s 1st and 2nd functions (out of 4 steady vibration functions).

Magic Wand size comparison - Plus vs. Rechargeable vs Mini vs Micro

Instead, the Micro’s benefits are that (1) its padded head is great for clits that dislike hard pinpoint pressure, and (2) it’s roughly a gazillion times easier to grip during sex vs. a big wand. More on sexy times with the extra small Magic Wand:

My Experience

“Power, Pocket-Sized” reads the Magic Wand Micro’s box. It does fit in my athletic short pockets.1 But power, hmm… I had to reset my expectations, since I’ve spent so much time with Magic Wand Rechargeable’s stronger grrrrrr.

Magic Wand Micro pocket-sized

Magic Wand Micro’s motor is resonant, to start with the best part. It feels like vintage Vibratex… just toned down, like, five notches. High RPM ≠ strong vibration.2

I’ve struggled to orgasm on it. (Not a problem with the larger wands.) Since it’s not even as strong as Magic Wand Rechargeable’s second of four vibration speeds, I’m doing more work: clenching my PC muscles, waiting, rubbing it hard, while trying to cum.

Micro Magic Wand in hand 3 fingers

The Magic Wand Micro’s 1.3″-diameter head is…kinda small, but not delivering any focus. Kinda-soft, but not really soft. An unfortunate middle ground for my clit. The MW Micro’s neck bends very easily, so the head applies less pressure too. While I was laboring over my power-stats table above, I suddenly got attached to the MW Mini due to how much more oooomph it has than MW Micro. Stronger vibes + less-flexible neck = much easier orgasm 4 me.

Magic Wand Micro flexible neck bent in hand

The Micro’s handle is easy to grip, that’s a plus. Adding the Magic Wand Micro to penis-in-vag sex is the only use that’s been tops for me. Being fucked makes me a lot more turned on and sensitive clitorally, so the Magic Wand Micro improves sex from behind, like in doggy style. (Where I like anything extra, since I’m receiving less G-spot stimulation from my partner’s dick.)

Magic Wand MIcro in hand - how to hold

In re the “padded” head: Magic Wands are like the Je Joue G-spot Bullet’s yielding tip. They don’t compress as much as Tenga Iroha vibes (silicone over elastomer), nor as squishy as liquid silicone vibrators like Maia Rina.

Vibrators I Prefer for Clit Stimulation

Swan Maximum Bullet is IMO the best mini-vibrator ever. Smaller than the MW Micro, rumblier, more adjustable speeds, and I don’t have to hold it because the silicone ring straps it directly to my first 2 fingers. (I strongly prefer the Max. Bullet over the We-Vibe Tango for that ease-of-use reason.)

Magic Wand Micro Bullet Vibrator strength vs. We-Vibe Tango X, Limited Addiction Power Vibe by Blush, Swan Maximum Bullet BMS
From left: MW Micro, We-Vibe TangoX, Limited Add. Power Vibe, 💙Maximum Bullet + its stretchy finger-attachment.

If I want a mini-wand, PalmPower Recharge is ass-kickin’ good. Considerably stronger, and again, more adjustable speed range—more intensity levels that don’t make me flip through patterns. (Lovense Domi2’s also much stronger than MW Micro, and lots of clit-havers swear by it; though I dislike how aggressively rattly Domi is, with less gentler speed-range [yes, even with the app] vs. the PalmPower wand.)

Lovense Domi2 vs. PalmPower Recharge vs. Magic Wand Micro
From top: Lovense Domi2, PalmPower Recharge, MW Micro.

Last, affordable vibrators that beat Magic Wand Micro: Unihorn vibrators’ “butt motors” are stronger than Magic Wand Micro, and are only half the dual-motor system included in each unicorn vibrator’s $39.99 price. Or, the strongest bullet vibrator remains the Power Vibes by Blush, currently $27 to $35: that’s the Limited Addiction bullet (6 color patterns) & Wellness Power Vibe (purple).

How to Use Magic Wand Micro

If you’re someone who has always wanted a bullet vibrator, but with a Magic-Wand-compressable head, these tips may work better for you:

  1. To power on the MW Micro, press the power button.
  2. Then, tap the M button to cycle through 3 steady vibration speeds + 4 vibration patterns (7 total vibration functions).
  3. Let the vibration rest on function #1 for a minute. It’s the deepest, rumbliest level.
  4. Up the ante to function #2…
  5. Or to #3, if #2 isn’t a lot.
  6. If you like patterns, hit the M button again to find 4 of those.
  7. To add more stimulation: A.) Grip the Magic Wand Micro’s handle, massaging it over your clitoris and clitoral hood. (Apply lubricant if it feels dry.) B.) Use it simultaneously with vaginal penetration, or anal if you like anal.
  8. Try closing the thighs around the Micro, to add tension & arousal.

Recharging & Battery Life

The Micro has a 2 hour, 45 minute battery life. It will turn itself off every 20 minutes like clockwork (a “safety” feature from days of yore, when appliances would overheat). But, you can power on again right after auto-shutoff.

The Magic Wand Micro doesn’t need a very specific charger!!! It’s USB-C (vibrator end) to USB(-A). That’s a big update:

The Micro’s package includes a charging cable, but here I’m charging it via my usual phone-charging cord, cuz I finally can do that with a vibrator.

Because keeping track of all the different cables gets annoying after you own a few vibrators.3 But with MW Micro, you just charge with same cable as you charge other new electronics. Vibratex is moving in the right direction here, if not with the auto-shut-off feature nor with the non-waterproofness, next:

Care & Cleaning

MW Micro is not even water-resistant. That makes it feel fossilized in the past, when vibrators weren’t waterproof. Indeed, the instruction manual states, “Do not wash the massager with water.”

Magic Wand Micro buttons - not waterproof

Undeterred by for-liability’s-sake disclaimers,4 I have washed this teeny Magic Wand’s silicone head under slow running water, applying a dab of soap and rinsing. (This cleaning method has never damaged any of the Magic Wands I’ve owned over the last 5 years.)

You do want to avoid getting lots of water into the neck area, or into the handle, where the buttons would allow water-ingress. Definitely do not submerge any Vibratex Magic Wand in the bathtub. The authorized cleaning method is to “wipe the product clean” [no further directions given], presumably with a damp cloth that’s not too wet.

Magic Wand Micro is made of ABS plastic with a silicone head cover. Silicone is more hygienic, vs. the Original Magic Wand, whose head can yellow over time or stain.

Recap & Rating

You decide: Is adorably mini worth $58 (with discount) / $65 MSRP? Magic Wand Micro is bullet vibrator power in a wand-shaped package.

It’s medium-strong vibration, emanating from the Micro’s rounded & padded head. A foamy layer under the silicone also makes MW Micro feel milder.

But, the Hitachi Magic Wand’s name recognition was built on kick-ass power. So I never expect MW Micro to be a top answer when someone asks, “What’s the best vibrator???” Full-sized Magic Wands (Rechargeable🥳) and Satisfyer Pro 2 (or other “clit suction” toys) will remain the most popular picks for quick ‘n’ strong O’s for most people. I would recommend the Micro-MW if you fit one of these specific preference sets:

  1. Are a Magic Wand fan, and just need the Micro’s cuteness in your life.
  2. Are seeking a gentler clit vibrator with a padded contact area (not a firm, pointy tip).

Save 10% here on Magic Wand Micro:

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Or, read why about my favorite vibrators here.


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  1. Which, since they’re women’s shorts, are so flimsy that my phone droops inches below the bottom of the shorts when I try to use them as functional pockets.
  2. Magic Wand Micro is reportedly 6,500 RPM per Vibratex, while Vibratex says the larger MW Plus and Rechargeable both reach 6,300 RPM maximum. First, the Plus wand is clearly stronger than the Rechargeable even though they share that 6,300 RPM number. And the Micro, in turn, apparently puts out 200 more RPM than that! Yet… everyone who feels all 3 vibrators will agree that the Micro is less-potent than the full-sized M.Wands, no question. Simply: Do not take RPM to be a measure of vibration strength.
  3. And, you can actually kill a vibrator motor if you plug in the wrong pin charger.
  4. Magic Wand instruction manuals are filled with over-the-top directions (e.g., “Do not sit or lie on this product,” “Never operate on a soft surface such as a bed or a couch,” “Keep long hair away from this product while use,” “Do not use outdoors,” and more!) that are presumed to exculpate Vibratex from any legal (and financial) responsibility for any health incidents that occur in promiximity to Magic Wand use.

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