Lovense Domi 2 – 3 Years Testing UPDATE

It’s STRONG. The Lovense Domi 2’s power kicks. But, this Lovense wand’s definitely got flaws.

I assumed Domi 2 would be better than Domi 1. But, now that I’m in a relationship where I’m using Lovense long-distance control regularly, I am not so satisfied: Is this supposed to be an upgrade?!? , it leaves me wondering. Let’s see the issue…

Pros & Cons

Domi 2 Pros:

  • ✅Strongest long-distance vibrator, hands-down.
  • ✅Lovense app offers the most reliable connection.
  • ✅Powerful compared to most vibrators.
  • ✅Smaller than Magic Wand.

Domi 2 Cons:

  • ❌Lacks Domi 1’s speed range (less rumbly).
  • ❌Loud; can get rattly.
  • ❌Not waterproof.
  • ❌Only available in black.
  • ❌Flashing lights may irritate some users.1
  • ❌Expect 1 year best-performing lifespan.

Overall, the Lovense Domi 2’s motor feels like a downgrade from Domi 1: that earlier Domi (ca. 2018) tied Magic Wand Rechargeable for “strongest rechargeable vibrator,” like ever.

Lovense Domi 2 vs Magic Wand Rechargeable
Dimensions: Lovesense Domi 2 vs. Domi 1, vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable (top to bottom).

If you 100% want a long-distance vibrator, then keep reading this review, because Lovense’s app beats We-Vibe’s, Svakom’s, OhMiBod/Kiiroo’s & more for long-distance relationship sex toys.

But, if you want just a great wand in general (no app control needed), see Domi’s statistics compared to other massagers:

Domi Alternatives: Comparison Table

The Domi (2) is Lovense’s strongest vibrator. It’s a medium-size wand massager: meaning, it’s lots smaller than full Magic Wands. Unlike Lovense’s most popular vibrators (the Lush and the Ferri), the Domi 2 is for playing at home only.

See my ratings for Domi 2’s vibration power, how deep & rumbly the vibration is, and volume vs. other (A) Lovense toys and (B) strong clitoral vibrators. Each vibrator’s range is from its lowest to highest vibration level:

VibratorPower (10 = strongest)Rumble (10 = deepest)Noise (Decibels)
Lovense Domi 2
$99 best price
Cordless wand
7.0 to 9.259.0 to 7.046 to 65
Magic Wand Recharge.
Cordless wand
5.5 to 9.410 to 6.736 to 51
Magic Wand Plus
Wall-outlet power
6.0 to 9.810 to 6.532 to 56
Lovense Lush 3
G-spot wearable
5.5 to 7.58 to 5<40, inserted
Lovense Ferri
clit vibe
5.5 to 7.256 to 348–54
PalmPower Recharge
4.0 to 8.810 to 5.532 to 55
Viben Sultry
full-size wand
5.75 to 8.510 to 838 to 50
Inya Rose
Suction vibe
8.5 to 10.0n/a49–53

So, Domi 2’s noise level is louder than a (Hitachi) Magic Wand, interestingly. And my biggest problem with Domi 2 is how damn rattly mine’s gotten. It’s jarring.

My decibel meter shows Domi 2’s high intensity fluctuating up to ≈72 decibels (vs. 59 decibels for high-speed Magic Wand Plus). That 72 dB level is supposedly “Normal conversation,” but I hear it as more like a muted chainsaw sometimes.

In short, Domi 2 is not a toy for discreet play. (More on that in my experience, next.)

Long-Distance App Control with Domi 2

My new boyfriend and I have started enjoying “long-distance” vibrator control maybe once a week. We live about 30 minutes’ drive apart, and aren’t together most nights. So, app control adds spice🌶️ beyond just sending a sexy text. Him being in charge is a break from my routine of solo masturbation.

Here’s how to connect to the Lovense app: First, the person with the vibrator has to link the Lovense toy to their phone.

  • Make sure your Lovense vibe is charged up: more than 20% battery.
  • Hold down the + button on Domi for 3 seconds. It’ll buzzzz slightly.
  • Open up the Lovense app. Find the link symbol in the upper-right corner.
  • It’ll see the toy. Hit Done to finish & pair.
Lovense Domi app control in Lovense app

With Domi synced, it’s time for either (1) creating new vibration patterns for myself, (2) going into the long-distance (hearts) section & connecting with my partner, or (3) choosing from the huge pattern library under the “Discover” tab.

In the long-distance section of the Lovense app, you need to enter your “friend”‘s chosen username. Then, they have to accept the request. You two start in a texting window. From there, you can send voice messages, keep texting, send photos, start a video-call in app, and/or do vibrator control.

See what the Lovense chat looks like:

Lovense Domi 2 how to use app control

Our Domi 2 Control Sessions:

I’ve paired my Domi, and he and I are in the chat section (💞 icon, bottom of the app screen).

The Domi suddenly revs up: I feel its bzzzz starting against my skin. I’d accepted “Give up control?” request; he’s manipulating the vibration now. Waves, moving slowly up and down, in the middle of the Domi 2’s control window; like he’s learned I like.

We play for a while, after starting a video call. (I suggest getting the phone set-up right beforehand; it’s a struggle to focus on camera angle when the vibration is going strong!)

He watches me rub the Domi 2’s head off against my clit, getting close. He ups the speed to high power, asks if I like it.

Lovense Domi app control in Lovense app
Bathrobe on, clitoris stimulated 🙌

I like overdoing the moaning, the noise as I’m orgasming: It’s OK because I’m all alone at my place on a Friday night. (This isn’t a toy I’d use with my kids home, too loud.)

Before very long while using the Domi 2, I’ll reach a place where I am done with its vibration; I can’t take it anymore.

So, this Lovense wand is in our rotation, but, the Lovense Dolce is my favorite for remote control partner play—since I can either use it on my clit, or thrust it into my vag as a vibrating dildo. (I’m a huge fan of G-spot stimulation.) Dolce’s also a lil quieter.

My Experience: Lovense vs. My Favorite Vibrators

The power in the Domi 2 is good, but lacks some resonance and rumbly depth I’m looking for in a vibrator, as a sex toy critic.

Domi 2’s vibration strength doesn’t translate to my clitoris as well as I’d expect; I blame it on the rattly vibration quality. This was present at the beginning; but it’s gotten worse as my Domi 2 has aged.

And the app does not let me turn down the vibration intensity below function #1’s medium-high power. Going lower & more rumbly isn’t within the Domi 2’s motor capacity. (Domi 1, in contrast, had rumblier vibration for function #1.)

All in all, I would not choose the Lovense Domi 2 for normal masturbation, with no partner. My 2 favorite wand vibrators have a better speed range that doesn’t require an app:

How Long Will the Domi Last? Warranty

Lovense offers a 1-year warranty on all Lovense vibrators. That’s a standard warranty period in the toy industry.

My Domi 2 is about 3 years old! now, and it’s starting to have issues with the new software updates. On one occasion, the “Patterns” control just wouldn’t actually change the intensity of the vibration; another time, we had connectivity issues when he was using the Lovense software on PC rather than mobile, and it didn’t see my connected Domi as actually connected.

The Domi 2’s “flexible neck,” marketed as a selling point, is also a weak point. If you regularly put lots of pressure against the head, the Domi will be more likely to fail sooner, as you stress its inner workings.

Lovense Domi rattles - noise

In short, expect 1 to 2 years of solid lifespan from the Domi. It’ll probably start getting wonky in various ways after that.

Is Lovense Domi Waterproof?

The Domi 2 is silicone (head cover) + nonporous ABS plastic, made of body-safe materials; that’s good.

But, the Domi wand is splashproof, not waterproof submersible. The problem is the charging port at the bottom: if you hold it underwater, it’ll damage the Lovense Domi.

Is Lovense Domi waterproof

How to Clean

Instead, to clean the Domi: You can wash it with running water and soap in your sink. Scrub your hands over the Domi’s silicone and plastic to remove fluids and lube, with the soap.

Try to keep Domi’s head angled downward, so water isn’t soaking into the charging port.

How to Turn On

Make sure you understand the “standby” functionality of Lovense vibrators when first powering on your Domi.

How to control Lovense Domi 2

To turn on the Lovense Domi 2, you need to:

  1. Press hard on the up (+) button for 3 seconds, till the vibrator buzzzzes quickly.
  2. Let go off the button.
  3. Press the + button again. The vibration will begin.
  4. Keep pressing + to cycle thru the 7 preset functions (3 steady vibration speeds and 4 vibration patterns).

Recap & Rating

The original Domi by Lovense was fantastic, but I’m underwhelmed by Domi 2 personally.

It’s best for anyone who wants shared power vibes amidst a long-distance relationship. It’s fun when playing with my partner, a few times a month.

When I’m all alone, the Domi remains unused. Because I wish this clitoral massager was less rattly, had more vibration functions (the app no longer lets me control the speed range well!), and was waterproof.

Overall, I give the version 2 Domi: 3.5 out of 5 stars for solo play; and 4.5 out of 5 for partnered use!


  1. Yes, you can turn the lights off, but only if you go into the Lovense app. It’s annoying if you wanna use Domi without the Lovense app.

2 thoughts on “Lovense Domi 2 – 3 Years Testing UPDATE”

    • Yes. Within the app, the Domi has a certain fixed range for its motor power. It can only start so low (not especially low compared to many vibrators), and can only get so strong (not as powerful as a corded Magic Wand).


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