Magic Wand Rechargeable vs. Plus vs. Mini – ALL Magic Wand Review tested & measured

A vibe legend. The Magic Wand Rechargeable’s certain to be present in any list of “best vibrators.” Or, ask a sex toy forum, “What vibrator should I get for my girlfriend?” and someone will answer, “Magic wand!,” while gushing over its power.

Its history goes back 55 years!, as the Hitachi Magic Wand became an icon of feminism and clitoral pleasure. 🙌 Yet, the Rechargeable Magic Wand is not your mom’s or your grandma’s “back massager.” This cordless body-wand launched in 2015, so all of us big-stimulation-lovers no longer gotta be tied to a power outlet.

So, why is the Rechargeable Magic Wand so popular, and how do all current Magic Wand vibrators compare?

Comparison Table: Magic Wand Rechargeable vs. Plus vs. Mini

Here’s a quick recap of the stats on each formerly Hitachi Magic Wand, by Vibratex, with a safe silicone head. Rankings for power and rumbliness (vibration depth) are given on a 10-point scale with corded strongest wand vibrators on top…

Magic WandPowerRumbly
FunctionsSizeCan use cord-free?
Magic Wand
From 5.5 to 9.4,
Best speed range
10 to 6.7,
4 steady,
4 patterns
12.8″ long; 2.25″ head.Yes.
But you can plug it in & recharge while using it too (rare feature).
From 6.0 to 9.8, Strongest10 to 6.54 steady12.8″ long; 2.25″ head.No.
From 6.75 to 8.09.5 to 7.53 steady9.5″ long;
1.9″ head.
From 5.0 to 6.58.5 to 5.53 steady,
4 patterns
4.5″ long;
1.3″ head.

In short, the Magic Wand Rechargeable has the deepest vibration, and the gentlest progression from low speed to HIGH power. See how its size compares:

How To Use a Magic Wand? And Why?

Full-size Magic Wands (like Rechargeable) are for big, wide stimulation. They’ll rock your pelvic floor. Clitoral stimulation + full vulva stimulation + you might feel your butthole vibrating too!, as you roll through the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s 4 steady speeds.

People love Magic Wands most because they are powerful vibrators! They’ve a reputation for producing first climaxes in women / people with clits who’d never orgasmed before that.1

To use Magic Wand Rechargeable et al., you can do any / all of:

  • Solo play. Get comfortable in bed, lie back, and press the Magic Wand’s cushioned head against your vulva. Hold it steady, or stroke it up and down!
  • During penis-in-vagina sex: In doggy style is easiest, wand handle in front of your belly.
  • Grind on the Magic Wand. Lie on your stomach, with a pillow underneath; legs to one side. Hold the Magic Wand’s head between your thighs, rubbing against it.
Magic Wand Rechargeable review - how to use
Waterproof blanket at the ready! Obvs, I’d rather be holding the wand elsewhere—but you get the idea 😄

Of course, the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s large size is because the Magic Wand began as a back massager: But… its vibrations traveled so well, you know what happened. 🦪💦 And so Hitachi, a tech & manufacturing giant in Japan, was ashamed of their product’s sexual acclaim, and:

Wait, are they “Hitachi” Magic Wands?!

Magic Wands by Vibratex, including the Magic Wand Rechargeable, are the descendants of the Hitachi Magic Wand. Not wanting to be known as a dirty sex toy maker, Hitachi sold the Magic Wand’s branding and distribution to Vibratex in 2013.

Many other manufacturers produce “magic wands,” better called “wand vibrators”; but Vibratex ones are the original Magic Wand lineage. Knock-off Magic Wands are absolutely a thing—weaker massagers mislabeled as Hitachi wands—so be careful about buying from random Amazon vendors, etc.! I only link to the legit, trustworthy shops I know are purchasing Vibratex Magic Wands with a full warranty, not counterfeits.

How Does Magic Wand Rechargeable Feel?!

The big deal: The Magic Wand Rechargeable’s head gives out oscillating vibration. You can really feel that rotating motion in the first speed, 2,700 RPM. The vibration reverberates; echoes in a way that many vibrators do not.

As you move up through the next 3 speeds, the Magic Wand Rechargeable ups the ante. All the way to 6,300 RPM! Speed #2 is the highest I can use on days when I want gentler clit play.

Magic Wand Rechargeable - how does Magic Wand feel

Because the Rechargeable wand’s function #3 is eeeh!!! oooh yeah!, while number #4 (high intensity) is like, “Whoa, tiger!” 😵 for me. I am already gone 💦 after a couple minutes of speed #3.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable has those 4 steady vibration functions, plus also 4 patterned ones that I infrequently use, though I have enjoyed pattern #1 after getting off hard on the steady speeds!

For me, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is the best of the Vibratex wands because it does have the gentler, rolling 1st speed; it’s rumblier than the 3 other Magic Wands; and I’m not dealing with a cord.

Magic Wand Rechargeable review - power level
But believe u me, it’s the kinda vibrator you pull out when it’s been a long “weekend” of parenting & you just wanna cum hard & fall asleep.

Vs. Magic Wand Plus

But, if you like more power, the Magic Wand Plus will likely be your best bet, over the Rechargeable wand.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable’s 4th (highest) speed is like the 3rd of 4 speeds on the Plus. That means, the Magic Wand Plus has 1 more step-up in power, over the Rechargeable. BAM!💥

Magic Wand Rechargeable - vs. Magic Wand Plus
To cord, or not to cord?

The Plus wand’s 6-foot-long cord isn’t awful if you do use the Magic Wand mainly while lying back in bed. (You can use an extension cord, too, if your wall outlet isn’t right by your bed.)

How much of an inconvenience the cord is depends on how you play. How much do you move it, move it? I’m someone who likes to rub my wands up and down, jerking against my clit; so the dangly Magic Wand Plus cord is a lil annoying. But, wall-powered (corded) wands do have more power, as a rule: like how the Doxy Die Cast is still the strongest handheld vibrator I own.

But What about MW Original?

Why I never recommend the Original Hitachi Magic Wand, over the Rechargeable version or the Plus:

  • Limited speeds. The original Magic Wand’s only 2 speeds are jokingly called “FUCK” and “HOLY FUCK,” because it start strong. No gentle warmup here.
  • Porous head. The head is thermoplastic rubber: less durable than silicone and feels grittier.

So yeah, I’ve felt the MW Original, and can confirm it’s strong: as powerful as the Magic Wand Plus, indeed! Except… the OG Hitachi Wand has a crappier speed range, and its head will stain over time (or with menstrual blood).

Only $10 more gets you a fully silicone head and 2 more intensity levels (=$79.95 for Magic Wand Plus; vs. $69.95 for the Original). It’s a no-brainer.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable was the first Magic Wand with a functionally nonporous silicone head. Such an improvement, and what folks should expect these days from a quality vibrator.

Is the Mini Magic Wand Better Than the Rechargeable?

Speaking of Magic Wand history, this is a newer model: the Mini, the top wand in photo below. It’s an admirable goal: a smaller Magic Wand. The big’uns (Magic Wand Rechargeable, Plus, and Original) are over a foot long—not an easy size to fit into sex.

Magic Wand Rechargeable vs. Plus vs. Mini

The Mini’s handle is a lot less clunky. It’s much easier to hang onto (vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable or Plus) during doggy-style sex:

The Mini Magic wand is 53.6% lighter than the full-sized Magic Wand Rechargeable. Simply, the Mini version weighs less than half other Magic Wands. This is great for anyone with hand issues / for whom holding a 13-inch-long & THICK toy is a strain. The Mini Magic Wand is still 9.6 inches total length—not a short toy. But the separated handle does block your hand from absorbing so much vibration (= “getting buzzed”), especially if you hold closer to the end of the handle.

Magic Wand Mini vs Magic Wand Rechargeable size versus legs

However, the Mini Wand doesn’t have the same speed range vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable. The Mini has 3 steady speeds only. It’s stronger on low intensity, and weaker on high intensity; and not as low-pitched / rumbly feeling overall.

How to use a wand vibrator #1 just hold it
Magic Wand Mini size: in wand vibrator position #1, the simple hold.

The Magic Wand Mini’s motor is fairly strong… But since I’m a devotee of the rumbliest vibration, I think the Rechargeable is better in terms of the vibration alone. But, it’s hard to argue with how easy it is during doggy-style sex, where its “pretty strong” power goes fantastic with some sweet thrusting penetration.

Similarly, the teeeeeeny by comparison “Micro” MW is even less powerful than the bigger wands: so, the smallest Magic Wand is good if you like gentle vibration, or if you like the power of bullet vibrators but have always wanted one with a padded head (vs. a sharp point).

Magic Wand Micro vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable vs. torso - size

How to Clean

The Magic Wand Rechargeable and Plus and Mini and Original and Micro are not waterproof. Not water-resistant, either.

So how do you clean a vibrator you can’t (definitely safely) wash with running water? Well, to clean a Magic Wand:

  • Safest: Wet a clean washcloth or lint-free cloth. It should be damp, not dripping.
  • Wipe down the Magic Wand’s silicone head with the damp cloth.
  • Then add a small amount of soap to the cloth, and wipe down the silicone again.
  • Finally, wash out the cloth, and return to wipe the wand head down with pure water again.
  • Option 2: You might choose to run a slow stream of running water over the head and wash with soap. If you do: try to avoid splashing water into the blue neck area. Water should not run down to soak the handle.
Magic Wand Rechargeable - soft head
Squishing in Magic Wand Rechargeable’s head. The outside is silicone, with a nonporous ABS plastic connector at bottom + ABS handle too.

How Loud Is Magic Wand Rechargeable?

The strongest vibrators are never the quietest ones: It’s a fact of the world we live in that a powerful motor makes more noise.

So, the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s lower intensities aren’t too loud:

But, you turn the Magic Wand up to high speed, and someone in the next room of your home may be able to hear a constant buzzzzzz. (That is, if they’re attentive; aren’t playing music, YouTube, TV, or streaming themselves; and have good-normal hearing.)

On my decibel meter, the Magic Wand Recharchargeable stacks up as:

  • Steady vibration functions #1 and #2: “Quiet whisper.” 36 to 45 decibels when the wand head’s against my body, and the meter is 1 foot away.
  • Steady vibration function #3: “Quiet home.” About 55 decibels.
  • Steady vibration function #4: “Quiet street,” when I move the wand head at all (so my labia aren’t muting some of the noise). 60 to 61 dB. A little raucous.

That means, I feel very comfortable using the Rechargeable Magic Wand’s lowest 2 functions in bed even when my kids are asleep a couple rooms over. The wand’s third speed is a gray area; I’ll use it if I’m covering it (and my pelvic area) with a pillow.

Magic Wand Rechargeable - how loud is it, volume in decibels
Magic Wand Rechargeable’s 3rd vibration function: “Quiet home,” in use.

I’ve tested the fourth speed by leaving the wand in my bed, shutting the door, and going into nearby rooms. In the room right across the hall, I can barely hear Magic Wand Rechargeable on high; it is a low buzz, that I might not notice if I wasn’t looking out for it. Still, I’m glad that the 3rd function is my personal “quick orgasm” speed, already strong enough, since the highest power of the MW Rechargeable might be audible in the bedroom across from mine. I avoid the “fast 4th” vibration intensity on Magic Wand Rechargeable when my family’s around, since the growlllll of that power is not for their ears!

Recap & Where to Buy

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is perhaps the best-recognized sex toy in the world for a reason: It’s given killer orgasms to so many people with clitorises (and to folks with penises too!). 💖 for everywhere-power vibes!!!

The Rechargeable is the most-loved Magic Wand because it’s got a lower start, and is rumblier overall. But, for anyone who doesn’t need a slow warmup, who just wants strong vibration, then the Magic Wand Plus is a better choice, at $79.95.

And last, Vibratex Hitachi Magic Wands got smaller over the last 3 years: with the Mini Magic Wand clocking in at 54% lighter vs. the Rechargeable. It’s got one less speed, and is approximately 67% as powerful. Easier to hold during sex: just not the most powerhouse Magic Wand.

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  1. Though these days, you might consider a Satisfyer Pro 2 as well, if clitoral orgasms are tough to achieve. $39.99 for seriously focused (yet touch-free) clit stimulation, and a good intensity range.

4 thoughts on “Magic Wand Rechargeable vs. Plus vs. Mini – ALL Magic Wand Review tested & measured”

  1. I was able to get the Plus on sale when I was short on cash. I have some more money now, and was thinking about getting the Rechargeable because it sounds like it’s rumblier. In your opinion, do they feel different enough to warrant having both?

    • Hi! Yes, I do think there’s quite a difference between the lowest speeds, and the highest speeds, of those 2 Magic Wands.
      But for the sake of variety, I’d probably pick a different wand myself, to have vs. the MW Plus;
      You might have noticed I’m all over the Viben Sultry and it will be very discounted next week (cheaper than MW Plus). Its lower speeds are rumbly like the MW Rechargeable’s first 2, and I just love the lighter weight / easier grip, really. Only annoying thing is having to cycle thru the 8 intensities with a single button, but it’s worth it for the fact I can use it in the shower too!

      Here’s a chart I made in a recent review with power & rumblyness ranges for 5 wands (and a few Lovense vibes, etc. for comparison).

      Thank you so much for reading my work!!!

        • Hmm, at least a couple hours. 2 to 3, probably. I often don’t charge mine for 2 weeks, and I use it 3 times every week on average. I do tend toward the middle speeds, so if you’re using it on high, it’d probably be a bit under 2 hours run time. (Since vibe motors will drain more slowly on lower intensity levels.)


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