Best Sex Toys Under $50 – Cheap but Not Crap!

You shouldn’t have to pay $150 for good orgasms! Good news: Some affordable sex toys are better than ever. Stronger, with many body-safe silicone vibrators & dildos costing $30 to $40.

But be cautious: Sex toy safety is still a huge concern, since too many companies hike up prices for cheap “jelly” toys and PVC dildos that leach chlorine into the body! It’s soooo worth it to pay as little as $10 more for a body-safe sex toy, over more toxic materials; and to avoid the safety risks of buying cheap toys from Amazon.

So, I’ve selected ≈5 affordable sex toys per category (find ’em all here), out of the ≈800 sex toys I’ve tested—from cost-effective clitoral vibrators to dildos to cheaper anal plugs & more. All are priced from $16.99 to $49.95 (with most between $30 and $40), and reliably made of nonporous silicone, ABS plastic, or glass. And since vibrator motors vary a lot, they feel so different: I rate each vibrating toy for its strength, how buzzy or rumbly the vibes are, and how loud it is! Best budget buys begin below…

Clitoral Vibrators & “Suction” Toys

These economical vibrators have a fantastic “orgasms-per-dollar-value” rating. They may be cheap, but not itchy and weak like many a “beginner” bullet vibrator: those are often a $12 affair that requires you to buy special button batteries to keep using it. In contrast, my top 5 are all rechargeable🔌and waterproof💦. I’ve rated each clitoral stimulator’s functions—from its lowest intensity to its highest intensity—for these criteria:

  • Power on a 10-point scale. (Even a “6” is very good for a small vibrator: I save 10 for, like, the Hitachi Magic Wand!)
  • How “rumbly,” or low-pitched and resonant, its vibration is on a 10-point scale. (Very rumbly=10; very buzzy=1). “Rumbly” vibration contrasts with high-frequency or “buzzy.” Some people strongly prefer rumbly vibes, while others love pure power with lots of buzzzzzz!
  • Noise level: Measured in decibels, where a higher number means louder.
Best affordable vibrators under $50

My best affordable clit vibes, from $20 to $40. See a full table at end:

  1. Essential Bullet ($21.99): Beginner bullet whose power doesn’t suck. A serious step-up from your average mini “bullet” vibrator, the Essential Bullet has 4 reverberating steady speeds and 3 patterns. Power rating: 4.5 to 6.2. Rumble rating: 6 to 3. Decibels: 39–46.
  2. Intense Travel Vibe Mini ($29.99): Easiest to grip during sex, and strong from start to finish. It’s longer than the Essential Bullet, which is why I find it simpler to keep a hold on when other… movement is ongoing. Really powerful for $30. The slightly pointy tip is great for targeting the clit. Power: 6.0 to 6.75. Rumble rating: 5 to 4. Decibels: 42–47.
  3. Limited Addiction Power Vibe ($34.99): OMG, this is like wand-power in miniature form. The Limited Addiction & Wellness Power Vibes by Blush are fittin’ in that power. The slanted “lipstick” tip is nice in that you can alternate between the flat, broad part and the firm edge at the top: different kinds of clitoral focus to explore. The Power Vibe is pretty strong to start, and then becomes the most powerful bullet vibe I know, beating out the $79 We-Vibe Tango X. Power rating: 5.5 to 7.5. Rumble rating: 5 to 4. Decibels: 39–45.
  4. 💗Satisfyer Curvy 3 or Curvy 2 ($33.95 / $39.95): Curvy 3 is my personal favorite in this section, and IMO the best value! It’s got two motors—one for Satisfyer’s “air pulsation” and another for (optional) vibration. The bursts of air are crazy-stimulating on the clit, once you get the mouth lubed up and situated right! It includes optional app control too, and can be used long-distance with your partner. Curvy 3 has a smaller “mouth” than Curvy 2; I like the Curvy 3’s tighter seal, personally, but your mileage will vary if your clit is larger. Power rating: 3.0 to 6.8. Rumble rating: not applicable (n/a) to air pulsation; optional vibration motor, 4 to 2. Decibels: 28–46 without vibration; 42–52 with vibes.
  5. Inya Rose vibrator ($41.99): F@&#!ing strong one. I 10/10 never expected to find a vibrator this powerful for under $50. The Inya Rose beats all other Rose vibes I’ve surveyed for its maximum intensity. Even the low speed is very strong: Strong enough that I cannot actually use this vibrator a lot of the time. It is a toy for you if you like very direct, potent clitoral stimulation. It’s splashproof, but not submersible for the bathtub. Rose vibe tips: (a) Use a little lubricant inside the hole. (b) The Rose petals are a bitch to remove fluids from. You will need a dedicated, soft-bristled toothbrush for the job. Power rating: 8.9 to 10.0 😮. Rumble rating: n/a. Decibels: 49–53.
Also see the Satisfyer Pro 2 ($39.99 here): Pictured next to “rave review” in the Sex Toy Dictionary. I joke, but the Pro 2 is a much-loved sex toy, a fan fave. The Pro 2 does not have optional vibration or app control like the Satisfyer Curvy pulsators, but does have a superior speed range. But, BIG NEWS: There’s now a Pro 2 Generation 3 that does have vibration (and $49.99 best price) plus a new vibe-cover cap—I am a huge fan.


When looking for cheaper dildos (under $50), be sure to get silicone or borosilicate glass from sellers who aren’t lying to you about what the material is. For larger toys (≈2 inches wide x ≈7 inches long and up), you will need to pay over $50, since more body-safe material does cost more.

Best affordable dildos under $50 - body-safe sex toys
  1. 💗Neo Elite 7.5 Inch ($31.99). The Neo Elite toys are the best realistic dildos under $40: and the “7.5 Inch” models are stand-outs: now in tan, blue, pink, or orange. Platinum silicone in two layers (“dual-density”) means that they’re squeezable-soft outside (≈2A Shore), over a harder but flexible core (30A). The 7.5 Inch model has IMO the best skin textures, and its small head is great (1) for deeper vaginal stimulation (use it with a small clit vibrator!) or (2) for easier anal insertion. Then, the shaft thickens to be “kinda wide” as you move down the 7-inch usable length. It’s an excellent, gentle stretch! Plus, the Neo Elite 7.5 Inch has one of the very strongest suction cups I’ve used: perfect stuck on a door. You can stick this thing on a shower wall, and it will stay there for a full week, while other suction cup toys fall down. Meanwhile, the 7.5 Inch with Balls (5.5 inches insertable) is a classic G-spot/prostate-seeking shape, with a coronal ridge that targets the spot. (Pro tip: Its suction cup requires more pressure to create a good seal: Push down hard!)
  2. Neo Elite nonphallic – Omnia & Tao ($25.99-$26.99). FABULOUS pricing for dual-layer silicone. These less-realistic models are also very-soft outside, with a firmer core: But you can see thru the clear outside here, and the silicone inside glows in the dark (after you “charge” it in LED light or sunlight). This silicone is slicker / slightly less “fleshy” than Neo Elite, though. The Tao is wider, with teeny ripples that add a touch of texture/slight drag as you move it; while the Omnia has a lil bump of a head ridge that rubs lightly on my G-spot.
  3. Affordable glass dildos: Notably, Firefly G-Spot Wand ($37.99) for best G-spot pressure, Chrystalino Planets ($33.99) for textured buh-bumpa-bump-bump, and Blown Double Twist ($45.99) for realistic head but more. Glass is a beautiful material because you will feel the weight: It’s more pressure, so it’s a plus👍 for anyone who does need more stimulation to get off. The Firefly G-spot Wand has this angled bulb that presses right in, precisely; while I’m a fan of the progressive bumps of the Chrystalino Planets for thrusting in and out (I love motion!). Last, because I really like realistic heads and thrusting G-spot massage, the Blown Double Ended Twist is now my favorite glass dildo. It’s nuts how well this extra-ridgy, glass cock-head massages my G-spot when I thrust it. I had no idea I could orgasm mutiples times in a row on glass before it!
  4. Dildolls Utopia & more ($44.99): The pretty one. Dildolls are a smooth ride, in fairly soft silicone (8A). The 3 Dildolls all have a notched ridge that catches & pulls, gently. It makes sense if you want a little but not a lot of texture; just a smooth thrusting dildo, like for harness play. Utopia pink-purple-blue fade looks so good! Over 6 inches usable length.
  5. Avant D15-16 ($36.99 / $38.99): Great smaller dildos. These are smoother silicone, less obviously realistic, and prettier too, with pastel stripes! I really enjoy the gentle G-spotting head of the D16 “Purple Haze” model; while the D15 “Vision of Love” is the best beginner dildo size: It tapers from a small 1-inch-wide head, into a not-so-wide 1.25 inch lower shaft. I often recommend it to folks who are new to penetration—or to anyone who just needs a smaller dildo size. They’re a 10A-Shore silicone, so they are flexible but not really squishy: That’s good for slimmer toys, which may be difficult to insert in super-soft densities.

Anal Toys

These are great anal-specific picks, starting with beginner anal kits and moving on to wearable butt plugs. If you’re more experienced, all of the dildos in the previous Dildos section can also be anal toys.

Best anal sex toys under $50
  1. Mood Naughty 3-plug kit ($27.99): The Trainer Kit, in black or confetti, for gettin’ your butt ready. If you have no anal experience, a training kit is essential: it helps you stretch your anal sphincter muscles gradually, rather than injuring them by taking on a “heavy workout” too fast. The Mood Naughty Trainer Kit is tops because (1) the 3 plugs move from really small, to beginner-intermediate; (2) they don’t get too much bigger between small and medium, and medium and large; (3) they’re tapered (a cone shape) to open the anus easier, slowly; and (4) the canoe base doesn’t chafe like round plug bases can. These are firmer silicone, with flexible necks.
  2. Neo Elite 6″ Tapered ($23.99) or Dr. Lucas ($23.99): Easy 1st anal dildo. From a small head, to a 1.25 inch diameter shaft. The Neo Elite version is dual-density silicone, so it’s soft outside; vs. Dr. Lucas’ silicone being not-hard outside (10–11A Shore) with a bendable metal core. More natural feel for the Neo Elite 6″ than the Dr. Lucas; though someone may enjoy the latter’s posable core flex.
  3. 💗Egg Plug XS, Small, Medium ($29 to $49). 10/10 the best silicone in this guide. The Egg Plugs are magic if you’re seeking anal fullness. The Super-Soft silicone density is crazy comfortable in the ass crack and inside the rectum: where the “Egg”‘s bulb does create a wide feeling. Small is the size I’d recommend after you’ve been doing anal training for 6 weeks steadily or more, since the small Egg Plug is the closest to “average” width / 1.5 inches diameter. (And they do get a lot bigger you’re more experienced.)
  4. Satisfyer vibrating plugs ($29.95 to $44.95): Decent vibrators, yet cheap price; prostate plug on a budget. Satisfyer’s affordable ass vibes are Lolli Plug anal beads, Plug-ilicious plugs, and Backdoor Lover prostate plug. They’re moderately strong plugs, with a nice low rumble to start. The Lolli Plug 2 is the most wearable (like you can walk around with it in comfortably, rather than sitting and masturbating with it) since its base is smaller and symmetrical, and the edges of each bead are more rounded than Lolli Plug 1. As a fan of smooth anal beads, I’m in: the bumps are a pleasure to thrust in and out. Unfortunately, no remote control; but hey, it’s under $30 and waterproof and rechargeable. Power rating: 3.0 to 5.5. Rumble rating: 8 to 5. Decibels: 32–38.
  5. Snug Plug 2 ($49.50): Wear it around, sit on it comfortably, feel the weighted balls! Snug Plugs stand out because of their very thin necks: they let your anus close up so that wearing a Snug Plug for hours is very manageable. That’s topped off by a weighted “torpedo” body. The size 2 is a slim 1.2 inches diameter, but IMO feels larger: It’s got 2 weighted metal balls that roll around inside the silicone shell. Super-fun for wearing during yard work or while walking—or anything else that gets your hips moving, making the weighted balls’ motion more obvious.

G-Spot *or* Clitoral Vibrators

All of the vibrators in the “G-Spot…or Clitoral” section here can also be just-clitoral stimulators, if desired! Just use them outside your body, instead of inserting them. I actually prefer them over smaller bullets because a “G-spot” toy’s longer length acts as a better handle; easier to grip. Every vibrator here is rechargeable, and waterproof submersible or water-resistant.

Best G-spot vibrators under $50
  1. Je Joue G-Spot Bullet ($39.99 limited sale; almost 40% off). Sold out, oh no! Power rating: 4.0 to 6.5. Rumble rating: 9 to 5. Decibels: 33–41.
  2. 💗Pillow Talk Racy ($43.99). My favorite clit vibe during dildo play. The low rumble of this tiny G-spotter on the lower intensities! The Racy’s damn quiet, too. Also, if you’re like me and you enjoy more control over your vibrator, then Racy’s “incremental speed control” is awesome: It’s kinda like a scroll wheel, except in button form. Press&hold, then stop when you’re at a power level you like; instead of being limited to pre-set factory settings. Silky silicone, Racy has the nicest plush finish (with a metal ABS seam). Water-resistant, not submersible. Power rating: 3.5 to 6.75. Rumble rating: 10 to 6. Decibels: 34–40.
  3. Intense G-Spot Vibrator ($44.99). More G-spot width: The Intense has a nice rolling rumble to being, and its head is more average-sized than the over vibes here! (A full 1.5 inch diameter, around average penis width.) It has a flexible neck, so it’ll bend slightly if you choose to thrust it: That’s good for speedy G-spot play if you’re sensitive, but not ideal for anyone who prefers extra-hard firmness. I love how it bends and rubs my clit when I stroke it outside, up and down the vulva. Power rating: 4.5 to 6.25. Rumble rating: 8 to 5. Decibels: 33–36.
  4. Maia Monarch, Unity 420, & Abbie X-Long ($29.99). Grrrr! This higher-pitched vibe can be pressed hard into the G-spot, if angled with your hand. (Bring its end up, raising it toward your belly button side; then press its other end into the vaginal wall till you feel a sensitive spot!) These long Maia vibes practically growl on the first function—which is the highest one. Keep pressing the power button for 2 lower speeds and 7 patterns. This “classic slimline” style vibrator can be used outside for clit play; or, try deeper vaginal stimulation with its 6-inch insertable length. Power rating: 6.5 to 5.25. Rumble rating: 6 to 3. Decibels: 41–37.
  5. Svakom Cici ($43.99): If you like biting vibration. Cici’s targeted, ridgy head is a great shape! Cici’s vibrations are aggressive, starting strong and then escalating to more powerful and very high-pitched. Your fingers will tingle by vibration function #3! The very slim shape is easy to hold onto. Power rating: 5.75 to 6.5. Rumble rating: 5 to 1. Decibels: 37–44. NOTE: If you like less buzzy vibes / a bit lower-key, a similar shaped G-spotter is the Luxe Lilli (also the same price!).

Strap-On Harness Play

Packer Gear Briefs ($26.99) for the win! I’ve become a big fan of how stimulating these harness briefs are: Giving me pleasure too while strapping on. Here’s the secret: You gotta put a good bullet vibrator into the briefs’ “crotch pocket.” Most harnesses don’t have a pocket that will hold a vibrator directly under the clitoris: instead, harness vibrator pockets tend to be way up near the O-ring, on the wearer’s pubic mound. That’s too far away from the clitoris, IMO; so this open-pouched Brief is a very welcome change. I wouldn’t go without them for pegging explorations.

Temptasia Briefs vibrator slot - vibrating strap-on harness

Packer Gear Briefs come in a couple sizes; I got a good fit by choosing my women’s underwear size, a plain medium. They can also be washed in the washing machine.

Cock Rings & Penis Toys

Safe cock rings are the easiest to find cheaper: they require less silicone than a bigger vibrator. Cock rings can: (1) Make you last longer. They should fit snugly around the base of the penis, to restrict blood flow outward, so the wearer stays hard longer. (Their dick may also get slightly thicker.) Only wear a tight ring for about 30 rings, and it should be kinda snug, but not painfully tight. (2) Produce a harder orgasm when the ring-wearer does cum. (3) Help pleasure the ring-wearer’s partner. Vibrating cock rings are usually intended for clitoral stimulation: via a small, hands-free vibe.

Best penis sex toys under $50
  • Perfect Fit Rings ($18.99 per 3-pack): Very functional; 3 sizes to try. These are simple rings, but: Perfect Fit’s goal is for the wearer to have more size choices, so they find a ring that does fit their individual penis well. Three sampler packs sizes are available, each with 3-sized cock rings inside. These rings do work to make the penis stay harder—once you’ve got the right one. You could also choose to use a bigger one around both penis and testicles, but for that purpose the next option is likely more fun…
  • 💗Oxballs super-soft rings ($22.00 to $33.00), like Grunt, or Grip & Pig Ring full-package rings. Thick, soft silicone grips the cock or balls too (depending on your size & which ring you choose): I’m told that wearing one around the ball sack is a great squeeze and makes the wearer want to come harder. The Grip ring is a really wearable one (it can be worn longer, since the silicone is stretchy), and my boyfriend and I have done a couple trial runs where he wears a Grip while we’re out. It’s hot: Knowing his junk is being gripped, like by a soft-squeezing hand, and the slight extra bulge under the pants. The ball-gripping adds to sex too; he likes the extra feeling, says it makes him ejaculate harder in the end.
  • Satisfyer Powerful One, Mighty One, Strong One vibrating rings ($29.95 to $35.95). Great price for decent power; long tongue helps reach the clit. The Powerful One and Mighty One both have a “tongue” kinda shape, that extends 2.1 inches beyond the ring’s penis-hole. That’s a good length, because most clit-havers will be able to grind on top of it, or get vibration from its rounded point, while their partner is penetrating them. (Powerful and Mighty One are basically the same shape, except Powerful Ones’ ripples on the “tongue” stick out a teeny bit more). Function #1 is rumbly enough, and function #2 is my orgasmic choice; the top speed is not winning any awards for deep vibration, but is decently strong. Rubbing one’s clit on it is the way! Power rating: 4.0 to 6.0. Rumble rating: 8 to 4. Decibels: 36–42.
  • Firefly Yoni ($35.95): Silicone penis stroker / “male masturbator” that doesn’t degrade. So the Firefly silicone strokers are one of very few 100% silicone penis masturbators not by fantasy toy cos. The Yoni is super-soft silicone but not quite as soft as a Fleshlight. Unlike a Fleshlight, Tenga Egg, and other toys made of thermoplastic elastomer, the Firefly Yoni can (1) be washed with soap. (2) Doesn’t have to be dusted with cornstarch. (3) Will not mold over time, if left damp. (4) Can be washed out the next morning. The Firefly toys are very average-sized strokers, with the channel meant to be fairly tight; so it’s a lil difficult to get down into the ribs to clean, and the size is not optimal for thicker penises. Squishy, squishy: It’s worth checking out if you’re tired of just your hand.
  • M-Elite Hekx and Gript ($44.99) thicker silicone strokers, best quality under-$50 penis toys (for jerking off inside). These are more solid, thicker-walled than the Firefly strokers above, and the Hekx also offers more girth: it’s better for penises that are thicker (from 5″ to 6″ circumference) since one end expands a lot more. Less likely to tear over time / with vigorous use due to the thicker silicone channel, too. My bf’s recap of M-Elite both shapes vs. Firefly here.

Dual Stimulation / “Rabbit”

Most people with clits will require that clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but that doesn’t mean that vaginal insertion can’t add a lot. Why not both?!

Affordable rabbit vibrators

Silicone “Rabbit” and dual-stimulation vibrators under $50 that have some kick!:

  • Alice’s Bunny by BMS ($24.99). A leap into power. Alice’s Bunny is a small rabbit, with good rumbles on function #1—and then function #2 jumps up in intensity. Its sizing is beginner-friendly if you don’t have a long clitoris-to-vagina distance: This is not a toy for deep insertion, it just reaches the G-spot. The bunny ears are classic rabbit shape! Alice’s vibrator is removable: the shiny turquoise bullet vibe can be removed for separate (more direct) stimulation. Meanwhile, the “rabbit” sleeve is smooth silicone. For $25, it sure beats the hell out of my first rabbit from almost 10 years ago, a jelly butterfly affair that was low-power, and the G-spot stimulation was not happening. Power rating: 4.0 to 6.5. Rumble rating: 8 to 4. Decibels: 36–49.
  • Beso Plus by Voodoo ($39.99 limited sale!, 33% discount): Clit “suction” + vibrating G-spot stimulator. Air pulsation “suction” with G-spot vibration is incredible for many folks, leading to rave reviews about gushing (literally). The Beso Plus is a stimulator whose quality feels superior to a viral “Tracy’s Dog” vibe from a few years back; and I really appreciate how flexible Beso Plus’ shaft is. So much easier to get good alignment around the clitoris with the air-puffing end! The motors can be separately controlled too; like, I prefer the top air-pulse speed along with the middle steady vibration function for the most rumble. Orgasms are a certain thing here. Power rating: 4.5 to 6.7. Rumble rating: 8 to 7 (G-spot vibe motor only). Decibels: 41–47.
  • Hop Rave Rabbit ($39.99; over 53% off): Well-powered, dual motors. I own two Hop rabbits by Blush, and their motors are unvariably pretty-rumbly to start, then move into a good amount of power (around 7.25/10 max. intensity). And they all have two separate motors, that you can control separately! The Hop Jessica Rabbit has a thin shaft and flexible bunny ears, and circles quite wildly: which is fun. (But don’t expect serious G-spot pressure, it’s more a oooh! teasing kinda feel for me!).

Dual stimulation sex toys are unfortunately more expensive for better quality: because these clitoral+vaginal vibrators usually require two motors and two separate stimulators. Alice’s Bunny is an exception; its power is fueled by 1 potent bullet vibrator. That will be a problem for some folks: Dual-stimulation vibrators are trickier to get a comfortable fit with. Why? Because the distance between any individual’s clit and vagina may vary a lot, person to person. That’s why I most enjoy dual-stim toys that are designed to be flexible.

Affordable Sex Toys Vibration Table

Essential Bullet4.5 to 6.26 to 339–46
Intense Travel6.0 to 6.755 to 442–47
Blush Power Vibes5.5 to 7.55 to 439–45
Satisfyer Curvy1.0 to 7.5n/a28–46; 42–52 w/ vibes
Inya Rose8.5 to 10.0n/a49–53
Satisfyer Pro21.0 to 8.75n/a40–52
Je Joue G-Bullet4.0 to 6.59 to 533–41
PT Racy3.5 to 6.7510 to 634–40
Intense G4.5 to 6.258 to 533–36
Maia X-Long6.5 to 5.256 to 341–37
Svakom Cici5.75 to 6.55 to 137–44
Satisfyer 🍑 : Lolli / Plug-ilicious3.0 to 5.58 to 532–38
Satisfyer 🍆 rings4.0 to 6.08 to 436–42

Power ratings are based on my close comparisons. Rumble ratings are based on frequency measurements in Hertz, of each steady speed’s strongest frequency band; then Hz data is transferred into ranges I’ve determined. (The buzziest vibrators, for example, have their strongest band over 168 Hz.) Decibel measurements were taken from approximately 1 foot away, with the vibrator held against my body lightly; ambient noise level was 26–29 dB.

1 thought on “Best Sex Toys Under $50 – Cheap but Not Crap!”

  1. Thank you for these very useful tips! I wish somebody gave me this kind of advice when I started exploring the world of sex toys 20 years ago!

    As I am absolutely fond of glass dildos (owning more than 20 after trying at least 50 of them over the years) I’d like to highly recommend two of my absolute favourites for under 50 bucks:

    – Sensual Glass double-ended g-spot dildo from Lovehoney
    – Pipedream Icicles No. 70 or 69 (same dildo, different colour)
    Each of these two dildos offers two absolutely useful ends for very pleasing and intense A- and G-spot sensations and orgasms. And they are both very ergonomic in use.

    I prefer the C-shaped Lovehoney Dildo a lot over my njoy Pure Wand. It does not offer the same impact-power so easily, but I can use it sooo much longer and sooo much more relaxed than the steel dildo.


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