Maia Mason Vibrating Anal Beads review

Bangin’ butt beads! Maia Mason beads have 2 qualities that’ve inspired me to try new depths: (1) Smooth rounded shape, (2) Rollicking vibration, feeling like it rumbles & leaps.

Smoothly rounded beads means they’re very thrustable. You can jerk them in and out, without overstressing your anal sphincter muscles.

And the vibration. I knew the Mason beads were gonna be good as soon as I pulled them out of their box, and turned on the high speed. (Function #3 out of 15 vibration functions).

I love anal vibration especially in combo with movement. But with 9 inches total length… I’d have to try a bit of anal “depth play” to get the full Mason story. Here’s what I discovered:

Pros & Cons

Maia’s Mason is a silicone vibrator with 4 rounded anal beads, finished by a two-sided base: a tab for perineum pressure & a smaller end that fits into the butt crack (if you can manage 9 inches insertable length!!!).


  • Excellent, rumbling vibration.
  • Smoothed beads = easier to thrust.
  • Tapered sizing, so it’s not as difficult to work up.
  • Moderately strong power.
  • Remote control.
  • 15 vibration functions = lots of choices.
  • Smooth silicone is body-safe.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Big perineum tab for external pressure.
  • Long length, 9 inches: for deep-probing training.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Waterproof.


  • Long length, 9 inches: Not for beginners; depth training takes extra effort.
  • Flexible, but not super-soft. (Almost no vibrators are super-soft silicone).
Maia mason review - flexible lower beads, body-safe silicone

My Experience

First you want to lubricate. We like Coconu because it’s incredibly slick, but easier to apply than coconut oil from a jar. (And, unlike silicone lube, won’t f*ck up silicone vibes.)

Maia mason review - 9 inch anal dildo length in hand with remote control

Then, the Mason’s first bead slides in. Small, easy. Vibrating deeply on function #1.

Bead 2, next; easier to notice.

Bead 3, startin’ to stretch. A full feeling coming on.

Then, moving into bead 4. This is where the challenge begins. Deep already, since bead #3 is reaching 6.75 inches insertable length. So, #4 hovers outside my sphincters, just touching my anus.

I turn up the vibration with the remote… Function #3 is the best, rocking as I bend the beads. Feeling the wideness, the firmness, of the third bead.

I’m hitting a wall, though with bead 4. Angle it more; take my time, probing slowly. 5 minutes go by, as I push-‘n’-pull slowly. Farther forward, I try some stroking massage, and that is fun.

Three sessions, it took before I got some of bead 4 inserted, as the smallest Mason bead rounded into my sigmoid bend (past my second sphincter). It is like hitting a wall at first; you have to relax and give yourself space and time. The beads are flexible, but by bead 4, I do wish they were more flexible, since I need them to bend going into the colon.

Deep there, you feel pressure. It’s not less specific sensation, just weight. But meanwhile, the 3 lower vibrating beads in my rectum rev it up crazily as I grab the curvy base, using it as a handle.

Maia mason review 9 inch anal beads vibrating

They thrum and rock in this way that steady vibration does not normally achieve. Awesome. That’s why these Maia beads are worth it.

My vibrating bead history: I was intrigued by the Vedo Quaker, but never got around to testing it more than once because the drop-off between beads was too much. It’s more stressful on the sphincter muscles to open-close-open-close quickly. So, I tend to like gentle tapers, more gradually expanding width. (Also, the Quaker’s vibrating motor is a lot buzzier / higher-pitched than Mason, which didn’t push me toward exploration.)

I’ve historically been reluctant about deeeeep anal play: Years ago, I even hired a porn performer to take & describe a 13-inch anal snake to the world… Because I didn’t have the anal experience to feel qualified to describe the Slink’s depth probe-ing. Today, I’m getting there but not quite there. The Wyatt super-soft dildo’s been a recent anal fave, getting me back into the game. Now I’m on the edge of depth play, which is an extreme sport. Know your limits, go slow, be fully present to play safely. I’d say the Mason beads a nice starter experience because the small, firm tip lets them edge into the colon; but if you want to go any deeper than “barely inside second sphincter,” then def. consider a softer probe like SquarePeg’s super-soft Slink or the medium-soft Depth Probe.

Remote Control

Mason’s remote is a must if you manage the 4th bead / sit fully on top of its length.

The remote is very simple: a power button, and a function change button above. You flip through the 15 functions through the latter button (seen late at night on my bed, lol):

Mason beads remote

Vibration Functions & Intensity

The Mason vibrating beads hold 15 vibration functions: that’s 3 steady speeds, plus 12 vibration patterns.

I rate the Maia Mason up to a 6.75 out of 10 for power (vs. all vibrators including powerhouses like Magic Wand). It stands out mainly because its 3 steady speeds progress from 9 to 8.5 out of 10 for rumbliness (=vibration depth)—meaning, it does not get buzzy as the intensity gets stronger, it stays very low-pitched.

And more than that, the vibration has a certain rev inside the Mason probe’s longer body. Function #3, the strongest speed, rocks in a cool way. Usually I get overwhelmed by lots of patterns (and maybe this is a few too many patterns, still), but the amount of variety is sweet in my ass. I like the escalating ones…

How to Charge

Both the Maia Mason beaded-plug and its remote are USB rechargeable.

The vibrator’s charging prong has a closed tip, while the remote’s charging prong is the more open metal rod. Insert each into its proper, respective place next to the letters DC.

Maia mason review - how to charge, 2 charging cables
2 charging cables in the Maia Mason box.

These prongs do not fully insert; each one’s metallic silver is visible for a fraction of an inch. You’ll know the plug and the remote are charging because both light up (white light and red light, respectively) when receiving current.

Care & Cleaning

Mason’s made of body-safe silicone, so it’s very easy to clean. It’s waterproof submersible, so no worries about washing it down with soap and water in the sink.

Maia Mason review - packaging
Included with Mason silicone beads: remote, storage bag, chargers.

Apply any handsoap (I prefer unscented castile) to the plug, then rub its body down under running water for 30 seconds. Shake off any remaining water onto a towel, and air-dry.

You can fit it and its remote & 2 charging cables into the lil included drawstring bag after, if desired.

Recap & Rating

Mason is the best thrustable anal beads I know: I went deeper than ever because I adore how the rumbling vibration starts to rock and almost feels like it’s thrusting into me, as I bend the beads.

They’re rumbly and revving, and decently strong but not butt-kickin’ strong. Its the beaded length that makes them more impactful—as you probe deep with that slim, firm first bead in Mason’s flexible shape. Smooth silicone, smooth beads, smooth taper. $65 for well-thought-out beginner vibrating depth.

Find Maia Mason here,

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