Best Vibrating Panties Compared: We-Vibe Moxie vs. Other Remote Control Vibes

Best Panty Vibrator Comparison

Does “forbidden” feel hotter? Panty vibrators like We-Vibe Moxie fit inside your underwear…ready to arouse you, keep you turned on, during a night out. If you’re drawn to the thought of wearing sex toys in public, you’re not alone—many people find it tantalizing. Thrilling. Crazy sexy hot?! And if you’re *not* a bit of an exhibitionist, remote control vibrating panties are excellent for wearing inside your home too: you might have your partner control the vibes as foreplay, or during other kinds of sex (handjobs, bondage play, etc.).

I’ve rounded up a selection of the best panty vibrators out now: Most are remote controlled, with one remote *and* app-controlled exception, the We-Vibe Moxie. My previous guide to app-controlled vibrators includes vaginal and anal options you can control via your phone. But the panty vibrators discussed here are clit-centric. A good thing for anyone who’s more responsive to clitoral than vaginal stimulation—that is, most people with clits. Remote control panties are fun aids for both date night and solo play too (they are hands free vibrators for wearing while you do chores or relax at night!).

As a sex toy critic, I have high standards—so I’ve ignored a plethora of vibrating panties that fall into the “why-even-bother” category (like the Hustler wireless remote control vibrator). True, your panty vibe is never going to be wand-vibrator-strong, but you don’t have to settle for mediocrity either. I’ll start with the best remote control clit vibrator: the Lovense Ferri. I’ll compare its advantages against the very-good We-Vibe Moxie (app & remote), the strong & cheaper BMS Leaf Spirit, the solid Screaming O My Secret Charged Remote Panty Vibe (remote only), and the strong-but-buzzy Nu Sensuelle Remote Panty Vibe (remote only). All these app or remote control vibrating adult toys are handsfree vibrating / wearable vibrators, and the best ones (Ferri & Moxie, below) now include a magnetic clip for stable positioning inside any pair or underwear.

Lovense Ferri (9/10)

Best App Option: Awesome Control Functions + Strong Motor & Good Fit
Pricing: $99.99–$109.99 Here

The Ferri is what Lovense has always needed. The Lovense Lush 2 is super-hot, but lots of women want clitoral stimulation over vaginal! In comes Ferri, a powerful bullet vibrator shaped to fit between the labia. Lovense is so popular because they make powerful vibrators for longdistance relationships and as remote vibrators for in-person play.

Lovense Ferri panty vibrator in panties magnetic clip logo
Panty party?? Lace thong not included: Ferri’s magnetic clip lets it fit into your own preferred underwear, not some “one size fits all” BS.

It’s not quite as strong as Lush (about a third less power), but boy can Ferri press on your clit and *zing*. It has a raised ridge down the center that creates more sensation if you’re sitting down on top of Ferri—especially if you start to wiggle. Which you likely will, as Ferri is getting toward We-Vibe-Tango-level power.

Lovense has the best vibrator app, of anyone. There’s a huge Lovense community because the app is very easy to use (slide up and down to control the motors + simple pattern creation); the connectivity is stable for all body sizes; and it lets you communicate with any partner (if desired) through in-app chat, voice message, and/or video. Or, if you’re playing alone and want to use the built-in speeds, Ferri has 7 preset vibration modes: 3 steady intensity levels, and 4 vibration patterns.

Ferri takes the magnetic clip system originally found in the We-Vibe Moxie (discussed below), so the vibe doesn’t migrate inside your underwear / slip out. Wear it inside a cheeky panty, make your own vibrating lace thong, or even turn Ferri into boxers shorts with vibe: it’ll go inside almost any non-crotchless undies you own. It may still droop some if your undies aren’t tight—so wear spandex or just sit down for the firmest pressure + strongest vibration feel. Ferri isn’t whisper-quiet, but will generally be drowned out by public noises if you’re not in a silent setting. It’s not as rumbly as Moxie on lower speeds, but Ferri’s vibe strength reigns (and it’s often priced at $99 vs. Moxie’s $130). Ferri does not need a wireless remote control since, if you’re reading this, you must be part of the modern era and have your cell phone with you at almost all times. 😄 You just download the Lovense app! It’s USB rechargeable, with waterproof vibration, like any small vibe should be these days!

We-Vibe Moxie (8/10)

Best App Option: The Rumbliest; Best Fit inside Underwear; Discreet App Control, with Customizable Intensity
Pricing: $129.99 Here (& Get FedEx 2-Business-Day US shipping automatically; just choose Free Shipping)

Instead of just fitting inside your underwear—and moving around, or needing to be held inside a slot—We-Vibe’s Moxie has a magnetic clip that keeps it in place. So its bump is resting right on/under/above your clit, you choose.

We-Vibe Moxie magnetic clip remote control
See the clip on the outside of the underwear. (A We-Vibe rep later told me you only need the one oval magnet at a time—the second one is a backup! Of course, she’s right!)

Grind against Moxie’s raised bump to feel the rumbliest fingering you’ve ever gotten. This toy has **speed options**. It starts very, very gentle, and the 13 different intensity levels for each of the 10 functions progress gradually, toward being not-weak. Moxie’s consistent rumble, throughout all speeds, is the main draw.

Moxie’s silicone is a bit silkier than the Leaf Spirit, next. As noted, Moxie’s vibes are also rumblier. They’re slightly weaker too: I give Moxie a 6 out of 10 for strength, vs. Leaf Spirit’s 7. Moxie is just barely louder: reaching up to just below 40 decibels, a volume that’s not loud—but I wouldn’t recommend it in a quiet restaurant if you’re using the intermittent patterns, cuz folks gonna wonder about the off-on bursts of buzzing coming from your pants. (Unless that naughtiness spices up your sex life, of course, then go for it!)

You can flip through 10 variable-intensity functions via the remote control’s left and right arrows. (Each function has a huge number of speeds, 13.) Or for more customization: Moxie pairs with the We-Connect app. There you can play with the vibe intensity by dragging your finger up/down to increase/decrease speed in the We-Vibe-created patterns. Or try creating your own styles, by setting different vibe intensity levels for different lengths of time.

If you have connectivity issues with Moxie (which does happen with the We-Vibe app more than Lovense or OhMiBod ones, in my experience), you have two solutions if you’re playing close-distance. Either (1) have your partner control the vibe through your phone rather than theirs, as your phone is the primary point of Bluetooth connection and therefore more stable; or (2) simply use the remote control.

Overall, the We-Vibe Moxie stands out because of that magnet clip, plus the rumbly vibes and gazillion speed choices. Get your remote control panties vibrating, Moxie’s rumbles are nice. That said, it’s far from one of the most powerful vibrators I own; the strength is frankly blown away by the We-Vibe Nova 2’s (though the Nova rabbit vibrator is not wearable). All We-Vibe toys offer rechargeable vibrating, and are waterproof.

BMS Leaf + Spirit Panty Vibrator (7/10)

Best Remote-Only Option: Well Under $100; Strong—But Not TOO Loud; Flexible & Contoured Body; Cheaper b/c NOT APP CONTROLLED
Pricing: $69.99 Here

I’m excited about the BMS Leaf + Spirit because it’s got strong vibes, isn’t too loud, and retails for about 40% less than *app*-controlled panty vibes (especially We-Vibe Moxie, next). This is a wireless remote only, wearable panty vibrator.

BMS Leaf Spirit vs. We-Vibe Moxie panty vibrators
Leaf Spirit, left (purple); We-Vibe Moxie, right (teal vibe + clip, with white remote).

In general, BMS Factory makes good motors—so I’m not surprised to say that their Leaf Spirit1 is more powerful than the We-Vibe Moxie while costing $60 less.

Leaf Spirit is, of course, remote controlled rather than Bluetooth/app-compatible, so you’re limited to the 7 built-in vibration functions. That’s 4 steady speeds, followed by 3 patterns: (1) a hard-pulsing one (on-off-on-off), (2) a steadily escalating one that lingers on high, and (3) a combination of those: quick pulsing beats interspersed with 2 seconds on “high.” And as for the steady levels, the first is low and reasonably rumbly…after that, you move into “strong for a panty vibe” plus “higher frequency” FAST. That’s not bad at all for me—I find Leaf Spirit’s second and third steady speeds easier to come on than Moxie’s lower, rumblier quality. I need a little sharpness in the vibes, and lots of power, if a toy is going to be laying on my clit rather than pressing down onto it.

Another selling point of Leaf Spirit for me is its flatter shape: the back of the “bicycle seat” is just over 1.5 inches wide, a.k.a. “average girth.” Really, the “front” is supposed to curve upward into the clit (see below). As someone who likes wider stimulation, though, I use it in reverse, so the vibes are more broadly distributed. It’s nice that Leaf Spirit gives you this choice, because broad vs. pinpoint stimulation preference is a real divide.

BMS Leaf Spirit packaging
See the slight curve, so the finger-width “front” of the toy is meant to rest on the clit. Or flip it around 180°, so the back (under my thumb) provides wider stimulation.

Another difference between Leaf Spirit and Moxie? With the BMS vibe, you’ll also need to keep track of the remote control if you want to change Leaf Spirit’s speeds hands-free. (Moxie can be remote-controlled too—but since so many of us are tied to our phones these days, I can see the app route being easier for many.) Leaf Spirit’s remote is small-ish, but bright purple, so it’s a step up from black or white in terms of being easy to spot.

But it’s also not as discreet to have out in public as a cell phone. If you’re wanting to use Leaf Spirit as a public play toy, the best thing is to keep it in your pocket. (Assuming you care about being discreet.) There the BIG control button is simple to operate blind.

Like remote control panties of yore (before 2019, when Moxie started the magnetic clip trend!), Leaf Spirit doesn’t directly adhere to underwear. You can stick it in the open slot found in some women’s underwear, though that method creates a barrier between the vibe and my vulva. Since I crave skin-to-skin contact, I prefer to put Leaf Spirit’s smooth silicone directly touching my clit—then, if I’m moving around, stabilize its position inside my normal underwear by wearing tight, spandex-y shorts. (Yoga pants are another idea.)

All in all, the BMS Leaf Spirit is a strong panty vibe whose shape offers two different clit-stimulating widths. I have to admit I do like the simplicity of the remote sometimes; not having to deal with an app. (I have TOO MUCH going on on my phone.) But if you want even more function options, and the most secure fit, consider…

Screaming O Vooom Remote / My Secret Panty Vibe (6.5/10)

Best for: Respectable Power on a Budget
Pricing: $48 for vibe + remote; or $59.95 for the panty set

The Charged Vooom is a bullet that I can stand behind: by itself it’s under $30, and the power level is good. (Not *exceptionally* strong, but very solid.) The kind of toy I wish had been my first vibrator with wireless remote because it’s beginner-priced, but is still worth noting if you own a collection of more-expensive toys.

In a cylindrical bullet shape, the Vooom Remote doesn’t lie flat against the vulva. Instead it sits between/underneath the labia. (Between if you wear it direct against your skin; underneath if you slot it into the underwear pocket.) Like all panty vibes except the We-Vibe Moxie, you’ll get the most pressure—vibes right ON your clit—by wearing tight and supportive underwear, tight yoga-style pants, or tight spandex. (By themselves or under other clothing, if that makes you more comfortable.)

Screaming O Charged Vooom remote product photo
The black Vooom bullet I own by itself isn’t much to look at; so here, enjoy this product photo. In bright blue!

It’s my opinion that the extra $11.95 is not worth it for the set; you can get similar-quality, NOT one-size-fits-all underwear for less at Walmart. (That means the underwear quality blows, just so we’re clear. And not the good kind of blowing.)

The Vooom Remote’s remote control is made into a ring shape…but if you’re going for discreet public play, it may look odd on the hand. As with other remotes, you can keep it in a pocket/purse instead.

Nu Sensuelle Remote Control Pleasure Panty (6/10)

Best If: You Want the Strongest
Pricing: $69 for the set

The Nu Sensuelle Remote Control Pleasure Panty set includes a remote version of the Joie bullet. This vibe is very strong—and also very buzzy. And *loud*. At up to 53 decibels maximum volume, it’s like having “light traffic” coming out of your pants. If you want to wear this toy in public, it’s best that you’re at a club or other noisy venue.

Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty product photo
The bullet is *strong*; the panty’s side drawstring ties are a bit of a PITA. Best to wear your own?

Sensuelle vibes tend this way: they start strong, and get stronger. This can be a good thing if you like power: the Sensuelle Point is a lower-cost competitor of the We-Vibe Tango. And the Sensuelle Point Plus is my go-to bullet for sticking inside big dildos with bullet holes, because the vibrations carry through lots of silicone. They get around!

Similarly, the vibes in the Remote Control Pleasure Panty really work their way through the pelvic floor. It’s a lot of stimulation, fitting right between my labia. A lot of loud, buzzing stimulation. I would recommend this toy most for power inside the bedroom. The slim, satiny body does fit well between my inner labia, when I ignore the existence of the pull-retrieval string.

One complaint I’ve seen about remote control toys (not app-control ones) is that the controller can’t tell what’s happening to their partner. It’s almost impossible to keep track of what function you’re on when there are more than a few of them. The Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty attempts to resolve this by having the remote control itself—not just the panty vibe—vibrate. The remote and the actual panty vibe buzz together, in sync. I’ve even tried the remote control on my clit. It’s not as strong as the actual vibe, but it’s nothing to sneeze at—more than enough to give the controller an idea of what they’re doing to the controllee.

Ranking Table

Rated for power, rumbliness, comfortable fit, and decibel levels. Click to enlarge:

best panty vibrator comparison table

Other Options

These are toys that I would offer up as worth considering, but that I don’t have personal experience with:

  • Lovehoney Desire Luxury Panty Vibrator: This app-controlled option includes chat, voice call, and video call options for long-distance play. Like the We-Vibe app, you swipe up/down to increase/decrease vibe intensity (respectively) in each preset pattern, and you can save favorite functions. Critiques include that the vibe could be stronger, isn’t good for very quiet settings, has a fair amount of buzz, and moves around in underwear/doesn’t create enough pressure against the clit. The Lovehoney Desire Luxury’s shape is nicely contoured, but the lack of secure clip is the reason why I haven’t been killing myself to get this remote panty vibe in my possession when the We-Vibe Moxie exists. Still, I do like the contoured “saddle” shape (reminds me of the BMS Leaf Spirit), so this toy is in my wish list.
  • Vibease: This is the longest-running app-controllable panty vibe. I haven’t gotten around to obtaining one myself yet because the hooked point screams *but why?* to this lover of broader stimulation. Indeed, Princess Previews says that “the tip of the hook … can feel quite uncomfortable,” even though she describes being able to orgasm hands-free on Vibease when using the audio-book function. And that is Vibease’s biggest selling point: the ability to sync the vibrator to audio erotica. Miss Ruby Reviews ranks the vibe’s power at 6.5 out of 10 (meaning I’d probably put it at something like a 5!), while Backwoods Bedroom recounts her experience of Vibease feeling “weaker and watered down with the vibrator jostling around loosely” inside underwear.
  • Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Remote Control Panty: It’s supposed to be pretty strong (for a bullet), and has variable-intensity control (you adjust up/down between 3 speeds in each of the 10 vibe functions). The bunny tail underwear may either be cute or gimmicky, you decide.
  • The Club Vibe 3Oh with “Bluemotion Nex” is an older hands-free clitoral vibrator that’s now been surpassed by Lovense’s Ferri, especially. Club Vibe’s original selling point was that it synced to ambient noises like music at the club. Tons of vibes with higher-powered vibration can do that now!

* * *


  1. Leaf is a BMS-owned brand, notable for its eco-friendly packaging. The box and instruction manual are made of 100% recycled materials.
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