Best Vibrating Panties Compared: We-Vibe Moxie vs. Other Remote Control Vibes

Best Panty Vibrator Comparison

Does “forbidden” feel hotter? Panty vibrators like Lovense Ferri & We-Vibe Moxie fit inside your underwear…ready to arouse you, keep you turned on, during a night out. If you’re drawn to the thought of wearing sex toys in public, you’re not alone—many people find it tantalizing. Thrilling. Crazy sexy hot?! And if you’re *not* a bit of an exhibitionist, remote control vibrating panties are excellent for wearing inside your home too: you might have your partner control the vibes as foreplay, or during other kinds of sex (handjobs, bondage play, etc.).

I’ve rounded up a selection of the best panty vibrators out now: Most are remote controlled, with one remote *or* app-controlled exception, the We-Vibe Moxie. My previous guide to app-controlled vibrators includes vaginal and anal options you can control via your phone. But the panty vibrators discussed here are clit-centric. A good thing for anyone who’s more responsive to clitoral than vaginal stimulation—that is, most people with clits. Remote control panties are fun aids for both date night and solo play too (they are hands free vibrators for wearing while you do chores or relax at night!).

As a sex toy critic, I have high standards—so I’ve ignored a plethora of vibrating panties that fall into the “why-even-bother” category (like the Hustler wireless remote control vibrator). True, your panty vibe is never going to be wand-vibrator-strong, but you don’t have to settle for mediocrity either.

I’ll start with the best remote control clit vibrator still in 2024: the Lovense Ferri. I’ll compare its advantages against the “pretty good but less powerful” We-Vibe Moxie (app & remote), Satisfyer Sexy Secret & Little Secret (the cheapest app-controlled sex toys!), and more. All these app or remote control vibrating adult toys are handsfree vibrating / wearable vibrators, and the best ones (Ferri & Moxie & Little Secret, below) now include a magnetic clip for stable positioning inside any pair or underwear.

Lovense Ferri (9/10)

Best App Option: Awesome Control Functions + Strong Motor & Good Fit
7.25 / 10 on Top Power
Pricing: $99.99–$109.99 Here

The Ferri is what Lovense has always needed. The Lovense Lush is super-hot, but lots of women want clitoral stimulation over vaginal! In comes Ferri, a powerful bullet vibrator shaped to fit between the labia. Lovense is so popular because they make powerful vibrators for longdistance relationships and as remote vibrators for in-person play.

Lovense Ferri panty vibrator in panties magnetic clip logo
Panty party?? Lace thong not included: Ferri’s magnetic clip lets it fit into your own preferred underwear, not some “one size fits all” BS.

Ferri is not quite as strong as Lush (about a third less power), but boy, can Ferri press on your clit and *zing*. It has a raised ridge down the center that creates more sensation if you’re sitting down on top of Ferri—especially if you start to wiggle. Which you likely will, as Ferri is getting toward We-Vibe-Tango-level power.

Lovense has the best vibrator app, of anyone. There’s a huge Lovense community because the app is very easy to use (slide up and down to control the motors + simple pattern creation); the connectivity is stable for all body sizes; and it lets you communicate with any partner (if desired) through in-app chat, voice message, and/or video. Or, if you’re playing alone and want to use the built-in speeds, Ferri has 7 preset vibration modes: 3 steady intensity levels, and 4 vibration patterns.

Ferri takes the magnetic clip system originally found in the We-Vibe Moxie (discussed below), so the vibe doesn’t migrate inside your underwear / slip out. Wear it inside a cheeky panty, make your own vibrating lace thong, or even turn Ferri into boxers shorts with vibe: it’ll go inside almost any non-crotchless undies you own. It may still droop some if your undies aren’t tight—so wear spandex or just sit down for the firmest pressure + strongest vibration feel. Ferri isn’t whisper-quiet, but will generally be drowned out by public noises if you’re not in a silent setting. It’s not as rumbly as Moxie on lower speeds, but Ferri’s vibe strength reigns (and it’s often priced at $99 vs. Moxie’s $130). Ferri does not need a wireless remote control since, if you’re reading this, you must be part of the modern era and have your cell phone with you at almost all times. 😄 You just download the Lovense app! It’s USB rechargeable, with waterproof vibration, like any small vibe should be these days!

Vedo Kiwi – Either Clitoral or Vaginally Worn

Versatile: Can Be a Wearable Clit Vibe or a Vaginal Egg Vibe; Best Power under $60
6.75 / 10 on Top Power
Pricing: $54.90 with code FELICITY in checkout

Kiwi has the power level as the Vedo Niki, a wide panty vibrator that’s bigger than the Lovense Ferri (= better if you dislike focused clit stimulation).

I really like how the Kiwi’s 6 adjustable intensities have more rumble, and more width, clitorally. This vibe is rounder, and a bit wider, than Ferri and Moxie and Satisfyer panty vibrators—to meet my broader clit-stimulation needs. It will fit well into the open pouch liner compartment that many women’s underwear (including a lot of Pink/Victoria’s Secret) have, for external clit vibration!

Vedo Kiwi remote control vibrator in underwear

Or, stick it inside, so it becomes a vaginally worn “love egg” style vibe. That way, the pull-loop makes Kiwi easy to remove quickly.

Vedo Kiwi wearable vibrator with remote

You do need to use the included remote to get access to the Kiwi’s 6 steady intensity levels (plus 6 levels for all 9 of the patterned functions). It’s moderately strong, but not knock-out strong; and nicely rumbly to start out. As a beginner remote-control toy, it gives you a lot of options to explore. (And the teal color is cute!)

Satisfyer Little Secret (7.5/10) & Sexy Secret (7/10)

Cheapest App Option: Includes Magnetic Clip to Fit; Custom App Control for Cheapest
5 / 10 on Top Power
Pricing: $54.99 Here Now (Check Price)

Satisfyer Sexy Secret vs Satisfyer Little Secret best panty vibrator comparison

Phenomenally low prices, Satisfyer Connect app controlled toys have in 2021. Unthinkable, that a Bluetooth vibrator with a working app would’ve sold for $30 or $40 a couple years ago. Satisfyer vibes in general tend to run reasonably strong, but the Satisfyer Little Secret and Sexy Secret have simply OK power, at a 5/10 on top intensity. They are flexible and possess a strong ridge to press into the clitoris like a finger — making it easy for the wearer to sit down on, and maybe grind against, their “Secret” vibrator to reach orgasm.

Sexy Secret (burgundy red) and Little Secret (black) look very similar but have three differences: (1) Little Secret has a separate handheld remote, so you could use it or the app (either one); and (2) Little Secret’s control button is bigger and easier to locate on the panty vibrator’s body. If you’d prefer to not involve your phone in your playtime, I’d definitely suggest you check out the Little Secret first (only $5 more). Both vibrators have the same motor and use the same Satisfyer Connect app, which is long-distance capable.

We-Vibe Moxie (8/10)

Fits Well inside Underwear. Quieter than Ferri (Because It’s Not as Strong).
6.5 / 10 on Top Power
Pricing: $119.99 Here with code FELICITY

We-Vibe’s Moxie pioneered the magnetic clip (placed on the outside of underwear) to keep the vibe positioned a certain way against the clit. This system works fairly well in Moxie, but clips can get lost in other toys. (Satisfyer’s magnets are the weakest.)

We-Vibe Moxie magnetic clip remote control
See the clip on the outside of the underwear. (A We-Vibe rep later told me you only need the one oval magnet at a time—the second one is a backup! Of course, she’s right!)

Moxie’s main draw over the Lovense Ferri is that it’s quieter. By 8 decibels on each wearable vibrator’s highest intensity. In both vibrator apps, however (We-Connect for We-Vibe; Lovense app), you can choose to limit the vibrator’s top power, making either toy quieter if you know you’re doing to a more-quiet public setting.

With Moxie, you can flip through 10 variable-intensity functions via the remote control’s left and right arrows.

If you have connectivity issues with Moxie (which does happen with the We-Vibe app more than Lovense or OhMiBod ones, in my experience), you have two solutions if you’re playing close-distance. Either (1) have your partner control the vibe through your phone rather than theirs, as your phone is the primary point of Bluetooth connection and therefore more stable; or (2) simply use the remote control.

Overall, Moxie is far from being among the most powerful vibrators I own, and lacks the rumbly depth that the We-Vibe Tango bullet ($60 cheaper) offers. All We-Vibe toys offer rechargeable vibrating, and are waterproof. They have a 2-year warranty too, which is great!

OhMiBod Foxy (2/10)

Textured Clit-Stimulating Bump. App control with sync to music. Very high-frequency vibration.
5.0 / 10 on Top Power
Pricing: $129.00

With its copycat name (Foxy when We-Vibe makes the Moxie?!?) and its intensely buzzy vibration, the Foxy should feel embarrassing to OhMiBod. (Who has a decently rumbly vaginal panty vibe that doesn’t suck.)

The slightly squishy bump is unique and I could’ve enjoyed grinding my clit forward into it1, if the vibrating motor didn’t bbzzzzzzzz like a bee. It is super-aggressively high-pitched, like an aggravating noise that reminds me of the time Lovense sourced a buzzy external motor for their Flexer vibrator. I cannot with this vibrator. I wouldn’t not recommend it, because it’s also overpriced vs. the Lovense Ferri.

OhMibod Foxy review 1024px

BMS Leaf + Spirit Panty Vibrator (7/10)

Pretty good motor. Decently rumbly. More affordable. Remote control only.
Pricing: $69.00 Here

In 2019 I was excited about the BMS Leaf + Spirit because it’s got pretty-strong vibes, isn’t too loud, and retailed for about 40% less than existing *app*-controlled panty vibes (= We-Vibe Moxie). This is a wireless remote only, wearable panty vibrator that you have to have the remote to control unless you want to reach down into your panties. In the last 5 years, however, the options have expanded and I’m less excited about the Leaf + Spirit, though it’s not a bad choice.

Leaf Spirit, left (purple); We-Vibe Moxie, right (teal vibe + clip, with white remote).

In general, BMS Factory makes good motors—so I’m not surprised their Leaf Spirit is more powerful than the We-Vibe Moxie while costing $60 less.

We-Vibe Moxie & BMS Leaf Spirit
Leaf+ Spirit in purple, left; vs. We-Vibe Moxie in teal, right.

Leaf Spirit is remote controlled rather than Bluetooth/app-compatible, so you’re limited to the 7 built-in vibration functions. That’s 4 steady speeds, followed by 3 patterns: (1) a hard-pulsing one (on-off-on-off), (2) a steadily escalating one that lingers on high, and (3) a combination of those: quick pulsing beats interspersed with 2 seconds on “high.” And as for the steady levels, the first is low and reasonably rumbly…after that, you move into “strong for a panty vibe” plus “higher frequency” FAST. That’s not bad at all for me—I find Leaf Spirit’s second and third steady speeds easier to come on than Moxie’s lower, rumblier quality.

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  1. There’s something squishier under the outside coat of firmer silicone. Though I do think the textured lines are a bit much, need some water-based lube to cut down on the drag.

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