We-Vibe Tango X Review: Mini Power Vibe

We-Vibe Tango X review pinpoint tip flowers

“HOLY MOLY, We-Vibe’s on a roll lately,” I thought after my first test session for this We-Vibe Tango X review. The Tango version 2 (called Tango X) unleashes the original We-Vibe bullet’s rumbly power but now with 7 times as many functions, an easy-hold silicone grip, and better charging and battery life.

I was blown away by the We-Vibe Nova 2’s big upgrades to the original We-Vibe rabbit last summer. So it’s fantastic this “new & improved!” trend continues in We-Vibe’s hottest product: the Tango bullet. This vibrator is a classic because it’s got so much packed into a small form: deep vibrations that really carry through the hard plastic. I compare original We-Vibe Tango versus Tango 2 throughout this review!

My Tango 2 Experience

So how X-citing is the Tango X? (Some reviewer was going to make this cheesy X pun, it might as well be me!1

The slanted focus tip is intense for me. I’ve gotten used to the We-Vibe Melt—love it, love it, love it!. And that air pulse “suction” toy definitely gets powerful. But the Melt is also touch-free, vs. Tango X’s rumbly vibes being firm and robust! So I, a lover of wider clit stimulation, need to use Tango X through my underwear to warm up. Otherwise, it’s so precise that I feel like I’m getting both too much and not enough at the same time.

If you love pinpoint focus—a very legit preference!—you can make the sensation even narrower by using the top edge of the lipstick tip.

We-Vibe Tango X review in hand navy powerful bullet vibrator

Of course you can also use the tip above or below the clit, which I do to decrease the pinpoint-ness—along with rubbing it up and down quickly. The new “handle” shape facilitates that movement. Simpler.

You do need to be a little careful not to accidentally change functions, with the new 3-control-button design. It’s simple enough:

  1. How to turn on We-Vibe Tango? The + plus button turns the vibrator on, and also increases its power (there are 8 possible strengths for each vibe function). Hold the + button down for 1-2 seconds.
  2. The ~ button changes between functions: there’s 1 steady one, and 6 patterns.
  3. The – minus button of course decreases the strength, and turns Tango X off. Hold it down for 3 full seconds to stop Tango X’s vibrations.

I’m sold on the steady speeds, so I like to remain on the first functions, just go up and down through its 8 intensities. (Especially the middle of the speed range.) A couple times I’ve accidentally switched to a pattern setting—hitting the ~ button by accident—because the buttons aren’t super-raised.

This vibrator is so rumbly, the vibes ping so much through the hard plastic, that the lower steady speeds almost feel like they’re gentle patterns. The way they leap and wave throughout the Tango X’s body.

I have to admit that, as good as the We-Vibe Tango X is, I personally prefer the Touch X (its review here). The Touch X’s softer, creamy silicone tongue feels more natural to my genitals than Tango X’s hard plastic. I’ve got a thing for soft silicone because hard sex toys feel alien to me, due my sensitivity; I like realism, I like fingers and tongues and penises.

We-Vibe Tango X vs. We-Vibe Touch X review
Tango X vs. Touch X.

If you’re like me and enjoy that gentler touch, the Touch X is awesome for pressing into the clit (it bends!) and rubbing up and down (5 stars). Still, many clits do enjoy the glossy firmness of Tango’s body—judging by the rave reviews this product has consistently earned over the past decade.2 (With a few caveats about battery life; more on that next.)

I can definitely orgasm on Tango X by itself, but I usually prefer my stimulation less-hard: so I’ve tested it over and over already (through several 2-hour battery lives) inside silicone toys. Tango X will fit into all of the following:

That said, the new Tango is a little long for SquarePegHoles, and I would personally choose the BMS Essential Bullet ($21) first for ease of use. It fits best.

As noted above, some of these silicone dildos will require a little lubrication inside their bullet hole for easier removal and to avoid tearing the silicone. That’s because the fantasy/indie vibe sleeves (Strange Bedfellas, Uberrime, and others) were modeled after the original Tango—narrower at its base.

We-Vibe Tango X SquarePegToy Nathan, Steve, Uberrime TAngo sleeve
Tango X can be pushed deeper inside the SquarePegToys Steve with SquarePegHole (it’s sticking out for this photo-op). Also see Nathan with SquarePegHole and Uberrime smaller vibrator sleeve with clip scoop & texture.

Jerking one of the above squishy dildos while it purrrrrs inside me is intensely satisfying, so Tango X 100% succeeds here for me. The only minor difficulty: no speed changes are possible while the bullet’s inside the dildo. So, to avoid interruptions, I’ve gotta pick my favorite Tango intensity and run with it! (Pound with it?!)

We-Vibe Tango vs. Tango 2 (X) Power Ranking

The new Tango X rumbled to life in my hand, after I opened up its classy-looking box. Press the + button on this vibe and you’ll feel its strength reverberating. It thumps. I’ve never felt a vibrator thump this much on a steady speed, and it’s pretty cool. (Something you have to feel to understand.)

Tango X’s deep vibes echo like crazy through the Tango X’s hard plastic body, even on low speed.

That said, the Tango X starts gentler than the old Tango. So the new X has a larger speed range: begins on a lower intensity and ends up at the same top strength. More options!!! Old Tango had 4 steady speeds (and 4 patterns), new Tango has 8 steady speeds (the 8 intensities of the first function; and then X has 6 patterned functions all with the 8 adjustable intensity levels). That’s how, effectively, Tango X has 56 possible vibration options, vs. Tango old’s 8 total functions.

Look, I’ve made you a chart approximating the Tango X’s 8 steady speeds vs. the old Tango’s 4! Each dot is an intensity:


So basically, you’re getting 2 extra lower speeds with new Tango—not that this is ever a weak bullet! (If you want real light ‘n’ gentle, I’d recommend the Pillow Talk Flirty.) And Tango 2 is equally strong as original We-Vibe Tango on high power.

Tango X, top; vs. original Tango. The Tango X is about a half-inch longer.

But neither is the We-Vibe Tango X the most powerful bullet on the market: The Blush Exposed Nocturnal bullet’s life goal is to be a wand vibrator—one with no low speeds and buzzier vibrations than the Tangos, for sure. But more power! The Sensuelle Point Plus is also stronger than We-Vibe Tango, with more bite: the kind of vibration that makes your fingers tingle.

Which is why it’s amazing that We-Vibe chose to silicone-coat the bottom of the Tango X. That thin silicone coating insulates your fingers some. Especially helpful if you’re one who likes to employ your vibrator for a long time on high power!

Overall, I’d still class the Tango X as an 8/10 compared to select bullet vibes’ top power. And if you’re looking for a We-Vibe Tango review vs. Hitachi, this is truth: Your strong G-spot vibes and badass wand vibrators for sure will have more oomph overall—but you won’t be able to focus the stimulation on your clit as directly with those bigger toys.

That’s where Tango shines: the precision tip directing the rumbly vibes so they focus right on the clit. How much focus do you enjoy?

How to Hold We-Vibe Tango X: Functions & Position Ideas

The We-Vibe Tango is the kind of vibe that’s great for fitting into PIV sex or other penetrative / tight-space play times. Now, more than ever because Tango X’s “base,” the lower part, is easier to hold onto than ever.

Versus old Tango, the Tango X is half an inch longer and slightly thicker at the bottom. My fingers are delighting in how much better this feels; it’s an ergonomic upgrade. That’s because, when you’re asking how to hold the We-Vibe Tango, the answer is: You do need to angle the Tango X forward slightly, to press it into your clit. Hold the bottom of the Tango bullet and let the slanted tip rest either on or above or underneath your clit’s head—explore where it feels best for you. When I’m gripping Tango X’s bottom, my thumb rests much more naturally on the Tango X, than the old Tango. There’s simply more Tango X to hold onto.

So the bottom’s different, but Tango X keeps the original lipstick-tip shape. For the pinpoint pressure: a strong preference.

Fingers on the silicone grip, angling that tip right at the clit.

TANGO X HAS “UP AND DOWN” INTENSITY-CHANGE BUTTONS. Writing that in all caps, because being able to cycle down a speed is so important. Original Tango forced you to cycle through the 6 other functions and the off setting to decrease one level! If you’re one whose clit gets really sensitive right before / when you come, Tango X’s improved control is an orgasm-saver. You don’t need to pull the Tango away from your body to avoid overstimulation.

We-Vibe Tango X review how to control We-Vibe Tango X

The Tango X can fit between bodies during cowgirl, is now easier to hang onto in doggy style sex, and will help most vag-havers orgasm better if they’re using a dildo as well. Let the dildo sit inside and move Tango’s slanted edge around / up and down your clit; or hold Tango’s tip steady with the other hand as you move the dildo (or G-spot vibe) with your dominant hand.

Is We-Vibe Tango waterproof? Of course, all We-Vibe toys are waterproof submersible: these are high-quality vibrators. Shower or bath play is a go! The Tango X’s silicone grip also helps here, because it’s better for gripping in the wet.

Battery Life & Charging

A very common complaint about original Tango: the battery life gets short, very quickly. I’ve heard “20 minutes run time on high speed” reports from lots of users. That and sometimes, folks had a hard time keeping the Tango’s charging cord connected to the magnetic clips.

So the short lifespan was an obvious issue to correct in the We-Vibe Tango X.

The Tango X info sheet states, “Up to 2 hours of play.” That’s an understatement of the battery, according to my testing. For me, Tango ran a full 3 hours, 6 minutes on low speed. On high speed, the battery lasts 1 hour, 51 minutes.

Two hours is a standard run-time for a rechargeable li-ion vibrator battery, so this is good. If you use Tango X on the middle speeds (not on high) like I do, you’ll get over 2 hours of vibration per charge.

Last, the charging clip is very good, a strong magnetic connection. We-Vibe has been standardizing its charger cables over the last several years, *high five*. So, if you’ve got two We-Vibe products, you can use the same cord for them all now—except Rave,3 Unite, and Bloom. For example, a We-Vibe Pivot c-ring charger has become my Melt, Wand, and Nova 2 charger. It’s always stashed on my bathroom counter / in a drawer beside my sink because those We-Vibe toys are 3 of my top 5 favorite vibrators.

Other Details

Tango X has a travel lock! Hold down the + and – buttons together for a couple seconds to activate / deactivate it.

It comes in two colors, your choice. My Tango is the navy one (“midnight blue”); vs. “cherry red,” which is actually red IRL even though WOW Tech product photos make it appear pink. ❓

Tango X colors: red IRL, & navy. It’s a darker navy, but looks closer to old-Tango blue when photographed in bright light!

It also comes with a silky storage pouch, convenient for traveling or keeping the charger together with the vibrator.

It’s not We-Connect compatible, not for long-distance (or in-person) control play like most We-Vibe toys are. Here’s the full long-distance We-Vibe collection if you want that. (Would recommend We-Vibe Nova 2, it’s phenomenal and has more functionality through the app than the otherwise-excellent We-Vibe Melt.)

I’m impressed with the Tango X’s packaging. You know it has to be really good if I’m impressed with packaging, because I’m all about what’s inside the box.4 Tango X’s front reads, “Power Play” (cute, plus accurate), while the back of box instructs, “It only takes you to Tango. Follow your bliss as serene, deep, rumbly vibrations hit your sweet spot with pinpoint accuracy” (emphasis added). Now that’s some cold hard truth—in elegantly chosen words. As a true word-nerd,5 I love the wordplay of “It only takes you to Tango.” for being able to celebrate solo pleasure as a valid option, along with partnered play too!

Overall We-Vibe Tango X Recap & Ranking

A powerful, thumping little friend, the We-Vibe Tango X is—if you’re drawn to targeted clit stimulation, or like a good strong vibe to orgasm during PIV sex / dildo play.

It’s obvious that We-Vibe / WOW Tech does a ton of planning and research when re-releasing a vibrator, so Tango X improves all the following from original Tango:

  1. More speeds. 8 steady speeds vs. 4; also adjustable-intensity patterns.
  2. Redesigned, easier grip.
  3. Better battery life.
  4. Up and down intensity buttons (hit 1 button instead of 8 button presses to decrease a speed).
  5. Travel lock.
  6. Standardized We-Vibe charger connects more strongly.

Honestly, there are no downsides to this vibrator vs. the original Tango. It even still fits into my vibe-holed dildos (sometimes with a little lube)! We-Vibe Tango X is simply a classic, made better.

Find the We-Vibe Tango X here.

We-Vibe Tango X


Top power (vs. other bullets)


Rumbly vibes


Ease of control


Intense, focused stim


Upgrades from original Tango



  • Just an excellent rumbly power vibe
  • More speeds + better speed range
  • Improved battery life & charging
  • Also easier to hold & press on the clit
  • Waterproof; rechargeable; 2-year warranty


  • Definitely not the cheapest bullet
  • If you're averse to firm, focused stim, this won't be your best choice


5/5 (1 Review)
  1. I’ll refrain from calling it X-ceptional and X-cellent.
  2. Tango and its predecessor the Salsa, that is; Tango v. 1 was released around 2014.
  3. I expect we’ll be seeing a Rave upgrade at some point. Maybe they’ll do me a favor and ditch that toy’s assymetrical shape.
  4. A hill I will die on: Fru-fru exterior and safety seals are irrelevant with any reputable body-safe toy. Sanitize your toys before first use; a safety seal is not removing the factory from them.
  5. Fun fact: I went into college thirsting to become a linguistics professor. It took me two years to discern that academia probably involved a lot of bullshit and I should go into a more practical field. I couldn’t have found a line of work more hands-on than this one 😄

4 thoughts on “We-Vibe Tango X Review: Mini Power Vibe”

  1. Great review as always! How much will the Tango X be sticking out of Steve when fully inserted? Looking for the strongest bullet to insert into vac hole Steve but don’t want a ton sticking out. Sometimes my wife decides to ride Steve when inserted into our Liberator Wing.

    • Hi! Thank you!

      The Tango X sticks out about 1.2 inches, so that its + button is covered by Steve but not the – button.

      The Wing’s hole is deep, so I can’t see that causing any problems.

  2. The only reason I ever wanted a tango was to use inside dildos, I was so disappointed to hear it being discontinued. Happy to hear it still works inside Tantus dildos! I assume you tried it with Uberrime and Godemiche dildos too, but it didn’t work, since you didn’t mention them? I was interested in the Godemiche Ambit and heard it diffused vibrations well.

    • Hi, it might work in the Godemiche Ambit with the bullet slot, but I’m not sure, because I only own the non-holed version. It’s a pretty slim toy in the medium size; so you may want to ask Godemiche.

      The Uberrime vac-hole is too big to keep the Tango X in consistently. The vibe will slip out.


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