Ohmibod Esca 2 Review – Secret Vibrator Tested

The Ohmibod Esca 2 arouses the heck out of my vagina, as I’ve tested it with my boyfriend lately. As a public and long-distance sex toy, Esca’s the comfiest and the rumbliest vibrator for wearing vaginally, secretly: Esca 2 is quiet AF, too. Overall, its vibes & smooth shape just feel better than Lovense Lush a popular competitor Bluetooth vibrator, IMO.

Why wear an underwear / panty vibrator? Well… because it adds this sexy feel, a secret turn-on. Esca will vibrate your vagina and clitoris in time with music better than any other wearable, so it is HOT to feel its vibration pulsing when I’m:

  • Sitting at a chill bar with music playing all around. [Esca was designed for club use, too, so if you’re into dance clubs, raves, or festivals and live-music venues: awesome.] The best—only my boyfriend knows what’s going on inside me, because Esca’s very discreet.
  • Riding alongside in a car, with beat-heavy music rolling.1
  • At home while music plays: More fun for everything from doing the dishes, to dancing in the living room.

The Ohmibod Esca’s vibration syncs strongly to the back-beats / rhythm & percussion in a song, and picks up other instrumentals and vocal solo notes too. When music volume drops between songs, blissfully, Esca will keep the vibration going, continuing the rhythm until the new song / noise becomes audible.

ohmibod esca 2 vibrator LED light over legs
Gettin’ ready to insert Esca for secret vibrator play…

Ohmibod Esca Pros & Cons


  • Very rumbly.
  • Quiet.
  • Syncs beautifully to music playing aloud.
  • Smooth, comfortable shape.
  • Vibration carries into the “tail,” which rests against the clitoris.
  • Fantastic price right now ($50 off!).
  • Moderately powerful, robust vibration.
  • Easy to wear inside shorts or pants.
  • Power button is easy to access / turn off and on.


  • Bluetooth connectivity isn’t as stable as Lush.
  • Must run a trimmed fingernail over the OhMiBod logo when washing, to remove your fluids.
  • “Egg vibrators” are not as orgasmic as a focused clitoral vibrator is, for most users. (They feel great, but prolly won’t make you come hard.)

Esca vs. Lush Comparison Table

Ohmibod Esca 2’s got many shared features with the Lovense Lush vibrator—but also big differences.

OhMiBod Esca 2 vs. Lovense Lush 3 review
Esca 2
Lush 3
Vibe strength,
(out of 10 max.)
5.0 to 7.05.5 to 7.25
(out of 10 max.)
9 to 7.
8 to 5.
on high

when inserted
Up to
Up to
Ease of wear8/10:
Sits comfortably;
Wiggles out with
fast walking; Tail
curves naturally,
power button
easier to find.
Pointed bulb is
more abrasive;
Definitely pops
out when I move
around; Tail is rigid,
less flexible, skews
to one side oddly.
App control
rating, for
ease of use &
Size4.5″ circ. ○ bulb,
3.5″ insertable,
4″ tail length
4.5″ circ. ○ bulb,
3.75″ insertable,
3.2″ tail length
Wash in running
Wash in running
water; submersible.
USB-A end
Magnetic charger,
USB-A end
Battery life
110 to 150125 to 290

In short: Ohmibod Esca is excellent as a vibrator to wear out when music is playing (like in a club setting), is quieter, has OK (not amazing) connectivity, is more comfortable to wear if you’re sensitive vaginally, provides stronger clitoral vibration outside, and is bargain-priced right now. Whereas Lush is best for: more in-app options (like choosing between a million patterns, or creating your own rhythms more easily), and if you like pointy G-spot stimulation since the Lush’s bulb has a sharper edge.

Each power rating’s my careful observation based on how strong each Bluetooth vibrator feels, including against my clitoris (very sensitive). In his hand, before he knew anything about either vibrator, my boyfriend thought the Esca was stronger than the Lush, so YMMV; in any case, Esca 2 and Lush 3 are close in terms of vibration power. And my “rumblyness” (vibration depth) ratings are based on frequency readings, in Hertz, where the rumbliest vibration has the center of its largest spectral band under 50Hz (that’s a 10/10 rumblyness rating).

Esca Vibration Functions

Esca has 5 preset vibration functions: that’s 3 steady vibration speeds + 2 vibrating patterns.

Then, inside the app, you have 7 rhythms, which roll along automatically. They have colorful names: I recommend “Deep & Steady” first, followed by “Ludicrous” mode, with “The Moon” pattern as a gentle break.

Best of all inside the app is “Club Vibe,” the sync-to-music mode. That’s where Esca excels.

OhMiBod app - how to control Esca
3 modes in OhMiBod app, with my fave (Club Vibe, syncs to music) in center.

You also have “Tap” and “Touch” options, where you (/your partner) can press-press-press or drag over the screen to alter the vibrator’s intensity. Or, you can connect to your Spotify account and play music from within your library if you’re an avid Spotify user.

When I say Ohmibod Esca’s vibration is “moderately powerful” (7/10 strength), your frame of reference—What other vibrators do you own? Do you need very strong stimulation?—matters. The Esca is nice and rumbly, and has sweet power compared to other small “love egg” vibrators. It is not a big, mega-powered vibrator. So, if you go into it expecting a Magic Wand, or strong squirting orgasms, you will be disappointed.

Our Experience, 2024

Esca wear is sooooo chill, because it’s quiet and I am 100% (1,000%!) certain that no humans around me will hear this vibrator vibrating. I’ve worn it to night spots like bars and restaurants, no volume. Right now, I’m sitting in a metal chair at a coffee shop, in jean shorts that aren’t very long, and can hear nothing—but can feel all the vibration!!! It’s humming along to the coffee shop’s music, no one the wiser.

For me, the Esca 2’s awesome because I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, but I never want to be playing in a random public space where people become aware of a sex act they have not consented to. So, a toy needs to be quiet and 100% discreet!!! To test it: First we went out to a busy nightspot about 10:30 on a Saturday night, where adults were drinking and no one could possibly hear even a louder Bluetooth vibrator. Esca seemed very quiet from the moment I turned it on, stepping outside my door, thru the night. The next weekend, we walked to a restaurant/bar by me after the dinner rush. The crowd had thinned out. We picked a booth in an empty room, and sat together side-by-side. His left thigh only a few inches from my right one… My boyfriend couldn’t hear the vibration, but since we were on the same flexible surface, he could sense it, lightly, against his khakis. The Esca 2 in Club Vibe mode pulsed away, rising and falling, as music played.

Ohmibod esca secret public vibrator

It feels like Esca comes to life as a song amps up. So hot, sitting there, knowing only he can feel it—because the vibrator is so quiet inside my shorts.

If you enjoy music, this is a fantastic vibrator to own. I’ve had a ton of fun seeing how well different genres of music transition into vaginal vibes from the Esca, from New Orleans jazz to reggaeton, from Marvin Gaye to U2, and of course the occcasional too-damn-catchy pop tune. (Shake It… In?)

I’m thrilled that Esca’s “tail”‘s full length vibrates! It’s a light clitoral stimulator (resting on top, not putting pressure on, the clitoris). Then, the OhmiBod Esca’s bulb will of course vibrate the G-spot area. That’s the front vaginal wall (clitoris & belly button side), between 2 to 4 inches inside the vagina.

Where Esca's 4-inch antenna-tail will vibrate my clitoris.
Where Esca’s 4-inch antenna-tail will vibrate my clitoris.

Ohmibod Esca is not especially orgasmic for me as a wearable (inside me). I’ve come from the Esca’s vibration 3 times in the last 3 weeks that way. That does not mean it’s not worthwhile; not all sex toys have to be about climax. The enjoyment factor is high here with minimal orgasms, for me. When I wanna come with long-distance control w/ my bf, then I’ll hold and rub the Esca clitorally so it’s like a rumbly bullet vibrator, vs. a vaginal “love egg.”

App Control – Our Rating

Esca’s Bluetooth connection works best when (1) I’m not crossing my legs and (2) I have the vibrator charged / it’s been running for 2 hours or less. I love how the vibrator does not cut out when and there’s a break between songs in Club Vibe. It keeps going at the last pace from the previous song.

ohmibod esca review - long tail is bluetooth antenna
Esca 2’s tail (the part that remains outside the vagina) is its Bluetooth antenna!

The Bluetooth connection has stayed stable for us when we’ve done a “long-distance” (across town) vibrator control session. Esca 2 now has both video and chat (with images and voice sending options); you choose which one. My bf says about that:

The video portion elevated it for me. I felt more involved, rather than just watching, as I was able to engage with your toy. It was a lot of fun. [He definitely came twice.] I would do this regularly.” He thought it was easy enough to figure out how to change all the vibe modes long-distance, and we’re communicating so he can either change it up (and give me something unexpected) or ask me what I want more of. (Usually the answer is, I really like the Deep & Steady and Ludicrous patterns.)

Esca 2’s LED light (at the end of the tail) flashes on-and-off in time with the vibration—so when we’re in a video-call, he can clearly see how the Esca’s vibration responds to how he’s controlling it. If you do not like the pulsing light, it’s easy to turn off:

To turn off Ohmibod Esca 2’s LED light: Tap the power button twice in a row, quickly.

LED light in OhMiBod Esca - how to power off
Esca’s LED light doesn’t show through clothing, but if you’re sensitive to flashing light, you can deactivate it.

The primary Bluetooth-to-phone connection is good but not flawless. Mine tends to cut out once in the middle of any 30-plus-minute wear session. The app+Esca will re-pair (75% of the time) if I just go back to the app and hit play ▶️. But in a fraction of cases, I gotta hold down on the power button again, turn it on and off, before the Ohmibod App picks the vibrator back up. That occasional glitch is why the Lovense app overall receives the better connectivity rating. But, I strongly prefer Esca’s rumbly vibrating motor and smoother shape, so I’m willing to accept that trade-off. At least Ohmibod’s app has never been the hellstorm of broken connectivity that the We-Vibe app has been for me, consistently.

Ohmibod App: How-To

The OhMiBod app gives step-by-step instructions on how to connect Esca to your phone. If you want to know before buying, here’s my version:

  • Have the vibrator ready, fully charged.
  • Open the OhMiBod Remote app (free on App Store and Google Play Store).
  • Find the big “Connect your BLE device” button on the home screen, or click the link icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • [Most phones will have Bluetooth turned on by default, but do turn on your phone’s Bluetooth if you have it off.]
  • Hold down Esca’s power button for about 3 seconds, until it pulses twice quickly. Then quickly press the button once more.
  • Click “Esca” from the menu.
  • Swipe right.
  • Make sure the phone volume is around 75% of the way up the slider. This does not have to be perfectly at 75%, just more than half and less than full volume.
  • Hit Finish.
OhMiBod Esca app control 1 - how to pair vibrator
Esca 2 Ohmibod app homescreen (pre-vibrator-connection, left; post-connection, right); plus 75% volume pairing instruction.

Once you’ve connected the vibrator to the app, see the different links on the bottom-of-app menu:

  1. In Home, you’ll see an option to link to Spotify.
  2. Click the note icon for long-distance or partner control.
  3. In the center, a play or pause vibration will be visible in purple.
  4. Then, the clock icon is if you feel like entering how often you orgasm and tracking that info (totally optional).
  5. Last, the person icon is settings in re your in-app account. It lets you see how much battery life is left in your Ohmibod Esca, whether it’s connected, enable a PIN to limit access to the app, change your username or password, or upload any photo (optional).

When playing with another human: Video calls are now an option within the OhMiBod app, as is phone-calling (voice only), or texting (where you can send photos in the in-app messager).

OhMiBod app - how to connect long-distance vibrator control
How to connect OhMiBod app long-distance: Search their username; request/allow control of the paired vibrator; choose between text, phone call, or video all in-app.

To connect with a partner, you must create a username. It can be anything you want. You do not have to enter an email address—unlike with Lovense, which requires an email. Then, click the message icon on the bottom bar. Finally, use the search icon in the upper right corner to search their username (or, tell them yours, and let them search for you.) Then, you’ll see the option to either (1) control a partner’s Ohmibod vibrator, or (2) let them control yours. Pick which one applies, and the other person needs to accept that request. Remember, only one partner needs a vibrator, and the other person never needs to be in any close proximity (you can pair with a partner you’ve never met, thousands of miles away, if desired).

Tips on how to not lose connection to any Bluetooth vibrator:

  • Don’t separate the phone it’s paired to from the OhmiBod Esca by more than 25 feet.
  • Don’t cross your legs: The Esca’s antenna (tail) needs to not be fully surrounded by flesh and muscles.
  • Don’t take a call on your phone connected to your car’s Apple Play or Android Play. The Esca will probably cut out at some point.
  • Don’t wear underwater. (Water blocks Bluetooth.)

Battery Life

It has a reasonable battery life. In Club Vibe mode, my Ohmibod Esca has lasted 2 hours, 15 minutes when the “Intensity” slider was turned up to the max. On low intensity, you’ll get 2.5 hours of run time per charge. (Higher intensity drains battery faster, in all vibrators that aren’t plug-in wands.)

Ohmibod Esca 2 how to charge & battery life

Plug its included USB charging cable, then allow Esca to charge for about 3 hours, connected to a USB (type A) port or wall adapter. Only charge when the vibrator is not wet (you can wipe it with a towel if you want to recharge right after washing).

Care & Cleaning

Ohmibod Esca 2 is made of body-safe silicone and nonporous ABS plastic. It’s a thin layer of firm, smooth silicone. As with any body-safe toy, it’s simple to clean: Just use soap and water. Like you’re washing your hands, except you’re rubbing the toy’s surface.

The one lil thing takes 5 more seconds of care: run a not-pointy fingernail over the indented OhMiBod logo in Esca’s bulb, to get your fluids out of the crack, then continue washing for a few more seconds.

It’s water-resistant (meaning, resistant to jets of spraying water). So it’s safe to wash under running water. But, you wouldn’t want to use it submerged in a hot-tub.

Recap & Rating

Esca 2 is the quintessential “fun on a weekend” vibrator for me. For when I’m going out and about, to a place where I can chat & drink with my boyfriend—plus be alternately teased, chilled or thrilled by the vibration pulsing to a beat: (How fast-paced is the music?! We’ll see!).

He loves the video-call option in the OhMiBod app now, for mid-week mutual masturbation (since we don’t live together). The app-control is more engaging alongside the video. The real-time vocal feedback and images work together so we’re gettin’ it on better, as he’s finding vibe speeds that turn me on directly.

I just love how much more damn rumbly the Esca is vs. Lovense vibes. The lower-frequency feels better in my vagina, plus that Esca’s bulb is gently curved (not pointy). I’ll buy that for… 69 dollars. More date-nights with vibration! and more intimacy during the week🎉

Find Ohmibod Esca 2 here!

(out of 5)
per dollar value:

Loads of fun
if u enjoy public
teasing & music;
super cheap rn.
User experience/
Ease of use:

Club Vibe mode’s
excellent; enough
app options,
but no custom
patterns; video
calls & texting;
app is easy enough
to connect,
occasional disconnects.
Very comfortable
to wear; easy to find
power button.
Luxury feel
smooth silicone,
clean packaging,
USB rechargeable,
name imprint)
Run time (≈2–2.5hrs.)
& easy charging
Total4.3 of 5 ⭐s
[vs. all vibrators]
5 to 7
/out of 10
Vibration depth

9 to 7/
out of 10
28 to 32

OhMiBod Esca

We found a favorite: *comfiest* & rumbliest vibrator for wearing, secretly. Ohmibod Esca 2 is quiet and app controlled. Pros & cons, noise level, power rating, how to use the OhMiBod app.

Product Brand: OhMiBod

Editor's Rating:


  • Very rumbly.
  • Quiet & discreet.
  • Syncs beautifully to music playing aloud.
  • Smooth, comfortable shape.
  • Vibration carries into the "tail," which rests against the clitoris.
  • Fantastic price right now ($70 off!).
  • Moderately powerful, robust vibration.
  • Easy to wear inside shorts or pants.
  • Power button is easy to access / turn off and on.
  • Quieter because inserted vaginally.


  • Bluetooth connectivity isn't as stable as Lush.
  • Must run a trimmed fingernail over the OhMiBod logo when washing.
  • "Egg vibrators" are not as orgasmic as a focused clitoral vibrator is.
  1. To be cautious, I recommend not being the driver in this scenario, and definitely not speeding up for more vibration (since the Ohmibod Esca can pick up car engine noise). Car accidents not only fuck up vehicles and delay traffic, but also kill over 42 thousand Americans each year. [Figures from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration press release, April 20, 2023]

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