Wet & GUSHY: Sex Toys for Squirting & How-To Squirt Tips

Make it rain? ๐Ÿ’ฆ Squirting orgasms aren’t just a fake porn thing or (sex) party trick.1 It took me some practice to learn how to squirt, and in the โ‰ˆ 8 years since, I’ve tried and tested the most reliable sex toys for squirting while coming. These orgasms are a different kind โ€” no better, or worse, than a normal clitoral or G-spot orgasm; simply another fun avenue to explore if you’re game. Looking to try out “female ejaculation”? Tips and tricks for gushing sex follow… Along with a top-3 list of vibrators for squirting, plus dildos to try for that elusive G-spot squirting orgasm. I can’t forget clitoral suction vibrators, dual stimulation sex toys for the most exquisite squirting-sex buildup. Plus I’ll cover the perennial question: What is squirting, anyway?2

How to Squirt: First-Time Tips

First, there are two โ€” no, three โ€” ways to reach a squirting orgasm: from pure clitoral play, from intensely focused G-spot stimulation, and from clit + G-spot together. You may naturally be a clit-derived or a G-spot-derived squirter, you won’t know which erogenous zone is the one until you explore squirting!

It’s a mental thing, learning to squirt. (For most people with clits and vaginas, at least; others do naturally dribble / squirt / ejaculate around heightened arousal and orgasm.) I am someone who needed to learn to squirt, and it was a process. Mainly because you have to get over the mental block of “holding back.” It deters a lot of people from intense G-spot play too: the feeling that they’re going to pee themselves and it’ll be embarrassing! But pushing through that feeling is key to achieving a great climax.

One first tip for becoming comfortable with “letting go”: Get a waterproof blanket. Cleanup will be much easier, and you’ll feel more comfortable doing it on a bed. (Rather than being relegated to the bathtub!) Free to release.

The Layer waterproof blanket on bed 40 inches body
Waterproof sex blanket The Layer, here; it’s best without your pants on ๐Ÿ˜›

Second tip: Build up intensity slowly. Then do kegels / clenches with your pelvic floor. Holding for 5 seconds or so, then releasing. If you like the sensation, you can also alternate between the kegel clenches (5-10 seconds per clench) and counting upward between them. So: clench 1-2-3-4-5, release and play with yourself 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, etc. The clenching has the effect of adding tension that you’ll find yourself wanting to release.

BONUS: Doing kegels may lead to harder and longer orgasms, as you gain pelvic floor strength. Let your orgasms breed more orgasms.

Third tip: Think about how good it will be to let go … and feel it get wet. Nothing shameful about this. If it’s fun, it’s good!

Fourth tip: Try playing with your nipples / having a partner play with them too. As you get more aroused clitorally and vaginally, they should tingle and, again, add more buildup.

Fifth tip: Give yourself permission to come, just a little. (This works best if you can experience multiple orgasms in a row.) Then hold back, and keep clenching.

Sixth tip: Rub it (clit) or stroke it (G-spot toy) harder. Apply pressure where it feels the best. Faster may be better: I know it is for me & clit-rubbing before I squirt.

Seventh tip: Let yourself get so turned on, you know you’re going to make a mess. Maybe take a sip of water. Think about how you don’t know if you can hold off any longer.

Eighth tip: When you feel the orgasm overcoming you, push outward. Don’t hold it back, make the wetness come out.

If you’re going for a vaginally-induced squirt and not succeeding, pull out (the fingers, or sex toy, or penis) right as the orgasm is beginning. It’s possible, but much more difficult, to release fluids when the vagina is being penetrated. In re finding the best sex position for squirting during sex, you’ll definitely need forward pressure and preferably clit stimulation too: so cowgirl position makes it easiest for the person who might squirt to control the pace and results.3

And the most important tip: No pressure. If you start overthinking trying to reach orgasm, that can totally throw off your flow (pun intended), so you have any kind of orgasm: whether it’s a normal clit one, a clit+vaginal one, a G-spot one, a squirting one of any combination, etc., etc.! Also, if you’re trying to make a partner squirt, that can add stress. This is play. If it’s not fun, it’s not any good! A key tip for sexual wellness: Let yourself feel and focus on the good sensations, rather than forcing any particular outcome. If squirting doesn’t happen, no worries, you’re still having a good time. Squirting feels like a satisfying release, but as noted in the last section, you can still have great orgasms without expelling fluids.

Sex Toys for squirting best vibrators and dildos how-to squirt
Choices, choices… But, I do not recommend shower curtains, like above, as sex blankets since the liquid will roll everywhere easily.

Ideas for “squirting sex toys”4 that can help you play with dripping orgasms follow… Top squirting toy picks, quick recap:

Sex toys for squirting best
  • Satisfyer Pro 2 (I love it in blue now!): Air-pulse intensity (aka “clit suction). Wow, the pressure builds up with the Pro 2: Orgasms can be fast if you really crank it up (it has 11 speeds total!).
  • Magic Wand (Plus or Rechargeable): The classic power vibe. The “Plus” Wand is the strongest, but requires a 6-foot cord plugged in; Rechargeable is cordless, and lower + deeper to start.
  • Womanizer Duo ($80 off right now!): Thuddy Womanizer air-pulses, with a slim & flexible G-spot arm that’s fun in combinationโ€”for the blended orgasms.
  • Pure Wand by Njoy: If you gonna squirt from G-spot stim, this is the G-spot dildo to do the job. An intense curve + firm G-spot weight; its shining stainless steel homes in.

Clitoral Squirting Vibrators

This is my favorite section, because I primarily squirt from clitoral / external stimulation. A good rubbing up-and-down with fingers is how I first was able to truly drip while orgasming.

Mouth-like air pulsation toys are great for producing a clitoral buildup that leads to an intense squirt session, for one. Wand massagers are also great for their sheer vibration strength. As far as partnered sex goes, nothing does it for me like just being rubbed off outside, up and down my vulva, by a partner who I know is enthusiastic about seeing / feeling me get get. If you’re doing this with another person, talk about what’s hot, while the sex is happening!

Pick #1. Satisfyer Curvy or Pro 2 ($33.95 / 39.99 here): I strongly recommend the new Satisfyer Curvy suction vibrators โ€” 3 models, with Curvy 3 fitting my clit best โ€” or the (immensely popular) Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation. The Pro 2 gets tons of praise, but other real-life users find the Pro 2 confusing when they try it out: it can take time to get used to the clit-pulsing feeling. With the Curvy toys, they have vibration + the clit pulsation, so it’s also *really* fun to come on the pulsing air and then finish with the vibration. That’s what makes me finish best, multiple orgasms much harder than any I’ve had on the Satisfyer Pro 2. ๐Ÿ˜ต

TIP: Before using an “clit sucker” like Satisfyer, or a true clitoral suction sex toy like the Maia Destiny (pick #3 below), apply lubricant!!! Both inside the toy’s silicone mouth and on your vulva before applying the toy to your body. The Destiny’s strong suction especially can feel harsh without padded wetness: Sliquid H2O is a safe, glycerin-free formula.
Vibrators for Squirting Satisfyer Dual Pleasure, Magic Wand Rechargeable, Rialto Vibrating Dildo, Maia Destiny oral sex vibrator
From bottom to top: Satisfyer air pulsation, Magic Wand Rechargeable, Maia Destiny, Vedo Rialto.

Pick #2. Magic Wands! ($79.95 – $129.95 here): Powerful friends, wand vibes (full ranking here) are sought out for strong orgasms!5 The Magic Wand is a *classic* for clitoral stimulation: the “Hitachi”6 has an erotic reputation going back to the late 1960s. But your mom or grandma didn’t have the Magic Wand Rechargeable, which has 4 steady speeds and doesn’t make you stay plugged into the wall. (The plug-in Magic Wand Plus is even a bit stronger7; see the differences between Magic Wand Plus vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable here!) You can also add wand attachments to a full-size wand vibrator to make it a G-spot sex toy! For squirting purposes, remember that these are called wand massagers for a reason: pressing and rubbing them against your vulva, even grinding on and humping them, can provide more stimulation, and push you over the edge toward orgasmic release.

Viben Obession waterproof wand massager vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable
Viben Obsession, left, vs. Magic Wand by Vibratex.

The one downside of a classic Magic Wand? Not waterproof! You’re unlikely to ruin a Magic Wand while lying on your back and squirting moderately, even in rounds. But if you are truly gushing, you might have water-ingress issues. I strongly recommend the Viben Obsession among water-resistant massagers: its first speed packs a punch, like the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s third speed but rumblier. For $84.95, Obsession actually stronger than the $130 MW Rechargeable! Seriously, speed #1 is frequently orgasmic for me in under a minute. A final power-wand to buy immediately if you’re into into remote controlled vibrators (especially long-distance vibrators) with a partner is the Lovense Domi. So strong for a rechargeable toy. And amazing app control, Lovense vibrators have the very best Bluetooth remote app (detailed explanation of what it does here).

Pick #3. Maia Destiny ($59.99 here): This is a unique oral sex simulator, where the mouth suctions strongly to your vulva (like a pussy pump, almost) while the flexible tongue vibrates. This one is very hot to play with while imaging coming in another person’s mouth. The suction is so intense, it’s oversensitizing after a bit, so I switch to the pulsing and escalating suction functions (instead of the 3 steady ones) โ€” while jiggling the handle just enough so the Destiny’s vibrating tongue is pulling up and down on my clitoral hood. That feels great, just sitting back and relaxing for a bit… Until I finally am turned on enough to let go. Anyone who likes more pinpoint clitoral sensation may enjoy the Twitch suction stimulator: which doesn’t suck as hard as Maia Destiny, but whose vibes touch your skin more directly, along with flexible little silicone spikes (a.k.a. pleasure bumps).

Pick #4: G-Spot Vibrators for Clitoral Squirting: The Pillow Talk Sassy ($59.99) is my favorite multi-purpose G-spot or clitoral vibrator EVER, and dripping can easily ensue if it’s moved up and down my vulva. I still have fond memories of my ex rubbing it against my vulva from behind, in front of a window, forcing a very wet time (that I truly enjoyed).8 And finally, a new favorite rub-squirting toy is the Vedo Rialto vibrating dildo ($69.00), whose two powerful motors and phallic ridges made me start shooting squirting video clips right after I got this bad boy! The Rialto has become my easiest vibrator to achieve squirting orgasms with, after the Magic Wand Rechargeable: it takes less time.

Dual Stimulating Squirting

This is the best buildup (edging) for me: an air-pulse “clit suction” toy with a vibrator going inside the vagina. The clitoral stimulation is more intense in combo with vibrating G-spot massage. It takes me longer to get there…but may be worth the wait.

Pick #1. Womanizer Duo ($197.10 with discount code FELICITY): G-spot and clitoral excellence, bound together. The Womanizer Duo’s clit mouth sits more comfortably, the pulsing suction is stronger, the vibration is rumblier, and the shape is better contoured: more natural, IMO. Sure, it costs 4 times as much, but by the gods this is a beautiful orgasm machine. The Womanizer Duo was the first dual stimulator I was able to squirt on, after a couple tries; whereas before I hadn’t been able to let go with a vibrator inside me before it. It was fantastic! The thumpy-thudding outside… the growling rumble within… I need to write an ode to the Duo. This is honestly a much-higher-quality product than either the Tracy’s Dog toy (definitely) or the Beso Plus, both discussed next.

Best Squirting Clit Suction vibrator Womanizer Duo vs. Tracy's Dog clitoral suction stimulator & Beso Plus clit sucking vibrator
From bottom to top: Womanizer Duo (available in 4 colors, black pictured) and Voodoo Beso Plus.

Pick #2. Beso Plus by Voodoo ($54.99): Hydrate beforehand? This pulsing-clit “suction” toy style leads to instant floods for some users. Beso Plus is an upgrade to the Tracy’s Dog “Clitoral Suction Vibrator,” since it’s definitely made of safe silicone, is a lil quieter, and the vibes are a lil lower-pitched / rumblier. You insert the ridgy “shaft” inside, to curve toward and vibrate around the G-spot; then the circular mouth fits outside, around your clit. Rock back and forth on this toy to feel the raised ridges best vaginally. That’s comfortable because the toy’s shaft is flexible! Or just sit back and enjoy with some good erotic material. Remember, not everyone will be able to orgasm while being penetrated: but those who do squirt on this toy rave over it.

G-Spot Squirting Sex Toys

G-spot orgasms are a holy grail for many people, perhaps the most-desired among “female orgasms.” (Like the unicorn among orgasms, I’m all over that!) G-spot stimulation is a must-try even if you need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm (which is very common). You stimulate the G-spot by pressing inward, 2 to 3 inches inside the vaginal canal, into the front vaginal wall. (That means toward the belly button [and clitoris] side, not the butt side!) G-spot toys include either a forward curve or a strong, protruding bulb / head ridge to lean in and hit that sensitive region above the pelvic bone internally, where the vagina’s wall can push into the erectile tissue surrounding the urethra in front of it โ€” while both pushing in and pulling downward on the spot. Remember, strong G-spot stimulation usually produces a “have to pee” reaction in your brain, which you may need to learn to ignore โ€” just pee before (and after) sex, and then go with wherever that feeling takes you. Maybe it’s into squirting territory, if you’re using one of the ๐Ÿ’ฅ G-spot dildos below…

Dildos for Squirting Female Ejaculation_ Njoy Pure Wand, Firefly G-Spot Pleasure Wand, Chrystalino Superior Glass dildo
From left to right: Firefly G-Spot Glass Wand, Njoy Pure Wand, Chrystalino Superior.

Pick #1. Njoy Pure Wand ($108 with discount code FELICITY): The G-spot squirting dildo par excellence. Don’t know where your G-spot is? This will seek it out, and deliver G-spot massage as you lightly rock the Wand’s super-curve. The Njoy Pure Wand is the most focused G-spot dildo around. The way the round bulb arcs inward is for real pressure, offering up the forward push that many G-spots require for squirting stimulation. (You choose between the larger and smaller bulb!) The weight of the stainless steel is another force behind the Njoy Pure Wand’s intensity.

Pick #2. Firefly G-Spot Wand ($35.99): Easier to use a clitoral vibrator along with! Glass dildos are much lighter and simpler to manipulate than the Njoy Pure Wand, plus the Firefly Glass Pleasure Wand is super-G-spot targeting. With this one, I get an immediate “want to let go” sensation once it’s 3 inches inside me. The bulb’s size is halfway between the Pure Wand’s smaller & large end, and again easier to thrust fast (speedy G-spot massage!) because the Firefly G-Spot Wand is a full pound lighter than the Pure Wand. It’s cheaper, very pretty (elegant!), and very stimulating; I’m a fan of using the thicker end too.

Pick #3. Chrystalino Superior ($31.99): The whole Chrystalino lineup is affordable but sturdy borosilicate glass, in a cool blue. (The color gets darker or lighter as light passes through it!) They’re honestly great beginner dildos for firm pressure: remember that glass dildos deliver more hard G-spot might than silicone dildos. (Which I love for their greater realism, but which I do not squirt on.) In particular, the Chrystalino Superior is one you can press into the spot and rock for extra pressure, much like you’d curve your hand to tilt the Pure Wand up slightly while moving it back, and forth, and back and forth. You’ll feel when it’s hitting your G-spot!

Last, a G-spot vibe to consider is the We-Vibe Rave ($107.10 with discount code FELICITY), which torques toward the G-spot, arching sideways and inward. Very rumbly We-Vibe vibrations here! I’m mentioning Rave over the Pillow Talk Sassy (my G-spot fave) here because Sassy is more flexible: Sassy’s G-spotting is a gentle rubbing vs. Rave’s “OMG it’s nailing my G-spot!” sensation โ€” which is what you’d want for a G-spot squirting orgasm.

Are Squirting Orgasms More Intense or *Better*?

Some articles centered around “how to squirt” will have you believe that squirting is absolutely the best sexual experience a woman (or anyone with a clit and vagina) can have.

Squirting orgasms may be very intense. They are not necessarily the best orgasms, at any given time for any given person. That’s too simple an equation.

I totally understand why squirting is popular in pornography and anywhere kinky. Because it’s sometimes hard to tell if a woman is orgasming. A flood, then, is an obvious visual cue. (“Look at how hard she’s coming, it’s all over the place!”)

But: Squirting can happen without orgasm; and mind-blowing multiple orgasms can happen without squirting.

Pleasure is complex. I considered making this a 4-circle Venn diagram with circles for “Clitoral stimulation,” “G-spot stimulation,” “Orgasm,” and “Squirting,” and coming up with cool contrasts like “G-spot orgasm (no squirting)” vs. “Blended orgasm squirting” and “Just clitoral stimulation (no orgasm or squirting)” โ€” but it was A LOT of sections to fit into one small chart. And ALL these kinds of sexual stimulation can feel good.

Squirting is sometimes fetishized too, lusted after just because it’s “taboo” and different. I’m OK with that, actually; it is fun and different.9

Last, a note on terminology: The term “female ejaculation” is often a milder way of saying “squirting.”10 I have not used “female ejaculation” (or “ejaculation” either, though that term is less problematic11) in this article because I see it as implying that squirting is like penile ejaculation, but from a different set of genitals. Does a sex act need to be tied to dicks in order to be valid or desirable?

What Is Squirting?

So here we are: Any sex toy guide with sex tips for making yourself squirt (or helping a partner get there!) will at some point have to tackle: What is squirting? Why are these fluids expelled, is it just bad bladder control? Is squirting pee?

It’s a debate, even in sex education circles; the true nature of squirting is terribly unstudied in medical literature, like too many issues relating to vaginal, vulvar, and clitoral health.12 We only have a few studies, the most discussed one finding that “squirt” is mostly urine but some squirters secrete PSA (prostate specific antigen) from their “Skene’s glands” and related ducts, sometimes called the “female prostate.”

My take: The very limited research we possess mainly shows that people are different. Squirting can contain different chemical compositions person by person, and happen for different reasons. And that’s OK. Why is it a problem if squirt contains mostly pee? (Is it less desirable if the Skene glands aren’t involved?) And if we fret about that, might are we not taking away from the sexiness of the act of squirting?

But say you really do feel bad about releasing lots of fluids during sex. If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, kegel exercises are the way. These are simple clenches, hold and release and hold for a bit longer, in sets of reps; 3 times a week, optimally, for 6 weeks straight. Most vulva- and vagina-owners will have better pelvic floor / urinary control afterward; will be less likely to pee a little when they sneeze really hard, for example.

The urethral sponge does naturally prevent fluids from being expelled when anything is inside the vagina. This is why squirting from sex (penis-in-vagina sex) is much tougher to achieve. It’s why you need the weight of stainless steel, or to train yourself to push out (when orgasming vaginally) or to start dripping, then spurting (from clitoral stimulation). Personally, I only learned to squirt after having done kegels postpartum, and my “ejaculation” is a voluntary choice; I have good pelvic floor control and just think that squirting can feel awesome, the sensation of letting go of fluids while orgasming multiply.

In the end, whether Gspot vibrators get you there (clitorally or vaginally); whether it’s a potent clit suction toy; whether it’s a partner’s fingers rub-rub-rubbing; whether it’s the legendary Njoy Pure Wand that unlocks your squirting potential; or whether you just don’t end up gushing, your sex life has seen an interesting new exploration. Have fun along the way!


  1. Though of course they can be staged!
  2. Props to “WAP,” hit song by Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion, for dripping, sexy catchphrases found in this article’s title and first sentence.
  3. It’s certainly possible to squirt from doggy style sex, especially if the penis curves downward enough to rub on the receiver’s G-spot on the front vaginal wall โ€” but it’s more difficult.
  4. Note that when I say “squirting sex toys,” I do mean sex toys for squirting orgasms rather than sex toys that squirt โ€” the latter are “ejaculating dildos,” and unfortunately, there are so few body-safe silicone ones. See the Strap On Me nonphallic squirting dildo for a large reservoir; or the Big Shot vibrating ejaculating dildo for good vibes + a firm body.
  5. And even forced-orgasm play, if you like the sexy-kinkiness of being tied down and made to come!
  6. These vibrators / body massagers are still produced by Hitachi but not marketed as such: the distributor of legit Magic Wands is now Vibratex
  7. As is the nature of a corded, not wireless wall-powered vibrator: more juice. Among other wands, the Doxy line (like Die Cast) also has diehard-fans since these wand massagers are the strongest of them all.
  8. One other great thing about Sassy is that you’ll never have your groove interrupted by a vibration pattern when you wand steady intensity only to reach clitoral orgasms (or G-spot ones). Its press-and-hold consistent control takes a couple sessions to get used to but is so user-friendly after that. I love the Sassy so much, I’m always recommending it to every from experienced vibe seekers to new vibrator buyers, since it’s got a great speed range. (Like, please don’t even bother with true “beginner” vibrators like the Lovehoney Power Play, the vibes are regrettably forgettable.) In related stories, I recently was tickled when a girlfriend of mine chose the Pillow Talk Sassy ($54) over the Lelo Gigi luxury vibrator ($139), to both play with together, and later get her own copy of. She’s got good taste!
  9. If you have kinky or exploratory partners, being able to squirt will likely be seen as an asset. True life stories: My swinger friends unanimously think it’s hot. The word “hot” pops up a lot in relation to squirting. Once recently, I had a swingers club owner ask me (after I’d been introduced by my friend): “So do you squirt”? Then: “…Yeah?! How far???” And I laughed, because sex should be a blast โ€” and I truly enjoy putting on a good show, for people I like at least.
  10. Others will try to make a distinction between “female ejaculation” and “squirting” with the end result being that “female ejaculation” involves the “female prostate” (an unfortunate way of naming the Skene’s glands), whereas squirting is urinary incontinence, i.e., piss. I find this distinction problematic and honestly pleasure-killing, if you are someone who squirts for fun.
  11. In that the “female” in “female ejaculation” pushes aside nonbinary or trans folk who have clits & vaginas that might squirt, but who don’t identify as female.
  12. We have data out the wazoo about median penis size both flaccid and erect, but try to find any stats on average vagina size and it’s like: “Uh…well…here’s a 55-year-old study of 100 women that’s apparently the only authoritative one… But we know the vagina is elastic! We’re sure it can get bigger when aroused, and vagina size varies some! We just aren’t sure how much, though!!!”

2 thoughts on “Wet & GUSHY: Sex Toys for Squirting & How-To Squirt Tips”

  1. Great and very informative post, thanks for writing it, Felicity!

    My go to clit squirting toys include the Zumios both for clit and U-spot induced squirting (with or without orgasm). A cheap blended stimulation toy I found to have really strong internal vibes is Share Satisfaction’s Kama. For G-spot stimulation my new favs are the Kurve and the absolute surprise of the year, the Rocks Off Giamo. Rocks Off upped its game in the Giamo with the motor, it’s great as a clit vibe, as a G-spotand also as an A-spot vibrator. Is it possible that women can squirt from their A-spot? I definitely experienced something that feels like squirting with the Giamo from my A-spot (and previously with the Naked Addiction dual density dildo) but couldn’t find anything on the subject.

    I also (taste and colour) tested myself repeatedly. Peed before sex and the squirt that came out was a tad bit opaque and tasted sweet, very different from the slightly yellow colour and salty taste of my pee. What I’m baffled by is that when I squirt with the Womanizer Duo I also produce something that looks and tastes like cum. Would you have any thoughts on what it could be?


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