Satisfyer Curvy Review: Curvy 1+ vs. 2+ vs. 3+

*Remarkable.* Satisfyer Curvy 1+, 2+, and 3+ each have air pulsation, vibration, AND app control for under $40?! Unheard-of news, after a certainly unexpected year. Vs. Satisfyer Pro 2, Satisfyer Curvy toys I’ll review are:

  • quieter than the Satisfyer Pro 2,
  • roughly 70-75% as strong, and
  • have 10 vibe functions (Pro 2 Next Generation has none).

The three Satisfyer Curvy models are slightly different from one another, so I’ll compare Curvy 1+ vs. Curvy 2+ vs. Curvy 3+ here—but, in short, each Curvy’s suction “mouth” size and shape are the crucial part.

The Curvys’ Satisfyer app connectivity is amazing given the Curvy toys’ low price. I never would’ve believed you if, a year ago, you’d told me there’d be a long-distance toy with an app this well-done for under $40, soon.1

Pros & Cons


  • Air-pulse tech feels intense.
  • Good speed range from gentle to strong.
  • Optional vibration.
  • Satisfyer app control for customizing power or long-distance play.
  • Different “mouth” size options to surround the clitoris.
  • Body-safe materials.
  • Waterproof and rechargeable.
  • Not as expensive as Womanizer.


  • Vibration is just OK. Medium-strong and buzzy.
  • Stronger than some Womanizers (Starlet) but not as powerful as the Classic or Premium.

The Satisfyer Curvy “suction” clitoral vibrators are made of body-safe silicone with nonporous ABS plastic. They all feature 11 air-pulse suction speeds + 10 vibration functions, which are independently controlled from each other. For an affordable clit-pulsing product, these are tops. If you’re seeking the most suction power, though, consider the We-vibe Melt ($149) or Womanizer Premium 2 ($199).

My Curvy Experience

Lemme just get right to how good I think these are.

The Satisfyer Curvys (and Love Triangle) are hands-down the best air pulse toy under $50 now. (Maybe even the best under $100.2)

Curvy 3+ (in particular) is so fun for me. (And previously I haven’t been the hugest fan of Satisfyer compared to Womanizer / We-Vibe pulse toys.) Air pulse (a.k.a. clitoral suction) tech is so popular because it’s sensational—if you get the right toy. Choosing just one is a hard call because the options abound! These clit-puffers keep getting better, and the Curvy’s features fit that rule.

The vibration is a huge plus, because air pulsation is so clit-focused—and sometimes I want fuller-vulva stimulation, bigger vibration. Satisfyer Curvys do NOT have the rumbliest vibes, mind you, but the vibe power is strong. (The 3rd steady speed in particular.)

What that means: my inner labia are getting that vibration, along with my clit being puff-puff-pulsed on. It’s a unique combo that’s great to have as an option, at your fingertips.

But: You don’t have to use the vibration. The air pulse and vibe motors are independently controllable. You can choose one or the other, or both. I tend to start with the air pulse suction, then turn on the vibration when I’m really aroused and ready to go.

Satisfyer Curvy packaging

This is how my Satisfyer Curvy review testing progressed: how I chose the 1 winner for me.

My 3 Curvys arrived together, in their pretty boxes, already fully charged. Sweet, I could test them right away. I started with Curvy 2+, which I was thinking would be the hottest Curvy. Mine’s in “light pink,” which is like an ivory with a hint of pink, so it usually appears more white.

Ivory-blush: Curvy 2+’s “pale pink” in the light.

Curvy 2+ has, true to its name, a slightly curvy design. The mouth is difficult for me to get a good seal with, though; it’s a pretty good-sized hole, and the edge curves gently—no rim or flat surface to apply pressure with. For my recessed clit (it doesn’t stick out), Curvy 2+’s shape means less “seal” to produce that kinda-nibbling / sucking effect. The way my anatomy is, I gotta really press in after spreading my outer labia to get it to feel right. Kind of.

So I moved onto Curvy 1+, the one with the largest opening… It’s different because it’s got this light, spiraling line texture around the rim. (Then most of Curvy 1+’s body is a slicker ABS plastic.) I like that texture, actually; can feel it a little. Especially when I’m moving the toy, rubbing it up and down, so the “lip” on top of the mouth is pushing above or below my clitoris.

Still, I kept thinking how big this hole was, like I needed a micro-penis to be able to take full advantage of filling it. Curvy 1+ will fit half my thumb in, for reference. So it’d be a great size for anyone with a wide and protruding clit. (Mouth size specs for the 3 Curvys given below.)

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ vs. Satisfyer Curvy 3+ mouth size

And finally I found my “just right” Satisfyer Curvy when I moved onto Curvy 3+. This is the flattest toy of the bunch, which I find easier to hold: thumb on the button side facing my body, other fingers on the Curvy 3’s backside. Its full body is a silky silicone, like Curvy 2+. đź‘Ť

The Curvy 3+’s hole is 100% my speed because: its silicone rim is thinner and more flexible. It will bend inward at top and bottom. (It’s just under a 20A shore durometer3.)

I hadn’t analyzed this yet when I started Curvy testing—but after one trial, I knew there was a big difference. Curvy 3+ makes me orgasm 5 times faster than the other two.

The way Curvy 3+’s rim is thinner and more flexible increases my comfort, and lets me apply better pressure. Gentle force, that is, because Curvy 3+’s silicone is more forgiving than the Satisfyer Pro 2’s mouth. I personally like gentle clit-focus toys, and toys that I can rub myself with without irritation, so Curvy 3+ is my best match by far.

Basically, the Satisfyer Curvy 3+ is like a cheaper We-Vibe Melt (with a better app, as we’ll see next). Curvy 3+’s softer, more flexible mouth echoes my We-Vibe Melt review: I was blown away by Melt in 2019, since it was the first clit-pulsator that, ironically, gave me satisfying orgasms after the Satisfyer Pro 2 was more “meh” for my clit’s taste.

Satisfyer Curvy Curvy 3+ vs We-Vibe Melt shape
How to hold Curvy 3+; vs. We-Vibe Melt, shaped to curve around the user’s mons & be easier to hold during sex.

I’m not saying that the Curvy 3+ (or 2+ or 1+) is going to vanquish my overwhelming affection for the We-Vibe Melt. That We-Vibe/Womanizer pulsator is absolutely better designed for use during vaginal play. The We-Vibe Melt is simply more ergonomic (with its easy-hold, mons-rounding shape), plus Melt’s air pulses get stronger. Still, some new We-Vibe Melt users are put off by its strength.

So, for the first-time clit suction toy buyer, Curvy’s gentle start is likely the safer choice. It took me 3 weeks to adjust to Melt’s strength before it clicked, an issue I wouldn’t have experienced with the Curvy 3+.

Is the Satisfyer Curvy waterproof? Yes, I tested this too, took all 3 models into my bathtub. I hear folks like to use these underwater, so we’d see. Personally, I thought that the water muted the air-pulse feeling some. I did best when I applied the toy firmly around my clit above water (feet pressed up against the front of the tub, hips raised up), then lowered myself down. It was OK. You might like it. Overall, it was like that time I had swimming pool sex: good for an adventure, but the sex was more open and impressive out of the water.

Satisfyer Curvy waterproof submersible use Satisfyer in bath tub
Satisfyers swimming, complete with a big-bodied waterproof wand. Now that works underwater.

Speaking of adventures, and changing it up… Let’s see what the Satisfyer app can do.

Satisfyer Connect App Review

đź“ťTL;DR: Great look, well-designed, lots of fun patterns, privacy-informed, and long-distance play is stable a thousand miles away (or more) and a thrill. Slightly more glitchy for in-person public play; but very fun having a partner on the other side of town control my Curvy or my favorite Satisfyer (Dual Pleasure) when I’m lying in bed.

The Satisfyer app— “Satisfyer Connect,” in all these toys—clearly had expert developers. I have a whole container on my phone filled with vibrator apps: Lovense, We-Connect, Ohmibod, FeelConnect, Zalo, Svakom, MB (Motorbunny) Link, Hismith, etc.

Satisfyer Connect is the most visually appealing, easy-to-use, and feature-full of all these except for Lovense.

My friend immediately ruled, “It’s better than the We-Vibe app!” So here’s how Satisfyer Connect works, solo and/or with a partner.

Satisfyer Connect Setup

I had an idea the Satisfyer app was gonna be good when I opened it and saw the sheer number of privacy opt-in notices. This tells me that Satisfyer has listened to real-life customer feedback in re other vibrator apps, and is very committed to informed consent with Satisfyer Connect.4

Satisfyer app review intro screens
1. Data use consent; 2. Notification consent; 3. Bluetooth use consent.

Then there’s a clear instruction for how to pair your Satisfyer app-compatible toy: hold down the power on/off button for 4 seconds. Besides there being a typo in this screen (random n),5 this is excellent because We-Connect is oblivious this way, no instructions—so people are often confused about why their Melt or Nova 2 or Wand won’t pair. (They haven’t held down the power or + button for 5 to 10 seconds.)

Connecting my Curvys has been incredibly simple after I agree to Bluetooth use and hold that Curvy power button down for a few seconds. The app does the rest of the work, then takes you through a how-to tutorial for your first time.

Play Close Range (Solo)

The Close Range menu lets you select between preset patterns (“Program Play”), custom control (“Live Control”), syncing to music or whatever noises around you, and syncing to music.

Live Control is the way if you want to be in charge of the toy yourself through the app. I was slightly confused about switching between the functions (air pulsation vs. vibration) for a minute. You can only move one up and down at a time, unlike with the Lovense app where you can drag two sliders in different directions simultaneously.

So with Satisfyer, you drag on the side of the function you want to control most:

  • slide your finger up and down on the left for vibe control, or
  • slide up and down on the right for pulse control.

When you switch over (from left to right, or vice versa), the previous function will stick to the speed you were at when you moved to the second function. You’ll see: it sounds complicated but is easy to work with after you’ve played around for a few minutes. You can also sync the motors so they move up and down in tandem, through the button in the bottom center of the screen.

Satisfyer app review close range play
1. Close Range options; 2. Patterns under Program Play; 3. Live Control for custom vibration or pulse-power adjustment.

Community Share is also pretty cool, comparable to Lovense’s library of user-created patterns (except not as many). It’s a little trickier to use: First, I recommend switching from “Recently Shared” to “Most Popular” because the recently shared ones I saw were all 5 second long and I want more variety. Then, pick a pattern and download to your patterns by hitting the download (downward arrow with line under it) icon to the right. Afterward, you can’t play the pattern right there: you need to return to the Close Range menu (bottom left corner of app) and then to “Program Play.” You’ll see downloaded user-created patterns then.

My one real annoyance with the Satisfyer app: you cannot have it running in the background, with your toy vibe-pulsing away, while you’re in other apps. That means that the Satisfyer app is non-functional if you’re trying to watch internet porn, or listen to YouTube Music, or text a friend, or scroll Instagram, etc., etc., etc. I hope that Satisfyer can change this in the future. Update: My wish came true! As of late April 2021, you can now use other apps while having Satisfyer Connect running. Huge relief that the lovely pulsing/vibrating doesn’t cut out when I want to text someone, and porn is ON!

I checked out Music Vibes once: it syncs to your music library (like songs you’ve downloaded from iTunes) or to Spotify. I mean, it’s fun for a spin. But I felt like the music syncing really toned down the Satisfyer Curvy’s potential power. My Curvy was never going hard enough for me here!

Satisfyer Connect Long-Distance Control

Long-distance control, though? So much more interesting than making your Curvy pulse (lightly) to your music playlist. You can also use the “Remote Partner” option close-range, like if you’re in a bedroom with your lover—or it’ll work thousands of miles apart. (One person needs the Satisfyer Connect vibe, and both partners need a device with cell service / Wifi and Bluetooth capability, which all phones have these days.)

So first you create an account; entering your email address is optional.6

Then you go to the little double-heart icon at the bottom of the screen, center-left… and search for your partner’s username. My friend and I were talking on the phone the whole time this account creation was going—until we wanted to do the actual control part. Because it requires a video call!

Satisfyer Curvy Curvy how to use buttons
In Long-Distance: 1. Search for a partner, then connect; 2. Chat, with text and photo-exchange options; 3. Notice after you hit the Video button in chat; 4. Waiting for video connection, so the other person can control!

The chat feature is smooth, gives you the option of taking live photos or choosing images from your photo library, in you want to start with sexy nudes.

We couldn’t find each other at first via searching, so we both needed to restart the app, and I had to re-pair my Curvy. Then we were both live and in chat.

It actually took us a couple minutes to figure out how to cede Curvy control over to him! Other apps we’ve tried, video-calling was optional—but it’s mandatory for control with Satisfyer. So, like, you can’t be sitting at your desk at work trying to control someone discreetly: there will be video showing. My friend thought this was a good idea, since it really focuses both people on the toy’s action and effects.

Once you hit that video button and connect, then you’ll see their image (whatever they have their phone camera pointed at, live), while they’ll see both (1) what you’re showing them through your camera and (2) the split screen for vibration control on left, and air pulse suction control on right.

It’s been a good, stable connection for me! Bluetooth apps sometimes have connectivity issues, and I know I’ve certainly experienced problems with We-Connect, and been disappointed by the lack of chat and video functions in Svakom, Zalo, and even the high-priced Hismith ($500 toy) Motorbunny ($1,600 toy) apps.

The Satisfyer Connect long-distance feature was very consistent after we linked up and got the video / control going. I was seeing about a 1- to 2-second delay between him saying he was changing up the Curvy’s vibes or pulsing, and when I felt the toy respond. That’s good! The video hasn’t cut out at all, and I absolutely love control play—being commanded to do this or that, and having my partner see me respond.

For only $40, it’s insane what the Curvy’s app has to offer.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ vs. Curvy 2+ vs. Curvy 3+ Compared

👉Tip: Clit & vulva size can impact how well the Curvy toys nestle in and stimulate. Curvy 3+ is best sized for the average clit-haver / anyone who wants a slimmer fit.

Does it fit, around your clit?

Before, I’ve said that I don’t think a perfect seal is essential using an air pulse toy. But selecting a toy whose mouth doesn’t dwarf or scrunch your clit is important for both (1) comfort and (2) safety if you’re large clitorally.

Satisfyer Curvy 2+, Curvy 3+, Curvy 1+ mouth size flat
From left: Curvy 2, Curvy 3, Curvy 1.

Basically, the Curvy 1+ and 2+ should fit just about every clitoris that hasn’t experienced growth due to taking testosterone (and may fit some clits with growth). You’ll know if you’ve got a clit that large that it won’t fit into a Curvy 1-2 hole. The Curvy 3+ is best-spaced for clits that are average (up to, and often smaller than, 0.2 inches diameter). Sizing:

  1. Curvy 1+: 0.625 inches diameter, 1.5 inches deep
  2. Curvy 2+: 0.5625 inches diameter, 1.75 inches deep
  3. Curvy 3+: 0.53 inches diameter left to right, 0.5 inches diameter top to bottom, 1.55 inches deep7

The Curvy 1’s mouth fits half my thumb inside, so it’s voluminous, and the Curvy 2’s mouth is nearly as broad. The higher the Curvy model model number, the slimmer the mouth’s width.

In order: Curvy 1+, 2+, and 3+.

The shape matters, too. For creating pressure / sealing around the clit, especially if you’ve got an expansive clitoral hood, a raised lip helps. This is why Womanizers / Melt / Baci all have a raised rim.

Curvy 3+ is close: its “lip” is thinner and can be felt sticking out more. In contrast, the Curvy 2+’s wide, rounded mouth makes it difficult for me to seal anything inside: my clit’s feeling less pressure from the air pulsing. Versus Curvy 1+, which has a mouth that’s wide but flat, so I can get some seal if I press in hard enough.

And I saw in the Lelo Sila, a large mouth equals a subtler, more diffuse intensity if you’re not able to actually fill that hole. So I tested the pulsation strength of the Satisfyer Curvys mainly against my fingers for comparison purposes: see next.

Pulsation Strength & Vibe Quality

đź“ťTL;DR: Curvy pulsators have a similar air-blowing speed to Satisfyer Pro 2, but somehow feel 25% less intense in that department. The Curvys’ vibrations are like a strong bullet vibrator, and high-pitched.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+, 2+, and 3+ (and the Satisfyer Pro 2 NG) all have 11 air pulsation speeds built in. These are steady puffs of air; consistent speeds from very gentle to real fast. (Though with the Curvy toys you can choose to make them rhythmic, i.e., into patterns, through the Satisfyer app.)

So are the air pulsation speeds the same in Satisfyer Pro 2 vs. Satisfyer Curvy? It’s complicated, I say. The puffs of air are delivered at similar speeds in all these Satisfyer toys, but on the high end of the speed range, the Curvy toys lose some weight in their flapping impact.

Effectively, each Satisfyer Curvy’s top (11th) pulse speed feels barely more intense than the eighth pulse speed of the Satisfyer Pro 2. I’d call each Curvy about 75% as strong as the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Satisfyer Pro 2 vs. Satisfyer Curvy 2+, Curvy 3+, Curvy 1+ ed
Curvys surrounding Satisfyer Pro 2 NG.

For me, the slightly-lower power is actually a positive, especially with the app when I’m not in total control over the Curvy’s blowing strength. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is quite powerful on high, and can be overstimulating if you’re sensitive.

I’m not 100% sure about the physics of why the Curvys seem less strong, but the pulse plates at the bottom of the mouth look shaped slightly differently. The moderately decreased impact of Curvy pulsations correlates with Curvys not being as loud too: As I’ve said before, “Don’t come to me asking for a hella-strong clit vibrator that your roommate won’t hear. It’s impossible.”

Turning on the Curvy vibrations (by holding down the ~ button) does of course increase the noise level some. The third steady speed gets louder, because it’s very high-pitched. These are buzzier vibrations for sure. If it weren’t for the air pulsation too, I wouldn’t bother with Satisfyer vibrations because I’ve been spoiled by rumbly vibrators. But stick the two Satisfyer Curvy functions together, and the combination can make even this vibrator critic happy.

In terms of power, I’d say the Curvys’ top steady speed equals roughly the third (of 4) steady level on the We-Vibe Tango, but the Satisfyer toy is more surface level. Also, the vibrations travel out from edges of each Curvy’s mouth (its “lips”) rather than from inside the hole (throat?). So Curvy vibrations are not directly touching the clitoris. You may find them milder for that reason. You can choose to turn Curvy and use it like a standard vibrator: press the bottom of the toy’s body direct against your vulva, and skip the air pulsation.

How to Control Satisfyer Curvy

The Satisfyer Curvys’ air pulsation and vibration functions are independently controllable: you choose which (or none) of the 11 pulsation and 10 vibration functions you want running at any time.

The air pulsation has up-and-down intensity control buttons, so important. I get super-stimulation from air pulsation toy right before I come, so if the toy doesn’t have a down speed button, I have to pull it back from my clit at orgasm (loosing some of the full effect).

Here’s how to control each Satisfyer Curvy suction vibrator:

Satisfyer Curvy Curvy how to use buttons

How to control Satisfyer Curvy

Total Time: 1 minute

Of course, position the Curvy’s mouth over your clitoris.

Lube makes it feel even better.

Turn on air pulsation.

Press the center / power button down for 2-3 seconds.

Increase air pulsation speed if desired.

Tap the same power button (center) for intensity increases.

Decrease air pulse strength?

Too much, or need a speed decrease before orgasm? Tap the other button with curved-wave symbol (closest to your body on Curvy 1+ and 2+, and farthest from your body in Curvy 3+).

Turn on vibration?

The squiggly ~ button turns on the vibes, when held down. Keep pressing it to cycle through 3 steady vibe speeds + 7 patterns.

Power off.

The power button turns off the air pulsation only, when held down for 3 seconds. The ~ button is the only way to turn off vibration (also by holding down for 3 seconds).

Packaging & Other Features

The packaging is as sleek as the app: well-done. Pretty-colored cardboard boxes, a display window, a safety seal that might make you feel good but please sanitize your body-safe toys before first use to remove the factory from them.8

The Satisfyer Curvy toys are all waterproof submersible. As noted, I tried all mine out in the bath. If your Satisfyer happens to not turn on again after you do this, it falls under warranty and you’ll receive a free replacement.

And they’re magnetic rechargeable, very nice. The charger pins are a little raised, so their placement on the Curvy 1+—right above the toy’s curved handle—is vaguely irritating if you graze that area. The pins are at the base of the toy in 2+ and 3+, so you likely won’t be running your fingers across them accidentally.

Curvy Recap & Ranking

The Curvy 3+ is now officially my favorite Satisfyer, and I can see why the Curvy 2+ and 1+ would appeal too: if you don’t need a tighter clit fit (with raised, flexible mouth) like I prefer.

The Satisfyer app control and the option of using the Curvy’s strong vibes in sync with the pulsing air? That’s just a “🙌 Better things for 2021!” moment.

Is it my favorite “clit suction” toy overall? Not quite. I most adore We-Vibe Melt because of how incredibly orgasmic it’s been for me and how it’s easier to hold while thrusting a G-spot toy—but I get it, that’s an expensive product. If you’ve never owned an air pulsation toy before, then Curvy 3+ is a safer bet: with its $40 price tag, a pretty good speed range, and the vibration functions too.

And the Satisfyer Curvy toys are not obnoxiously loud like the Satisfyer Pro 2 on high. That’s huge if you want to use your Satisfyer but have housemates or family hanging around! With only the air pulsation going, the Curvy toys’ volume is easier to disguise.9

Find Satisfyer Curvy vibes here for $39.99 to $49.95 each.


  1. Previously, the cheapest long-distance-controllable vibe has been the Lovense Ambi bullet at $59 discounted. And the Lovense app is phenomenal, but Ambi’s angled head shape was odd for me personally, as the handle isn’t long enough to easily grip and move the bullet vibe (and I enjoy a good clitoral massage with my vibes).
  2. Hard call between my favorite of these and the Womanizer Liberty. I think the Curvy 3+ wins, though.
  3. And in a dildo, I wouldn’t consider 20A soft at all, but when it’s a coating this thin, it does feel pretty soft. The thicker silicone is, the harder it feels
  4. Some of us don’t care that the app is collecting info on how we use it (without tracking our location or identity), because that info can help improve future user experience; other folks will be more secretive about what they’re doing sexually. So you’ve got a choice, via the second screen, “Help Improve Your App Experience.” After that come “yes or no” consents to hearing about app updates, being notified when another user (who you’ve chosen to connect with previously) sends you a message, other notifications, and Bluetooth use (you can’t connect a vibrator without it).
  5. Satisfyer really needs better proofreaders / English language translators—this is their only failing. Oh, that and the fact that they haven’t managed to produce any toys with rumbly vibrations yet. One day, perchance.
  6. I’d recommend it, though, because Satisfyer has mandated that the password contain both uppercase and lowercase, numbers that are not 3 digits in a row, and a special character—and I can’t remember passwords that aren’t like “satisfyer123” with all the apps I’ve got going on, srsly.
  7. So I wish it was reversed and the mouth was an oval with the up-down length being longer (like in the We-Vibe Melt), so sometimes I turn my Curvy 3+ 90 degrees sideways. Clits are statistically longer than they are wide, long ovals make sense here!
  8. Safety seals are not an essential for well-made products purchased from reputable retailers: that sticky piece of tape isn’t changing the nature of the unopened toy inside. Retailers don’t want to deal with taking your unwanted sex toy back, believe me. Except Lovehoney.
  9. Blanket or pillows on top are still helpful on the higher speeds.

4 thoughts on “Satisfyer Curvy Review: Curvy 1+ vs. 2+ vs. 3+”

  1. The curvy line looks great!
    I have the Satisfyer pro 2 but I was thinking on upgrading bec of noise and to have vibes.

    I was wondering noise-wise, how would you compare it to the We Vibe melt and the Pro 2 ? (especially on vibe mode. pulsations are less obvious bec they sound less vibrator-y lol)

    Is it a lot quieter than the Pro 2? Are the We ones way quieter?

    Thanks so much!

    • I have the Curvy +1 and used the Pro2 NG before that. No comparison. The Curvy is better in every way and by a lot in most departments. Noise-wise it is quieter and also what noise it makes is, to me, less rattly and more bassy so it is less noticable. The vibration adds a little but all in the toy’s noise level is nothing compared to most vibrators I have used (wands, rabbits, Lelo Sorya and others. One thing I would say about the vibration is use the pulse setting to have it cut through and enhance the suction. If you just have it continuous it sort of gets lost.

  2. I suffer from PGAD (persistant genital arousal disorder) and go for days with my genitals almost screaming for refief. Its like being stuck 75% of the way to orgasm all the time but without any sexual thoughts. It is distressing, distracting and borderline painful. Masturbation to complete an orgasm gives temporary relief for up to an hour or so and when at home I masturbate upward of a dozen times a day. Understand its not for the orgasm but the physical easing it gives temporarily. Anyway in a quest to make the exercise quick, efficient and effective I have been through a number of toys and for the longest time used the Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation. Recently I noticed it wasn’t holding its charge nearly as well as it used to so I got a new Satisfyer to take its place. I went for the Curvy +1 as it was cheap and had vibration. Its other features were less important at the time. I have been bowled over with it. It is so good. Quality build, great in the hand, easy to control and position, quiet, very very effective and quick. Importantly for me it is also very gentle on my bits and has never irritated me unlike my wand used to and sometimes even the Pro2 on really heavy days. I’m sure ladies that masturbate for pleasure rather then out of necessity will also love this toy.

  3. I’m a trans man who is a huge fan of the Pro 2 and Pro 3. I’ve been looking into the Curvy but wasn’t sure which one to get. Testosterone has enlarged my clit significantly and some of the Satisfyers I used in the past don’t work for me anymore so I’ve mostly been sticking to the Pro 2 and Pro 3 because no one ever seems to mention the size of the holes of the other toys, so I just want to say thank you for being the only one I’ve encountered who does that! Seriously, thank you thank you thank you, you’re a life saver for including that and showing how your fingers fit into them, haha!


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