Doxy Number 3R Review

Doxy 3R is not my jam, Bam-I-Am. I do not like it in my house; I do not like it while using my mouse. I do not like it here or there; I do not like it anywhere.

Doxy 3R is not my jam, Bam-I-Am. … (And *that* is that.)

My apologies to Dr. Seuss, whose Green Eggs and Ham (& Sam-I-Am!) I’ve parodied above. But this Doxy Number 3R review had to start with my truth. And that is: The Doxy Number 3R is a valiant effort by a respected POWERHOUSE vibe manufacturer, Doxy. Sadly, this wand vibe annoys me more the longer I use it—in stark contrast with Sam-I-Am’s change of heart at the end of the Seuss poem.

When you’re paying $190 for a rechargeable massager, I believe you should receive a luxury item: not one whose head may spin off during use; that includes BONUS grease and requires too much cleaning; and that’s not waterproof.

The Doxy Number 3R is undoubtedly strong, and will seduce power-vibe fans with its glittery blue body. Still, I would point you toward ALL THESE over Doxy 3R ⬇️:

Doxy Number 3R wand review flowers
  • The FemmeFunn Ultra Wand first if you want a smaller wand, and you’re OK with a few less speeds (3 steady ones, none low & rumbly). Waterproof. $73.99.
  • Viben Sultry: My personal favorite wand vibrator for these reasons: in short, more adjustable speed options, 10 times easier to hold than the metal Doxy wands, rumblier on Sultry’s lower speeds than the Doxy 3R, no grease, and waterproof submersible. Also cheaper. $89.99.
  • Magic Wands, the classic, the old standby. Magic Wand Rechargeable (cordless) is still my favorite wand, because I love the reverberating power (mmm) plus not being tied to an outlet. Magic Wand Plus is slightly stronger (and plug-in). $129.95 for cordless, $84.95 for plug-in power.
PalmPower Recharge, Doxy Number 3R, FemmeFunn Ultra Wand, We-Vibe Wand, Magic Wand Rechargeable
Top to bottom: BMS PalmPower Recharge; Doxy 3R; FemmeFunn Ultra Wand; We-Vibe Wand (now discontinued); MW Rechargeable

Still wondering? Here’s my full blow-by-blow about Doxy 3R.

Doxy Number 3R’s Noise & Head Issues

Strong vibrators tend to be loud. This is a fact of sex toy life. Don’t come to me asking for a hella-strong clit vibrator that your roommate won’t hear. It’s impossible.

Doxy Number 3 and Number 3R wands have one unique feature that’s an issue for me—and one of two main beefs I have with this power vibe. The removable silicone head cap! The point of the removable head is that it’s easier to clean. Doxy Wands are not even splashproof, the same as Magic Wands. That means you’re not supposed to wash them in the sink. But when you unscrew Doxy Number 3’s head, the silicone top is waterproof and can be washed however you want. (More on that in the next section.)

Doxy Number 3R sea sparkly metallic blue
Doxy Number 3 has no place in the sea.

My Doxy 3R experience was OK until I removed the head cap the first time. After washing it, I must not have aligned the screw threads correctly when trying to put the head back on. Because next time, it got **loud**. I started rage-writing about the noise level:

What happens if your Doxy Number 3 head is defective/is not reattached carefully before use: As the head spins, Doxy 3R (on lowest power) peaks at bursts of 58 decibels. This is louder than a Magic Wand on high. Turn the Doxy up to high power, if the head isn’t pressed against anything, it gets up over 75 decibels. This is an excruciating noise level. I was covering my ears while trying to take these measurements. I say this as someone who is happy to block out the sound of loud thrusting dildos (hear ’em in action here.)

So, to put it mildly, if you happen to get a Doxy whose head will not reattach, the noise is grating. I’ve even heard reports of people duct-taping their spinning Doxy head to keep it in place. The handle also has a tendency to rattle, a complaint I’ve already seen multiple times about this toy that’s been out all of 2 months.

Luckily, my Doxy 3R head is now fitting back in place correctly, and Doxy’s noise level is just a bit louder than Magic Wand Rechargeable: 41–52 decibels (low–high speeds) for Doxy 3R, vs. 35–49 for Magic Wand R. But…

How to Clean a Doxy

The other issue is that once the cap is removed, you’ll see that there’s a bunch of grease underneath. My fingers got all greased up the first time because I had no idea it would be this way. Since I was using a luxury vibe, I didn’t expect oil to be in the picture. (I wasn’t greasing my butt up for a squishy Egg Plug stretch, for example.)

Doxy Number 3R removable cap problems

Also post-cap-removal, I saw that the seam between the silicone cover and the metal ring underneath tends to let fluids dry inside it. I consider this borderline unhygienic. You really do need to wash the cap & let it fully dry after each Doxy Number 3 use—which takes a while, because lots of grooves.

How to Clean Doxy Wand (Number 3)

Total Time: 2 hours

Power the Vibe Off!

You’ll know when you’re done with it.

Screw off the silicone head cap.

If it hasn’t started unscrewing itself already.

Avoid the grease underneath.

I have enough messes to deal with in life already.

Wash the silicone cap with soap & water.

In your sink, for 30 seconds plus. Scrub it good. Make sure to get the bottom of the cap (the circular part), where gunk accumulates.

You may also sanitize the cap.

For a deeper clean, choose one of the sanitize options for mechanical vibes, including 70% isopropyl alcohol and washing well again afterward. Do not boil.

Run a Q-tip around the head rim.

Under the silicone cap, because fluids can seep in if you haven’t fitted the silicone cap on right, or if it spins off during use.

Wipe body & neck down (optional).

You may also wipe the metal body and neck with a moist (not wet) cloth, with or without 10% bleach solution or isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to avoid getting moisture inside the control buttons.

Let the cap dry before reattaching.

We don’t want water in that crack between silicone & metal, not good. This is why it my instructions give a couple hours for cleaning time: the drying-out part takes a while. Shake that cap out! or use an old cloth to blot, for fastest results.

I feel lazy after a good orgasm session, so all these steps are just another reason I don’t use Doxy Number 3R a ton. I’d need Epiphora’s sex toy butler if I did.

Because I do NOT want to deal with running a Q-tip around the head’s inside rim if I’m too wet while using it. This pic shows how blood can get through the crack between head and silicone cap, if you decide to use this wand while menstruating. Um, no thanks.

3R Power vs. Doxy Die Cast

Doxy wands are really all about the power—that is THE reason that people buy them. I had to include the Doxy Die Cast as pick #2 in my Wand Power Comparison Guide because it’s simply the strongest handheld vibrator currently being produced.

I’ve noted rattling/spinning/defect issues with Doxies. But I can’t deny the Doxy Number 3R is very strong for a rechargeable wand. No way is it as powerful as the Doxy Die Cast—whose motor is tough competition.

Doxy Number 3R most reminds me of the Lovense Domi 2, the strongest remote-control vibrator I’ve ever encountered, in my quest to find the best Bluetooth long-distance toys. The Doxy Number 3R and Lovense Domi 2 have similar-feeling motors: except that the Lovense toy doesn’t start AS strong as Doxy, and Domi 2 has 3 preset steady speeds vs. the Doxy’s 6 speeds (plus one pulsing, random function). Of course, with the Lovense app you get many more power choices, so I wouldn’t count the lower amount of preset speeds as a strike against Domi 2—whose head is 10x easier to clean.

Another obvious comparison is Doxy 3R vs. the We-Vibe Wand. Comparison table here:

*Doxy 3RWe-Vibe Wand
Power Rating10/109.8/10
Speeds6 steady,
1 pattern
10 functions
(1 Steady)
Fully adjustable
w/ toggle switch
Waterproof❌ ✔️✔️✔️
Metal case
App control
2 attachments

The only handheld vibrators that do surpass the Doxy 3R’s power are plug-in, nonrechargeable ones:

(There’s also the Doxy Original, $109.99 and plug-in/same functions, which does not have a silicone head, so I rarely recommend it.)

They Say It’s Easier to Use during Sex

A cordless toy is easier to use when you’re having partnered sex. My own partner complained about the Magic Wand Plus’ cord being “limiting” after I got that toy. Because you do have to be pretty close to a wall outlet, or else not trip over an extension cord. If you’re doing bondage/impact play where there is real movement, a plug-in toy is a particular inconvenience.

So definitely, the Doxy 3R’s cordless-ness is tremendous. A big selling point.

Doxy Die Cast vs. Doxy Number 3R
Die Cast, top; 3R, bottom. Die Cast’s cord can never be removed from its body, it’s built-in.

The Doxy Number 3’s smaller head is the other big factor here: much more compact than the Doxy Original or Doxy Die Cast head. So that, with care, you could use it in as a clit vibe during missionary, to name only one position. It’s possible. Doxy 3R is still heavy, and the neck does not bend, so I consider from-behind positions like doggy a better course of action with this wand. Easier direct contact. No Doxy is like a bullet vibrator, able to slip in between bodies and target the clit.

The BMS PalmPower Recharge is still my favorite vibrator to recommend to people who do want a small, strong wand to use during penis-in-vagina sex. It’s more compact, extremely powerful for its size (and the fact that it’s cordless), and the flexible neck will bend for easier positioning.

The Metal

Doxy wands’ brushed aluminum / titanium exteriors are the other main selling point besides the power: I was excited about the shiny blue exterior, the sparkles embedded in the metal. I also happened to get some shiny Oxballs Blueballs silicone at the same time as Doxy 3R, so that override my excitement about the latter: the Oxballs toys glimmer more. Still, Doxy 3R has more visual appeal than many other wands.

Doxy 3R blue wand vibrator vs. Oxballs Blueballs silicone

The Doxy 3R’s metal body also makes it heavier than a silicone or plastic wand vibrator, and I don’t really understand why I would want that in a vibrator. This is not a Pure Wand, whose weight does something, like creates a cult following over its squirting & prostate milking capabilities. Also, my second main reason why I don’t see myself using the Doxy 3R now that I’m done with this review: the metal handle transfers vibration strongly. It makes my fingers feel buzzed much more than with a silicone-coated vibrator. You may be able to ignore the itchy-finger feel, but to quote my review opener: it’s not my jam.

The “Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable” used to include a metal storage case to hold both the wand and its charging cord. I described it as “sleek,” “elegant”; one of those “lifestyle image”-type words. Doxy has removed that feature, the aluminum storage tube, as of 2023.

Final Thoughts / Recap

The Doxy Number 3R is a “knee-trembling” vibrator: it’ll feel extremely strong to the vast majority of users. If you’re a true power queen, then the Magic Wand Plus and, yes, the Doxy Die Cast are still the most strong. Both MW Plus and Die Cast are mandatorily plug-in, and not water-resistant: so weigh your desire to use a power tool against the convenience of a cordless (like 3R)—and maybe even waterproof (We-Vibe Wand, Ultra Wand)—wand vibrator.

I won’t lie, I’ve had a few stellar orgasms with the Doxy Number 3R. But in the end, you know my absolute favorite way to come with the Doxy Number 3R? By pulling it out from between my legs, and holding it in hand, while I stick the We-Vibe Wand against my vulva instead. (True story.) Because I do value easy cleaning, my hand not being buzzed off, and shower-use as important traits in my vibes.

Find the Doxy 3R here for cordless power.

Save 10% on all wands at Peepshow Toys with code FELICITY.

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  1. I recently ordered a Die Cast after months and months of being completely unsure of which wand of the Doxy family to get. I’m pretty glad I went with the one that I bought thanks to this review along with another one. I do know the Die Cast (and original) have the spinning head issue too, but nonetheless the 3 and 3R seemed less and less worth the buy the more I read on it.

    If mine breaks, I probably wouldn’t buy a new one, though. Great review as always!


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