We-Vibe Wand Review: Vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable & More

We-Vibe Wand review vs. Magic Wand
From top: We-Vibe Wand vs. Magic Wand vs. Ultra Wand size.

We-Vibe Wand Review

Vs. the Magic Wand, We-Vibe Wand has one HUGE selling point: it’s waterproof. Half my We-Vibe Wand review testing has occurred in the shower: an impossible feat with even the Rechargeable Magic Wand. (No Hitachi is water-resistant.) Wand by We-Vibe also ruuuuuumbles the bejezus out of my vulva. I can’t help myself, I keep coming back for more.

When I got the We-Vibe Wand, I was a little disappointed. The shape of the handle seemed odd, and I had app-control issues. I added the We-Vibe Wand to my wand vibrator guide, and then I thought I’d be done with it. I could move on with my life, Smart-Silence-free.

But NO, wait. Wand keeps pulling me back in. The vibration quality is simply beautiful, and the large silicone head is squishy… This is my kind of toy.

Will it be your kinda toy too? Keep reading for full details, or jump to the end for my We-Vibe Wand vs. Magic Wand vs. PalmPower quick recap!

How to Use We-Vibe Wand

OK, so I’m telling you “how to” use We-Vibe Wand here because the dimmer-switch function is a bit unusual! Here’s what to do with all the buttons, after you charge We-Vibe Wand:

  1. Power button’s at the bottom; press and hold for several seconds.
  2. Then push the “toggle switch” upward (toward Wand’s head), to increase intensity.
  3. Or push the same switch / “intensity control button” back down if the power gets too high.
  4. Wand starts on the steady vibration function. Use the function-change button (~) to access 9 patterns too.
We-Vibe Wand Control Buttons 2
Press the toggle switch toward the head for more power, toward the base (& off/on button) for less intensity.

Of course this toy comes with a complete user manual, but we’ll revise its step #6 a little. Because SHAME ON WE-VIBE for putting its name on a lube containing glycerin as the second ingredient.We-Vibe Wand how to

Toss out that Pjur Lube sample package and use something iso-osmolal (= non-harmful) like Sliquid Sassy instead.1

Anyway, back to controlling Wand. Its toggle-switch takes a little getting used to: you need to learn how hard to push. It’s not as intuitive as the “press & hold” round power button on BMS Factory Incremental Speed toys; it took me a week to really adapt. After that, it’s been much easier to control Wand’s power. Being able to access the full speed range is very nice, a big selling point for me. I like full control!

We-Vibe Wand Power, Vs. Magic Wand & More

Control and POWER too… We-Vibe Wand is marketed as THE strongest rechargeable vibrator. In a slightly round-about way: We-Vibe calls it “the most advanced (and powerful) cordless massager ever” (bold added). Basically, We-Vibe is saying that the We-Vibe Wand is stronger than the Magic Wand Rechargeable, plus has a pile of extra functions. (App control, included attachments, etc.)

We-Vibe Wand review
This vibe has A LOT going on.

Is the marketing true? The strength race is a close call, between We-Vibe Wand and the (Hitachi) Magic Wand Rechargeable. In the end, I do think that the We-Vibe Wand wins by a hair. It and PalmPower Extreme are just barely more powerful than Magic Wand Rechargeable.

But out of the hoard of wand vibes I’ve tried, We-Vibe Wand is the *rumbliest* wand massager. We-Vibe has a knack for making toys with deep, penetrating vibes, that travel through tissue better (internal clitoris, anyone?!). And We-Vibe Wand’s vibes are resonant. They echo, they travel. Simply, they deserve glittery star emojis. 🌟🌟🌟👍

What this means: My orgasms have more build-up with the We-Vibe Wand. It often takes me a few more minutes to come on We-Vibe Wand vs. the Vibratex Magic Wands. And that’s A-OK with me, because I’m sitting there on all the bigness of We-Vibe Wand’s rumbly head. My vulva’s practically drinking it all in.

Do take note that cordless/rechargeable wand vibes can never be quite as strong as corded, wall-out-powered ones: see my full power ranking here, with Doxies coming out on tops for sheer strength, but Magic Wand Pluses being close.

Is We-Vibe Wand Waterproof?

Hell yes, Wand by We-Vibe is waterproof! This is a big deal because traditionally, strong wand vibrators have NOT been even splashproof. (Magic Wands cannot be washed easily in the sink.)

Likewise, the strongest competitors to the We-Vibe Wand (Lovense Domi 2 and PalmPower Extreme) are not submersible: you can rinse their heads in the sink, but getting water into the charging-port hole can kill the vibrator motor on Domi or PalmPower Extreme.

When I’m in the shower with Wand, I totally get the upward-curved handle. I suddenly feel like I’m riding a broomstick. And my magical Wand is powering me away to new places… I keep taking pics of the We-Vibe Wand in the shower, it feels so good.

We-Vibe Wand shower ds (2)
10/10 would bring Wand on vacation again.

My long-distance partner has also benefited from how inspiring I find Wand in the shower: I’m quite proud of that shot I took with rivulets of water flowing off my tits, down my belly, while Wand’s chunky head nestled between my thighs, its handle arched upward and sticking out from between my legs.

The little textured ridges on Wand’s handle also make sense in the shower: for best grip. (Outside the water, they have no purpose except to collect lube from my fingers 😛)

My apologies to the FemmeFunn Ultra Wand: it’s now my #2 shower wand. The backup. I love it still, but…We-Vibe Wand’s rumbles…mmm. (That said, Ultra Wand is still quite powerful and $109 cheaper!!!)

Ease of Use

I originally had two issues with the We-Vibe Wand: the handle shape felt downright weird to me, in the bad way. The first time I used it, I was like “WTF why does it narrow so much in the middle like this??? And the odd curve at the end???” I was used to traditional wand-handle shapes: much more cylindrical. But then I kept using Wand. For months. And I got used to the handle!

We-Vibe Wand vs. PalmPower Extreme vibrator
PalmPower Extreme and its super-conveniently angled head vs. Wand’s BIG-ness.

Unlike Magic Wands, where I have the top of the head flat against my vulva, with We-Vibe Wand the shape pretty much requires you to pick a side of the head: front or back. I pick front, always, because the front of the head is the longest, flattest surface. And I live for the 2-inch-wide stimulation. This a big head; I can’t help myself.

It’s so damn good that I forget about the “Smart Silence” function *most* of the time. Smart Silence is supposed to be a selling point. Here are my thoughts on that:

We-Vibe Wand Smart Silence hate

ALSO, after I’d used Wand for a week:

We-Vibe Wand Smart Silence function ARGGGHHH
“😡 Cursing at We-Vibe for ‘Smart Silence’ WTF

This vibrator turns itself off when it’s not pressed up against body heat. And you have to be touching the handle too, some times but not others. Wand’s sensors are a strange beast.

Listen, I like having full control over my vibrators. I don’t need them to develop minds of their own.

Smart Silence does not make Wand any more silent when you’re touching it to your genitals (or back, etc.). It only makes the vibrations cut out frustratingly, sometimes randomly, should you happen to move too much.

Especially when I’m trying to use the attachments, and my partner’s cock is NOT getting vibrated because the stroker attachment’s silicone is blocking the sensor.

How To Deactivate Smart Silence on Wand

Luckily, Smart Silence can be deactivated!!! That’s the saving grace. You just have to do this every single time you turn Wand on. Either:

  • Hold down the function-change button (~) for about 3 seconds.
  • Pair Wand to your phone, then click the Wand-outline in the bottom right corner, then make sure the Smart Silence checkbox is flipped off.

Mad props to Betty Butch for pointing out that you can deactivate Smart Silence w/o the app!

We-Vibe Wand Attachments: Stroke & Fluttery

The penis attachment is an awesome add-on. We-Vibe Wand is the only wand vibe that automatically includes a penis attachment (but that isn’t solely a penis toy, like the “Man Wand”). The Stroke attachment features flexible silicone “wings” that form a taco-shape around the penis. There are small ridges in the silicone too, which are meant to add more stimulation on the frenulum.

I was worried about whether Stroke would fit him, because he’s quite thick, especially at the base of his cock. The wings really are flexible, though: I stroked him up and down with Stroke, and he didn’t feel any discomfort. “Nice and snug,” he calls it. “Would do again.”

We-Vibe Wand Stroke attachment
Wand around BMS Naked Addiction Dual-Density, which has a great skin feel.

Though he couldn’t really feel the ridges inside Stroke’s taco, they did hold lube well. You really need lube for this attachment (or any silicone penis toy) to be comfortable. He was most focused on the vibe power!

And then there’s the Fluttery attachment, the one I assume was designed for clits. My brain can only come up with one word for Fluttery: “useless.” Do you like your clit lightly brushed, softly, right to left left to right etc? Then maybe it’ll do something for you. I mean, it does transmit the rumbly vibes. But I gravitate toward wands because I like WIDE stimulation, first; and then, my clit needs to be stroked downward. Toward the vagina, you know. To achieve this with Fluttery, to get the flaps moving the “right” direction, I gotta turn the wand handle 90 degrees so it’s wedged underneath my leg. This is awkward. Very awkward.

We-Vibe Wand fluttery attachment ds
The Fluttery attachment in action, fluttering away.

The We-Connect App Works—Sometimes

Since We-Vibe updated their app in late 2019, I have to reset all my new We-Vibe products to get them to hook up to the app. Read more about the difficulty in my We-Vibe Chorus review here. Basically, I gotta hold down the power button for 5 or so seconds each time I pair the vibrator to the phone.

We-Connect app We-Vibe Wand
Functions of the We-Connect app, from vibe control to “Touch” function and a “sync to ambient noise” feature (like to music playing around you!). Click to enlarge.

Because the We-Vibe Wand lets you access the full intensity range through the toggle switch, I don’t feel like I really need the app so much, like I do with the Lovense Domi 2. That latter toy has only 3 preset steady speeds, so I need to create my own pattern to slooooowly progress upward in intensity. We-Vibe Wand lets me do that app-free, which is great because I’m usually using my phone to look at nudity while I’m masturbating, and I don’t want to have to be in We-Connect as well.

The most important thing about the We-Connect app, in theory, is that it allows for long-distance control. So how do you use We-Vibe Wand long-distance?

  1. First, the person with the vibrator pairs it to their phone.
  2. Then they send a “Connect your partner” request.
  3. The partner needs to accept the request.
  4. The vibe-owner then needs to cede control over to their partner.
  5. This may or may not actually work.

I may be a little cynical here (there, and everywhere) because my partner had to get a new phone before we were able to connect through the “upgraded” We-Connect app. It still took a couple tries over the course of our usual evening chat for us to connect successfully: the We-Connect app finally let him take control of my vibrator! Hoorah! Before we’d never managed to use the built-in video function, and that’s finally working too. We had a hot time. I was incredibly turned on. Then pleased.

The next day I of course went on Instagram and announced, “Hallelujah! Alert the authorities! We-Vibe Wand might have uses besides solo shower sex AFTER ALL.”

The amount of frustration that the We-Connect app has caused me overall, though, is hard to forget. I have a hard time working up the energy to ask him whether he wants to try connecting again with We-Vibe Wand, because all the disappointment we’ve had with the app. Bluetooth connectivity can sometimes be weird with any system, but We-Connect has given us a lot more problems than Lovense or OhMiBod.

We-Vibe Wand’s Silicone

I’m pleased with how We-Vibe Wand’s head feels soft. Softness is a big thing for me because it feels natural and comfortable to my brain. The silicone is a pretty thick layer that’s not fully bonded to the body underneath: it can be moved around. It’s about 5A shore, which means it’s soft but not truly squishy. It’s about the same firmness as the NS ColourSoft dildos, by itself. Measured against the head body underneath, the silicone still tests at a not-too-hard 15A.

One of the several reasons I prefer Magic Wands over Doxy wands is that Magic Wand heads can be pressed inward. They’re not all hard silicone. We-Vibe Wand continues in this tradition, of providing some give in the head surface. (Along with strong vibes!)

Wand does come only in eggplant/sad purple color, and the silicone is linty. It attracts hair and dust easily, and starts to look streaky. Splotched. You can fix this temporarily by rubbing We-Vibe Wand down with 70% isopropyl alcohol and when washing well with soap and water. Because it is fully waterproof, We-Vibe Wand is much easier to sanitize like this than most other strong wand vibrators are.

Summary & Ranking

Without a doubt, We-Vibe’s new Wand is 100% the best *waterproof* wand. It’s also very rumbly. Those are both HUGE selling points. Tremendous. (Also, the included penis attachment—no other wand comes with a removable one.2)

But is it the only wand worth considering? NOPE! Here’s a compare-contrast that I hope will help you choose the absolute best wand for you:

Simply, I pick the We-Vibe Wand for shower play and for squirting all over, while I choose Magic Wand Rechargeable for lying back and coming fast (and multiply), and PalmPower Extreme for sitting and getting vibrated hands-free. (A great boost while I’m doing more tedious blog work.3)

For couples play, I would pick We-Vibe Wand for its penis attachment—but I would pick PalmPower Extreme to hold on my clit during doggy-style, because *that angle* is brilliant.

It’s truly a tough decision!!! You gotta consider what matters most to you, if you’re needing to choose just one power vibrator.

If your vulva also is dripping over big broad rumbles; or you have a penis that needs deep vibrations in its life, then gooooo We-Vibe Wand. It’s expensive, but it is worth it. (Once you turn off Smart Silence, if you’re using either attachment.)

I would rate the We-Vibe Wand as my fifth favorite toy,4 out of my $24,000 collection. Wand’s leap to the top is impressive, to say the least. I give it a 5/5 for the sheer number of orgasms it’s given me.

Find the We-Vibe Wand here.


  1. Glycerin (as well as propylene glycol) is tied to increased risk of tissue damage (both vaginally and anally), as well as increased risk of bacterial vaginosis, and “may increase susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections” as well. Listen, we have studies going back A DOZEN YEARS documenting this. It’s mind-boggling that We-Vibe can continue to distribute such a lube.
  2. The Man Wand is a penis wand by default; whereas Le Wand has a penis Loop attachment you gotta buy separately.
  3. 98% of this job is not masturbation, for the record!
  4. After: (1) Pillow Talk Sassy (G-spot rumbles that are amazing on clit too!); (2) We-Vibe Melt (omfg clit suction-pulsation); (3) Magic Wand Rechargeable (the classic wand, awesome vibes, no cord); and (4) RealCock 2 (I am all over the big lifelike dicks that I can’t get emotionally attached to—sign me UP).

5 thoughts on “We-Vibe Wand Review: Vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable & More”

  1. Hi,
    Out of curiosity: What is so bad about glycerin?
    I only found out that glycerin on it’s own dehydrates the skin, but in combination with other components which hydrate the skin there are no issues like this. It seems to have a positive effect on the duration of how long you can use a lube before it gets sticky.
    I’m not trying to start a shit show, just want to know what you know. Why should I avoid glycerin?
    Thank you

    • Hey, thanks for reading.

      So glycerin, first, messes with vaginal pH.

      Second, both glycerin and propylene glycol increase the osmolality of any lubricant, making them hyperosmolal. What that means is that lubes with glycerin cause mucous membranes to draw in more moisture than is normal, making tissue damage more likely during both rectal and vaginal use.

      This study has nice closeup images of cellular damage with various lubes, and classifies KY (especially the warming variety), Astroglide, and ID Glide as “toxic” to tissues.

      I agree that these ingredients do generally make for thicker, long-lasting lubes. But it’s very a tradeoff, given the potentially harmful effects.

  2. Hi, as always, great review! I’m wondering though if the attachment that fit the magic wand also fit the we-vibe wand? Specifically wondering if the Vixen Gee Wizzard will fit this wand?

    • Hi, thanks for reading, good question! Since We-Vibe Wand and Magic Wand heads have the same maximum diameter, the Vixen attachments should fit well enough on the We-Vibe. We-Vibe Wand’s head is just slightly more tapered, so the top of the Gee Whizzard would be a little wiggly like if you were trying to actually thrust it in and out. If you’re just holding it still, shouldn’t be a problem.


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