NS Novelties ColourSoft Dildos Review: Soft Silicone, 5 Inch and 8 Inch

I spent almost 2 years absolutely loving the ColourSoft dildos — before they were replaced by new favorites. Original review follows.

It’s a good time to be a lover of more realistic-feeling, body-safe dildos. In early 2017, NS Novelties came out with the ColourSoft silicone dildos—one average-sized (the ColourSoft 5″), and one pretty large (the ColourSoft 8″). Not only are the ColourSoft dildos super affordable, but they’re also body-safe platinum silicone—so you can use them for many years, or sanitize them between partners, with no worries.

As something who’s very sensitive to pressure, I welcome this squishy dildo trend! A Colours Pleasures Thick 5″ was part of my first silicone dildo order, and though I loved the realistic shape, the protruding coronal ridge was too hard for me to enjoy really pounding the toy. But now that I’ve tested out the new ColourSoft suction cup dildos, I can confidently say that NS Novelties has found my Goldilocks firmness for single-density toys1: flexible, but not too floppy while I’m inserting or riding the toy.

So yeah, I’m pretty sure the ColourSoft 8″ dildo will always be among my top suction cup dildos: especially for wall-screwing fun!

NS Novelties ColourSoft 5 and 8 soft silicone dildo suction cup
Know your limits, because there’s a big size difference between these toys!

The ColourSoft dildos’ two sizes have the following specs: the 5″ is 1.5″ max diameter and 5.25″ insertable length (it’s available in blue, purple, and pink). The 8″ is 2″ maximum diameter and actually 7.25″ insertable length (and it’s available in blue, purple, and black). I like these dildos so much that I’ve now updated this review, over a year after I first published it, to include my thoughts on both sizes of ColourSoft dildo.

NS ColourSoft 5 Inch Dildo

When I was first asked to pick a ColourSoft dildo to review, I asked for the big one because I do sometimes have a thing for the larger toys. But later, when I was reviewing the T.O.M. suction cup dildo mount, I realized that I wanted something soft whose full length I could actually take comfortably!

TOM Suction Cup Dildo Mount Liberator Wing ColourSoft dildo
T.O.M. plastic mount, front; and the more-comfortable-to-ride Liberator Wing pillow, back! 

So I got the ColourSoft 5″ too: it’s the same shape as the glow-in-the-dark Firefly 5″. And I’m incredibly glad I did, because it’s great on those days when I want a soft silicone dildo that’s a comfortable size—that doesn’t push my boundaries a little.

Because the ColourSoft 5″ Dildo is smaller than the 8″, it also feels a tad softer.2 The 5″‘s head is more tapered than the 8″‘s, for really easy insertion. I love squishing around the toy’s head when I first insert it, and before long I’m jerking the hell out of this dildo because it feels so good to go fast with it.

NS Novelties ColourSoft dildo squishy silicone dong with suction cup
ColourSoft 5″ in purple (kinda magenta, really). 

I really enjoy how compact the ColourSoft 5″ Dildo’s balls are, because they fit easily into my (smallish) hands. Even more than the 8″‘s balls, they double as squishy stress relief! And I was right about the toy’s shorter length: I can mount the ColourSoft 5″ to a chair and take it without my cervix getting poked, like the larger version would do.

The softness does mean that ColourSoft 5″ is very flexible: if you want a more realistic feel overall, I recommend the Blush Neo Elite 7.5″ Dual Density Dildo with Balls. It’s the exact same shape as the ColourSoft 5″, and even squishier outside (video here), but underneath there’s a firm core for stability.

NS ColourSoft 8 Inch Dildo

2021 update: I’d honestly recommend the Luminous Stud dildo over the ColourSoft 8 Inch now: the Luminous toy is a similar size, but (unlike ColourSoft) is even more realistic dual-density silicone. Stud’s head is beautifully squishy, yet so stimulating. And it needs some lube, but is less draggy than the ColourSoft. All Luminous dildos also glow in the dark when “charged” in sunlight / LED light first!

It’s pretty obvious that my blue ColourSoft 8″ Dildo is quite a large toy. Since I’m an impatient masturbator, I tend to stick dildos into myself as quickly as possible, but the ColourSoft 8″ (a.k.a. “the big blue dick”) makes me do some warmup exercises. After a minute of rubbing the head around my vulva, though, I’m able to insert the broad head, and after a couple more minutes of slow thrusting, using the toy feels completely natural—I’m sure because of my preference for this semi-squishy kinda silicone!

I absolutely love the squish of the coronal ridge now. In use, it feels like the firmest part of the toy. In fact, I could have lived with the firmer-density silicone used in my Colours Pleasures dildo if it weren’t for that pronounced ridge: my G-spot felt assaulted by it. But in this softer silicone, the coronal ridge provides just the right amount of firm pressure that gets me off hard and fast.

Plus the exaggerated veins provide lots of fun secondary texture. But if you are looking for a smoother toy, the veinage may be overwhelming—it definitely creates some drag, and I have to lube up really good.

When I’m thrusting this soft silicone dildo fast by hand, the lower shaft does bend a little more than I’d like—the length is just so long. [Note: But wait, NS Novelties heard my complaint—there’s now a dual-density silicone alternative, the NS Colours Dual Density Silicone toys.The 8″ Dual Density is was my top recommendation for a large & affordable dual.]

When stuck to a wall, the ColourSoft 8″ Dildo’s shaft is pretty damn flexible. (The 5″ isn’t long enough to have this problem!) But that flexibility works well for me, someone who doesn’t like firm pressure. If I angle the dildo upward and then close my close my legs around it, it delivers really awesome, broad G-spot stimulation. And when I have the ColourSoft 8″ stuck to a horizontal surface like a chair (a nightstand, in my case), I can control the angle of penetration better. Then the shaft’s bendiness doesn’t bother me like it sometimes does when I’m thrusting the ColourSoft 8″ by hand.

In general I prefer smaller bases and no balls on my toys (for easier manual thrusting), but I quickly realized that squeezing the ColourSoft’s balls really hard was a big turn-on for me, as they’re the squishiest silicone balls I’ve yet had. By squeezing and thrusting, squeezing and thrusting, I explored my domineering side.

Plus, the suction cup is soft enough that I can fold over part of it and get a better grip around the base of the shaft and those balls. Speaking of the suction cup, it is strong, though I found the Colours Pleasures suction cup stronger. The ColourSoft suction cup needs to be pressed into place to stick well, but then it’s good to go for a long ride.

On the ColourSoft Silicone

A final note about the silicone: because this is a softer silicone, it’s also somewhat sticky, and it may get slightly more sticky over time. This is normal, but if you want to keep your firmer silicone toys pristine,3 You might store the ColourSoft dildos separately from silicone vibrators and powered toys: like in a plastic freezer bag or any kind of satiny storage bag or sex toy storage pouch.

Overall Thoughts

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I was incredibly excited that NS Novelties has come out with this softer alternative. At only $24 for a small and $44 for a very large dildo, ColourSoft was my first recommendation (in 2017–2019) to anyone looking for an affordable and realistic suction cup dildo.4

The ColourSofts were been among my favorite dildos for a couple years now—but have been replaced by the dual-density composition of the Lumious toys, the squishy G-spotting of the Splendid Vita, and the broad life-cast details of Nathan SuperSoft. I still think the ColourSoft 8″ excels as a suction cup toy because of how flexible it is, and I pull it out when I want to be filled, while feeling those super-veiny details all down its shaft!

Find the ColourSoft 5″ here and the ColourSoft 8″ here.

* * *

  1. Which are made up of one layer of the same kind of silicone, as opposed to dual-density (two-layer) toys. See my Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide for details.
  2. With silicone, the larger a toy gets, the firmer it feels. It’s not a huge difference with these two, but I thought it was worth noting.
  3. Softer silicones contain dimethylsiloxane fluids, which are pure silicone and are safe (just like the dimethicone that makes up a large part of any silicone lubricant is). They may experience some minimal leaching.
  4. Unless the person definitely wants firmer pressure. It’s totally valid to like firmer stim, and if you do, then the NS Colours Pleasures dildos or the Blush Ruse dildos will probably be a better choice.

29 thoughts on “NS Novelties ColourSoft Dildos Review: Soft Silicone, 5 Inch and 8 Inch”

  1. Thank you so much for your reviews, Felicity, especially for this one and your Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide! You’re a lifesaver. Thanks to you, I could finally find the affordable squish I was craving. ColourSoft are really pretty, fun toys. I can’t stop stroking them. I bought the 5″ one first and I was so in love with its squishiness, I soon decided to get another one, plus the 8″ version. By the way, I’ve tried sticking the two 5″ dildos together, using their cups, and it worked very well. This way I could create either a “handle”, for (my partner’s) easier thrusting, or a double-ended dildo.

    Also, your writing is both informative and entertaining. You’re doing a great job, making this world a better place! I hope you’ll keep having lots of fun with your toys 🙂

    • Hey, thanks so much! I think that’s the nicest comment I’ve ever gotten here! I’m glad I helped you.

      You’re right, I’m wondering why I haven’t bought the 5″ ColourSoft! They’re so fun to twist around and squeeze. Sticking two of them together is a great idea, too—thanks for letting me know that works well.

  2. Hello,
    i was wondering since you’ve used the coloursoft 8, the colours 8 and some vixskin dildo.
    How does the firmness compare ?
    I own a similar dildo as the colours 8 called bondara mr realistic (i think it’s the same size or just a bit less (5,5inch circum) i’m using the large http://www.bondara.co.uk/bondara-flesh-realistic-suction-dildo).
    It’s supposed to be the same mold and same material. i’m also using a Johnny VixSkin.

    My girl like the shape of the mr realistic because the texture is nice. But it’s a bit too much texture for her and usually even with lot of foreplay she sometimes get uncomfortable down there afterward. She can’t really trust it long. She feels uncomfortable with the veins after a minute or 2.. Johnny viskin is way more squishy and the texture is really nice. It’s a bit larger but it feels less larger because of the texture. But the coronal ridge isnt that great/proeminant/stiff and the tip is a bit too squishy.

    If the coloursoft is really bigger maybe then it’ll be too big. And it’s quite expensive. I might like it and use it for myself tho.
    What do you think ?

    • I totally understand where your girlfriend is coming from. The hardness of the ridge on the Colours dildos and Mr Realist (I reviewed the next-to-largest
      of those) can be too much.

      So the ColourSoft 8″‘s head is more stimulating to me than the VixSkin Johnny’s. The silicone is squishy, and it’s flexible, but the veins definitely add texture. It’s not slick like Johnny. Here’s a quick shot I took of ColourSoft 8″, Johnny, and next-to-largest Mr Realist for size comparison.

      If Johnny is a bit too large, I’d recommend the Tantus Vamp Super Soft (here’s my review) because it’s a little smaller, and the silicone is soft but not oh-so-squishy like that outer layer of VixSkin. Vamp also doesn’t have much texture on the shaft, so thrusting it hard/fast is very comfortable. It is maybe $10 or $15 more expensive, because Tantus’ toys aren’t mass-produced in China like NS Novelties’. Or there’s the Blush Ruse Shimmy, which is about the same firmness as Mr Realist, but the Ruse dildos have a smoother finish and the ridge on this one bends back a little instead of forward, so maybe less ouch-y on the front wall of the vag than the Colours Pleasures dongs.

      I hope this helps!

  3. These reviews are VERY useful and thorough and REALLY helps when picking a toy! As a beginner, this all seems so new and the inexperience kicks in, and it helps to see the options and sizes and shapes and colors and length and thickness—AND ALL OTHER INCLUDED DETAILS! I love love love this review! Very well written and thorough!

  4. Thank you for your reviews. Thanks to you I found the toy I was looking for: the NS Novelties ColourSoft 5″. It’s perfect: looks, size, soft firmness.

    Following this lead I also found the NS Novelties Renegade – Lil’ John – Black (a 5″)(http://nsnovelties.com/product_info.php?products_id=811&osCsid=7341b31d78d8cd555694bc2753546ef4): same soft silicone as the ColourSoft, same looks, yet a tiny bit larger in diameter.

    You might be interested in the Renegade – Big John – Black (http://nsnovelties.com/product_info.php?products_id=812&osCsid=7341b31d78d8cd555694bc2753546ef4), the larger version.

    Thanks again Felicity.
    Keep up the good work!

    • You’re welcome, and thank you! You’re right, I’ve known about the Renegade dildos a while now, and I’ve wondered whether they’re much—or at all!—different from the ColourSoft ones.

  5. Hello Felicity,
    fist of all I wanted to say thank you for all your great reviews. I think that there was a real need on the sex blogosphere for a blog focused on silicone dildos, since they have many more variables (firmess, squishiness, prominence of texture…) that can impact the user’s experience compared to others body-safe materials. I also love how you review many toys that are on the more affordable side.

    Do you think that the 8″ version could be a good way to size up for someone who has taken firmer toys of around 1.75 maximum diameter? I’m a bit torn between these two toys because I fear that the small version might be too small and the big one too big. I wish that NS Novelties made a version of 1.75″ diameter, I think that would appeal both to people looking to size up from average dildos and size royalty who want an everyday/ minimal warm-up required toy.
    Also, do you plan on reviewing the dual density version of these toys that NS Novelties has released recently? I’m really curious to know how they compare to both the Coloursoft dildos and other dual-density toys on the market.

    • Thanks so much!!! I’m glad to have been able to shed more light on my absolute favorite kind of toy—I know it was hard for me to find detailed reviews of a lot of dildos I was interested in before I become a reviewer.

      I totally agree with you that NS should offer a 1.75″ version as well; I’ve seen a couple other folks comment the same over the past year. But it is what it is, and in general I would say that a quarter inch diameter is just the right amount to size up (especially with a softer toy). That said, it may not become an everyday-use toy for you. (Or it might, who knows!)

      And YES, I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of the Colours silicone duals for months. Right now I’m just waiting for my online retailers to start carrying them so I can get one for review; I’d think by next month.

  6. I am trying to find out if this product is compatible with swiss army silicone lubricant, but can not find any info. Do you know?
    So far it’s holding up and only gets a little sticky.

    • Typically it’s recommended to use silicone lube and silicone toys together with caution because every now and then, the lube will degrade the surface of the toy. But if you haven’t noticed any changes in the dildo’s surface after you wash it off, it’s probably OK. But with extended exposure (like many hours straight, totally immersed in it), cured silicone toys start to absorb the silicone oil from silicone lube and swell up. That size increase is unlikely to happen with more limited exposure, but if you’re concerned you might switch to a hybrid silicone + water-based lube, like Sliquid Silk.

      FWIW, ColourSoft dildos are sticky even when you only use water-based lube.

  7. Hello
    Can you review the NS Novelties Colours 8″ Thick too? I would like to see a comparison between the normal 8″ and the Thick one. I am I correct to assume that the NS Novelties Big John (renegade) is the same size ass the Thick version, but in a softer silicone? NS novelties tends to lack measurements on their site…

    • Since I find the Colours Pleasures (not soft) toys kinda uncomfortable due to the firmness, I don’t plan on reviewing any of them.

      I believe you’re right about the Big John Renegade; my guess is that line is very similar to the ColourSoft silicone. For some reason none of the shops I work with carry Renegade, so I can’t say for sure.

      I hate it when manufacturers don’t include accurate product dimensions!

  8. Hello

    Thank you for your reviews, I have already bought a couple of toys thanks to you and I am fully satisfied))

    Now, I want to buy another toy, but I am stuck in a dilemma between COLOURSOFT 8 INCH and COLOURS DUAL DENSITY 8 INCH. I am really not sure about the difference between them. Please help, what would be the best choice?

  9. Hi
    Thanks for the review. I have one question. The 8 inch ColourSoft dildo, what is the shape of the dildo? Is it circular or more like Ellipse?

  10. Hey Felicity,
    Just watched your NS Colours Soft vs NS Colours DD comparison video, very helpful, thanks.
    You held the two 8″ “cousins” side by side, and there doesn’t appear to be any difference in the girth or length.

    However, here are a vendor’s published dimensions:( I realize that NS doesn’t give the dimensions, so I don’t know if I can trust the vendor’s measurements)

    Soft: Insertable Length: 7.5 inch
    Width: 2 inch(head), 1.75 inch(top of shaft), 2 inch(base of shaft), 3.2 inch(balls and all), 3 inch(suction cup)

    DD:Insertable Length: 7.3 inch
    Width: 1.625 inch(head), 1.8 inch(top of shaft), 1.6 inch(base of shaft), 3.2 inch(balls & all), 2.75 inch(base/suction cup)

    Since you have used both extensively, please tell me if the above dimensions are correct or if they are wrong, and the two are much closer in size, as they appear on your video. Do they feel the same size inside you?


    • They’re very close, closer those specifications indicate. ColourSoft 8″ is about an eighth of an inch wider at both the widest part of the head and the widest part of the shaft. And given that ColourSoft is slightly firmer than the outer layer of silicone in Colours Dual Density, I do sometimes notice the difference. (Especially when I first start using the toy.) Again, it’s not a big difference, but if you’re really paying attention you may notice it.

  11. I bought the 5″ ColourSoft after reading your review. It’s a bit smaller than I’d imagined (even though I was aware of the specs), but it’s infinitely better than my other toys for anal play when I’m not feeling like prepping for an hour, which is most days. A bit more length and/or a bit more girth would have made it perfect, which would be a Goldilocks dildo somewhere between the 5″ and the 8″, I suppose. I have to say that the squeeziness and stretchiness *is* great for anxiety relief, even though I kind of laughed when I first read that. It’s the only toy I take out of the box to use for something other than its intended purpose.

    All in all, a great purchase, so thanks for the thorough reviews and keep up the good work!

    • Understood. I’ve heard this size preference from a few others too, and agree a middle size would be nice. Something like the Colours Thick 5″…except an inch longer, and softer silicone. We can dream!

      Thank you for reading!

  12. Hi Felicity! I’m new to well… the world of dildo densities! I wanted to ask you on the scale of silicone softness, what would the coloursoft one be on the softness scale?

  13. Hello!
    My husband and I have decided to try my first dildo. I was instantly drawn to the colours line. The dual density sounds terrific but I’m having a hard time deciding on the size. He is actually 7.5″ long with a 6″ girth. I wasn’t sure if would be best to start out smaller? Any recommendations would awesome! Thanks much.


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