Tantus Vamp Super Soft Review

Tantus Vamp Super Soft reviewTantus’ new Vamp Super Soft is everything I had hoped for from the original Vamp. This revamped Vamp still has an above-average-sized, nicely rounded head with a protruding coronal ridge, but now it’s actually good for thrusting! Whereas my old Vibrating Vamp was super firm, the Super Soft version’s silicone is flexible. Sure, it’s not super-duper squishy like the soft options you can custom-order from many fantasy toy makers, but you easily can bend the Vamp Super Soft in half with one hand. With the old Vamp, the front wall of my vag felt traumatized with fast thrusting, so I stuck to moving it in and out slowly, with a We-Vibe Tango inserted into the bullet hole. And since I’m a big thruster, the Vibrating Vamp got set aside for use maybe once a month. But now:

Tantus Vamp Super Soft flexibility
Bends easily to a 90° angle with one hand; can be bent entirely in half.

Here’s everything I liked or found so-so in the Vamp Super Soft

Oooh, Squishy!

I’m incredibly pleased with the level of squish that Tantus’ Super Soft formula provides. It’s similar to the 5-shore silicone1 used in Tantus’ O2 (dual-density) toys, but many O2 toys have a core that’s so thick (like in the Tantus Sam) that the outer squish is barely noticeable.

In contrast, these Super Soft offerings are the same silicone throughout the whole toy. This softer blend of silicone feels similar to the firm options (around 8A silicone) that many fantasy toy makers offer.2 It’s still flexible and will bend with your body, but it isn’t so yielding that it’s hard to insert or it feels limp when you thrust quickly. The Vamp’s head is indeed a tad softer than the head of my favorite Tantus dual-density silicone dildo, the Uncut #1.

I love clenching the Vamp Super Soft tightly, and it has a delightful amount of give when I spasm around it. When I thrust or ride the Vamp energetically, though, its lower shaft does bend backward some, which an O2 toy would never do. Due to this lack of a firm core, I like to take it slower with the Vamp Super Soft. I thrust it by hand instead of riding it, so that I can better direct the shaft to create more G-spot pressure.

All about the Head(s)

There’s another change I really like about the Vamp Super Soft vs. the original Vamp: though the maximum diameter is the same in both toys (1.75″), the Super Soft’s head actually takes up more space—it’s more rounded than the original. Also, the Super Soft’s coronal ridge is less “pointy”: it’s flatter. This means it allows for a larger area of the head to massage my G-spot (which is great because I prefer broader stimulation there).

The less-pronounced nature of the Super Soft’s main ridge also makes me notice the secondary, foreskin-type ridge below it a little more.3 These changes make me really, really pleased with the overall feel of the top half of the Vamp Super Soft. Check out the original Vamp (left) vs. the Super Soft (right):

Tantus Vibrating Vamp and Vamp Super Soft comparison side by side

The Matte Finish

Finally in my compare/contrast guide to the new vs. the old Vamp, I’d like to discuss finishes. The Super Soft blend has a matte finish, as compared with the gloss finish of the original. When I use a lot of lube, the original Vamp’s gloss finish is definitely slicker. But I actually prefer the extra friction of the Vamp Super Soft. It feels more like skin, and it doesn’t get really draggy when my water-based lube gets absorbed into my vag. (It only takes a couple minutes of fast thrusting for the lube to run out with a gloss finish!)

But not all of Tantus’ matte finishes are exactly the same: this Super Soft’s matte is slicker than the finish of Tantus’ more-realistic toys, like the Uncut #1 and #2, the Gary, the Alan, and the Sam. I personally prefer these ultra-grippy finishes, but they’re not for everyone.

Overall, I’d say that the Vamp Super Soft’s matte finish is a wonderful compromise between Tantus’ O2-realistic mattes and a gloss finish. The Vamp Super Soft’s outside is still slick, but it doesn’t feel too draggy. This means I don’t have to constantly reapply lube.

The Weird Vertical Ridge

This is the one part of the Vamp Super Soft that I’m not completely in love with: the very defined vertical ridge that runs from right above the base halfway up the toy. It is a wonderful place to rest your thumb when you’re thrusting manually. But if you go a bit too deep or you’re riding the toy hard, this ridge’s asymmetry can be irritating. I notice it hitting my left outer labium when I’m riding too fast. This feeling isn’t painful, but it’s enough to make me want to slow down a little. I find myself turning the toy slightly so the ridge is dead center rather than off to one side, but then I’m not getting the full force of the head on my G-spot.Tantus Vamp Super Soft full length

The Color

I’m not going to lie: I was hoping to get the bronze version of the Vamp to review, because I’m purple-sex-toyed out. But, as the fates will have it, I did get a purple Vamp, and now I love the color. It’s a deep purple with a lot of glittery shimmer and hints of black throughout. If purple metals existed, then I hope they’d be as shiny as this dildo.


I was surprised to see how well the glossy base of the Vamp Super Soft stuck to (very) flat surfaces. It’s by no means equal to the Tantus Suction Cup, but on a horizontal surface (like my favorite nightstand), it does actually stay in place for a few minutes while I’m riding it. It’ll stick to my shower wall too, but I expect it would pull off just when I’d started getting into the rhythm if I tried actually screwing it this way.4 Tantus Vamp Super Soft base suction

Overall Thoughts

I really appreciate having the Vamp Super Soft in my collection—since I am someone who does NOT like hard dildos. I absolutely love the Vamp’s large, rounded head and big coronal ridge in this softer silicone. It provides lovely, gentle-but-still-noticeable G-spot stimulation. I still choose a dual-density dildo (my absolute favorites here!) because I prefer their extra realism. Their firm inner cores are much better for fast thrusting. For slower strokes, though, I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of use out of the delightfully squishy Vamp.

Find the Vamp Super Soft here at Tantus!

  1. The outer layer of Tantus O2 toys are also 5(A?) silicone, but Tantus says that the Super Soft formulation is “a softer version of the 5 shore.”
  2. See my Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide for more details!
  3. But not a lot; I think you have to be pretty sensitive to get much out of the secondary ridging, especially in this softer silicone.
  4. Check out my Suction Cup Solutions page for more details about toys with really good suction cups.

9 thoughts on “Tantus Vamp Super Soft Review”

  1. I’ve been listing after this for some time now, I have a large collection of dildos but I always enjoy trying something different. I have the original Vamp which I love, but something about this super soft squishy-ness is calling me! I’ve entered your competition and this is one of the toys I’d like to win if I’m lucky enough. I like the purple too ????????

    PP x

  2. I ended up going to my local sex shop today after seeing all of your reviews on the Tantus products and I had Tantus’s Vamp on my wishlist for a while. They didn’t have Tantus Vamp Super Soft but they had the orignal Vamp in cream with sparkles (so pretty). I’m extremely excited to have a well made toy after reading horror stories of toxic toys. I ended up throwing out the other two toys I had because of the materials used to make them and how they gave me a burning sensation while using them. I feel better knowing that you recommend good products to your readers that won’t harm them and I’ll continue to look to you for more recommendations in the future! ????

    • I’m sorry to hear about your past experiences with toys that burned, but that’s great that you have a good Tantus toy now! Very exciting. Lots of folks enjoy the firmness of the original Vamp, and I hope it works well for you too.

  3. I got this thinking I would like it. It is so much better than I hoped though! I’ve been a fan of the design for years, but so glad I didn’t get it in original firmness. Your review was definitely part of the reason I took the plunge.


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