Tantus Uncut #1 Dual-Density Realistic Dildo Review

Hanging out among the palm fronds.

The Tantus Uncut #1 is my desert-island dildo.

That’s right: [at the time I wrote this post], I’d tried about thirty body-safe dildos over the past year—including three Tantus O2 and two VixSkin—and this is my favorite so far. Here’s why it works so well for me, and why it may (or may not!) work for you.

That Head

I like my toys to be top-heavy, so Uncut #1 called to me; plus, at 1.75”, it’s a great diameter for my vag. I also admit to being fixated on uncut foreskins, so I thought I’d give this toy a try.

The head is definitely rounded, but not extremely so (like the Tantus Duchess is). It’s a stretch to insert on sensitive days, but the rest of the time, it just takes a little wiggling and Wow. The head is so weighty, and it puts a lot of pressure on my frontal wall when thrust rapidly. 

 Oooh, Texture!

Uncut #1’s coronal ridge, though covered by its foreskin, still protrudes just enough to really rub me the right way. Really, my only complaint about the toy is that I wish the ridge were slightly larger. Under the coronal ridge is a series of smaller, horizontal ridges that provide even more texture. The texture isn’t intense (like many, many fantasy toys such as my beloved Split Peaches Rivetor), but it’s a happy medium for my vagina, which finds really firm ridges to be a bit much

Tantus Alan, Gary, & Uncut #1 side by side
So much detail in all these Tantus realistics! Tantus Alan (review here), Gary (review here), and Uncut #1. Yes, the fact that I only own the cocoa (=tan) versions is sad.

Plus, the Uncut #1’s finish, a very grabby matte, adds even more to the dildo’s texture. I personally enjoy this finish, as it adds friction and really rubs against my G-spot. (Keep in mind that I like more texture than most people: I love the supposedly “draggy” silicone of the Fun Factory Boss!) But, some users may find that they need a lot of lube to comfortably thrust Uncut #1. 

The Backwards Taper

Uncut #1 is long: Tantus’ specs say 7.45” insertable, though my tape measure says the toy is 9” long when straightened out.1 Because of this extra length, I have two to three extra inches to grip onto at the bottom, so I’m very glad that the toy narrows down slightly toward the base; it gives me a great handle. I get to feel like I’m both clutching a cock, handjob style, and being pounded.

The Squish

I did a lot of testing before I figured out exactly how squishy I like my silicone dicks, and Uncut #1 is a happy medium for me.2 I was pleased to find out that Uncut #1 is more flexible than the other Tantus O2 products I’ve tried so far3 (Duchess, Sam, and Alan)—all of which included vibe holes and didn’t bend like this:

It curves with my body!

The amount of softness in Uncut #1 feels awesome to me. The outer layer of 5-shore-strength silicone is kinda-soft, but not squishy to the point where I have a hard time getting off on it due to my brain interpreting the softness as “semi-flaccid cock” (like I do for the VixSkin Maverick). Check out the “Dual-Density” section in my Silicone Dildo Firmnesses guide for details about Tantus O2 in comparison with other two-layer dildos.  If you do want a really soft dual-density toy, one that’s almost like a jelly dildo in the soft outer layer, then I recommend the hugely popular Vixen Creations VixSkin dildos or the more affordable Blush Real Nude toys instead. 

Uncut #1’s firm core makes the dildo feel more solid than a softer uncored toy (I’m thinking 8A, or Bad Dragon’s firm density, here), but remember that Uncut #1 does have extra give in the head. For me, it’s the perfect example of why dual-density toys were created: the solid core prevents the toy from bending backward while it’s being jerked (and not hitting my G-spot), while the head is nice and squishy when I clench around it.

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely love the Tantus Uncut #1 because of its:

  • Dual-density construction, which gives me the perfect amount of softness in the head—but fans of more squishiness should check out even softer two-layered options, especially VixSkin
  • Heavy head , with a moderate curve and flexibility in the shaft
  • Series of horizontal ridges, starting with a squishy, medium-sized coronal ridge
  • Long length and taper toward the base: great for thrusting solo!
  • Small base (still anal-safe, but not overly large or heavy)

For all these reasons, Uncut #1 is my go-to thrusting dildo. It’s the one I crave when I can’t get enough realistic-looking cock. That said, you may not be interested in Uncut #1 if you prefer smaller, gentler, or glossier dildos.

Pick one up yourself direct from Tantus, or at SheVibe! And if Uncut #1 is a bit big for you, check out its smaller relative, Uncut #2.

  1. My partner has called it “the horse dong” because of this, even though it’s obviously not shaped like a horse dick.
  2. See my Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide for info about the squishiness of many different toys.
  3. I’ve now tried Gary too, whose head feels slightly softer than Uncut #1.