Review: Split Peaches Rivetor and Screw You Dildos

I first learned about Split Peaches because of their Unicorn Horns, of course, and I smiled and moved on.1 But then, as I was compiling my Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide, I started looking at their other toys more closely, and now I’m a huge fan.

[Update: Since I wrote this review, I’ve reviewed the Split Peaches Unicorn Horn—it took me a few months to figure out, but now I appreciate the texture a lot.]

What really sets Split Peaches apart from other small, independent toy makers, IMO, is that many of their toys are clever: the Screw You makes me smile every time I see it, and I’ve never seen anything like their POVieStick Cell Phone Strap-on. Now, it’s possible that at this point you’re thinking, “Clever is great, but how well do these toys actually work?”2

Split Peaches Rivetor and Screw You dildos in toolbox

I have to answer that for me, the Rivetor is the tool for the job (of G-spotting, that is), while the Screw You, though the sensations it provides are intriguing, requires an extra tool—the We-Vibe Tango—to finish me off.3Split Peaches Rivetor and Screw You dildos


My small, silver Rivetor is truly a riveting experience for me. I’m sensitive to texture but not extremely bothered by it, so your mileage may vary. (If you hate ribbed condoms, for example, or you don’t have any previous experience with highly textured toys, then I’d recommend sticking to a smoother Split Peaches toy.) I have had to adopt a different masturbation technique with the Rivetor (as well as with the Screw You) than I use with many of my other toys: instead of hard and fast thrusting, I use shallower, slower movements.

When I learned that Split Peaches used the fairly firm 20A silicone (which can be bent some but isn’t squishy) for most toys,4 I immediately wondered if this would be too much in such textured toys. But after testing the Rivetor, I realized that the toy performs well in this firmness because of one thing: the shape of the large bumps that make up the toy’s large top ridge.

[update: Split Peaches now offers all its toys in this standard (20A shore) firmness as well as in “medium squish” (10A) and Super Squishy (00-50)! I definitely recommend the softer firmnesses if you’re sensitive or if you’re getting a larger toy—even the medium Rivetor is huge!]Split Peaches Rivetor dildo ridge closeupThese bumps definitely stick out, but they don’t have the drastic downward curve of a protruding (human) coronal ridge. This means that the pressure on my frontal wall isn’t quite as intense, and so I’m grateful for the firmer silicone. I also appreciate that the toy’s shaft has a slight bent, which allows its heavy head to rub me the right way.

When I first tested the Rivetor, I was standing up, leaning against my bathroom counter in my eagerness to see how it felt, and I noticed that the edges of the toy’s hexagonal base were hitting my upper thighs.

Split Peaches Rivetor dildo silver base
This is really sparkly IRL, with glitter all throughout.

Since these corners bumping into me wasn’t a particularly enjoyable sensation, I moved over to the bed, where I figured out how I should be using the Rivetor: flat on my back; hand around the base; using slow, twisting, in-and-out motions. The small Rivetor’s 1.875″ maximum diameter (at the top ridge) is generous, and I love how filling that head is. The bumps in the top ridge are a bit of tease, really; they make me slow down and really feel every one of them, as the pressure from the head and all those bumps hitting my frontal wall builds and builds.

The small Rivetor’s insertable length is 5.5″, so I’m actually able to take the full length of the toy; I could sit on the base and “hilt” it if that were my style. Because I’m thrusting the toy slowly due to the huge amount of texture, this length is perfect (whereas I like a couple extra inches to work with when I’m really battering my G-spot with a smoother toy).

The Rivetor has convinced me that I have now become a “texture junkie.” There’s no turning back now, folks!

Screw You Dildo

Split Peaches Screw You dildo with a screwdriver!

I’m going to come right out and say that, though I like the Screw You’s texture, I love its novelty value. I need to have this out on my desk all day long while I’m working, just so that I can stop and laugh at the huge (and beautiful!) silver screwing sitting there. And it’s a gorgeous silver: metallic and very sparkly, with beautiful marbling and hints of glitter all throughout these toys.Split Peaches Screw You silver marbled base: gorgeous!

In use, the Screw You is unique: the total lack of texture between the screw’s threads throws my vagina for a loop. I like it a lot as a warm-up toy, to tease myself until I can’t stand the gaps anymore and I whip out a more uniformly solid dildo to stick in. I just can’t twist the toy fast enough to satisfy my greedy G-spot! Plus, the Screw You’s straightness (especially combined with the firmer silicone) doesn’t make for great G-spotting.Split Peaches Screw You screw tip

But that’s where a third tool, the We-Vibe Tango, comes in. When my clit is stimulated (and stimulated well), my G-spot doesn’t crave the pressure of a bent shaft and a large coronal ridge—and I’m having fun again. The journey is slow but amazing as the thread wraps around and around. I’m glad for the toy’s round base, as it makes turning the Screw You super easy.

Finishing the Job (=Final Thoughts)

If you’re looking to get screwed and/or riveted to your bed, the Screw You and the Rivetor are super-fun options. I love my Rivetor when I’m not in the mood for a realistic toy, because it G-spots well for me when I employ slow, turning thrusts. The balls around the head drive me wild. The Screw You, while hilarious, is more of a tease: I have to work to get orgasms out of it. But wow, do I love to display it!

You can pick up both toys and more from Split Peaches directly (buy here for sure if you want to customize your firmness; just add a comment in the “extra instructions” box if you want Super Squishy silicone, for example). Or you can buy a number of Split Peaches toys from Peepshow Toys here or from SheVibe here.

My thanks to Split Peaches for sending me these toys in exchange for my honest review.

Believe me, I will tell you when something does not work for me or when I think it’s badly designed. By buying through my affiliate links, you support my writing at absolutely no cost to you. (In fact, you’ll save money by using my discount codes.)


  1. Because tapered toys (that are widest at the base) don’t work well with my anatomy. It’s awesome if they work with yours!
  2. Split Peaches does also offer more-traditional, semi-phallic toys and plugs too: many of them are mixed into the Dildos category on their site, or Peepshow Toys carries the their Suction Cup Base Bent Shaft—which I’m really interested in, since suction cups—in four solid colors or red-and-blue swirl.
  3. Which isn’t a bad thing, to be clear. It’s just not a dildo that’s meant for thrusting, IMO, and I love thrusting.
  4. See my Silicone Dildo Firmnesses guide for full details.

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