Scifi Erotics Zuklat Review

Scifi Erotics’ Zuklat the Dayneb alien dildo taught me a valuable lesson: I’m not, in fact, a size queen. Instead, I’m some kind of lesser size royalty, like a duchess or maybe a countess. This depresses me because Zuklat is a well-made toy with some awesome texture and a great suction cup (which is an optional add-on to the toy). I hope your mileage will vary!

[Note: This toy is no longer in production. I recommend the Lust Arts Lust Burster alien creature as a good alternative. Or see my other fantasy dildo reviews here.]

Scifi Erotics Zuklat dildo spaceship stars

Scifi Erotics

Scifi Erotics is a very new toy maker that specializes in out-of-this-world fun. The company, which is based in Switzerland,1 aims to create a line of alien-themed toys—of all different sizes—in the near future. As someone who’s watched all the Star Trek series from TNG onward, I dig this idea. (Look, I have a growing collection of sci-fi dildos!)

I was initially drawn to Zuklat because I prefer top-heavy (big-headed) toys and I’m fascinated by toys with lots of small horizontal ridges down the shaft. Plus, I’m an aspiring texture junkie,2 so I thought Zuklat would be perfect! But then I met him in person…

Whoa, That’s a Head!

Yes, my eyes are in fact bigger than my vagina. It’s not like I was unaccustomed to large toys before this: I can almost fit the bottom (8″ circumference) of Bad Dragon’s Nox in, and Zuklat’s maximum girth—right at the beginning, in its big head—is slightly less than that: 7.75″ circumference (about 2.5″ diameter), according to the product specifications. After maybe ten minutes of wiggling Zuklat around, I was finally able to fit the whole head in. This is not a toy you use without proper warmup. 

Tantus Alan, Scifi Erotics Zuklat, and Bad Dragon Nox in medium
Zuklat between the average-human-sized Alan (my review here) and medium Nox (my review here).

Zuklat’s head is shaped so that the middle (maybe half its diameter) sticks out more than the rest, with interesting indentations on both sides. (See the 360° product walk-through here for a better view.) This is the most focused, extreme pressure I’ve ever felt from a dildo. If you like being fisted, you’ll love Zuklat!

The Silicone

Zuklat’s silicone is 8A shore.3 It feels firmer to me than my Nox, which is also 8A (Bad Dragon’s firm); it’s somewhat more like my Shapely Toys Binate in 10A (if that toy were much larger). I really like the matte feel of Zuklat’s silicone; it’s neither semi-glossy (like Nox) nor sticky (like the Binate), yet it’s not draggy. Personally, I think Zuklat’s density works very well for suction cup dildos, especially when used on a wall, because the lower shaft doesn’t bend with the pressure that comes from thrusting against it. I did find myself wishing that Zuklat’s head were a little squishier, mostly because the toy is larger than I’m comfortable with.

The Suction Cup

Four purple dildos on my shower wall: smallest to largest! Zuklat is huge.
A lineup of purple, suction-cuppy cocks: Blush Ruse Magic Stick, Tantus Vamp Super Soft, and Vixen Creations Large Realistic Bent before Zuklat.

That said, Zuklat’s suction cup is incredibly strong and well made, especially given how heavy the toy’s head is. After you press the toy (very firmly) into place, it’s not going anywhere. I stuck mine up against my shower wall for several hours, and then I came back and jiggled it up and down and side to side, and it stayed put.

The Texture

Zuklat's front texture: huge pointy cock head, small ridges

Because the toy’s head is so filling, I can’t thrust much at all, so I’m not able to take advantage of those nice, tiny ridges down the front of the shaft. I bet they would be amazing in use if I had enough room to insert more of the shaft.

This is a toy that requires extra cleaning attention. The ridges aren’t terribly difficult to rinse out thoroughly, but the pockets at the top and bottom of the head tend to collect water, so be sure to place the toy flat on its back after cleaning (and possibly rotate it after a couple hours) so that any excess water is able to drain off the toy before you put it away.

Zuklat's back texture: lots of ridges on this dildo


I definitely explored uncharted territory with Zuklat the Dayneb. Unfortunately, he didn’t take me into outer space, just because he isn’t suited to my individual anatomy. Still, I’m extremely enthusiastic about Scifi Erotics, and I would recommend Zuklat to anyone who knows they can take extra-large, top-heavy toys. Calling all actual size royalty!

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NameRating (of 10)Find ItImageBest ForPrice
Velvet Thruster Mini10Velvet Thruster product photo 2Most lifelike thrusting (long stroke length); good speed range$135.00
Fun Factory Stronics10Stronic squareEasiest to hold, fully waterproof, FAST jiggling$169.99
Maia Max / Monroe8.5Maia Max thumbnail cropRemote control! + Suction cup. Slimmer shaft, plus vibes.$109.99
NS Inya Deep Stroker7.5NSN-0558-14_inya-deepstroker_pink_bulk1_lo_540xCheapest body-safe option; has vibes too$69.99
Happy Rabbit Thrusting9Lovehoney-Happy-Rabbit-Elite-Thrusting thumbDual stimulation: clit too.$69.99

* * *

  1. Though toys are shipped from Germany, for only $10 USD. Scifi Erotics is hoping to ship through Amazon soon so that US customers can receive their toys faster—though mine arrived from Germany only eight days after it was shipped, not long at all.
  2. As my Split Peaches Rivetor review will attest!
  3. See my Silicone Dildo Firmnesses guide for more details about what this means.

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