Blush Novelties Ruse Magic Stick Review

Blush Ruse Magic Stick dildo swirls 800pxThe Magic Stick, part of the very affordable Ruse line by Blush Novelties,1 has solved all my standing-masturbation problems. You see, usually when I stick a suction cup dildo on a wall, I’m forced to arch my shoulders backward and thrust my hips forward. But the Magic Stick’s intense curve allows the toy’s coronal ridge to hit my G-spot without any awkward back-arching. Blush Ruse Magic Stick stuck to wall

The toy’s sweeping bent reminds me of two fingers curved in a “come-hither” motion. And since my favorite form of foreplay is having the space between my clit and my vaginal opening rubbed up and down, up and down, of course I had to try the Magic Stick this way. Because of the shaft’s curve, this is the first dildo that I’ve ever been able to stick to the wall and enjoy grinding my vulva (not vagina) against. The strong suction cup is another reason why this setup works well for me: many toys would have fallen off the wall due to the pressure I put on them, but I have to pry the Magic Stick’s suction cup off when I’m finished.

Obviously, this is not a dildo for vagina owners who have problems with toys bumping into their pubic bone. But because it’s an average size (maximum diameter 1.5″), I’m comfortable thrusting against it to my heart’s (that is, G-spot’s) desire. The widest part of the head looks just slightly thinner than the shaft, and it’s tapered, making it easy to insert. Actually, I find this tapered glans a touch small for my personal tastes2, but the foreskin ridging more than makes up for this. The lines provide so much stimulation to my frontal wall, especially in this moderately firm density of silicone. Yeah, I have a bit of a foreskin fixation,3 and this is why: because these little horizontal lines drive me crazy.Blush Ruse Magic Stick full length flat

I said that the silicone is “moderately firm” because it has some softness but not a lot.4 It’s not rock-hard; it will bend some with pressure, but it doesn’t squish when you orgasm around it. This density works well for suction cup toys because of the pressure that they have to withstand when anyone is pounding them against a wall, floor, etc. I like the fact that the foreskin lines are more noticeable in this firmness of silicone than they would be in a softer toy.

Speaking of ridges, I find it interesting that there’s also a small set of horizontal lines at the very base of the shaft. I can get some minimal clit stimulation from these—and from the large, raised vein that runs down the shaft between the foreskin ridges and the bottom ridges—when I’m using the Magic Stick against a wall. The six insertable inches are a really good length for me because of the curve: for straighter toys, I like more length because I have to stand farther back from the wall in order to arch my hips enough to get the dildo’s head to hit my G-spot.5Blush Ruse Magic Stick with roses in background

One final note about the silicone: it has a certain smoothness that can only be described as “satiny.” (See my Blush Novelties Luxe Purity 2 review for details.) It’s not glossy, but it’s more fun to touch, IMO, than the Colours Pleasures dildos with their more plasticky feel.

But it’s not all perfect: though this is my new favorite fucking-my-bathroom-wall dildo, I feel awkward thrusting it fast while I’m flat on my back. The curve is more difficult to maneuver at this angle, and the balls stop me from getting a really good grip around the shaft. I like the look of the balls, with all their little realistic-scrotum-looking lines, but I’d probably eliminate them from the toy if I had the option.6 Also, the suction cup—which is manufactured separately from the rest of the toy—does have some minor nicks and imperfections in it, but it’s still body-safe. In general, the Magic Stick requires extra attention during cleaning because of all the texture.

All in all, I’m super happy that I chose the Magic Stick out of Blush Novelties’ Ruse line of single-density, suction cup dildos. The upward curve, foreskin ridging, and powerful suction cup make it my preferred G-spotting dildo for the shower.7 And the price is pretty affordable, at under $30 USD. This pricing, along with the fact that Blush Novelties sources its own materials to ensure the quality of its silicone, makes me eager to recommend the Ruse line.

If you like a big curve in your toys like I do, get a Magic Stick here. Or, check out the Juicy or the rest of the Ruse line for various sizes of straight-and-firm suction cup fun.

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  1. A body-safe, G-spotting dildo for under $25 bucks? Sign me up!
  2. Especially since I managed to fit Zuklat the alien dildo in. Jesus Christ, that’s a big head.
  3. See my fave dildo, the Tantus Uncut #1.
  4. With the exception of ColourSoft dildos; see my review here. I do find the Magic Stick a little softer than NS Novelties’ firm silicone, found in the Colours Pleasures series and the Firefly silicone dildos (review here).
  5. This information will be included in my hypothetical book, The Mechanics of Fucking: A Dildo Reviewer Tells All. 
  6. Your mileage may vary. I’m just not a big fan of balls on dildos in general.
  7. Though I do very much enjoy the larger coronal ridge, overall bigger head, and squish of NS Novelties’ ColourSoft 8″, its softer silicone and straight shaft make more difficult to screw against a wall.

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    • Hi, probably not because that Blush Ruse silicone is just a standard medium-firm hardness silicone; that’s OK for G-spot pressure, but in my experience not especially a great feel for just thrusting, especially if you’re looking for a realistic feel. The Neo Elite toys are really A LOT better for realism, in a similar price range.
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