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This page lists all comparative sex toy guides currently found on Phallophile Reviews, where we pit various body-safe sex toys against each other & offer power rankings, or list high-quality options for you to select from.

Overwhelmed by the options? See the “beginner” toy questions in this post.

Multi-Category Sex Toy Guides

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About Body-Safe Toys

All in this post: why Phallophile Reviews is based on silicone (but glass, metal, and ABS plastic can be good too). How to clean, sanitize, and store your safe toys.

More on condom & sex toy compatibility here, including the “silicone lube on silicone toys?!” debate.

And lubricants can be safe or toxic too: See my Balanced Lubricant Guide here, backed by pH and osmolality test results & medical studies here.

Anal Focused & Harness Guides

Other Toy Types

How-To Position and/or Use a [Toy Type]: