Fantasy Grinders List – Handmade & Artisan Silicone Toys

The following fantasy grinder toys for clitoral stimulation are crafted from platinum silicone, by independent artisan makers.

Many are “fantasy” grinder shapes—tentacles predominating, and occasional dragons. Some are abstract dots or spikes. Others are humanoid vulvas with a fantasy twist, like “mermaids”; or humpable phalluses. Then we have flowers to rub off on, and the list continues!

Some fantasy grinders include a vibrator slot, a hole that you can put small “bullet vibrators” inside. I’ve marked vibrator slot possibilities with a. Most fantasy makers are U.S.-based; others are noted with UK, Australia, or Sweden. Please email me at if you know of any 100% silicone grinders this list is missing!

Fantasy Grinders

Pris Toys Tribble silicone grinder sex toy with bullet vibrator slot - Maia Jessi Trippy inserted
For fantasy grinders with bullet-vibe slots: Be sure to apply a couple drops of lubricant into the hole before inserting the bullet, as it’ll be much easier to remove the vibrator later. Especially true if you’re working with a thicker bullet vibe. Maia Jessi Trippy bullet pictured, with Pris Tribble.

Vulva & Phallic grinders

These semi-fantasy grinder toys resemble human labia & clits or human phalluses (dicks!) laid flatter for grinding on.

Flowers & Other Representational

Abstract Grinder Toys

Grinders with Penetrating Shaft

These grinders have a textured area outside for clit stimulation, plus a shaft to be inserted vaginally.

  • Uncover Tentacle Grinder 4 has an expansive tentacle shaft; while the Coral Keeper grinder has an insertable “horn.”⚡options. UK.
  • Odyssey Creations has the Kraken Grinder with swirling tentacles shaft (slimmer size), and Lor’dan III grinder with obelisk-type shaft. UK.
  • Bat Bites’ Entropy is a small plug with open, grindable maw.
  • Tentickle Toys has a plug with tentacle-grinder base called Skwee. UK.
  • VibePad3 is not an artisan super-soft grinder, but I’m sticking it in here anyway because it’s the only grind-pad vibrator with G-spot stimulator.
  • Sinnovator has a 3-tentacle grinder where one lies flat for clit rubbing, a small one may be inserted, and a third one lies flat for perineal rubbing. In 2 firmness options, “medium-soft” (4A) and “medium” (10A), where Sinnovator confusingly defines 4A silicone as “The most malleable firmness available” (Sooo….Why only call it medium-soft, then? Or perhaps they don’t understand the difference between the 00 and A Shore scales?) In any case, avoid 10A-Shore grinders if you are not into pain by choice.

Grinder cock rings

The following shops make cock rings with an opening for a penis, then a textured surface for a clit to rub against.

Soft buffers for strap-on harness

These non-representational grinders can be put on/against a dildo base inside a strap-on harness, to shield the wearer’s mound from hard impacts when they thrust fast.

  • “Bumphers” by BananaPants wrap around dildo bases; they do provide a good buffer during hard thrusting, but they rest more against the pubic mound than near the clitoris—so for me, the Bumpher is not a “grinder” when worn in a harness, it’s a “buffer.” Bumphers are also firmer silicone than most fantasy options above; 2A Shore durometer for the Bumpher, vs. between 00-30 and 00-50 Shore (that’s about 0.5A) as the popular choices for indie toys.
  • The Sili Saddle is also a harness bumper, with a strong raised ridge down the center, that you might put onto a dildo base and grind against more directly. Described as “incredibly soft, squishy and flexible”; no shore durometer disclosed.

Other Artisan & Fantasy Grinder References

See also: QueerMushroomForest has a long list-guide to all kinds of all-silicone grinding options, including cushions for strap-on harness play, and breast grinders. And, here’s a Twitter thread created Aug. 29, 2022, with pictures, and even more grinders (some may not be available now; let me know if there’s a great updated fantasy grinder thread, And, Kelvin Sparks has a list of grinders with easy emoji categorization, and links to 2 reviews of fantasy grinder toys he owns, FtM perspective.

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