Tentacle Grinder Toy Review

It was love at first sit. 😍 The Tentacle Grinder absolutely clicked with my clit & vulva the first time I got on top: Its platinum silicone covered in tons of lil tendrils, splashing around with so many suckers. Uncover Creations’ Tentacle Grinder sex toy is a mound of silicone 🐙🐙 that I can sit on, rub on, and come on more easily than any other grinding sex toy I own—even faster than the vibrating grind pads!

I’ll describe the Tentacle Grinder’s silicone, what the big deal is, how to use it (included the buckled straps!), your color choices, plus ordering from Uncover and the shipping process!

Tentacle Grinder toy review
Grinder, straps, & buckles included with purchase; seashells & starfish sold separately. 😂

On the Tentacle-y Silicone

Uncover Creations uses platinum-cured silicone, the good stuff that body-safe silicone makers should use for safety reasons. Their toys are handmade in the UK (but standard shipping to the USA is free with all grinder purchases). This grade of platinum silicone is functionally nonporous & hydrophobic: its molecules repel any water that bacteria could breed in. That’s perfect, because I am getting this tentacular toy wet.

The 4 grinders that Uncover makes are all cast from 00-40 Shore durometer silicone, by default. This is squishy-soft. Fleshy, I’ve described this density before, because when it’s 2-plus inches thick (like these grinders’ height), it somehow feels both gentle and muscular.

Tentacle Grinder silicone squish toy

Two reasons this grinder stands out from the crowd of silicone hump-ables for me:

  • Literal stature: it’s taller and longer than many grinders; a big plate of silicone. Just over 2″ max. height, 7 inches length, by about 4 inches tentacle width (or, 5 inches width including the slotted base).
  • The way the small tendrils rise and fall; all the little suckers. So much texture, yet not overwhelming for me when lubed up…

My Tentacle Grinder Toy Experience

Previously, I was used to grinding sex toys taking a while to get me to orgasm. So, before hopping on the Tentacle Grinder for my first ride, I started out with my favorite wand vibrator. It’s broad, medium intensity to pretty-strong clit stimulation, which is my preference. I ground on its smooth head some.

Tentacle Grinder sex toy vs. Satisfyer Curvy vs. Viben Sultry wand vibrator

I had this writhing silicone toy strapped to my pillow already; I’d put a small waterproof blanket (highly recommend; $15 will save lots of mess in bed) over the pillow first. So I was warmed up very sufficiently… and it was uphill from there.

The Tentacle Grinder’s got so many bumpity-bumps. Exploring it all that first time was super-fun. Rocking my vulva this way and that, to find different places; figure out where to rest my weight, to feel this tendril, that tendril, and the other.

I found my 100% awesome spot quickly. See, I really like how this little hump of 3 tentacles coming together right here looks, so I sat behind that:

Silicone grinding toy - Tentacle Grinder in hand

And I found my vag (where my inner labia puff out around it) was positioned on top of the Tentacle Grinder’s highest rise. OMG. Humping my pillow has never felt this cool before—nowhere near as stimulating as the Uncover Tentacle Grinder’s dozens of different ripples.

I quickly wanted to get its swarm of tiny tendrils all wet; return it to its natural habitat, yes??? 🌊

TIP: Do lube it up, so you have a slick surface without too much friction if you want to grind harder. Good Clean Love is my go-to these days for safety reasons.

Tentacle Grinder sex toy review - wet

Usually, textured sex toys are fun for me, but require motion, jerking, time as I build toward an orgasm. For example, I previously enjoyed Strange Bedfellas’ Tentacle vibrator sleeve (over the We-Vibe Tango & other bullet vibes), though with it I was doing the jerking. I was, essentially, thrusting it parallel to my vulva to get the stimulation I needed to orgasm.

Because I’m putting my weight on the Tentacle Grinder, I’m immediately getting more pressure there. My wrist is temporarily out of a job. 😊

I’ve even discovered that I don’t even need a vibrator warmup to be able to get off on this tentacle toy pile. Getting my vag situated on its high spot, rocking my clit & and its hood forward and rubbing a bit side-to-side… So damn good.

That said, I will add a vibrator into the mix after some play with the the Tentacle Grinder. If you’re someone who already owns a strong vibrator—especially a powerful wand—its waves of vibration will carry through the grinder’s silicone. I’ve put my Sultry wand both on the clit-side of the Tentacle Grinder, and even underneath the grinder’s bottom (as pictured here), and enjoyed the extra stimulation.

Uncover Creations also added a vibrator slot option to this Grinder after mine shipped out—so that’s an option too, if you want it both ways (pure texture & vibrating texture!).

Speaking of different ways, I’ve used the Tentacle Grinder both with and without the included straps, which can secure it tightly to a chair or a pillow. More on that next:

The STRAPS: How to Use

The Tentacle Grinder is a toy for either sitting on or lying on, and humping. Rock your hips fast or slow; rub your stuff on it lightly, or harder.

Pre-testing shot!

If you are firmly in the “fast” and “harder” camp, then the buckles and straps are a helpful accessory. See how they fit around a flat pillow of mine here. All Uncover Creations’ silicone grinders do include two nylon (backpack-like) straps, with two buckles. The buckles didn’t look the most secure to me when I was disassembling and reassembling, but I was wrong: the straps hold really tight even when I’m pulling on them hard by hand, forcefully trying to move the Tentacle Grinder.

I’ve used the grinder both with and without the straps. After I started squirting all over this lovely tentacle pile, I got the straps wet too; so if you are definitely a squirter, you’ll be cleaning those as well. Using the Grinder strapless, atop my waterproof-blanket-covered pillow, has been seamless for me; my weight keeps the silicone grind pad stable under my pelvic floor. I see the straps as most helpful for wrapping around a pillow that’s at an incline, like near the edge of the bed.

Ordering from Uncover: Made to Order

Conveniently, Uncover Creations offers all products for purchase, every day, with customization options. Unlike with many other fantasy makers, you don’t have to wait for a once-weekly stock drop and hope you find a color (and size and firmness, for dildos) that suits you.

The “Marbled” color choice will give you the most control over the colors your grinder has; there, you choose 2 or 3 colors out of 40 total options. Their color guide says you can also email them for more choices, and if you choose “surprise me,” then you can request that the toy not include specific colors—like if you’re just not a fan of red, etc.

Uncover Creations Tentacle marbled silicone toy

I went with “surprise me” and didn’t give any directions, and my Tentacle Grinder came out a pretty lavender and a more plummy purple. It’s cool, no complaints. Many of Uncover’s pigments are metallic; they have a shimmer. You can see this best on the underside of my grinder!

Uncover Creations currently has 3 tentacle-themed grinders, and one Bubbles one that’s like a cute bubblebath (with a duckie!). I chose the Tentacle Grinder (original) because I wanted a surface that was relatively flat; so I’d definitely be getting consistent stimulation at both my clit and my vaginal mouth, despite my atypical pelvic floor spacing.1

The grinders are all in 00-40 silicone (“Super Soft”), whereas Uncover’s dildos give you 3 firmness options. The grinders do include a “Silky Smooth Upgrade” add-on, which uses durian nut oil that reportedly offers more glide. I went with the normal finish, since this is an uber-textured toy anyway; it’s not about thrusting (where glide would be more beneficial).

And the vibrating bullet option is there too!!! I missed it!

Uncover is UK-based. U.S. shipping is free with all purchases over $60 (each grinder is $69.00). See their other shipping rates here. My package spent only 4 days in transit from England to Texas; and arrived in a discreet DHL box with shipper name “UC SERVICES.”

Tentacle Grinder Recap!

Tentacular?! I’m totally a tentacle sex toy convert now, I love the Tentacle Grinder (original) by Uncover Creations so much. Rubbing myself off against all its lil tendrils and suckers is the best new thang I’ve discovered all year (in the toy world). I told a friend it was “the coolest tentacle sex toy ever.” You see: I’m gushing in several ways over this grind pad.

This grinder’s raised bumps and long size make it so much more stimulating than other toys I’ve previously ground my pelvic floor against. I enjoy the contrast of its broad, 4″ width vs. the smaller tentacles that compose it. It’s a lot of texture, but still gentle in super-soft silicone. But, if you are someone who wants less surface stimulation, then the wealth of tiny suckers on this Tentacle toy might be too much; an even smooshier product, like the cushion-y Pelle grinders, might suit better.

I’m impressed with Uncover Creations’ product quality, how their site looks, the custom options & fast US shipping. Very smooth. 5/5 stars from this critical reviewer.


  1. You see, 2-bumped grind pads usually stimulate my butthole and my clit, not my vaginal mouth and my clit as they’re designed to do. Which is cool too, but… my vagina feels left out. Flatter grinder = problem averted!

5 thoughts on “Tentacle Grinder Toy Review”

  1. What are your thoughts on using one of these for external anal stimulation? I’m a male that’s new to prostate play but think it could be fun to grind on something too.

    • Hey, this is a super-interesting question!

      There will be *some* structural similarities between the nerve endings in any pelvic floor—

      The asshole to me feels a bit like the space between the cis-female clit & urethra, which is powerful for me,
      and the perineum area is not-too-different to the best of my knowledge.

      I’d be fascinated to hear your thoughts if you do try it for external anal/ perineal / maybe even scrotum stimulation. Do write back!!!

      *I could especially see the vibrating version of this grinder being cool for indirect prostate stim.

  2. I bought the Tentacle 2, and it just doesn’t have enough texture and bumps for me…my clit isn’t prominent enough, or maybe I need more lube to keep my pesky folds from hiding it, lol. I was worried that the original version would be TOO much stimulation, but life is a journey of lessons. It doesn’t help that I injured my knee right around the time I bought it, so kneeling and squatting were nearly impossible, kind of a necessity for grinding, at least for me – I don’t know why but it’s hard for me to climax on my back no matter the method. Maybe my body is just throwing me for a loop as I near 50, lol. Good times! I appreciate your review (and your site overall!), I think I’ll get this version and give it a shot!

    • Uh-oh! See, I think the Tentacle II looks interesting, but I knew that wavy hump in the middle would be weird because it’s so tall. I’d want to sit on it with it at my vaginal opening, but then the clit texture would be angled away (rolling downwards). I could see how it would interfere with some people’s labia, the way it’s raised in that platform-like strip.

      I’m sure it works for others, though.

      Sorry to hear about your knee!!

      I recently ordered Uncover’s new tentacle grinder with a penetrating-tentacles shaft, and am curious how that’ll turn out! Hoping to publish a review in March. For clit textures, looking at how this new model is shaped, my assumption is that the original Tentacle Grinder will still be the best for me externally, but I shall see.

      I 💗 the spirit of your message. My sincerest thank-you for reading and writing out your experience!


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