Tentacle Grinder Toy Review: 2 soft sucker toys tested

It was love at first sit. 😍 The original Tentacle Grinder toy absolutely clicked with my clit & vulva the first time I got on top. Its platinum silicone is a writhing mound of lil tendrils, splashing around with so many suckers, and so squishy. 🐙🐙 With this clit grinder toy, I can sit on, rub on, and come on it more easily than any other grinding sex toy I own—more satisfyingly vs. *firm*-silicone grinder pads!

I’ve now put two Tentacle Grinder toys to the test: the Tentacle Grinder 1 vs. the Tentacle Grinder 4. The newer fantasy grinder’s got one tentacle for vaginal stimulation, plus a second feeler for clitoral grinding. Last, I got Uncover’s strong mini-bullet vibrator to rev up their tentacle toy: Full Tentacle Grinder toys review!

The Run-Down:

Fabulous fleshy-soft silicone with fantasy tentacle textures—for humping & grinding to clit orgasm. Made-to-order colors + vibrator options. Handmade platinum silicone.

$78 USD base price

Tentacle Grinder by Uncover Creations - review, tentacle toy closeup

My 2x Tentacle Grinder Toy Experiences

Tentacle Grinder I (original)

Two reasons this first 🐙Tentacle Grinder still stands out from the crowd of soft-silicone hump-ables for me, 2 years after I got it:

  • Gentle feel: All the tiny suckers on small feelers, rising and falling subtly. So much texture, yet not overwhelming for my sensitive bits when the Tentacle Grinder is lubed up…
  • Size: It’s a big plate of silicone, ideal for me as a lover of broad clitoral stimulation. The Tentacle Grinder #1 is 2 inches max. height × 7 inches length × by 3.6 inches grindable tentacle diameter (or 5 inches width including the slotted base).

Previously, I was used to grinding sex toys taking a while to get me to orgasm. So, before hopping on the Tentacle Grinder for my first ride, I started out with my favorite wand vibrator. I ground on its smooth head some.

Tentacle Grinder sex toy vs. Satisfyer Curvy vs. Viben Sultry wand vibrator

I had this writhing silicone toy strapped to my pillow already; I’d put a small waterproof blanket (highly recommend; $15 will save lots of mess in bed) over the pillow first. So I was warmed up very sufficiently… and it was uphill from there.

The Tentacle Grinder’s got so many bumpity-bumps. Exploring it all that first time was super-fun. Rocking my vulva this way and that, to find different places. Figuring out where to rest my weight, to feel this octo-arm, that octo-arm, and another.

I found my 100% awesome spot quickly. See, I really like how this little hump of 3 tentacles coming together right here looks, so I sat behind that:

Silicone grinding toy - Tentacle Grinder in hand

And I found my vag (where my inner labia puff out surrounding) was on top of the Tentacle Grinder sex toy’s highest rise. OMG. Humping my pillow could never in a million years be as good as the Uncover Tentacle Grinder’s dozens of different ripples.

I quickly wanted to get its swarm of tiny tendrils all wet; return it to its natural habitat, yes??? 🌊

Tentacle Grinder sex toy review - wet

TIP: Do lube the grinder’s silicone up, so you have a slick surface without too much friction if you want to grind harder. Sliquid H2O water-based is my go-to these days for safety reasons.

Usually, textured sex toys are fun for me, but require motion, jerking, time as I build toward an orgasm. For example, I’ve rubbed off on other tentacle toys by thrusting their silicone parallel to my vulva, to achieve the stimulation I needed to orgasm.

But because I’m putting my weight on the Tentacle Grinder, I’m immediately getting more pressure there. My wrist is temporarily out of a job. 😊

Tentacle sex toys, 100% platinum silicone

I’ve discovered that I don’t even need a vibrator warmup to be able to get off on this tentacle toy pile. Getting my vag situated on its high spot, rocking my clit & and its hood forward and rubbing a bit side-to-side… So damn good.

That said, adding a vibrator hole to the Tentacle Grinder 4 is worth the $13 add-on:

Tentacle Grinder IV – dual-stimulation grinder

Ooooh, the tentacle that penetrates. I got this penetra-tentacle excited about its short, thick vaginal feeler. The Tentacle Grinder 4’s insertable length starts at 0.9 inches diameter (at the top set of 2 suckers) and expands to 1.7 inches diameter at the bottom of its 2.8 inches insertable length.

Tentacle Grinder toys tested - tentacle toy size

The Grinder 4’s tentacle’s squished up in me when I first took my place on top. It’s the perfect Super-Soft silicone density, IMO. Incredibly comfortable.

One of the suckers on the clit tentacle is raised above its circular friends: That’s the one to find your spot, rubbing clitorally on.

Tentacle Grinder toy 4 test - largest stimulating sucker

Since that… clit-acle is slightly off-center, I needed a minute to wrap my head around its positioning. Then, I angled the grinder-pad slightly toward my left leg, correcting for the assymmetry. With the bullet vibrator running, it was thrilling to rub on. I started thinking about aquatic adventures again 💦 with this new tentacle friend.

The basic bullet vibrator you can choose with any Tentacle Grinder is not weak. It’s stronger than the We-Vibe Tango, and ≈ 80% as strong as the Nu Sensuelle Point that’s Uncover Creations’ “premium” vibrator option. Still, it’s not the rumbliest vibrator, so I—a deep-vibration aficionado—have also tested it with Swan Maximum Bullet (my fave mini-vibe because more adjustable rumble). Either way, these feelers are rockin’ with vibration.

Between my two tested Tentacle Grinders, I like the Grinder #1 most for clit stimulation alone. But, the widening penetration of Grinder #4 also hits the spot when I want a tentacle toy invading my vagina, at certain times of month when I crave fantasy & extra novelty. It’s a hard choice. I’d buy the Tentacle Grinder #1 first if I had to decide.

Tentacle Grinder toys tested

Tentacle Grinder Toys – 4 models

Uncover Creations crafts customizable silicone Tentacle grinders in 4 different shapes:

  1. Tentacle Grinder (I): Smaller arms & the widest contact zone. My favorite for clit grinding, due to the wealth of subtle stimulating textures.
  2. Tentacle Grinder II: A wavy slide of 1 notched tentacle. Drops off on the sides.
  3. Tentacle Grinder III: Two big winding tentacles, with larger suckers; 1 sticks up most for rubbing forward on.
  4. Tentacle Grinder IV: The penetrating + rub-off-able grinder! The tapered vaginal tentacle is tops for squishy filling. Then, you grind forward on the 1 flat tentacle lying outside, for clitoral stimulation.

How to Use a Tentacle Grinder

Uncover’s Tentacle Grinders are large, sit-on-top toys — so you employ your own body-weight to add sensation. (That’s vs. smaller palm-sized grinders, where you might need to move them by hand for a similar “rubbing off” effect.)

If you have a bullet vibrator + vibrator slot: Squeeze a couple drops of lubricant into the hole, before inserting the vibrator & powering it on.

Also apply water-based or hybrid lubricant on top of the silicone Tentacle Grinder, and spread the lube around. Especially helpful for minimizing friction if you want to grind hard.

Tentacle Grinder toy 4 - with bullet vibrator, how to use

For best comfort: Place the grinder toy on top of two pillows. (Maybe 3 pillows, if you’ve got long legs or smooshy pillows.)

Then, straddle the toy, so you’re cowgirl / cowpoke style, = sitting on top.

Rock your hips fast or slow; rub your stuff on it lightly, or harder.

Grinder Straps: Helpful?

The grinders’ included buckles and straps are a helpful accessory if:

  1. You’re into hard ‘n’ fast grinding riding on an incline: like on upward angled pillows. See how they fit around a flat pillow of mine here.
  2. Or if you want to strap it around a partner’s thigh, so you’re grinding off on a tentacular leg, your partner watching.

All Uncover Creations’ silicone grinders come with the two nylon (backpack-like) straps, with two buckles. The buckles didn’t look the most secure to me when I was disassembling and reassembling, but I was wrong: the straps hold really tight even when I’m pulling on them hard by hand, forcefully trying to move the Tentacle Grinder.

Tentacle Grinder strapped around pillow - humping sex toy

I first tested the grinders with straps, but decided I didn’t actually need them: Either Tentacle Grinder will stay on a fairly flat pillow swimmingly, no straps required. My weight keeps the silicone grind pad stable under my pelvic floor, and—because I’m prone to squirting while grinding off like this—I don’t have to worry about cleaning the nylon straps.

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On the Tentacle-y Silicone

Uncover Creations uses platinum-cured silicone, the good stuff that body-safe silicone makers should use for safety reasons. Their toys are handmade in the UK.

This grade of platinum silicone is functionally nonporous & hydrophobic: its molecules repel any water that bacteria could survive in. That’s perfect, because I am getting this tentacular toy wet.

Uncover tentacle grinders are all cast from 00-40 Shore durometer silicone, by default. This is squishy-soft. Fleshy, I’ve described this density before, because when it’s 2-plus inches thick (like these grinders’ height), it somehow feels both gentle and muscular.

Tentacle Grinder silicone squish

Made to Order Tentacles

Uncover Creations offers all products for purchase, every day, with customization options. Unlike with many other fantasy makers, you don’t have to wait for a once-weekly stock drop, hoping that the toy will have a toy that meets your preferences.

Instead, you choose the color(s) for the grinder’s silicone, the straps’ color, whether you want a vibrator slot and/or bullet vibrator included, and whether you want a “silky smooth” durian finish. (I did not opt for durian here, and think the silicone feels great.)

The “Marbled” color choice is fanciest, and will give you the most control over the colors your grinder has. You can select 2 or 3 colors out of 42 total options. Uncover’s color guide says you can also email them for more choices.

Uncover Creations Tentacle marbled silicone toy
This was a “surprise me premium,” and it came out pretty with shimmery marbling.

The bullet vibrator slot is a 👍👍 add-on to any Tentacle Grinder; I heartily recommend it. I opted for the “basic” bullet vibrator with remote.

Uncover Creations is UK-based. U.S. shipping is free with all purchases over $80, and my packages both took 4 days in transit (to the Southern US) with that free, cheaper speed. Find all their shipping rates here. My Tentacle Grinders arrived in discreet DHL boxes, with shipper name “UC SERVICES.”

Tentacle Grinder Recap!

Tentacular?! I’m totally a tentacle sex toy convert now, I love the Tentacle Grinder (original) by Uncover Creations the most. After rubbing myself off against all its lil arms and suckers, I told a friend it was “the coolest tentacle sex toy ever.” I’m gushing in multiple ways over this grind pad.

This grinder’s raised bumps and long size make it so much more stimulating than other toys I’ve previously ground my pelvic floor against. I enjoy the contrast of its wide (3.6″) mass of smaller tentacles, swirling; vs. the gentleness of super-soft silicone.

I generally recommend the Tentacle Grinder 1, but the Tentacle Grinder IV with vaginal tentacle too is a fascinating ride. I like it most with the vibrating bullet option. Overall, if you’re into clitoral humpables, you gotta look through Uncover’s different so-soft silicone grinders and see if any of the shapes (cephalopod 🐙 or not!) catch your eye.

Find the full collection of Uncover clitoral grinder toys here.

Tentacle Grinder

Tentacle Grinder sex toy has TONS of silicone 🐙 tendrils for sitting & rubbing off on! Better than tentacle dildos for me, I love getting wet with this humpable tentacle pad.

Product Brand: Uncover Creations

Editor's Rating:


  • Super-soft silicone is incredible.
  • Gentle + stimulating.
  • Hands-free riding & humping.
  • 4 shapes to choose between.
  • Handmade platinum silicone.
  • Made-to-order custom options.
  • Clitoral or dual-stimulation shapes.
  • Vibration slot add-on.


  • Add-ons add up.
  • Not for G-spot stimulation.

5 thoughts on “Tentacle Grinder Toy Review: 2 soft sucker toys tested”

  1. What are your thoughts on using one of these for external anal stimulation? I’m a male that’s new to prostate play but think it could be fun to grind on something too.

    • Hey, this is a super-interesting question!

      There will be *some* structural similarities between the nerve endings in any pelvic floor—

      The asshole to me feels a bit like the space between the cis-female clit & urethra, which is powerful for me,
      and the perineum area is not-too-different to the best of my knowledge.

      I’d be fascinated to hear your thoughts if you do try it for external anal/ perineal / maybe even scrotum stimulation. Do write back!!!

      *I could especially see the vibrating version of this grinder being cool for indirect prostate stim.

  2. I bought the Tentacle 2, and it just doesn’t have enough texture and bumps for me…my clit isn’t prominent enough, or maybe I need more lube to keep my pesky folds from hiding it, lol. I was worried that the original version would be TOO much stimulation, but life is a journey of lessons. It doesn’t help that I injured my knee right around the time I bought it, so kneeling and squatting were nearly impossible, kind of a necessity for grinding, at least for me – I don’t know why but it’s hard for me to climax on my back no matter the method. Maybe my body is just throwing me for a loop as I near 50, lol. Good times! I appreciate your review (and your site overall!), I think I’ll get this version and give it a shot!

    • Uh-oh! See, I think the Tentacle II looks interesting, but I knew that wavy hump in the middle would be weird because it’s so tall. I’d want to sit on it with it at my vaginal opening, but then the clit texture would be angled away (rolling downwards). I could see how it would interfere with some people’s labia, the way it’s raised in that platform-like strip.

      I’m sure it works for others, though.

      Sorry to hear about your knee!!

      I recently ordered Uncover’s new tentacle grinder with a penetrating-tentacles shaft, and am curious how that’ll turn out! Hoping to publish a review in March. For clit textures, looking at how this new model is shaped, my assumption is that the original Tentacle Grinder will still be the best for me externally, but I shall see.

      I 💗 the spirit of your message. My sincerest thank-you for reading and writing out your experience!


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