Lovense Tenera 2 – Sucky Suction, meet deep vibration

The Lovense Tenera 2 suction sex toy’s got the BEST app control & rumbly vibration. But, its sucking power is so weak, I had to grab my pussy plug to come on it and enjoy. Pros & cons + how-to as I tested the Lovense Tenera…

The Run-Down:

Air-pulse suction clit stimulator with rumbly vibration. Lovense app syncs for adjustable patterns & long-distance control. Deep vibes, medium-strong pulses.

$119.00 USD at Lovense

Lovense Tenera 2 review

Pros & Cons


  • Suction clitoral sex toy,
  • Very rumbly vibration built-in.
  • Lovense app control is excellent.
  • Pretty two-color look.
  • Waterproof submersible.
  • Body-safe silicone + ABS plastic.


  • Weak vs. other suction toys. Not for fans of power pulsing.
  • Vibration surrounds the clit, doesn’t touch it directly.
  • Lots of vibration transfer to handle.

Lovense Tenera 2 is made of nonporous silicone & ABS plastic, is 4.7″ total length, its suction mouth is 0.7″L × 0.53″W internally with 0.3″ tapered penetrable depth, it’s IPX7 waterproof, and it’s magnetic USB rechargeable with a 2 hour run-time.

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 1,050 vibrators, 515 dildos, and 150 butt plugs (and a plethora of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

My Tenera 2 Experience

Lovense Tenera 2 is extremely arousing clitorally, but a tease for me. Its air-pulse “suction” power feels dispersed. It’s pulsing, pulsing, pulsing… as I get more disappointed. I hit Tenera’s + button to increase strength—and I keep feeling let down as it moves into a patterned setting. No stronger air-pulse pleasure here.

After hours of disappointment with Tenera, I found a way.

Lovense Tenera2 review suction toy

Twas a desperate buildup: Wanting to come and wondering how I might achieve that with the Lovense Tenera2.

Seeking a solution, I find myself grabbing my G-squeeze pussy plug and stuffing its super-soft silicone in vaginally. So I could use it simultaneously with this Lovense sucking toy! At last, a hard orgasm approached.

G-squeeze pussy plug with Lovense Tenera2

I felt myself contracting around the Gsqueeze, till I reached a “top of the rollercoaster” moment. A two-second thrill of anticipation. I came so hard on the super-soft silicone plus the Tenera 2’s rumbly vibes around (not on) my clit. It. was. excellent. The Tenera isn’t too loud…But *I* was loud when the “G squeeze solution” rescued Lovense Tenera’s “eh, I guess it’s not bad” suction.

The Tenera2, and its handle, are grrring with vibration. But its vibration isn’t touching my clit, it’s transmitted from the oval ring or “mouth” that sticks up to surround the clitoris. Tenera’s vibration is more potent than its light-weight air-pressure flow. It’s not like oral sex, either, since again, no direct clit contact.

Lovense Tenera 2 clit suction mouth

Keeping the Tenera2’s “mouth” rim suctioned is tough for me. The Tenera’s silicone slants inward. The Tenera2 technically has 0.3″ penetrable depth before you reach the plastic pulse-channel, but its slanted sides make the opening feel super-shallow.

I tried using lubricant on the Tenera, and just two small drops turned it into a sliding mess— the Tenera’s suction mouth slipping away from my clit repeatedly. I’ve never had to seek: where is my clitoris? so often, amidst testing 80 different air-pulse toys over the years.

Suction Functions and Strength

The Lovense Tenera 2 has 8 built-in functions of air-pulse+vibration: 5 steady speeds + 3 patterns.

The Tenera 2’s air pulse “suction” is moderately strong, not intense. Some clits like more sensation than others, and the Tenera is on the “not so aggressive” side. The rumbly vibration built-in makes Tenera 2’s lowest speed seem like more. However, the strongest air pulse toys remain, starting from the most powerful: Womanizer Premium 2 (14 steady functions), We-Vibe Melt (12 steady functions), Womanizer Classic 2 (10 steady functions), Inya Rose vibrator (3 steady functions), Satisfyer Pro 2 (11 steady functions), and last, Satisfyer Curvys (11 steady functions + app control).

How to Use Lovense Tenera

How to Button Control

To turn on the Lovense Tenera, hold down on the + button for 2–3 seconds. It will buzz quickly. Then, press + again to start the pulsing-vibration.

Continue pressing + to move through the 5 speeds + 3 patterns.

Hit the – button anytime if you want to back down a function.

Also hold down the + button to turn Tenera 2 off.

Lovense Tenera 2 - how to control

How-to Lovense app

The Lovense app lets you sync the Tenera 2, to customize the intensity level within its motor-range. I recommend the “Traditional” slider option within “Remote” control in the Lovense app, so you can see the percentage intensity.

The app has huge library of patterns, if you like rhythmic pulsing-vibration. Go to the Discover icon on the bottom bar, then to “Patterns” at the top.

Lovense app Tenera2
Three screens from Lovense app control: Home screen, Remote adjustable intensity slider, user-created Patterns.

Like all Lovense vibrators, Tenera 2 has app control with long-distance control capability programmed in. The Tenera houses a Bluetooth antenna, so you can first sync the toy to your phone, then send an invite link to a partner. Inside the app, they can control your Lovense toy as they message or video-call with you. Here’s a full how-to on Lovense long-distance app control.

How to Position

To use Lovense Tenera for sucking clit stimulation, it’s important to spread your outer labia to find your clitoris first.

Get its circular rim positioned around the clit, get the Tenera 2 going.

Then you may want to press on the back of Lovense Tenera, to apply more pressure. Angle its handle gently forward and backward to explore what alignment feels best for you.

Clenching and kegeling while using Tenera can help build orgasmic strength. I’ve written full how-to air pulse vibrator tips here.

Care & Cleaning

IPX7 Waterproof! The Lovense Tenera’s silicone + ABS plastic body can be submerged.

Because of how small the air-pulse tunnel is, you cannot insert your fingers all the way to scrub with soap and water. Lovense recommends turning Tenera on high power while fully submerged, for 1 minute, because it’s “Self Cleaning.”

It seems like bad hygiene to ignore the power of soap!, so I insist on squirting liquid soap inside, then running a wet Q-tip around, spreading soapy water to wash away fluids & bacteria.

Lovense Tenera how to clean

Tenera 2 is USB rechargeable. The magnetic charging nodes are outside Tenera 2’s handle.

Tenera 2 vs. We-Vibe Melt

Lovense Tenera 2 vs. We-Vibe Melt suction sex toys compared

Lovense Tenera 2 is better for: ✅ Rumbly vibration. 10/10 better app control. Extended mouth = likely better for bigger bodies & FUPAs. ❌Not for: If you want the strongest clitoral stimulation. Also, no super-low speeds because of how the vibration rebounds.

We-Vibe Melt is better for: ✅ Strongest pulsing power. More flexible mouth is a gentler feel. Tighter clit-fit. Most streamlined shape = better contoured for thinner bods & smaller hands (like my short fingers). ❌Not for: If you want real-low warmup speeds. Flaky app control. No vibration.

“Mouth fit” is a big issue for those of us with picky clits. The Lovense Tenera 2’s mouth is firm silicone with thicker sides, buttressed by its slanted shape limiting flexibility. Melt’s “lip” (rim of silicone that surrounds the clit) is thinner, more flexible, which means it bends to seal around my clitoris better, and more comfortably. The Lovense Tenera’s highest steady speed feels between Melt’s sixth and seventh functions, out of 12 total; so the Melt essentially has 5 higher speeds than the Tenera2. Melt, however, is pure air pulse; it doesn’t roll vibration into the mix.

Lovense Tenera vs. We-Vibe Melt mouth design
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Recap & Rating

The Lovense Tenera 2 looks sharp, has excellent app control, and has the rumbliest vibration I’ve ever felt in an air pulse “clit suction” sex toy. This Lovense sucker could be better for people who don’t want their clit touched directly, but still want a clitoral stimulation sex toy.

For me it’s not a great fit, as I dislike the shape of Tenera’s mouth and handle vs. the We-Vibe Melt, which is more power-packed. But, Lovense’s kick-ass app control is a strong pro if you want a long-distance suction toy, since the We-Connect app has *issues*.

Tenera sound right for you? Find it here at Lovense.

(out of 5)
per dollar value:

Great rumbly vibration, with mid-range suction. Excellent for teasing. Not as orgasmic as We-Vibe Melt.
User experience/ Ease of use:
Love the look. Suction mouth’s inward slant makes it slippy & harder to position around my clit. Button control is good except I keep trying to hit the – button to power off, and I accidentally change to a pattern when trying to up the steady suction strength. Lovense app control is easier, very smooth.
Luxury feel:
Body-safe smooth silicone, cute color, clean packaging & instructions, USB rechargeable, waterproof
Run time (122mins.) & easy charging:
Magnetic, clips on pretty easily, cord must be facing a certain direction to charge, just over 2hrs. run-time
Total3 out of 5
Air pulse
[vs. all “suction” toy]
4.5 to 6.75
/out of 10
Vibration depth
10.0 to 9.0
/out of 10
44 to 48

Lovense Tenera

Lovense Tenera 2 suction sex toy's got the BEST app control & rumbly vibration. But its sucking power is SO weak, I had to grab my pussy plug to come. Pros & cons + how-to Lovense Tenera.

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Product Brand: Lovense

Editor's Rating:


  • Suction clitoral sex toy,
  • Very rumbly vibration built-in.
  • Lovense app control is excellent.
  • Pretty two-color look.
  • Waterproof submersible.
  • Body-safe silicone + ABS plastic.


  • Gentler vs. other premium suction toys.
  • Vibration surrounds the clit, but doesn't touch directly.
  • Lots of vibration transfer to handle.

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