G squeeze™ Vaginal Plug Review: So FULL SuperSoft Silicone, 6 Sizes!

The G squeeze™ Vaginal Plug by SquarePegToys has been filling me, stretching me, so-so softly squishing inside me, as I’ve tested away. Six SuperSoft silicone vagina plugs I’ve experimented with, provided feedback on, and been stuffed by. The “pussy plug” options are expanding — quite literally, with G squeeze letting you choose between “slender” (size extra-small) to early “fisting” (size 2XL) girths.

I have strong G-squeeze size faves, detailed next! Size isn’t all that matters, though… It’s the carefully crafted design of this SquarePegToys vagina plug, G squeeze, that really makes it stand out. (Or stand up inside, as the case may be.)

So, why plug your vagina?! Simply, because it can feel good to be filled. Feel really good, if the plug shape is tailored to fit the vagina well. Rather than being a standard phallic (penis) shape, G squeeze is designed to go in and provide a gentle touch at multiple points inside the vagina, from vaginal mouth to G-spot to posterior fornix (the very back of the vagina).

G-squeeze vagina plug, Super-Soft silicone by SquarePegToys, 6 sizes pussy plug next to hand
From XS to 2XL, 6 size options for G-squeeze!

In 100% SuperSoft platinum silicone, SquarePeg’s G squeeze plug is the vaginal equivalent of the Egg Plug for anal play: It’s the best filling shape for wearing around, squeezing around, being stimulated by throughout the day… Or during intense bursts of play, as I found out. This G squeeze review will discuss what went into making this artisan plug, how I’ve most enjoyed wearing it, the 6 sizes and how to pick, and what to expect from SquarePegToys’s SuperSoft silicone.

Wellness Imara by Blush, Lovense Lush 3, SquarePegToys G squeeze vaginal wear sex toys
From THICC to smol, vagina plugs! 2XL G-squeeze left, extra-small G-squeeze right, surrounding strong wearable vibrators.

On the G squeeze Plugs’s Shape

The G squeeze is a silicone vag plug, crafted for all vaginas that enjoy a filling feeling. It’s 10 years in the making! Full disclosure, I worked with SquarePegToys®’s founder & sculptor, Scott, to help tweak the final result of the G squeeze plug, after he’d envisioned this vaginal plug a decade ago & worked on the prototype for a bi play-partner’s wife who liked having her vagina stuffed.

Gsqueeze plugs by fingers, by SquarePegToys

I love SquarePeg’s true-life tale behind the G squeeze’s crafting: it shows its authenticity. This vagina plug’s form was honed based on actual user feedback; and it’s totally handmade (not even 3D sculpted!). SquarePegToys isn’t just another mass-producer in China throwing out a dozen new rabbit vibrators at a clip and hoping you’ll shell out for supposed “mind-blowing orgasms,” from toys without careful crafting. As a unique design, this SquarePegToys plug carries the trademark logo: G squeeze™.

G squeeze’s Length

G squeezes aren’t long: from about 4.5 inches to 4.75 inches usable length before the T-bar of the base. Why? Because the median vagina length is approximated at 4.7 inches when fully aroused. (Tampons are typically under 2 inches long, for comfort so you don’t have to be turned on to fit one in.) Masturbating with the G squeeze inside is like having a stationary dildo, sitting there waiting to be clenched around. I know I’ve heard from readers seeking out shorter dildos, thinking their vagina was “petite” because they can’t accommodate a 6-inch dildo’s full length.

SquarePegToys G squeeze vaginal plug review product info size specifications
Four of 6 total G squeeze sizes. BMS Naked Addiction Dual Density Dildo pictured between sizes S and M: the Naked Addiction is about 5.7 inches insertable (just over average penis length), then has another 2.3 inches due to balls & suction cup.

I feel poked and prodded if I sit on longer toys, so the shorter stature combined with the SuperSoft squishy silicone totally avoid that issue. Instead, the tip is sitting just right…

Four Points of Stimulation

The SquarePegToys G squeeze is shaped to touch different parts of the vagina, much more an standard “phallic” plug does. When I am sitting on this silicone vag plug, especially if I’m rocking up and down, I feel its softness:

  • Underneath my clit (due to the front point of the anchor base)
  • Against the sensitive front “mouth” of the vagina (due to G squeeze’s neck)
  • Against my G-spot (due to the upper scoop of G squeeze’s “bulb”)
  • Far back, against my cervix & posterior fornix (due to the tip!)

It is SuperSoft silicone, so you should expect a light, pleasant fullness (not hard pressure). The very flexible silicone bends easily, so G squeeze’s neck does conform with vaginal structure: like how the body bends backward so the tip is against the back wall of my vagina, vs. the lower neck sitting against my front vaginal wall. Again, it’s doing more things: and the concave / convex dual-sided imprint gives you a couple ways to situate the G squeeze too…

Two Sided: G squeeze Versatility

You can turn the G squeeze either “forward” or “backward” as I call the scooped concave side vs. the broader sides, respectively. Forward is when the concave scoop is against the front (facing the clit & belly button) side of the vagina. I find the forward way contours around my pelvic bone / G-spot most naturally; much comfier.

SquarePegToys G squeeze vaginal plug review fingertip scoop vs. front scoop
G squeeze side 2 (“backward”), above side 1 (“forward”), below.

But the flatter backside feels fuller, thicker when it’s resting against the front vaginal wall, which is rich with nerve endings and where many people feel the most, vaginally. More on how both sides sit ‘n’ fill…

On G squeeze’s FEEL: My Experience

Low-key throbbing, as soon as I put this pussy plug in! The G squeeze by SquarePegToys is arousing and also incredibly comfortable. (As long as you pick a size that fits your vag, more on that later!) It’s the SuperSoft silicone that SquarePegToys pioneered — being the first sex toy maker to use 100% squishy silicone in its toys, back in 2006. The squish is important because most people think it feels more “fleshy,” more natural and comfy to either (1) wear inside their body or (2) thrust hard.

Keep in mind that platinum silicone is the very safest toy material too! There are soft TPR/TPE toys (called “real feel dildos”), but they exude unknown oils used as softeners, and they’re much more porous than platinum silicone, so TPE can easily let mold and bacteria start growing.

If you’re looking for something sexy to wear out and be slightly turned on whenever, the G squeeze is perfect. It’s simple, too: You don’t have to worry about people hearing it like you might be nervous about while using an “in public” vibrator like the Lovense Lush or Ferri. With G squeeze, there’s nothing to adjust, intensity-wise; no potential Bluetooth disconnection or tech issues. You just stick it in and go; a wearable dildo. (Wear supportive shorts, seen here, if you have “popping out” problems.)

In testing SquarePegToys’ G squeeze, I’ve

  • walked with it in (sexy),
  • riden my bike with it in (even wetter),
  • typed and worked with it in (more interesting than the usual!),
  • played with clit toys with it in (the big sizes r so filling!)…

…and also just stared at the G squeeze plug collection I own, because the new colors are shiny and great to look at! SquarePegToys has traditionally made their SuperSoft silicone in coppery Bronze; and then gray-silver Graphite; but now the metallic shimmer’s expanded in Ultra Violet and the very pretty Pink Sugar.

SquarePegToys G-squeeze vagina stuffing plugs - 2XL vs. XL sizes
Ultra Violet color Gsqueeze is my fave, though. 2XL size above XL in Bronze.

When walking around wearing G squeeze, I would recommend some extra support: like spandex gym shorts / bike shorts / yoga shorts. I have the same problem with all vaginal toys, personally, including small vibrators like Lush where the toy tries to jump out if I move my legs far apart at all. I also think it’s easiest to walk with the small and medium sizes of G squeeze, given their smaller neck widths.

✅TIP: When wearing any stationary plug, you’ll start to get used to having it in after a while, and filter out the sensation. To regain feeling, I recommend standing up and walking around, so the plug moves around and you get to feeling it more again. Clenching around the plug while you’re sitting can also work the muscles around your opening, make the plug move, and make it as sexy as when you first insert the plug.

When I’m first inserting the G squeeze vaginal plug, I immediately feel more sensation from the plug’s neck. The lower vaginal opening is also adjacent to the internal clitoris, which branches around the vagina like a wishbone: hence the throbbing and arousal when a fleshy toy first goes in.

Then I start to take in G-squeeze’s girth, especially in sizes medium and large; I feel the top half of its teardrop point, lightly pressing in, along with the edges of that 💧 shape when G squeeze is facing forward.

The “tip” reminds me of two gentle fingers… pressing all the way back, because the G squeeze is as long as my vagina. It’s caressing so gently, all the way back.

G-squeeze vagina plug sizes XL and 2XL in front of abdomen
Gsqueezes get WIDER, but not longer. My cervix is glad.

THE BEST is masturbating with a clit toy, like my favorite bullet vibrator (easy finger-loop!) or a good clit-blower, as a bigger G squeezes rests inside. Size 2XL is fan-fucking-tastic here, for me as a girth-lover. The vaginal fullness when I cross my legs while XL G squeeze is in… I feel myself contracting involuntary, my pelvic muscles clenching excitedly.

G-squeeze’s SuperSoft silicone is absolutely made to be clenched. Normally I don’t enjoy toys over 2.3″ diameter, but 2XL Gsqueeze is 2.6″ diameter and its squishiness & open cup are perfect-sized for feeling stuffed yet comfortable. When I orgasm on We-Vibe Melt, the G squeeze will slide out, and I push it back in and keep coming, on repeat several times. It’s… ecstatic, like I’m delivering this big G-squeeze’s head with all pleasure, no pain.

SquarePegtoys G-squeeze monster vaginal plug 2XL

Another hella-hot G squeeze session is when I’ve riden my bike with the G squeeze inside. Because I’m getting not just a stationary fill (which is nice!), but a bouncing motion (which is awesome!). Usually, it’s filling and very present. If you’re someone who orgasms from vaginal play alone (not super-common, but very possible), it can create some out-in-public extra fun! I take long bike rides on tree-lined paths, where I sometimes encounter walkers, joggers, and other bikers.

Here, the G squeeze is always filling in a sexy way, and sometimes quite orgasmic. (That depends on how energetic I am, and what my hormones are doing currently!) Once when I was really horny, I rode for a bit, feeling the fullness; then I stopped to walk for a few minutes so I could feel the SquarePeg G squeeze sagging down a little more… When I started riding again, the sensation was practically radiating from underneath my clit, to my front vaginal opening, to my G-spot and back past my cervix. It was so much going on, and I felt gentle contractions begin as I pedaled up a slight incline…

I spent the next 5 minutes coming, off and on, as I felt the cool air rushing by (due to my speed). The bouncing up and down, and pressure under my clit increasing at the bike side angled upward, all came together to make me come. Yasssss.

6 G Squeeze™ Sizes

The G squeeze plug is not a “one-size-fits-all,” because we’re not all the same. Different vaginas definitely have different size preferences. And the now six! widths achieve different results for me, personally. XS & 2XL G-squeezes were released October 2023.

Don’t know which size G squeeze to pick? Go with the small. It’s not thin! I think it’s still quite noticeable, and therefore excellent for just walking around with, or sitting on. But if you know you (1) prefer thinner penetration or (2) enjoy more girth, keep reading…

G-squeeze vaginal plug 6 sizes compared dimensions

Here’s how I like to use these plugs best, by size. I’ll give maximum diameter for each G squeeze, but keep in mind that each G-squeeze’s width feels like less than it is, as the G squeeze’s concave shape folds inward and is much easier to insert vs. a solid dildo with the same diameter—and the SuperSoft silicone is soooo squeezable. SquarePegToys has circumference measurements for each size found in the G squeeze listing.

  1. Extra-small: A compact G-squeeze, for anyone who likes smaller sex toys, or is new to vaginal sex. Like two fingers, but MUCH squishier! 1.3″ max. diameter (feels smaller).
  2. Small: Best for wearing around long-term, it’s easy for me. I can still feel all its important features, from the pressure of the base at my labia & mouth when I sit on it or close my legs around it, to the broad flatness against my G-spot, to the “fingertip” feel near my cervix. I pick the smallest G squeeze during end-of-period times, when I start to want something in but don’t want it BIG. 1.7″ max. diameter.
  3. Medium: The best wear-around-the-house or biking experience, IMO, with how pronounced the scoops are on G squeeze’s front bulb and back tip. For the bouncing effect. It’s more curve than the small + more girthy. I’ve been tempted to call it my favorite G squeeze overall, because of how wearable it is. 2.02″ max. diameter.
  4. Large: Close to the medium’s girth, but feels more round… more stocky. This is the one I’d pick for when I want a 2-inch-wide breadth for G-spot stimulation, and I want clit play too. Sit on G squeeze large, lean back slightly, and there’s plenty of room for the We-Vibe Melt, for example. 2.2″ max. diameter.
  5. XL: Pretty damn big, this is the one where you’d best use the “squeeze” feature: push that teardrop shape’s sides together to get it in… Then, letting the G squeeze expand feels amazing. It’s 2.25 inches diameter, like the Oxballs Honcho 2 phallic plug I’ve enjoyed wearing — except G squeeze is definitely easier to insert due to the fold-ability, and G squeeze delivers more (gentle) cervical stimulation. XL size here is not as extreme as the largest Egg Plugs… but will be a serious stuffing for most vaginas. 2.45″ max. diameter.
  6. 2XL: The BIG’un. Thirty seconds into 2XL Gsqueeze testing, my opinion leaped from “Hmm, could be too much” to “OMG this is the best G squeeze” (to use in bed). Use it with a clit toy, mind-blown. 🤯 2XL is sooo much pressure that’s so soft—it seems impossible. For anyone who really likes girthy members or wide dildos. 2.7″ max. diameter. (Feels more like a 2.3″ diameter dildo.)
G-squeeze silicone vagina plug, sizes extra-small and small, vs. Wellness Imara vaginal vibrator
From top: Small Gsqueeze, XS Gsqueeze, Imara strong egg vibrator.

How to Insert & Wear a G squeeze Plug

Before inserting a G squeeze, lubricate it lightly, at the tip and right and left sides.

If it’s not pushing your size limits, you can simply grip the base and plug “neck,” then wiggle it gently upward into the vagina. (Easiest while you’re resting against pillows lying back in your bed.) Stop when the plug will not go any deeper!

If you are stretching to a wider-size Gsqueeze: For a big stretch, warm up vaginally using a dildo smaller than your chosen Gsqueeze, first. Then, grip the bottom of the Gsqueeze’s bulb, and fold it over on itself. (Squeeze it with your hands!) Push it into your vagina, still folded. I find it easiest if the flat/not-cut-out side is facing my belly button. You may feel the plug *pop* in place, its silicone expanding after you release it.

G-squeeze stretching pussy plug - fold over to insert
Folding a Gsqueeze to insert it.

You can then flip the G squeeze around: For me, it’s much more comfortable with the cut-out side on my G-spot side / anterior vaginal wall. (That’s facing your belly, not your butt.)

If you want to wear it around, try standing up and walking. See if it wants to slide out. My vag is always wanting to push out, so I wear supportive shorts when wearing a G squeeze around:

Gsqueeze plug how to wear

On Packaging, Sustainability, and Handmade Products

SquarePegToys chooses to use plain plastic bags for environmental reasons. Cardboard boxes, and even plastic clamshell packaging, create more waste; more trash the average consumer is going to throw in the garbage. It’s almost ironic that mass-produced toys have fancier boxes so they may appear more elegant, right off; yet aren’t made of 100% US-sourced platinum silicone.

With all SquarePegToys, in contrast, you’re paying for the best-quality materials: for the toy itself, and its artisan design and American labor, not for the unnecessary extras. The SquarePegToys G squeeze can be stored in the plastic bag, or throw it into a drawer or bin with your other soft sex toys. As long as it’s not at the bottom of a large pile,1 it’ll remain good as new.

SquarePegToys G squeeze vaginal plug packaging
Just out of box, 4 sizes of G squeeze strewn across my bed.

So how do you care for a G squeeze, or any soft silicone sex toy? As seen above, SquarePegToys includes detailed care instructions on each bag. How to sanitize the silicone, etc. Washing with soap and water is perfectly safe for normal use. These plugs are safe to wear long-term as long as you’re not feeling discomfort. As a functionally nonporous material, they’re much less prone to bacterial growth than a tampon.

The SuperSoft silicone is very smooth throughout every G squeeze. The plug body has no textures or rough patches. The base is hand-trimmed, however, so it’s not a perfect oval, there are a few indents here and there. All those bases have felt comfortable sitting between my labia, even my inner labia, one of which puffs out to the side a lot!

G Squeeze Recap & Ranking

The G squeeze plug – in all 6 sizes!!! – has definitely been the most fun long-term adventures I’ve had with a wearable vaginal sex toy: Playing with how to use it this way, that way and the other… Being filled by multiple sizes, making clit play or biking more “ooooh, that’s sexy.” I love it!!!

It’s tough to choose a favorite size, to be honest, because they’re all a little different. All short enough to fit into my vagina without sticking out, while stimulating from my sensitive vaginal “mouth,” to light G-spot massage, to deeper and cervical play. Bouncing up and down on the G squeeze is awesome, and I choose the Medium size for its comfort for wearing around for a couple hours. But, when masturbating in my bed, I choose a thick size (2XL) everytime. Whatever size you use, you’re getting 100% US sourced platinum silicone, a super-safe material for wear; that’s also SuperSoft, for the squeeeeze.

Pick up a squishy G squeeze plug here!

G squeeze

G squeeze Vaginal Plug by SquarePeg has filled me, stretched me, so-so softly squished inside me. Hand-crafted silicone pussy plug, 6 sizes!!! I review G squeeze & its many uses.

Product Brand: SquarePegToys

Editor's Rating:


  • Incredible filling feel.
  • Super-Soft silicone.
  • Fits comfortably between labia.
  • Easy to insert.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Platinum-grade silicone.
  • 6 sizes to choose from + 4 pretty colors.


  • Not firm G-spot pressure.


  1. Large amounts of weight are likely to cause the SuperSoft to deform over time.

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  1. Ooh I’m glad there are more options for vaginal plugs!
    How does the Sensi compare in size/shape to these?
    Would it work under a harness or is the base too bulky?

    • Hi! I’m finishing up a guide to vag plugs right now that’ll compare Sensi a bit more. Definitely a pretty petite base in G squeeze, which I’m VERY happy is more an anchor / T-shape and IMO more wearable, vs. Sensi’s bigger circle I always found awkward. Here’s a photo I snapped of 2 Sensis (circular bases) vs. G squeezes in small and medium, vs. Oxballs Honcho 1 with its much chunkier base.

      • Thanks! I was really excited about the Sensi but then was surprised that it felt a bit too big for me in the way I wanted to use it (and before that, the Fluke from Hole Punch, which I found far too large for the firmness level–although I see now that they describe it as “soft” and wonder if I got one that was made with the wrong batch of silicone or something.)

  2. How does it compare to the egg plug? I think I’d like the ease of insertion of the G Squeeze, but I still think that the egg plug would stimulate a larger area you know. How do they compare when it comes to stimulation of the cervix? I actually want cervix and/or anterior/posterior fornix stimulation.


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