Oxballs Honcho Rainbow Anal Plug Review

The Oxballs Honcho anal plug is about getting stuffed: squishy-soft and very wearable. This chunky silicone plug may take a little work inserting into your butt if you’re working up in size, but damn is it comfortable and filling once it’s in โ€” or superb for creating vaginal fullness, too.

I call it “the Chode Plug” (using the slang for a “girthy but short penis”). I’ll start with the obvious, since I have seen a few folks ask something like: “I want a butt plug that looks like a dick. But that I can wear around, inside me, during the day.” Chock-full of cock plug, if you will.

Here’s all about Oxballs Honcho’s Pros & Cons, how to use this platinum silicone plug either anally or vaginally, and Honcho versus similar alternatives: the Oxballs Ergo & the SquarePeg G squeeze plugs! Published July 2021, updated Dec. 2022.

Honcho Pros & Cons

Handmade, and available in 3 sizes and 3 colors (black or neon-rainbow, or Blackberry wine-purple swirl), Honcho by Oxballs is about that full feeling without getting your depths probed.


  • Thick but short: You gotta prefer girth.
  • Super-soft silicone is fleshy / “meaty.”
  • Cool colors.
  • Platinum-grade, made in the USA.
  • Large base makes Honcho anal-safe.
  • Comfortable wear, for a full feeling.
Oxballs soft silicone - squish


  • Chunky shape is tougher to insert. (Warmup!)
  • Not for: deep stimulation, P-spot or G-spot stimulation.
  • Large base isn’t the easiest for vag. wear.
  • No slim to average-width sizes.

On the Honcho’s dimensions: Be careful you are prepared for its WIDTH. Honcho Size 1 is thick, honcho 2 is CHUNKY, and Honcho 3 is gaping-level wide.

Honcho blackberry vs rainbow plugs, platinum silicone - how to choose
Oxballs Honcho sizes 1 to 3, top row (left-right).

But no Honcho size is long. Instead, Honcho’s super soft silicone all about the wide stretch. You can feel expanded but not have the honcho pry into your colon. nor poke your cervix. I’ve worn this plug both vaginally and anally:

How Do You Use the Oxballs Honcho? My Experience

Created as a butt plug, the Honcho has been a top pick of mine as a vaginal plug for quite a while too. I got the thicker one for vaginal play since anal training takes some work (and my butt is naturally tighter, so I’m usually lazy ๐Ÿ˜„). Here’s how each kind of play feels!

Oxballs Honcho plug Honcho 1 vs. Honcho 2 size in hands
Size comparison! Honcho 1 vs. Honcho 2, in my two hands.

Anal Play

The Oxballs Honcho’s head is so thick, it’s not an “ease it in gently” toy! The extra-soft silicone is so squishy, too: incredibly to wear around, but also tougher to get in if your butthole isn’t prepared for the size. At 5.5 inches circumference / almost 1.8 inches diameter, the Honcho’s girth would put it at just under the 97th percentile for penis circumference: meaning that in a room full of 100 random guys, 3 or maybe 4 of them should, statistically, be girthier than Honcho size 1 when erect. But I digress… *focus, Phallophile, focus!* ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ’ฆ

So I do some warmup! Because the super-soft silicone is worth it, once you’re holding the Oxballs Honcho inside your butt. Ooooh, so squeezable and soft. A toy I’ve often employed for pre-Honcho prep is the Neo Elite 7.5 inch in dual-density silicone: its tapered shape lets my ass ease into Honcho size 1 anally.

I love the little ripply skin lines under Honcho’s main ridge. I feel the big ridge going in the most, and then there’s a little extra texture underneath. On top of the Honcho’s round thickness.

The thickness / bulkiness of the base is not uncomfortable in the very-soft silicone. Indeed, the base is large so that the flexible silicone can’t possibly get pulled inside the rectum accidentally (since the butt can pull objects up into its vacuum). I rather like the big size, in fact; it’s a nice pressure that also (along with Honcho’s thickness!) reminds me I’m wearing this dick-plug. All the time. For as long as my butt can take it!

Vaginal Plugging

Honcho size 2 by Oxballs keeps making me imagine a bottle. A soda-can thickness! Except, it’s not hard, nor unsafe to stick inside your body.

The size 2 is wide enough to stretch my vaginal walls so the plug locks in place better and stays in. Unlike most plugs & my vagina: the Lovense Lush, for example, is a great vibe but is not shaped to fill, and falls out of me I’m not wearing tight shorts for support. The vagina is not a vacuum like the rectum, so toys are more likely to escape!

Oxballs Honcho Rainbow Butt Plug back side
Seriously, this color scheme is screaming “tropical fun” at me right now. I need a vacation. ๐ŸŒดโ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ‘™๐Ÿ–๏ธ Size 1 pictured.

Since my vagina is about 5 inches long straight in, the Honcho size 2 is awesome because I can actually sit on it, and not have Honcho 2 try escaping because it’s too long: it’s just under 4.5 inches insertable length.

The Honcho 2’s thickness is slightly pushing my limits vaginally, being 7.5 inches around / 2.25 inches diameter. Now, I’m used to sticking in 2-inch-wide toys (or the occasional large penis I happen across) with only a few seconds of warmup. Because that’s how my vag rolls. But Honcho size 2 is like… Eh, I need a couple minutes to take the GIRTH. Use lube! Maybe pull out a SquarePegToys Steve actual size, for the tapered stretch! (And some thrusting, while I’m at it?!) Then, success.

This Oxballs Honcho review is making me think I use the word “FULL” too much. I had to go over to powerthesaurus.com and seek out alternatives. But… “replete” just isn’t cutting it for the STUFFED (there we go) sensation that the Honcho size 2 delivers.

Oxballs Honcho anal plug on side, 2 sizes Rainbow
You see these ridges & this THICKNESS, right?!

Mmmm, the head ridge is so good at my G-spot. While my vaginal walls are being stretched, just enough, right and left. And the neck: it’s a teeny bit short IMO, but (like anal wear), lets Honcho’s bulk fold to contour with my vagina. Meaning: the flexi-neck lets the Honcho’s thickness bend forward, hugging against my nerve-ending-packed front vaginal wall.

And last, the base is big and thick too, so it stretches all the way across my labia. That’s good, there a lot of nerve endings there too, especially in the inside lips. It’s really fun to rock into the *squish*, grind on it a little while being filled.

If you’re able to take Oxballs Honcho size 3, you are a stretching PRO. The one negative about the Honcho sizes is that they’re not meant for progressing upward comfortably. They’re not 0.9 inches circumference between sizes like the expertly-crafted SquarePeg Egg Plugs โ€” that’s really the perfect step from one size toy to the next up. (Honcho jumps 2 full inches circumference up from size 1 to size 2!!!) Size 3 is beyond my level personally: I will stick to size 2 for a nice width stretch!

Oxballs Honcho vs. Ergo

So Oxballs is an American “male sex toy” maker, with an exceptional selection of silicone cock rings and ball stretchers. (Also a few silicone dildos.) These are 100% platinum silicone products that are hand-crafted, not mass-produced in China.

Among Oxballs’ butt plugs, the Ergo reigns supreme. This “kidney” shape plug shares the Honcho’s proportional thickness… But then come the major differences.

Oxballs Honcho plug vs. Oxballs Ergo plug
Variety! An array of small Oxballs Ergo + 1 medium Ergo, vs. Honcho 2 & 1.

How does Oxballs Honcho compare vs. Oxballs Ergo? Why pick one or another?

  • Abstract: Yes or No? Obviously, Oxballs’ Ergo is more abstract, while the Honcho is semi-realistic. There’s no right answer here, it just depends on your preferences. That leads into point #2…
  • Sensation: From the Ridge, or the Lower Bulb? Listen, some of us just really like the look and feel of a nice big coronal ridge (the line separating a penis head from its shaft). If that’s you, Honcho will be hotter than Ergo.
  • Density: How Squishy You Want It? The Oxballs Honcho is always in Oxballs’ “smoosh” super-soft silicone, about 00-50 Shore durometer. Two of the 5 Oxballs Ergo’s are in that same squishy Shore. But Oxballs’ Ergo Blueballs is a little bit harder (in case you like a plug that’s gentle enough, but easier to get past the anal opening); or Oxballs’ Plat. Swirl Ergo and Firmer Blue & Black Ergo are actually firmer plugs. See a full comparison of Ergo varieties here. As much as smoosh silicone takes more work to get in, it’s beautiful for long-term comfort; or the Blueballs variety is a middle ground for firmness.
  • Ergonomic Base: Want Perineum Tabs? The Honchos have a thick, octagon-oval base that sits flatter. It’s a wide butt hug, no precise contoured design. The Ergo, in contrast, is “ergonomic”: curves more naturally with the butt crack & features a “perineum tab” in front, to press against a man’s chode / taint while he’s sitting on the Ergo. I would not recommend the Oxballs Ergo as a pussy plug for that reason; the tab can poke into the back of my vagina a little awkwardly.
  • Colors: Ergo’s available in super-soft “Smoke,” “Eggplant” purple, shiny “Blueballs,” sexy-industrial “Platinum Swirl,” and two-color Blue & Black. With Honcho, you choose between flat black & the neon Rainbow seen in this review. The rainbow is very different from toy to toy: it’s like a graffiti splatter, & you never know where the paint (= the safe pigments!) will end up on the wall (=the silicone plug body).

Oxballs Honcho vs. SquarePeg G squeeze – Vaginal Plugs

If you are interested in “pussy plugging,” rather than anal sex toys: The G squeeze plug is a fantastic choice.

The G squeeze was specifically designed for vaginal wear,

unlike the Oxballs Honcho dick plug. (I just adapted the Honcho to vag. wear after I got a size 2, discovered how thick it is, and realized I would find anal insertion strenous.) In short:

  • The G squeeze is for an overall fill, touching G-spot & reaching deeper right behind my cervix. It’s easier to wear around for a few hours.
  • While the Honcho is for a thick stuffed feeling all in the middle of my vagina. Being so hefty in the middle, Honcho wears my vag out faster ๐Ÿ˜„, especially the size 2! (1 hour max. wear time!)
Oxballs Honcho vs SquarePegToys G squeeze silicone plug size dimensions
Choose G squeeze size small for the most average girth. It’s upwards from there!!!

The G squeeze’s base is less-wide (in sizes small thru large), so it should be less irritating if you happen to have puffy inner labia. U know, flappy flaps. ๐Ÿ‘

In either case: I always recommend supportive underwear / tight spandexy shorts for extra lift while V-plugging, since the vagina is more likely to push objects outward!

Honcho Plug Recap

I’ve certainly enjoyed wearing contoured plugs, and Egg Plugs, and Spade plugs too. But the Honcho has… more cock-head. If you’re hot on that fantasy, thinking about having a thick penis inside constantly,

then the Oxballs Honcho just makes sense. For me, as a realistic-ridge fan, the Honcho leaps out. The fat-headed ridge is a turn-on before I even put this plug inside me โ€” whether I’m wearing the Oxballs Honcho as an anal plug or a vaginal plug.

Super-soft silicone is an experience that every sex toy fan should try out, and Oxballs Honcho is a brilliant example. In squishy-squishy density, the Honcho is so squeezable inside. The sizes are big, so it’s not the easiest tapered plug for anal insertion โ€” so consider your experience level! And, be sure to use lube!

Find the Oxballs Honcho here in 3 sizes x 3 color choices.

Save 10% at checkout โฌ†๏ธ: type discount code FELICITY, in the gift card box.

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  1. How does Oxballs supersoft silicone compare to Squarepeg’s supersoft silicone?

    As a vaginal plug, I can’t choose between the Honcho I, G squeeze medium, G squeeze large or an Egg plug with a diameter of about 4-4,5cm (1,6-1,8 inch). I have the Ergo now that’s 4,7cm (1,9 inch) max in diameter. It’s a bit too big. I want it to stimulate as many parts of my vagina as possible. Now on one hand, it’s said that the top of the G squeeze is meant to avoid the cervix, but also meant to stimulate the anterior/posterior fornix?


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