Review: Oxballs Ergo Butt Plug, Super Soft Silicone

I’ve found the butt plug of champions: it’s the Oxballs Ergo. The *design* of this plug—it’s so well done, it’s hard to put into words. But I like words—a lot!—so I’ll do my best!

Chunky and Super Soft (Smoke), my small Ergo is. Oxballs Ergo plugs—which come in 5 sizes—are thick for their length, to make your ass feel full. And, unlike the (also awesome) SquarePegToys Egg Plugs, they’re curved. These two lines of plugs are similar in several ways: like the multiple sizes of each, the anchor bases, the proportions, and the very soft silicone. So this Oxballs Ergo review will mainly be a compare-contrast between it and the SquarePeg plug (another favorite of mine). Why choose one or the other?

The Curve

Oxballs’ Ergo has this slightly wavy shape on one side, versus the uniform (you guessed it) egg of the Egg Plug (available in NINE different sizes). I was surprised how much pressure that curve translates into when Ergo is actually inside. I can really feel the wave pressing forward (belly-button side) when I have Ergo turned the way it’s “supposed” to sit. I like to wear it backwards sometimes too, because the pressure points remind me of being taken doggy-style, by an upward-curving penis.

I don’t have a prostate, but I do know how to stimulate one. And in size small, the top point of the Ergo’s wave is an ideal depth to gently rub on the prostate. It’s not the force of the Njoy Pure Wand, for sure; but it’s a light touch that will stimulate as you go about…whatever it is you’re doing while wearing Ergo. With me, I feel it barely pushing forward into my back vaginal wall. Really, it’s about the full feeling with Ergo.

The bottom part of the wavy side juts out slightly more, so it’s the most noticeable part. Like the Egg Plugs, I feel it pressing down into my anal canal, the upper inner sphincter, so gently. It’s like a blob…a big, soft blog…to squeeze around.

The Base

The anchor shape of the Oxballs Ergo’s base is really pronounced, with a big upward curve in front to press into the perineum. (Or the back of my labia too, in my case.) Or, when I turn Ergo “backwards,” the bigger end of the base cinches right in underneath my tailbone.

The front tab of the anchor base is a bit larger than the back one, to give your perineum some love.

Like the Egg Plug, the base is fairly thick so there’s no possible way this soft toy can be drawn up into the rectum accidentally. You won’t forget that the base is sitting in your crack. And that’s good, because the soft silicone feels lovely.

The Neck

Some stretching progress, with a few of my favorite anal toys. From left to right: Egg Plug XS, b-Vibe Snug Plug weighted plug 2, Ergo S, and Hankey’s Anaconda Xtra-Small series.

Ergo’s neck is less floppy than the Egg Plugs’. For me this makes Ergo a helluva lot easier to insert. Once my ass was well greased, Ergo slid in nicely (even though it’d been a month since I’d taken a toy this size: 5.25 inches around, so 0.75″ above average girth).

Ergo’s neck didn’t fold over so much as I was trying to slide the plug’s head in. I like minor details that make my life easier.

The Silicone

Oxballs’ Super Soft Smoke silicone is quite soft, approximately the same as Hankey’s Toys’ 75% Soft firmness or the medium/5 density of most fantasy dildo makers. (That said, if you want more pressure (a legit preference), check out this firmer version of Ergo.)

That makes it just barely harder than SquarePegToys’ SuperSoft Bronze. When I’m holding the two in my fingers, I have to work to discern a difference. Clenching around both toys is great. Still, with long-term wear…I feel like the minimal firmness difference comes through, in that, if I was forced to choose one plug to wear for three-plus hours straight, I’d go with the Egg Plugs.

Also, Ergo is not quite as slick-glossy as the Egg Plugs—instead, it has more of a (smooth) matte feel.

The silicone is described as “Smoke”: it’s half gray, half black, with glittery sparkles. It’s distinctive, and I respect that.

Overall Thoughts

The Oxballs Ergo is extremely ergo-nomic. (They weren’t lying when they named this plug.) It does the work of stretching your ass (comfortably!) for you. I would strongly recommend the Super Soft Smoke version, because I can clearly feel its two pressure points pushing into my anal canal. It makes me think of being stretching before and during anal sex.

Ergo is very wearable as a long-term plug. I recommend it more frequently than the SquarePegToys Egg Plugs to anyone who wants (light) prostate stimulation. However, I think the Egg Plugs have a slight edge for truly extended wear, because Ergo’s wavy shape eventually becomes too much and I want to take it out. (Less sensitive users may have a different experience, may enjoy that extra pressure in the long run.)

Oxballs makes damn good anal toys, and that’s a wrap.

Find the Oxballs Ergo in Super Soft Smoke and in firmer Blue & Black Swirl.

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  1. andy

    November 5, 2019 at 7:25pm

    “upward-curving penis”

    I really dig this particular new yoga position!

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