Review: Womanizer Classic vs. Premium vs. Womanizer Pro 40

So many Womanizer clit suction toys, so little time… I’ve been testing the Womanizer Classic vs. Womanizer Premium vs. Womanizer Pro 40 avidly for the last month. How are these “Pleasure Air” pulsation devices different from each other, and why would you shell out for one Womanizer versus the others? Comparing and rating sex toys is my vocation, so this Womanizer review will pit the best premium clit stimulators against each other.

First, though, let’s get this straight: Womanizer toys are often called “suction vibrators,” and in some positions, with the right seal, they deliver a light sucking effect. But mainly, they blow air outward. It’s a pulsing, thuddy sensation—extremely stimulating. But if you want true *suction*, check out a clit pump instead of a Womanizer.

Womanizer Classic: The Basics

Womanizer Classic review vs. Premium vs. Pro 40

The Womanizer Classic is just well-designed. Add a few drops of lube, and the silicone mouth nearly snuggles around my clit. Classic has 8 intensities, starting not too high, so it’s a good range. The up-and-down arrows make it easy to change speeds—something I definitely need to do right before I come, because the fast-pulsing air feels *fierce* on those higher levels.Like all current Womanizer toys, Classic is USB magnetic rechargeable and fully waterproof. Plus, like the Womanizer Premium (next), it has 2 different head sizes. The width isn’t too different—we’re talking fractions of an inch here—but Classic’s smaller head is a quarter inch less tall: it sticks out less. I tend to like a smaller head for a tighter fit—so the silicone doesn’t push down awkwardly on my inner labia. (That’s why the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen.’s mouth and my clit do not mesh.) In contrast, the smaller removable head of the Womanizer Classic is more compact and fits between my labia 100% better.

Womanizer Classic & Premium stimulation head sizes
Classic & Premium pictured with mouths/heads removed.

Oh, the early speeds on this thing…they’re like air-puff kisses. It’s such a fascinating sensation. Glug-glug-glug…puff-puff-puff, as high or low as I want. (I tend to stay in the middle speeds most of the way—apparently my clit is not an extremist like my vag is. Going up, and then backing down to avoid overstimulation, leads to a better buildup!)

In short, the Womanizer Classic is an excellent toy that I like. I’d be pleased with it—if I hadn’t gotten the Womanizer Premium at the same time (and the We-Vibe Melt before that).

Womanizer Premium: The Upgrade

Like the Womanizer Classic, the Womanizer Premium comes with two (slightly) different-sized oval silicone mouths. And both are waterproof and rechargeable. After that, the differences start popping up. So what is the difference between Womanizer Classic and Womanizer Premium?

Intensity vs. Womanizer Classic

First, the Womanizer Premium has an extra 4 speeds: concentrated on the lower end of the intensity spectrum. Womanizer Classic’s lightest speed equals Premium’s third: so Premium starts slower. The first couple Womanizer Premium settings make me think of butterfly wings. I wrote in my notes: “Speed #2 is light, a white fluffy cloud going straight for ur clit.” From a cloud to a tornado, though…Womanizer Premium is even a touch higher than the Womanizer Classic at high speed. (See my full clit-pulsator intensity ranking here.)

Womanizer Premium

The BIG difference in the Womanizer Premium vs. Classic, though? THUD. The Womanizer Classic’s pulses are good, definitely thuddy. But Womanizer Premium produces *the* deepest, thumpiest blasts of air. I feel them more in my inner labia and clitoral hood, more than any other Womanizer. I usually think Classic’s top levels are strong—so I need even more warmup before I jump in the deep end with Premium’s power! Like a truly rumbly vibrator, the Womanizer Premium seems stronger than its “flappier” counterparts.1

Feel in Hand

The Womanizer Premium is fully silicone-coated. The entire body feels silky, vs. the slick plastic of the Womanizer Classic’s backside. As a very tactile person, I care a lot about the “hand feel” of a toy. It can set the mood for my whole masturbation session. And silky silicone is the most skin-like feel that we have in body-safe sex toys. 

Versus the Womanizer Classic, the Womanizer Premium has a slightly larger body: about half an inch longer and an eighth of an inch wider. (I figure this is to accommodate the two functions discussed next.)

Surprisingly, Premium’s bigger size is actually easier to hold. That’s because the Womanizer Premium’s handle curves slightly upward, as opposed to Classic’s straight body. It’s a little detail that matters a lot when I’m pressing the toy into my vulva.

Extra Functions: Autopilot & Smart Silence

The Womanizer Premium’s Autopilot function is a tease, pure and simple. If you like drawn-out foreplay, it’s worth checking out. I do like teasing—but only for a limited time. I go through about 2.5 rounds of the Autopilot mode’s “Starts Slow and Then Gets Really Intense and WHOA I Really Wanna Come On This but Oh Wait It’s Weak Again!” functionality before I switch back to the normal pulsation speeds.

Autopilot is a loop, and if you need a little *more* after the strong part ends, then you’ll want to switch to the non-Autopilot settings quickly. (There’s an on/off button especially for Autopilot, so that’s easy enough to do.)

Besides the Lelo Sona (Cruise & normal), no other clit pulsators have patterned settings for their blowing air. I’m glad that Womanizer tried it out with this toy, then, because Autopilot is a fun turn-on. It’s *rarely* orgasmic for me by itself, but I like the buildup maybe once every third session I use the Womanizer Premium.

The Womanizer Premium also has a “Smart Silence” feature, which sounds amazing in theory. In practice, it’s irrelevant to me. Here’s why: With Smart Silence on, Womanizer Premium doesn’t make noise until it’s right next to skin. That’s nice, yeah? But…like…I don’t typically turn the toy on till right before it’s pressed against my bits anyway. And Smart Silence doesn’t make the Womanizer Premium any quieter when I’m actually using the toy. To masturbate, you know. Like one does.

Truly, Smart Silence is only helpful when I’ve got three or four air pulsators lined up to test side by side and the noise level is getting out of hand!

One final extra feature, in case you believe visual appeal matters as much as I do: Womanizer Premium comes in 5 colors options currently, vs. Womanizer Classic’s single color choice.

Womanizer Pro 40: The Old Model

So I’ve listed Womanizer Pro 40—the truly “classic” model, the OG—last because I’m not 100% sure it should’ve come out of retirement. What makes Womanizer Pro 40 different than Womanizer Classic, then?

Well, when Womanizer and We-Vibe merged in 2018, the Womanizer Pro 40 was discontinued, replaced by the new Classic & Premium. In those new products, Womanizer decided to make major changes:

  • Moving from Pro 40’s circular head2 to an oval one.
  • Adding more intensities—especially to Womanizer Premium, which has 2x as many speeds as Pro 40.

Some people will swear by the circular head, don’t get me wrong. Fit does vary by person. Some like or need it bigger than others. But overall, I see the oval shape as a big improvement because statistically, clits are several times longer than they are wide. Womanizer didn’t just randomly decide to switch to oval openings. And I find it much easier to get a good seal with the oval head shape. It feels more natural.

But the Womanizer Pro 40 had a *name*…so the huge retailer Lovehoney worked with Womanizer to bring it back from the dead. And the (Lovehoney X) Womanizer Pro 40 was…reanimated?

This Pro 40’s six speed options cover almost the same intensity range as both the Womanizer Classic and Premium. (All three end up pulsing at the same speed on their highest settings.) The Premium starts just slightly lower, and has twice as many stops along the way. And more than that, the Womanizer Pro 40 is the least-thuddy of the bunch.

Womanizer Pro 40 vs. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation
Womanizer Pro 40 (back) reminds me most of Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen. (front), except with less speeds & a less clunky mouth.

The Womanizer Pro 40’s silicone mouth is removable, and there’s one size. As mentioned, I just can’t make this shape seal consistently; it’s too wide, too firm for me. That said, vs. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, Womanizer Pro 40’s mouth is thinner. So it’s marginally better.

The Womanizer Pro 40’s body isn’t ergonomically curved like the We-Vibe Melt’s, or Womanizer Premium’s to a lesser degree. Why does the Womanizer Pro 40’s head opening stick out so far?

After using the newer-model Womanizers, I just can’t with the Pro 40. It feels clunky, outdated; not worth my clit’s time. With any hot category of electronic devices, progress tends to happen rapidly. In this case, the Womanizer Premium especially (and Classic, and Liberty too, discussed next) are flat-out an upgrade to the Womanizer Pro 40.

Other Options

See my full Womanizer vs. Satisfyer vs. Sona comparison here! Other great Womanizer options include:

Final Thoughts

TL;DR: The Womanizer Premium is, true to its name, the most premium Womanizer. The most luxurious. It’s the “thuddiest” clit pulsator around, it feels better in my hand (with its full silicone coat + curved handle), it has a wider speed range, and it has the whole “Smart Silence” plus “Autopilot” thing going on.

Both Premium and Classic are *so*-effective orgasm machines. I would choose them over any Satisfyer (except Prêt-à-Porter sometimes) any day of the week because the pulsation quality is top-notch. Both Womanizers make me drip and then come repeatedly—but the Premium has a bit more edge, more punch, on the top levels due to that extra *THUD*. (I love that word, have you noticed??)

The Womanizer Premium’s $70 markup over Classic isn’t just down to its two extra functions, Autopilot and Smart Silence. I like the first feature sometimes, but I honestly wouldn’t pay more than $25 for it alone. Instead, I choose the Womanizer Premium most often because of its deeper pulsations—and the extra silkiness of the silicone against my hand.

As for the revived Womanizer Pro 40… Get it if you had the original, it died, and you want the same experience again. I don’t see myself recommending this Womanizer “clit sucker” for any other reason, since I believe the Womanizer Classic’s oval mouth is a big upgrade over the Pro 40 protruding, circular one.

Find the Womanizer Premium and Womanizer Classic here.

Or check out the Lovehoney Womanizer Pro 40 here.


  1. Akin to “buzzier” in the “buzzy vs. rumbly” vibration divide.
  2. Technically the original shaped head is slightly longer than wide, maybe a tenth of an inch difference.

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