We-Vibe Melt Review

We-Vibe Melt is, simply, mind-blowing — by far my favorite “clit suction” toy, out of the dozens I own now in 2021. I tell everyone who asks that it’s the best air pulse toy currently being produced. This We-Vibe Melt review covers its incredible clit-sucking/pulsing *strength* & how Melt’s flexible head creates a better seal than any Womanizer. These toys blow, but in the best way. I first got interested in Melt because it’s app-controlled, since I was in a long-distance relationship. Ironically, that’s the way I’ve used Melt least, having my partner control it. The app is just OK. But in every other way, the We-Vibe Melt excels. It’s worth every penny.

It all comes down to comfort level: the We-Vibe Melt can be strong, but it’s so orgasmic because its supple mouth fits my clit more naturally than than the (famous) Satisfyer Pro 2 or the new Womanizer models! Melt is a premium toy—so check out my 10% We-Vibe Melt discount code here.

We-Vibe Melt Fit: An Ode to Ovals (& Softness)

This is what sets the We-Vibe Melt apart: you can push the silicone at its “head” (opening/nozzle) inward. The plastic motor casing underneath Melt’s silicone coating ends about a third of an inch below the opening, so the softer silicone1 is flexible.

The flexible silicone lets the We-Vibe Melt conform to my clit much better. I just love it. How natural the clitoral stimulation feels.

We-Vibe Melt review, Coral vs Mightnight Blue on jeans 2021
2021 update: Melt now comes in a sexy “Midnight Blue” that’s bluer than We-Vibe’s stock photos show, & I love the color difference. It’s like rediscovering Melt’s power all over again!

How do you use the We-Vibe Melt? First, add a dollop of lube around the ring-shaped mouth; then put Melt’s mouth over your clit, while holding the body up (toward your belly button); and voilà, press Melt’s up button to turn it on. Move upward in speed slowly, then decrease if you’re feeling really tingly / overstimulated.

The beautiful thing about Melt? It’s easier to get a seal, and maintain it, due to the softer silicone. Melt doesn’t feel incredibly awkward for my smaller, hooded clit like the Satisfyer Pro 2’s big, thick silicone “nozzle” does.2 When I get really turned on with an air stimulator, I find myself wanting to move its mouth: to rub off, for the best orgasms at the end. Melt lets that happen easily, no discomfort ever.

The We-Vibe Melt’s oval opening (vs. the circle of earlier air pulsation toys) is a fit improvement for my body too. Did you know that clits are typically longer than they are wide—they’re not perfect circles?3 And I like the area right underneath my clit stimulated just as much (or more) than the clit itself, so I feel I’m getting more from the oval shape. It’s not ultra-broad stimulation—but Melt practically nestles around my clit and I can come *hard* on that.

Overall, I sincerely hope that the We-Vibe Melt’s softer, more flexible head is the start of a new trend in pressure wave toys—the same way that soft, dual-density silicone dildos have exploded as a market and increased comfort for many users. As someone who’s highly sensitive, I’m all about soft sensations when I’m chasing pleasure. And Melt’s silicone is silky too—more velvety than Womanizer and Satisfyer nozzles. The whole toy’s “hand feel” is superior.4

The only person I would not recommend Melt for in terms of fit is someone who knows they have a larger clit. Melt’s opening is very close to the smaller “nozzle” size on the most popular new Womanizer models, Classic & Premium: about 0.44 inches across the oval, left to right. The opening accommodates the tip of my ring finger, and the sizing should fit most, as the average clitoral diameter is ≈ 0.13 – 0.2 inches.

Melt Functions & Intensity

To me, the We-Vibe Melt’s first setting feels like Womanizer Pro 40’s second, and like Womanizer Premium’s 3rd or 4th. (Of course I had to write a full comparative guide to these toys, it’s what I do.) So it’s not the most gentle suction (it may overwhelm if you’re sensitive & new to clit vibes).

We-Vibe Melt review vs. Womanizer
Tbh, Melt makes its peers look clunky. From left to right: Womanizer Premium, Womanizer Classic, We-Vibe Melt, & new Womanizer Pro 40.

Melt’s speed 2 is a baby step up…and speed 3 is when I start to think about being licked. Nibbled, maybe. I can feel the air pulsing…and tugging, almost? This is where Melt has the most clit sucker effect for me—as opposed to outward air pulsation.

Speed 5 is when is start praying I’ve remembered to put a towel down. Because dripping happens.

I like to tease myself by going up to speed #7, then backing down. I can’t stay there too long—it’s so stimulating. Between We-Vibe Melt’s seventh and eight speeds, it gets up to the power of the Womanizer Classic’s top (eighth one).

The final level (levels? It’s so strong, 9 & 10 are indistinguishable) is more intense…meaning Melt is neck and neck with the thuddy greatness of the Womanizer Premium. (Plus it’s slightly more suck-y, especially in the mid-range speeds!)

How many levels of intensity does We Vibe Melt have? Honestly, I’m not convinced that the We-Vibe Melt does have the 12 steady speeds promised. It feels like 10; levels 8 and 9 are basically indistinguishable, while intensity 10 is the strongest. I cannot feel a speed higher than intensity #10. I actually sat and counted the intensities five times in a row, and then twice more on separate days just to be really sure. Basically, everything above function #8 is so fast that it’s borderline impossible to tell the difference.

Melt Positions

The We-Vibe Melt is marketed as being easier to use during penis-in-vagina sex: designed for couples. As someone who has a hard time getting a good seal from pressure wave toys to begin with—sitting totally still with the toy in my hand and my legs closed—I’m befuddled when I try to imagine myself keeping the Satisfyer Pro 2 situated amidst the motion of penetrative sex. Talk about discomfort. But Melt… It’s got a shot. See Melt (middle) vs. the clunky Pro 2, below:

We-Vibe Melt vs. Satisfyer Pro 2 w/ VixSkin Mustang
We-Vibe Melt nestled between VixSkin Mustang (a classic real-feeling silicone toy) in Tie-Bright; vs. the bigness of Satisfyer Pro 2 NG on right.

Melt is better for sex because the end of the head is the end of the whole toy. There’s nothing emerging beyond that to hit your partner’s dick if the angle of penetration changes suddenly.

I tested the “Melt during sex” theory out with the VixSkin Mustang, the premium (realistic-feeling) G-spot dildo, and a Liberator Wing mount. I rode Mustang so its squishy head popped back and forth over my pelvic bone. Meanwhile, Melt made me feel like I needed to let go. Rocking was comfortable. With its smooth curve from head to body, Melt didn’t poke or feel too awkward. I let the sensations wash over me for about 5 minutes. And I enjoyed it…but since I’m bad at multitasking during sex, it was a struggle for me to both thrust Mustang and hold Melt in place.

Instead, in the years since, I’ve LOVE-LOVE-LOVED having Melt puffing at my clit while using any number of vaginal sex toys, including:

  1. Pillow Talk Sassy, my favorite G-spot vibrator
  2. Any number of realistic dildos (my faves here), lightly thrust while I hold Melt
  3. SquarePeg’s G squeeze vagina plug / leave-in dildo

When I’m lying back in full control of the penetration—or just letting a squishy G squeeze hang out inside my vagina!—then Melt is absolutely the best clit stimulator. It’s so strong, and it’s easy to position so toys aren’t colliding with each other.

Other highly orgasmic ways I’ve found I enjoy Melt: First, since I do love all-over stimulation, I use both Melt (clit) and a wand vibrator (farther back, toward my vag). I can’t remember the last time I squirted as much as during my last session with the We-Vibe Melt and the PalmPower Recharge, my top *waterproof* wand choice. I can confidently tell you: Your ears will ring if you orgasm hard enough. (The room also spins a little bit for a minute afterward.)

And last, my ultimate favorite way to use Melt: sit still on it. It’s so good. (**insert heart & star emojis**) As a full-time sex writer, I use toys a lot while I’m working at my desk. On the Melt’s lower speeds, I can just sit, and type, and edit away while getting my clit pulsed/lapped/blown at. In pulsating waves! Melt is also great—and super lazy—while I’m lying back in bed or chilling and talking to my partner on the phone late at night.

Long-Distance Control….

So the main reason I was irresistibly drawn to the the We-Vibe Melt in the first place was the app control, right? And ironically, that’s been the least-good part for me. We-Vibe Melt troubleshooting was definitely required to sync long-distance!

We-Vibe merged with Womanizer last year, so Melt’s fusion of the two companies’ trademarks— app control + “Pleasure Air technology” — is a logical development.

Old We-Connect app
3 screenshots from We-Connect app, 2019 version: (1) Melt’s one mode; (2) what you should see before you get hooked up w/ your controller; and (3) patterns that don’t exist for Melt. See my Wand review for thoughts on the new We-Connect app (current for 2021).

First, my partner/FWB and I had issues finding the right time in both our schedules. Then…our phones wouldn’t connect.5

That night, my FWB and I finally managed to let him take control of Melt. The connection process took about 5 minutes. It wasn’t automatic. I wasn’t turned on.

It’s a testament to Melt’s goodness that I got off 15 seconds later. The stress of bad connectivity started to dissolve. He moved his finger up and down the one mode, saying, “Can you feel that? … How about that?” I’d been longing for this, and I was grateful he was finally getting me off.

And Melt does only have one function, unlike with We-Vibe app-controlled vibrators (Rave, Chorus, Sync, Moxie, Nova, Match, etc.). Up and down, up and down, goes the intensity of the air technology. You can create “patterns” of a type with your finger manually, by sticking to one speed and slowly increasing, making waves; but there aren’t preset patterned options.

The “Stimulate” mode works well for me when my partner is controlling it, because I just enjoy having him play with me, no matter what. In the future, though, I wonder if We-Vibe might give Melt more functionality as far as the app goes.

And finally…in 2020, post-update, the We-Connect app was still glitchy for us even though that my partner got a new phone and we are actually able to use the built-in video function. We have to leave the app and try syncing multiple times, then finally it’ll work. Honestly, We-Vibe has some work to do if they want to stand their ground against Lovense and their exceptional app functionality. I very much enjoy using Melt long-distance with my lover, but I think it’s best for fast and intense orgasms, versus the plentiful, teasing possibilities that toys like the OhMiBod Esca 2 allow for.

A final important note: Since We-Vibe redid their app in fall 2019, I need to factory-reset Melt (hold down the + button for 10 seconds) each time I want to connect to the app.

We Vibe Melt review clitoral suction stimulator, floral
I’ve gotten SO MUCH use out of this toy without app control, though.

Cleaning: Is We-Vibe Melt Waterproof?

Since the We-Vibe Melt is fully waterproof, cleaning is no different than any good bodysafe silicone vibe. Wash it in the sink with soap and water. Run your finger around the nozzle to be thorough, and then shake excess water out of the hole and air-dry. You can take it in the shower no problem, if that’s your style. That lowers the noise level for sure: on the stronger settings, Melt is a tad loud (but not raucous, nor air-horn-like like the Lelos Sonas 😬).

The head is not removable like in some other air pulsation toys. This is not a hygiene issue because you can sanitize the silicone fully, given that the toy is waterproof.

Do use water-based lube lube inside Melt’s opening for more comfort. Even if you’re wet naturally, it feels better.

Melt’s magnetic charging cable is easy to attach, but do make sure the red charging light (between the + and – buttons) appears, because it’s possible to not have the right alignment. USB charging is simple with the magnets, once it’s in place! My Melt lasts definitely over an hour per charge, maybe 100 minutes, so the battery life is good. And, like all We-Vibe toys, it comes with a satin storage pouch. Plus a 2year warranty, woohoo!

Overall Melt Thoughts

The We-Vibe Melt has all the power of the Womanizer Classic and Premium in a more convenient package. It’s smaller, less obtrusive, easiest to sit on or close your legs around. Or to use a vaginal toy with! Yeeeeeeessssss. Enthusiasm level 10/10. I had to create a favorite sex toy bundle, it’s so good.

The more I use it, the more I believe: Melt’s soft silicone head opening and convenient size make it the most comfortable air pulsation clit toy around. The We Vibe Melt is able to create a feeling that’s more like sucking and gentle tugging—rather than my clit simply being being blown upon. (Quickly, in rapid-fire bursts.) Though Melt does the latter too, especially on functions #7 through 10. The feeling is so different than a clitoral vibrator!

I will recommend Melt as an app-controlled toy with a couple caveats. We-Vibe’s app can be glitchy (troubleshooting required), and Melt’s function options are limited in-app. To be fair, Bluetooth connectivity is a strange beast.6 Despite our initial connection issues, I did love having my partner get me off on Melt. Occasionally.

No other clit-pulsator makes me come so hard.

Find the We-Vibe Melt here.

Save 10% ⬆️ by typing code FELICITY at checkout, at Peepshow Toys. (They always offer discreet shipping!)

We-Vibe Melt




Intensity range


Ease of Use


Fit / Comfort



  • Very easy to hold & use during sex too
  • Flexible mouth is so comfortable
  • More suction-y than Womanizers
  • Silky silicone
  • Waterproof, easy to charge


  • Doesn't start as low as Womanizer Premium
  • Let's just ignore that the app exists
  • Only 1 color option


5/5 (1 Review)
  1. Not soft soft in silicone dildo terms, at about 21A shore durometer, but the layer is so thin that it bends easily.
  2. OMG I never thought I’d find myself using the two adjectives “big, thick” together disparagingly. *winks*
  3. See, for example, this source which generally estimates clitoral glans length as up to 3 times longer than it is wide: 1.0 to 1.5 cm (0.39″ to 0.59″) length vs. 0.5 cm (0.197″) width.
  4. By this I mean the sensation the toy produces when you’re holding it, akin to the term “mouthfeel” (used for wine tasting & pretentious foodie things).
  5. This was in fall 2019, and here’s the saga if you want to read it: In order to allow anyone to control your device, you need to send a “Connect Lover” request (now renamed to “Connect your partner”), and the invites he got were continually expired. So I got in touch with WOWTech support (care@we-vibe.com) and found that my FWB and I both needed to uninstall and reinstall the app. Check. Then I had to remove Melt from the devices listed under Bluetooth in Settings. Then I had to reset Melt, by holding down the + button for 15 seconds. Plus I had to go into the We-Connect app’s “general settings” and “reset preferences.” In order to test out whether the connection worked with the WOWTech guy, I had to go into preferences and remove my actual lover through “general settings” and “reset preferences.”
  6. Sometimes the connection just doesn’t work and no one seems to know exactly why.

13 thoughts on “We-Vibe Melt Review”

  1. I really love your blog and you have helped navigate the sex toy world with a lot more clarity. Thank you:)

    Do you think there’s a chance this toy will hurt or even cut people’s clits like the Lelo Sona has? I bought that one before many of the reviews came out and did not see it coming. Thankfully I didn’t bleed like others claim they have, but it definitely hurt me. People say it’s probably because the nozzle is so shallow. How shallow is the nozzle on the Melt? Does it look safer than the Sona? I have both the Womanizer Pro and the Satisfyer Pro2 (like you, I’m not happy, but I wanted waterproof) and have never had problems with either of them hurting me. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much! 💖

      That’s a great question. So Melt’s air-pulsing canal is actually angled, and then the pulse plate is deep enough into the body of the toy that I’ve had a hard time trying to measure it (which I was trying to do based on someone’s theory that more distance to pulse plate equals more power). I can easily reach Sona’s plate with my little finger, and Satisfyer Pro 2 NG’s is accessible that way too.

      I would say that it’s absolutely impossible for Melt’s pulse plate to touch or harm *anyone’s* clitoris. It’s too far down.

      • Thank you so much for the reply, and for measuring these things for us. I guess it’s one more toy to add to my wish list then. It’s getting quite long. Lol

      • For the record, as a graduate in fluid dynamics, I can state that while the effect of the length and diameter (ie volume) of the canal will have miniumal effect given the dimensions in question, it is a fact that larger volumes of airwill dull the stimulation, not increae it. This assumes each plate displaces the same amount of air per pulse. The reason for this is that air is compressable and elastic fluid so some of the energy of the plate simply compresses the ar and creates a tiny amount of heat rather then hitting the clit. The more air in the system the more it will absorb the pulses. Its in effect acting as an air shock absorber/damper.

        On the different types of toys I have found the Womanizer Premium a head and shoulders above the others. The best of the Satisfyers is the High Fashion with its very nice super soft mouth but it still feels a bit harsh compared to the velvet pulses of the Womanizer. The Lelo is an unopleasant experience in my book, It is at best borderline painful and too rough. As soon as we get a Wevibe Melt into tghe company I will borrow it for a night and report back.

        • Fascinating! Agreed about Womanizers, though I kind like the vibrating-type ungirding of Sona pulsations! (The Cruise versions are definitely more intense than the non-Cruise ones.)

          I think Melt isn’t quite as smooooooth as Womanizer Premium, but the pulsations are pretty thuddy, and it’s got a lot going for it with the slim shape and the flexible mouth. 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks for your reviews, IMO they are the best ones and most detailed (love it!).

    I’m thinking of buying Womanizer Premium (or classic) or We-vibe Melt for my wife. We’d like to use it for teasing/edging/PiV sex.
    From your reviews, I understood the following:
    – We-vibe Melt is cheaper and it’s good for PiV sex.
    – Womanizer is more expensive but has a wider range or power, and starts with more tender vibration.

    I would appreciate your opinion on these questions:
    – Can Womanizer also be used for PiV sex as well?
    – My concern is that We-vibe Melt might not be tender enough and might feel too strong – what would you say? We have we-vibe 4 and love it – are they comparable in terms of power?
    – Is having lower power range on Womanizer a significant advantage? IDK maybe most people would skip the first one or two speeds.
    – We are not interested in remote control feature of We-vibe. Is it still a good alternative to Womanizer if we remove remote control from the competition?
    – Which one feels better?

    Looking forward to your reply! That would greatly help me with my choice.

    • Thanks so much for the compliment, I really appreciate that!!!

      Let me go through your questions, and let me know if you have any others afterward:

      1. It’s probably possible *for some people* to use Womanizer Premium/Classic during PIV, with Classic being a little easier than Premium due to the slightly smaller sizing (see a size comparison shot here), and Liberty being smaller than that. I have a short clit-to-vag distance, though, and space really counts. I’ve recently been using Melt a lot with the super-duper-realistic RealCock 2, and this is my experience: Melt died during one session. I was sad, I wasn’t done with clit pulsation. So I tried fitting Womanizer Premium in. This is was uncomfortable. I went for Womanizer Classic instead. It was maybe 10% better, still slightly awkward. I ended up angling the Pillow Talk Sassy over my clit instead, much better. Next time my Melt died when I was using this large dildo, I didn’t even bother pulling out one of the Womanizers; there was no point.

      2. It’s a little difficult to compare vibration to air pulsation; they’re apples and oranges. I’ll do my best, though. Again, keep in mind that sensitivity level varies a lot person to person, so your choice should depend on how strong your wife likes the stimulation to be. Anyway, I do skip the first couple speeds on Womanizer Premium even though I consider myself to be sensitive clitorally. Like, they’re fun for a second, but I need more in short order. It’s the mid-range speeds where the action begins. Which is about where We-Vibe Melt starts—if you do get this toy, then note that it’s preset to begin on the third pulsation speed, and you can dial it down to being just slightly stronger than Womanizer Classic’s first speed. I don’t have a We-Vibe 4, but I have a Sync, and Melt feels more stimulating maybe…60% of the way through the pulsation progression than Sync does on full vibe power.

      3. Yup, I don’t use the app at all unless I’m trying to have my partner control it from a thousand miles away. (Which is still glitchy, unfortunately, so we don’t do this a ton.) I actually wish Melt did NOT have the app control function because then I wouldn’t have to worry about critiquing the Bluetooth issues. The connection does work perfectly with my own phone short-range, I just never see the need to use Melt that way when I could be pressing the buttons manually.

      4. Melt is by far the best for me. I would choose it over every other air pulsation toy I own without hesitation. I would only recommend against it to people who know that, for example, they only like the first couple Satisfyer intensity levels and the others are too strong.

  3. How does the noise of the melt compare with Satisfyer pro 2? I want to upgrade from the Satisfyer but it doesn’t get used much because the thing is so loud in the higher settings.

  4. How do you think the Melt will work for someone with a clitorial hood piercing? I understand this is guessing and conjecture for you, but do you think the opening has enough room for it? And is the sucking so intense as to be worried about it sucking up the piercing? Again I understand you’ll be guessing but just any thoughts would be helpful. I could always remove the piercing before using but feel if I had to do that then I wouldn’t really reach for it.

    Thank you again and always for the thorough and honest review! Your reviews have taught me so much and I always look forward to reading your new ones!!

    • Hey, thanks for reading! Really appreciate the kind words.

      I wish I did have an answer for you! All I can tell you for sure is the size of the Melt’s opening: approx. 0.45″ wide x 0.68″ length. I suppose the size of your piercing will come into play here. I do not think that the suction is forceful enough to draw in a piercing, it’s just a light “nibbling” effect if Melt is pressed in / sealed well. The outward air-pulsing effect is so much stronger.

  5. Hi Felicity,

    Thank you for your very informative and professional reviews. I have a question:

    In your reply (Jan 9, 2020), when you say, “I’ve recently been using Melt a lot with the super-duper-realistic RealCock 2, and this is my experience: Melt died during one session.”, do you mean that the battery on the Melt died, so it didn’t last the advertised 2 hours…? I am looking to buy the Melt for my female partner and would like to use if for PiV sex, as well as for her to use solo. Presumably provided the PiV sex lasts less than 2 hours, the Melt should last?! And also I presume that during PiV sex the male (ie. me) will be doing the thrusting so my female partner should be fine with handling the Melt on her clit (ie. no multitasking for her), but the challenge I guess will be for her to keep the Melt on her clit during intense thrusting?

    Appreciate your advice.


    • NO, I mean that I don’t charge my vibrators consistently! Melt will definitely run a couple hours.

      I don’t think Melt’s position has to be perfect for it to be very stimulating, though it does feel really nice when it’s pressed into to get a good seal.


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