Womanizer OG Review – OH GOD WHY

The Womanizer OG is an air pulse sex toy for the G-spot, they claim. It’s designed to puff air… inside the vagina. The OG takes Womanizer’s original “Pleasure Air” technology for clitoral stimulation, and transfers it to a nearby (but very different) erogenous zone.

That’s… a problem. I submit that the “OG” in this Womanizer toy’s name stands not for “original gangsta,” but for “OH GOD”— as in oooh, gawd, whyyyyy does this product exist.

Here, I’ll review Womanizer OG’s pros & many cons, then explain how to actually stimulate a human G-spot well, and G-spot stimulators I’d recommend more!

Pros & Cons

The Womanizer OG is:



  • High price: $219.
  • Its air pulses feel weaker than the cheapest Womanizer (Starlet 3, $79) and much weaker than Satisfyer Pro 2 ($39.99).
  • Vibration is a 5/10 for power.
  • Not flexible in use. See the Nova if you want actual flexibility.
  • Poor anatomical understanding: G-spot orgasms require inward pressure, not light puffs of air.
  • Extra-large “mouth” size doesn’t allow for a good seal around average-size clitorises. (While FtM users may find the hole too shallow, at ≈0.25 inch depth with air pulsation running.)
Womanizer OG Pleasure Air hole size

How to Use Womanizer OG

The OG has 2 separate motors, offering (apparently) 12 air pulse functions and 3 vibration functions. All are steady intensity levels, no patterned settings. I could’ve sworn there were only 5 or 6 air pulse settings after multiples uses: the Womanizer OG’s speed increase is so very gradual, almost imperceptible; a huge difference from the definite power-ups of clitoral Womanizer sex toys.

To power the OG on, hold down the power button at the bottom of the handle (button #1). Then:

Womanizer OG - how to control
  • Press the + button to increase air pulse intensity.
  • Or, press down the highest button (#4, in photo) to turn on the vibration.
  • You can keep pressing the + button to increase strength (till it gets to be “not weak”).

Womanizer recommends using this toy first on the clitoris. (Read here to tips on using air pulse vibrators clitorally.)

The toy-maker suggests: “Only inserting the Pleasure Air stimulation head inside the vagina … once you become aroused.” Well, I tried… and the Womanizer OG was an absolute failure for G-spot pleasure.

Why the Womanizer OG Fails:

Even as someone very sensitive to G-spot / front vaginal wall stimulation, the Womanizer OG’s air pulses just don’t cut it. G-spot stimulation requires inward pressure and/or stroking massage. That’s why G-spot sex toys need a forward curve or a bulbous head, and typically can be thrust so the massage repeats.

How-to G-spot Stimulation

Claiming the G-spot can be stimulated by whimpy pulses of “Pleasure Air” stimulation that even my clit can barely feel: That’s Womanizer trying to cash in on their brand name, with no worries about the fact that’s not how G-spot stimulation works.

It seems logical (based on the name!) to believe the G-spot is a spot of tissue inside the vagina; or even, that you can feel this spot as a skin texture.1 Nope. Instead, the most up-to-date research informs us that the “G-spot” is one access point to the larger structure of the CUV complex—with some researchers even arguing that the term “G-spot” is limiting and should be abandoned! In any case, what we call “G-spot stimulation” brings together all of:

  1. Erectile tissue surrounding the urethra (yes, all humans have tissue around their urethra that expands when aroused!!!).
  2. Nerve endings in the front vaginal wall.
  3. Legs of the internal clitoris: a much larger organ that surrounds the vagina on 3 sides!
How to stimulate G-spot - CUV complex, 2 steps
How to G-spotting: you’re looking to press forward, with fingers (or sex toy) angled toward the clit/belly button side, anywhere from 1 to 4 inches inside the vagina. Repetition and pressure are key.

In re the Womanizer OG: you can only stimulate erogenous regions #1 and #3 if the front (belly-button-side) vaginal wall is pushed into. There is no G-spot stimulation without pressure against that anterior vag. wall.

My Experience: Just No

The first time I tested the Womanizer OG, I was so underwhelmed by the weakness of the air pulse, coming out that huge oval mouth…

Womanizer OG suction stimulator mouth

Because I know Womanizer can make strong toys! They produce the strongest pure-air-pulse toy on the market, Womanizer Premium 2. But this… the OG just felt like a mistake. Now, I was tired after a busy day, so I set the OG aside and resolved to try again later… When fully charged, both me and the toy.

Try #2, I started with clitoral air pulse again. Hoping some miracle would happen, and it would feel better there… But, almost nothing. So little sensation.

I am sensitive to air pulse toys; I feel most of them with great acuteness. Making sure I wasn’t suddenly broken, I pulled out a recent favorite, the Marilyn Womanizer (Classic 2). 

I came on its second intensity level, in less than a minute. The Womanizer Classic on low power was not weak. Alternating with the Womanizer OG’s air pulse on my clit, I determined that the Classic 2’s lowest setting indeed impacts my clit more than the OG’s highest intensity. Oops. 

Oh well, it’s supposed to be a G-spot stimulator: So I’d try that again, too. I drizzled a bit of extra lube on its backside, and put it into my vagina.

And you know what, it wasn’t BAD. I had the vibration motor turned on now, turned on high—since again, this is not the most powerful product. 

Already warmed up by the Classic 2’s much-better intensity, I managed to come on the Womanizer OG! Pretty weakly, though. 

I have orgasms on a scale that ranges from “a bite of milk chocolate” to “I just won a million fucking dollars, tax-free” in terms of how much excitement I feel. And this Womanizer OG climax was like, “a Kit-Kat from my kids’ Halloween leftovers pail” level of goodness. I mean, it works in a pinch, but I’m not running for more.

It’s like vibration echoing from the end of a tunnel, at a distance from my sensitive nerve endings…

I cannot feel the air pulses distinctly. Instead, the OG thrums. It’s a distinct, rhythmic humming. I wish this sensation was actually pressing on my G-spot, pulsing directly: Like a real G-spot pulsator does. 

I turned off the vibrating motor to make sure I wasn’t confusing the “Pleasure Air” motor’s thrumming with that. And no: By itself, the OG’s air pulse feels almost vibratory against the G-spot. But, this “Pleasure Air G-spot vibrator” is like vibration echoing from the end of a tunnel, at a distance from my sensitive nerve endings.

Womanizer attempts to… maker-splain the OG’s weak intensity by stating, “G-spot pleasure is a marathon, not a sprint.” Sure, warmup is good, and I generally recommend clitoral arousal first for most people with clits! But… I could use this “Gspot sex toy” all damn day and it still wouldn’t produce much pleasure: it’s simply not shaped right. No ridge, no head, pressing against my G-spot.

womanizer OG how to G-spot stimulation

Plus, the other huge Womanizer OG failure is that I can’t stroke my G-spot with it. The OG can be bent, but that requires a lot of manual force. It naturally curves at a 90-degree angle, locking itself in, so that stroking it is the opposite of ergonomic. It’s clashing with my pelvic bone structure. Like, I just can’t. The OG’s rigidity makes a dual-density dildo’s firm silicone core feel floppy in comparison.

I remembered the 10-minute, off-and-on orgasm I’d had from the We-Vibe Nova’s direct rumbly vibration & beautiful curves the day before… And I can’t imagine wanting to spend more time with the Womanizer OG’s mediocre power & strange design.

OG Alternatives

The best Womanizer OG alternatives offer air pulse clit stimulation, vs. trying to blow against your G-spot:

Womanizer Duo vs. Pillow Talk Sassy vibrator power
Duo’s shaft size vs. Pillow Talk Sassy’s. Both G-spot vibrators are flexible & rumbly—Sassy has more girth and definitely more power than Duo’s vibrator alone.

Care & Cleaning

Wash the Womanizer OG with normal soap and water. Run your finger around inside its mouth to remove lubricant.

You shouldn’t have to worry much about cleaning, though, because (1) the Womanizer OG is made of body-safe (=functionally nonporous) silicone, and (2) you can do better. More on cleaning & sanitizing body-safe sex toys here!

Recap & Rating

The Overpriced Gimmick Womanizer costs $219 and stimulates neither clitoris nor G-spot well.

Some stimulation translates from body part to body part successfully, no problem. Vibration, for example, feels good in a ton of areas: not just clitoris, but also nipples, back of the neck, butthole, whole vulva, down the spine, in tense arm or leg muscles, penis, scrotum, perineum, and more!

Air pulsation tech is a different beast. It’s safe externally, but there’s a reason why air-blowing vaginal toys are not a thing. The G-spot, we’re beginning to understand, is actually a complex region that demands direct pressure—something that touch-free air pulses cannot deliver. The Womanizer OG’s light thrumming is… interesting, but for $219, really, I expect fuckin’ fireworks. I have to give the OG only 2 out of 5 stars, for its rumbly vibration, safe silicone, and nice packaging.

Find the Womanizer Duo here. (Much more effective.)


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  1. The vagina is naturally lined with rugae: all kinds of internal ripples. See a diagram here. Those are not exclusive to the G-zone.
  2. The other 2 vibes I love most are We-Vibe Nova and Viben Sultry!

2 thoughts on “Womanizer OG Review – OH GOD WHY”

  1. I was going to buy this because I was interested in the concept. Someone brought up the possibility of the air pulsation causing an embolism within the vagina. Though that’s pretty rare, I decided against considering the toy further because I don’t want to take any risks. That being said, I’m glad I didn’t buy this. Doubly so upon reading your review. I’m not one to depend on reviews for buying decisions in general but when it comes to sex toys, reviews can be pretty important despite the difference in proportions that each person may have from my own.

    Your reviews are always so informative and well-written, this one is no exception.

    • I agree that there is a definite risk of blowing air forcefully into the vagina, which is no doubt why the Womanizer OG’s air pulses are weak compared to Womanizer’s clit toys, to eliminate any liability: it’s highly likely Womanizer/WOWTech understands that internal air pulsation can be dangerous, and the group chose to make a weak-air-pulse toy as a direct result.

      If they’d done something to compensate for the weakness of the air pulse, like cranked up the vibration intensity, then this product would have more potential (and could be worth the high price point). Unfortunately, the OG’s vibration isn’t particularly powerful either, weaker than We-Vibe Rave or Nova.

      Thank you so much for the kind words!!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!


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