Womanizer Marilyn Monroe – vs. Other Womanizer Toys!

Glam. What’s the difference between the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe & other Womanizer clit stimulators—besides an image of Monroe’s iconic face on the box?

Known for creating fast & intense orgasms, Womanizer is the original brand for “Pleasure Air” clitoral toys. Womanizers surround the clitoris and focus on it: So many puffs of pulsing air, thumping yet touch-free. It’s very different from a vibrator!

Womanizer Marilyn Monroe clitoral air pulse power

So, how does the Marilyn Womanizer compare: Is it worth the cost ($129) over the Womanizer Liberty 3 ($79), or a Satisfyer pulsing vibrator ($49.99 best value)? Let’s see….

Pros & Cons


  • Strong, thumpy sensation.
  • Cute color!
  • Attractive packaging; storage pouch included.
  • Just really good for clit orgasms.
  • Waterproof & rechargeable.
  • Pretty good speed range; not as good as Womanizer Premium. (Fuller comparison, below.)


Comparison Chart: Vs. Womanizer Starlet & Satisfyer

Pros & cons of the Womanizer Marilyn vs. Womanizer Starlet 3 & Satisfyer…

In brief, Womanizer Marilyn’s pros are its intense thudding air pulse power, fast & orgasmic clit stimulation, and its decent speed range. Its cons are its higher price vs. Satisfyer toys etc., and that it doesn’t fit as well into vaginal sex as We-Vibe Melt.

Womanizer Marilyn Monroe vs. Womanizer Classic & Premium

First, the Marilyn Monroe Womanizer is the Womanizer Classic 2, but in different colors. (Prettier ones, IMO, especially the teal Marilyn Monroe.)

Womanizer marilyn Monroe vs Womanizer Classic 2
Marilyn on top 😉; Womanizer Classic 2 on bottom.

The Classic 2 is the next-to-most-intense Womanizer in 2022. Only the Womanizer Premium (1 or 2) is stronger.

With Womanizer toys before the Starlet 3 (2022 release), the rule was: The higher the price, the stronger it gets on high speed. Here’s a list of Womanizer speed ranges from low power to high power—on a 10-point scale, where 10 is strongest:

Starlet 21.5 – 6.0$79
Starlet 3
2.0 – 8.0$67.10 for Starlet3
$84.15 for Liberty
Marilyn Monroe/
Classic 2
3.0 – 9.0$109.65 for Classic2/
or Marilyn Womanizer
Premium 21.0 to 10.0$169.15 for Premium 2

So, the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe/Classic 2’s speed range is similar to the Starlet 3 & Liberty, just diminished by 1/10. The Marilyn/Classic will give you 1 higher speed, and pops more with how the pulsation thuds against the clit, IMO.

But the biggest difference for me between the Womanizer Marilyn/Classic and cheaper Womanizer models: the “Marilyn” is longer and wider. So, it’s easier to wedge between my thighs and enjoy hands-free. More on my experience:

How Are the Orgasms?

The Marilyn Monroe Womanizer’s air-pulsation is strong clitoral stimulation. It’s equipped with 10 pulsing levels, a.k.a. 10 steady functions:

Function #1 is low-key tonguing, maybe; the air pulses already impactful. Distinct from the whispery first speed of the Womanizer Premium, barely noticeable:

The Womanizer Marilyn, indeed, is ready to roll. Thumping so nicely. I can’t help but close my legs around it, already aroused from the low speed. My nipples are hard. I wonder if I might come already.

Womanizer marilyn Monroe - my experience clitoral orgasms

That’s only the beginning of this air-pulse rollercoaster.

I turn it up to the energetic thuds of function #2. I wonder if I might lose control and squirt all over, only 2 minutes in. I’m glad I’m lying back on top of my waterproof blanket (sex tool of the year, that).

Increase this Marilyn Monroe even more… As the air pressure builds, my clitoris is like 😮— OOMPH, that’s some intense stimulation. I have to turn it down a speed, let my clit regroup from its air-assault!

I can feel my pelvic floor muscles wanting to contract. It’s best for me when I edge slightly on Womanizers: Let them tease me, take me close to cumming. I make myself hold off while I fantasize about “losing control.”

All in all, this Marilyn Monroe Classic is my favorite Womanizer.

I am ready to come after 10 minutes, my clit too throbby: I increase the air pulse function up 2 levels, and the Womanizer almost pulls the orgasm out. This built-up orgasm is much harder than if I’d come immediately.

I strongly recommend turning down the intensity 2 or 3 functions when you orgasm, because the clit is soooo sensitive after coming on an air pulse toy. Womanizer has realized this, and now you press the power button once to leap down to the Marilyn Monroe Womanizer’s lowest function. After a lil break, maybe 30 seconds for me, I can continue enjoying.

All in all, this Marilyn Monroe Classic is my favorite Womanizer. Its shape is the perfect width to fit between my thighs, so I can have fun hands-free (except for changing how strong it is!).

Womanizer marilyn Monroe vs We-Vibe Melt - easy to use during sex
See how the Melt (navy, above) has a clit-hole that’s the end of the toy?

But, it isn’t my favorite air pulse stimulator overall: That prize goes to the We-Vibe Melt because I often like to pair the pulsing clit stimulation with my favorite G-spot vibrator (or sometimes a dildo or vagina plug). The Melt’s mouth is the end of the toy: vs. the Womanizer here⬆️, which takes up 1.2 inches of precious space between my clit and my vag, interfering with penetration.1

How to Use & Button Control

The Womanizer Marilyn Monroe includes simplified how-to-use instructions, inside the box flap. They consist of:

Womanizer marilyn Monroe - Womanizer instructions how to use

(1) Power it on, (2) put it over your clit, (3) hit the + and/or – button as you wish, and (4) “Enjoy earth-shattering orgasms, effortlessly.”

See the Womanizer Marilyn’s control buttons here:

Womanizer marilyn Monroe how to operate - button control

Not everyone will have “effortless” orgasms when they start playing with a Womanizer toy. Some of us have to adjust to how very different the clitoral stimulation is, but it’s possible to learn to come on a Womanizer or Satisfyer:

Here are complete how-to tips for beginner air pulse toying!

I do suggest using 2 drops of body-safe lubricant inside the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe’s stimulation mouth. The lube will help avoid chafing and drying, if you’re not naturally dripping all the time.

The Womanizer Marilyn has ≈3 hours battery life when fully charged, in my experience. It’s USB magnetic rechargeable. Do note: It will turn itself off if you do not press any buttons for 10 minutes straight. It can be powered on again immediately after, so remember to hit the + or – button intermittently to avoid the auto-off function during long clit-stimulation sessions!

How to Clean

The Womanizer Marilyn Monroe is IPX7 waterproof submersible. So, it’s easy to clean in the sink: Running water won’t damage Womanizer products.

Remove the stimulation mouth to clean. Wash its silicone, and the Womanizer’s body too, with soap and water.

Womanizer marilyn Monroe how to clean waterproof

Less-obvious cleaning tips for the Marilyn Womanizer:

  • Shake out the Womanizer’s body when you’re done washing. Otherwise, water will sit in the hole.
  • Lie it upside-down on a clean towel, its mouth beside it.
  • Let both air-dry. Then, use the storage bag to keep the Womanizer’s air-pulse mouth and its body together!

Womanizer Marilyn Packaging & Extras

The Marilyn-inspired Womanizer arrives in a hefty cardboard box, which you can keep if you like! Apparently, each Womanizer Marilyn Monroe color displays a different photo of the 1950s sex symbol. My “mint” teal box appears to show Marilyn bra-less under the open-slit jacket covering her.

Womanizer marilyn Monroe box

Inside the box, you’ll find: The toy with 1 stimulation mouth on it; a pouch with a shorter mouth (see the sizes compared here); the charging cable; a fiber storage pouch; and a Womanizer Classic 2 instruction manual.

Recap & Ranking

The Womanizer Marilyn Monroe makes me appreciate how thumpin’ the Womanizer Classic’s air pulsation is, and how nicely it fits right between my thighs. Serious pulsing clit stimulation, while looking cute. *need teal heart emoji!*

It feels very luxe for ≈$110 with discount: I would even choose it over the Womanizer Premium 2, normally priced at $199. Sure, it’s not the bargain that Satisfyer’s classic toy is: But, I’m all in for the Marilyn Womanizer’s more-ergonomic shape, especially how the Womanizer stimulation mouths fit my clitoris better (less clunky than the Pro 2). Thu-thumpa-thump-thump. 4.45 out of 5 stars overall for the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe!

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4.45 / 5 star rating explanation
Quality 🌟s out of 5
Max. strength4.5
Speed range4
Ease of use4.25
Desire to use again
(It's got alotta competition 😆)
Build &
luxury feel;
5-year warranty


  1. I have a tight pelvic floor spacing, not much distance between my clit and my vaginal introitus; your mileage may vary.

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