Pelle Whim Review – Clit Marshmallows?!

Marshmallowy. Pillowy. Squishy-soft. What are these blobs?!

The Pelle grinders (like the Whim set) are dual-layer silicone, for your clitoris. You sit on them, and hump at your own pace.

They’re clit-mallows. Clishmallows, if you will. Squishy mounds, for subtle stimulation. What’s their silicone like, and how do they compare to other soft-silicone sex grinders? Let’s sit right down on the topic…

Pelle Whim squishy silicone

Pros & Cons

Pelle grinder Pros:

  • The gentlest clit stimulation.
  • Super-squishy.
  • 100% platinum silicone.
  • Woman-owned business; the founder created the nonvibrating toy she couldn’t find on the market.
  • Compact; easy to hide and carry.
  • Works as a cushion during strap-on sex.
  • Attractive packaging.

Pelle grinder Cons:

  • Requires a calm, not-orgasm-centric mindset: Clitoral zen?
  • Many clit-havers will like more texture, pressure, or power.
  • Not cheap.

Pelle Grinders: What and Why?

The Pelle grinders are so gentle. Nothing hard or strong here. These smooshy grinding toys are for anyone whose clit is quickly overwhelmed by strong vibes, intense air-pulse clit stimulation, super-textured grind pads. Pelle Whim et al. are unique even vs. other artisan-made clitoral grinders because Pelle products are the softest overall.

The Pelle toys are 100% body-safe silicone. The different part: They’re able to be extra-squishy, yet not sticky/tacky (like super-duper-soft silicone always is) because they’re 2-layered.

Pelle Whim super-soft silicone inside
The outer silicone is a skin that creates little wrinkles when you smoosh it!

Does “dual-layered” sound familiar? The Pelle grinders aren’t dual-density silicone like a dildo: where the outside is soft for a fleshy feel, while the inside core is harder for an erect feel.

Instead, the Pelle Whim set (and all Pelle grinders) are “reverse dual-density.” Here, the uber-squishy inside is enclosed by firmer silicone. It’s not getting sticky, nor tearing under pressure, like 00-10 Shore silicone alone may.

How to Use

You can use the Pelle grinders 2 main ways:

  • Sit on a Pelle, and rock your hips / rub your clit off. You can either:
    • sit on a chair, rocking your butt back and forth, maybe bracing your weight using your hands in front of the grinder for more leverage;
    • and/or put the grinder on top of a pillow (or two) so you can ride, more cowgirl-style.
  • Use as a buffer, like during strap-on sex. (The Dune grinder fits best against my pubic mound.) This is great for dildos whose bases are a little prickly, like some suction cup rims, especially if the harness-wearer is thrusting fast!

These are toys for moving slowly toward orgasm, at your own leisurely pace. They’re meditation, in sex toy form. No rush, no hurryfocus on what you feel, and embrace it. Orgasm doesn’t need to be the end-goal.

I recommend using lubricant pre-grind, since the Pelle-mallows have a slightly textured finish, a bit of drag on the outer silicone. Apply a couple drops / a small squirt of body-safe lube, like my current balanced go-to, Good Clean Love.

Also, the most helpful sex-cessory I own is a small waterproof blanket: it’s protected my computer chair, my pillows, and my sheets from lube, my fluids, and also period blood amazingly!

Pelle Models Compared

So, I got the Pelle Whim set, the original clishmallow product. It contains the “Dune” and “Wave” grinders, also sold separately.

Pelle Whim - Dune and Wave grinders
Whim by Pelle: Dune, left; Wave, right.

After I received these clit stimulators in fall 2022, Pelle has also released a looong toy I think I’d like even more! A brief description of each Pelle model:

  • Pelle Wave: Two-sided: one has a deeper crevice, the “wave”; while the other has 3 bumps around the edge.
  • Pelle Dune: Two-sided too: one has a large ripple in the middle, and the other is an oval surrounded by a “moat.”
  • Pelle Flex: $44, the cheapest Pelle. This 1-sided toy is thinner (0.5 inches height, vs. 1 inch height for Wave and Dune). Its shape reminds me of a maple leaf, but without textured points!
  • Pelle Orange: The squishiest orange slice you’ll ever find?
  • Pelle Gummy Worm: Oooh! This loooong one is 9.25 inches length by 1 inch wide, like a segmented cylinder. As someone who springs for penis-shaped objects above all else, I’m liking that this one is like a non-phallic dildo.

Vs. Other Silicone Grinding Toys: My Experience

Besides the Pelle Whim, I currently own 5 super-soft silicone grinding toys plus 3 grind pad vibrators.

Those indie/fantasy toys are all 1 layer of super-soft silicone.1 Yet, Pelle Whim’s silicone inside is super-duper soft, next-level squish—even when it has a firmer “skin” covering it!2

Clitoral grinding sex toy collection - Phallophile Reviews

This makes the Pelle Whim remarkable; it contains the softest silicone my bits have ever come into contact with. Oooooh, squishy squishy squishy!

I tried rubbing the Pelle Dune and Wave against my clit first, by hand. The stimulation was so light, I put a wand vibrator head behind it. Soon, I realized I needed to put my weight fully on the Pelle grinders to get anything out of them.

I like the Wave more than the Dune for grinding on. The Wave’s ridge is more noticeable texture. And I do like texture in soft silicone sex toys; one reason I was drawn to fantasy toys, besides the arty marbled colors.

Pelle Whim - Wave grinder front, texture for clitoral grinding
Wave grinder, front side.

They are so, so soft and smooshy, I’m realizing I’m probably not the intended audience. I like medium-strong stimulation clitorally; some OOMPH, but not the very highest levels of, say, the Magic Wand.

The Pelle grinders give such tender stimulation. I see them being useful for folks who say, “Vibrators are too much for me”… Mellow clit-mallows, these.

For sitting on and humping, I’m liking the writhing tendrils (and hundred little suckers) of a wide tentacle grinder best: It’s a lot of area to rub my whole vulva against, since I prefer broad stimulation.

The Pelle grinders give such tender stimulation. I see them being useful for the couple readers I’ve encountered who say, “Vibrators are too much for me”; or who are seeking texture-less toys to hump. Mellow clit-mallows.

But, I have found new usefulness from the Pelle Dune!!! Its length, 3.5 inches diameter, is enough to pad the edges of suction cup dildos I wouldn’t typically use for (enthusiastic) pegging: Like the Neo Elite 7.5″ w/ Balls, below, whose suction cup is a bit… edgy. When I have my Spareparts Joque harness adjusted tight, the Pelle Dune becomes a squishy backing—so the skin on my mons doesn’t get bumped too hard. (See here how it fits.) Now, there is a product just for this (the Bumpher), but the Bumpher is only “pretty soft” (2A Shore), not delightfully squashy like the Pelle toys. Also, I prefer how the Dune’s surface is flatter; the Bumpher’s bumps have never sat right against my mound.

Pelle Whim - Dune grinder pads Neo Elite 7.5 Inch suction cup dildo base

Packaging, Care & Cleaning

Each Pelle grinder comes with its own drawstring storage pouch, and the Whim set arrives inside a storage tube too. That’s helpful if you, like me, are super-prone to losing small objects. I just have to remember to store the Whim toys back in their pouches inside the tube after I’ve cleaned them!

Pelle Whim grinder packaging

Fully platinum-cured silicone, the Pelle grinders don’t require much special care. Wash them with any soap under running water when you’re done grinding, then shake off the water (/use a lint-free cloth) and let them dry. Silicone does attract lint from the air, so just wash under running water again if desired, before your next masturbation session.

Recap & Rating

The Pelle Whim (and all Pelle grinders!) are synonymous with “gentle clit stimulation.”

This cushioned clit stimulator is made for anyone who wants soft & plushy, slow & sensual; not hard, fast, or strong. It’s like a mini pillow for your clit: But a more hygienic one, since the Pelle toys are 100% platinum silicone, warding off germs. (Plus you don’t have to try putting them through the dryer post-wash!)

I tend to like slightly stronger clit stimulation, so I have found the Pelle Dune most helpful for backing a dildo during strap-on sex! It pads my pubic mound beautifully.

  1. Between 00-30 and 00-50 Shores.
  2. The maker told me it was “softer than 00-20 silicone,” which would be 00-10.

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