Why I Love Fantasy Sex Toys

Fantasy sex toys make up a big (and growing) market. More and more fantasy toy makers pop up every year,1 all offering non-humanoid dildos (and some penetrables) for people who either aren’t attracted to human-shaped toys or who just want to add something really kinky—or really stimulating—to their toy box.

Yeah, I snuck some Fun Factory and Tantus into this photo because ridges.

This is my story of how I got into fantasy dildos, and why I keep buying more.

My Fantasy Toy Journey

When I first heard about Bad Dragon (most people’s gateway into the world of fantasy toys), I laughed.2 Then I got curious…and finally I pulled up the site and looked over the toys, grinning.

I have to be honest: I’m not attracted by animal-themed toys. Horse cocks, dog cocks, and bird cocks just aren’t my thing.3 I love the human penis, and so realistic dildos fascinate me. But, to be cliché, variety is the spice of life. Why shouldn’t I get a dragon dick? I wondered as I mulled over the fantastical offerings. Little did I know that I’d soon be fixated on interestingly shaped dildos!

Still, nothing at BD really spoke to me immediately. (Though I did eventually buy a Nox the Night Drake and Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon.) In the beginning, though, the dildo that called my name was Damn Average’s Above Average Alien (review here). Its three pronounced ridges and forward curve stuck in my head…I had to buy one. And so I discovered the creative world of fantasy and indie cocks, where a million texture, color, and firmness options await anyone who’s curious enough to venture in.

Texture: Or, Why Settle for Plain and Slick?

Many people first discover fantasy toys because they like large sizes, but for me, it’s all about the texture. Colorful, artistic marbles are great—but if the toy doesn’t get me off, it’s just an expensive paperweight.

Bad Dragon Flint wood background shiny
You better believe that Flint will weigh down some serious amounts of paper—but it’s fun in use too.

I use my dildos vaginally, without a vibe, 95% of the time, and I almost always want (or need) more oomph than a totally texture-less shaft can provide. This is where fantasy toys really shine. Ridges of all shapes and sizes, swirls, and bumps galore—all of these are available in the color combination of your choosing. And more fantasy toy makers are perfecting their technique every year.

Split Peaches Rivetor small head textured dildo
Split Peaches Rivetor, small, in metallic silver. This is one intense dildo experience—and sometimes that’s just what I want.

See my Pleasure Forge Illithid, Split Peaches Rivetor, Shapely Toys Binate, Damn Average Above Average Alien, and Xenocat Artifacts Caiman reviews for details about all the textured fun I’ve enjoyed lately!

So Many Colors

If you’re going to get a quality dildo, why not get one that looks nice on display, too? Beautiful enough to fuck… With fantasy toys, the color possibilities are literally endless. Fantasy toy makers mix their own (body-safe) pigments into their silicone. If they have enough skill, they can match just about any request. (Exotic Erotics is amazing at matching colors from an inspiration photo, for example.) My toybox is currently missing orange and yellow, for example, so I’m going for a sun-themed toy for my next custom! Update: Uberrime made me one; it turned into the Helios dildo—but apparently some people felt the need to insult the solar-themed coloration, lol.

Xenocat Artifacts Caiman side A light

Plus, platinum-cure silicone can be marbled to create incredibly swirly patterns. The colors mix and curve and mingle together. Simply put, they’re works of art. More and more small toy companies and individuals are selling these beautifully colored, body-safe masterpieces.4 Oooh ooh, look at my Strange Bedfellas Tyv for another example of beautiful marbling!

Now, fantasy toys aren’t the only toys that are available in gorgeous colors/swirls,5 but you’ll find prettier toys more easily from fantasy dongmakers.


For larger toys in particular, it’s nice to have some squish. I’m very picky about toy firmness, which is why I’m constantly updating my Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide, to help others figure out what’s soft and what’s not (and what’s somewhere in between). With fantasy toys, almost all are squishy to some degree. Even the “firm” options of most fantasy makers are 8A or 10A silicone, which feels incredibly soft compared to, say, the “flexible” silicone Tantus uses for most of its single-density dildos. (Though Tantus has come out with new Super Soft versions of many of their existing dildos, which is great!) 00-50 silicone is the “medium” and most popular option; that’s what I got my Pleasure Forge Illithid in because it is so girthy and textured. In other cases, I like slightly firmer toys: like my Bad Dragon Nox in 8A (called “firm” by BD) silicone. And if you’re more sensitive, there are truly super-soft options like 00-30 silicone.6 These extra-squishy silicones are the body-safe equivalent of jelly dildos in their soft floppiness.

TL;DR: Go Forth and Explore

Fantasy dildos are the perfect way to add some color into your sex life while exploring your kinky side. Want a dragon in your vagina? A sword in your ass? Or maybe a color-changing eggplant, a pastel unicorn horn, an alligatoran Orc, or Cthulhu himself, all in body-safe, sanitizable silicone?

If so, start exploring all the fantasy toy makers out there right now! My Where to Shop post also includes my personal recommendations. I’ve had a super-fun time roaming through the texture-filled, colorful world of fantasy toys, and I hope you have (or will) too!

  1. Though the smaller ones also have a tendency to disappear quickly, too.
  2. I also find really realistic human-shaped dildos funny, so I don’t mean this as an insult! Any dick that’s not abstract entertains me, really. Hence this blog…
  3. But if they’re yours, I’m glad they work for you!
  4. To name just a few: Damn Average’s Sheep is a marbling master who has created various marble categories, like transitional and painterly. Twin Tail Creations is currently developing new marble patterns like the “wave transition.” Monster Maxim has gotten really amazing at marbles this year (2017) and has done some gorgeous ammolite-gemstone-inspired pours. And then there’s my new favorite, Xenocat Artifacts, which did an amazing job in transforming my inspiration photo into this Caiman.
  5. I’d like to recommend BS Atelier as a “vanilla” dongmaker with some fascinating color technique. I’m psyched to have gotten an Alex in their drippy, kinda-Jackson-Pollock Noise coloration.
  6. Again, see my Dildo Firmness Guide for a breakdown of which shops call which silicone strengths “super soft,” “soft,” and “medium.”

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Fantasy Sex Toys”

  1. Great to see this post. I have a tentacle thing, but find the silicone toys – much as I love them, rub me up the wrong way now that I’m on the exit side of 60. I actually winced at your description of using the toys without lube, though once upon a time I’ve been out there cheering!
    So recently I found the solution to my dilemma in the form of glass dildo’s – smooth surface, textures form, can go hard and not feel like I won’t be walking for a week. Review of same coming soon… Excuse me for leaving now I just need to check out your list of fantasy toy makers…

    • Thanks so much! Hope you found my fantasy toy maker list helpful. I’m glad that glass toys are working out for you—they can be SO beautiful and well-made. Have you tried really glossy silicone?


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