Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny Review

People love VixSkin—it’s as simple as that. But because my own experience with the VixSkin Maverick wasn’t an overwhelming success, I knew I had to try more VixSkin, to give this beloved line of dual-density silicone dildos a second chance. Enter Vixen Creations’ VixSkin Johnny.

Vixen VixSkin Johnny phallic veg
No produce was screwed in the making of this photo.

Johnny is beautiful (say I, the phallophile). More realistic-looking than the VixSkin classics Mustang and Maverick,1

 Johnny features a lifelike forward bent, a pronounced (but not exaggerated) coronal ridge, and a retracted-foreskin section that I find incredibly attractive.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny head closeup

And, most importantly for my discerning vag, Johnny feels slightly firmer than Maverick (review here). Read the next section of this review for my mini-essay on realistic dildos, or skip to the “In Use” section for details about how Johnny feels!

Dual-Density Dildos vs. Dicks

First, a little background. The big idea behind dual-density silicone dildos is that they always remains erect, no matter how fast you thrust, while also giving the sensation of skin-like softness. This means that (in theory at least) a dual-density dildo can feel a lot more like an actual penis than a single-density silicone toy.

Some dual-density dildos feel more realistic than others, though. And VixSkin is often cited as being the most-realistic-feeling dual-density line. I mostly agree with this: I think VixSkin shafts are very convincing in use, but the heads…well, they’re squishy-squishy.

That’s right, VixSkin heads are doubly, super-duper squishy.2

This makes them incredibly fun to poke, squeeze, and suck on. But it also means that they have more give than a full-out erection.3

And some VixSkin heads are a little softer than others, depending on how far each model’s firm core goes up into the head.

So this is why I chose Johnny: I knew that, unlike Maverick, whose head is all squish, Johnny’s core extends partway up into the head.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny core
I can feel the core right here.

And I wanted this little bit of extra firmness. Also, Johnny’s outer layer of silicone may be slightly thinner than Maverick’s; the shaft feels a bit firmer overall—more realistic, in my opinion.4

My point in telling you all this, basically, is that dildos are dildos and penises are penises—don’t expect too much. Some are definitely much better than others for realism: but none are exactly real-feeling.

That said, I am really glad that I got a Johnny for those times when I want a realistic-looking dick and there’s not a live one available. Here’s more about how Johnny feels, in all its glorious, squishy demi-realism.

In Use: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny…

Facing Forward: Cowgirl/Missionary

Vixen VixSkin Johnny full length

Even though I don’t think VixSkin is exactly like the real deal, Johnny is an awesome dildo. I can ride, and ride, and ride Johnny, on and on. Because of VixSkin’s softness, using Johnny is never uncomfortable5

Johnny is also the perfect size for me: the product listing says that the maximum diameter is 1.75″, but my measuring tape shows Johnny’s coronal ridge coming in at 6″ circumference (≈1.9″ diameter).6 And the 7″ length is great too—a little more than I actually want inserted, so that I can wrap the extra length around to better hit the underside of my clit on the way out.

With its soft head, Johnny is easy for me to insert with no warmup.7 Johnny’s head is the perfect shape: nicely rounded at first, followed by a slight curve inward, and then finished off by a generous, flared coronal ridge.


(I’m all about ridges, and Johnny is definitely not lacking in this department.) The top third of an inch is the squishiest part, and then I can feel Johnny’s firm core begin at the most rounded part of its head. But the coronal ridge is still very gentle; it’s noticeable, for sure, but the silicone is soft enough that it bends up or down with each fast stroke.

This is why I think Johnny feels most realistic when I use short, slow thrusts instead of fast ones. As Johnny’s big ridge gently strokes my G-spot, I can imagine that it is a real penis. But when I make Johnny go faster, the squishiness of Johnny’s head becomes more obvious, and I have to thrust harder than normal to achieve orgasm. Yes, it takes me longer than normal to come on Johnny than on firmer dual-density toys, but it’s time well spent once I feel myself spasming around Johnny.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny ridge squish 1
See the coronal ridge bend, down and up.

When I am riding Johnny fast—which is most of the time, because that’s my style—the foreskin ridging is as noticeable as the coronal ridge. I’m really glad for that extra texture. It creates the kind of drag that I find stimulating in the best way.

Finally, moving down the shaft, the pronounced veins are an interesting detail. I don’t notice them a lot, but they do gently tug at the mouth of my vagina.

But the BALLS

As much as I enjoy thrusting Johnny by hand, Johnny’s low-hanging balls make it awkward to do for long. (And I know I’m not alone in this: I’ve seen at least two people write into Reddit’s Sex Toys sub in the last four months asking it was possible/safe to cut through silicone just because they also wanted to castrate Johnny.)9

Of course, if you’re using Johnny in a harness, this won’t be a problem, but if you’re using it solo, be prepared!

Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny ridge squish 1

With some dildos, I can just wrap my hand around the balls and jerk for a good while without discomfort, but holding Johnny’s large base hurts even my experienced wrist after a couple minutes. Sure, the balls are squishy and sometimes I like to squeeze them, but for a successful masturbation experience, I really have to ride Johnny instead of thrusting the dildo by hand.

I tried to solve this problem by fitting Johnny into my new Liberator Wing toy mount‘s dildo hole (which is way too narrow).10 This makes Johnny’s balls the anchor that holds the shaft in place, and it works OK for hands-free riding.11

Plus, I’m sure that twisting Johnny’s balls to fit it into the Wing’s small opening will cause the toy’s base to bend, like Johnnies already tend to do with time or if not stored upright.12

Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny bullet on balls
Johnny in box. Store upright (not lying sideways, like this) to avoid ball-warpage.
Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny bullet on balls

But, despite all my complaints about them, Johnny’s balls do have one benefit. If Johnny’s head is facing the back of my vag, the dildo’s long ball-shelf can actually hold a small bullet vibe. This works if I’m kneeling or standing with Johnny almost fully inserted, but not moving it around. I would 100% recommend writing sex toy reviews—or anything, really—like this.

Speaking of facing Johnny backward…

Doggy Style

In general, I’m much, much more likely to pick cowgirl over doggy style for both PIV and with dildos. But I’ve found Johnny to be great fun when its head is pressing into the back wall of my vag. My back wall is much less sensitive than the front (witness my Fun Factory Boss review), and so it really can’t distinguish much difference between Johnny and an actual penis. Though I’m a lot less likely to orgasm when riding anything cowgirl, Johnny’s squishy head feels amazing pressed into my back wall. And the shaft is everything I’ve ever hoped for from a dual-density dildo.

TL;DR: High-Quality Squish

VixSkin’s Johnny is a great replica of a penis. For around $100, you get a toy whose shaft feels pretty darn realistic in use (especially once it’s lubed up). And, though I love thrusting Johnny, its head doesn’t quite have the impact that a real cock head does on my G-spot. But that’s OK, because Johnny is still great to squish around while using a vibe. Plus, despite its larger size, Johnny is a comfortable ride; I like using it doggy-style especially because the back wall of my vag isn’t so picky about firmness. (If I was able to take dildos as big as Johnny anally, then I’m sure it’d be a very pleasant match.)

The VixSkin Johnny is available in three flesh tones and tie-bright; or check out all the VixSkin options here. If you’d like more firmness, Johnny comes in purple and black single-density silicone too.

I’d like to thank Vixen Creations for their great customer service, and for sending me this dildo in exchange for my honest review!

  1. I like the foreskin-esque ridges on these toys and all, they’re just not realistic realistic—they’re stylized realism.
  2. This outer layer is probably somewhere around 00-30 silicone, like “soft” fantasy toy options. See my Silicone Dildo Firmness Guide for full details. This is in comparison with the outer layer of Tantus’ dual-density silicone toys, which is 5(A?) shore, so somewhat firmer than VixSkin but still soft.
  3. I’d argue that the uncored heads of some Tantus O2 toys and some Tantus Super Soft toys feel most cock-head-like. But it’s a trade-off: Tantus O2 shafts are firmer than penis shafts. I have to ask myself: Do I want a more realistic shaft and a softer head (VixSkin), or a more realistic head and a slightly-too-firm shaft (Tantus O2)? I pretty much always opt for the firmer choice—like my Uncut #1—if I’m looking for fast vaginal orgasms.
  4. If you ignore the stickiness of VixSkin silicone, that is. Softer silicones are often tacky, plus VixSkin includes silicone lube within the silicone blend, something that I’m guessing adds to the stickiness.
  5. If I’m using enough lube, of course.
  6. But if you are looking for a toy that’s about 1.75″, Johnny shouldn’t be too much of a stretch because of the softness of the ridge. The rest of the shaft is about 5.75″ max., so about 1.8″.
  7. Of course, YMMV.
  8. Another dildo with a similar head shape that I really, really love is the BS Is Nice Nude.
  9. My answer to this question is: Sure, it’s possible, but if you don’t have a really sharp knife, you could easily damage the toy (or yourself?) beyond repair, and create jagged edges that would also be awkward to grasp. Then, because Johnny’s balls are dual-density, cutting them off could cause the outer layer of silicone to start peeling. In the end, this could not only look bad, but make Johnny impossible to fully sanitize.
  10. Definitely not designed for larger toys. To fit larger bases, you have to remove the outer cover of the Wing and then really wiggle the toy base.
  11. I may have already pulled a few stitches out of the Wing’s lining this way, though. Here’s how the set-up looks:
  12. It’s best to keep Johnny stored in its box, standing upright, if you care about keeping the balls as straight as when they were new.

11 thoughts on “Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny Review”

    • I purchased the Vixen creations Mustang and gave my wife about 5 deep orgasms.Have never heard her moan so loud.I found out she squirts from the deep orgasms I gave her with this toy.I ordered the Vixen Creations Johnny for cukold fantasies .

  1. Let me just say that this is my wife’s favorite toy. Its easy to clean and store, and it feels so real and fantastic! This dildo is definitely worth the purchase. The dual density is to die for and it hits all the right spots in use. Compared to the real thing, its just as good, maybe even better! Fantastic quality materials, durable and has juuuust enough give to treat your body right, but also firm enough to function as a dildo.

    • Personally I like Johnny the best, but other people may prefer Adam or Maverick! Maverick and Johnny are pretty similar, but Adam (the dual-density O2 version, especially—though I believe that’s been discontinued in favor of the Super Soft version) has a very different feel. It feels firmer, the curve is really pronounced, and the head has a glossy finish. So it just depends on what you’re looking for. Overall, VixSkin is more realistic, if that’s something you like.

  2. When I got mine, there was one spot on the head where the core was reaaally prominent, like it’s sticking out too far, like the squish layer is too thin on that spot. Is yours like this too or do you think mine is a defect? It kind of hurts me because I Like Squish™, and it kinda feels like it’s too hard on my g-spot. Which, if I’m getting a dual-density dildo, the point of it is to be soft on the outside, not to be hard on my g-spot. I figured I’d ask your opinion if this is normal so that if it’s a defect I can get it exchanged (though it has been used so I don’t know how they do that D: ) I did consider that maybe that side of the head got pressed during shipping? With the curve it barely fits in the little VixSkin box, and I thought maybe it pressed the squish layer down and caused that.

  3. Oops — I somehow missed the part in your review where you talked about feeling the core in the head. So I guess it is normal and I just prefer ones with squishier heads. I will keep that in mind for next time!

    • VixSkin is great for pegging. But we do have a slight preference for SquarePeg’s SuperSoft silicone. The Leo gives a lot of length (we need to revise that review since it’s been about a year and he’s up to the Actual Size now) vs. the Steve having a stronger P-spot bump in-and-out with each thrust. Those are not firm-cored like VixSkin, so it’s a different feel, but the Super-Soft silicone has a better (more gliding) finish in our opinion. also has plenty of smoother, nonrealistic dildos; but be forewarned that they tend *large*.


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