Tantus Adam Super Soft Review

Tantus’ Adam Super Soft taught me to appreciate my A-spot. Usually, I ignore this higher region of my vag’s frontal wall because I’m all about G-spot orgasms. But Adam begs to dive in deeper, until its big, shiny head is nudging right up against my cervix. Here’s how I’ve learned to love Adam, and why.

Tantus Adam Super Soft, purple, lying sideways in yellow flowers
If you’re looking for the BEST super soft dildos, there’s no question that SquarePegToys’ SuperSoft platinum-grade silicone is the way. (Read a comparison of SquarePeg realistic dildos here.) SquarePeg was the first, original creator of 100% squishy & body-safe dildos, in 2007. Tantus Super Soft products are an imitation, but good quality. If you’re looking for a well-made toy, though: Be sure to stick to silicone, since PVC super soft dildos & Cyberskin, Real Feel, etc. TPE toys are porous and let germs & even mold grow within.

The Curve

The Adam Super Soft’s intense curve is the first and foremost reason that I like to use it for deep penetration. A slight G-spot curve is a necessity for me (as evidenced by my ho-hum review of the Real Nude Sumo), so I was hoping that Adam would deliver in this area. But the shaft angles so much that the Adam Super Soft’s head glides up farther inside me than I typically go for—and I make new discoveries about my penetration preferences. At 7″ insertable, Adam isn’t incredibly long, but it’s definitely above average.

The Head

Tantus Adam Super Soft head closeup, with shadows behind

Next, Adam’s larger-than-average head (1.7″ maximum diameter) is a force to be reckoned with. Even in Tantus’ Super Soft silicone, the head applies an ample amount of pressure.1 But the Adam Super Soft’s coronal ridge makes the weight of the head feel more gentle to me. Instead of being hooked like your typical realistic head ridge, Adam’s ridge flattens out as it connects to the shaft. This flatness creates a smooth, gliding sensation, which is enhanced by my next topic: the head’s gloss finish.

Gloss Finish/Firmness

The Adam Super Soft’s whole head is glossy, in contrast with the matte finish of the shaft. For me, this smooth finish requires a lot of lube if I want thrusting to be comfortable. But once Adam’s head is slicked up, it’s very shiny-smooth.

Tantus Adam Super Soft lube shiny purple

Now that I’ve learned how I prefer using the gloss-and-matte Adam Super Soft, playing with this dildo is a long and fulfilling experience. Adam’s head is able to put pressure on my A-spot at the beginning of each stroke, and the lower shaft’s long ridge hits my clit as I pull the toy back. With Adam inserted as far as possible, I massage the deepest part of my vagina, then quickly tease my G-spot, over and over. The Adam Super Soft’s curve stays curved all throughout this. The silicone has some flexibility, and (true to its name) the toy is soft, but I believe it would perform well in a harness because it maintains a firm feeling no matter how fast I thrust.

But is it my favorite?

Adam vs. Vamp

Tantus Adam Super Soft Tantus Vamp Super Soft side view

All in all, I like the Adam Super Soft and the new experiences it’s given me. Despite Adam’s many selling points, my personal favorite Super Soft toy remains the the Vamp Super Soft (review here). The two dildos do have very similar sizes—1.7″ max. diameter for Adam vs. 1.75″ for Vamp. Overall, though, Vamp’s head provides more intense stimulation for me because it’s weightier overall; it takes up more space. And, as much as I’ve talked about Adam’s broad, flat coronal ridge, Vamp’s is broader and a little less pointed. This shape works out amazingly for me when I want slow G-spot pressure that builds as I thrust.

But perhaps the biggest difference2 between Adam and Vamp is their distinct head finishes. Interestingly enough (to me, since I’m obsessed with dildo squishiness), Vamp’s matte-finish head actually feels slightly softer than Adam’s gloss-finish one. Vamp is more pleasant to squeeze in both my hands and in my vag. (But the difference is small, since both toys are made from the same 5-shore silicone.)

Tantus Adam Super Soft stuck to bathroom mirror
Look, it’s kinda sticky. I wouldn’t recommend the base as a strong suction cup, though.

Concluding Thoughts

Tantus’ Adam Super Soft has a lot going for it: the forward curve, the very noticeable ridge, and of course the softer (but not floppy!) silicone. Though I didn’t find it the absolute best tool for G-spot stimulation, I know there are lots of vagina (and prostate) owners out there who will love Adam’s shape for G-/P-spotting. I personally prefer to use the Adam for deeper penetration: massaging my A-spot (while Adam’s curved shaft also hits the underside of my clit) and occasionally thrusting against my G-spot in quick bursts.

And it’s entirely possible that I, an anal beginner, am missing out on the Adam Super Soft’s full range of possibilities. After all, “Adam Super Soft” does create the acronym ASS. For anal play, as much as for vaginal play, the ASS’s glossy head should make for smooth and easy insertion, and slick (well-lubed) thrusting.

If you think you’d like to try out the Adam Super Soft’s curvaceous smoothness, pick up one here. Or, check out my Super Soft favorites, the Echo (yay texture!) and the Vamp.

You can see all Super Soft toys on Tantus’ site here.

* * *

  1. But keep in mind that I’m sensitive. Your mileage may vary.
  2. Besides the Adam’s curve, that is.

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