Tantus Fist Trainer Review

Tantus Fist Trainer review

The Tantus Fist Trainer Dildo is the widest and most forcefully orgasmic sex toy that I’ve ever had inside my vagina. I considered this “fisting dildo,” part of Tantus’ new …

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Tantus Echo Super Soft Review

Tantus describes its Echo Super Soft as “a fantasy dildo whose head is repeated multiple times.” So, when the folks at Peepshow Toys were looking for a reviewer for …

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Tantus Adam Super Soft Review

Tantus’ Adam Super Soft taught me to appreciate my A-spot. Usually, I ignore this higher region of my vag’s frontal wall because I’m all about G-spot orgasms. But Adam …

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Tantus Vamp Super Soft Review

New York Toy Collective Double-Sided Suction Cup Tantus Vamp Super Soft 1200px

Tantus’ new Vamp Super Soft is everything I had hoped for from the original Vamp. This revamped Vamp still has an above-average-sized, nicely rounded head with a protruding coronal ridge, …

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