Lovense Exomoon Review

Lovense Exomoon review

The 1st long-distance bullet vibrator! Lovense’s Exomoon is a sex toy that’s been years in the making. I’ll cover how strong and rumbly its vibration is, and how easy …

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Maia Remi Suction Vibrator Review

Maia Remi review

You asked for it? A suction vibrator to wear inside underwear. The Maia Remi panty vibrator (1) actually sucks, and (2) is secured in underwear via a magnetic clip. It’s got …

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Lovense Hyphy Review

Lovense Hyphy review

Pinpoint power. Lovense Hyphy brings it with a dot of jolting strength, practically steamrolling your clitoris with high-speed vibrations. I’m not joking, this little vibe kicks it up with …

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Lovense Quake Review vs. Lovense Lush

Lovense Dolce (Quake) review, flexible clitoral and G-spot stimulators app controlled sex toy

Smart: Lovense Quake is like the Lovense Lush, but holds another motor for clitoral stimulation. The Lovense Quake has trembling waves of vibration that (*in theory*) rest against both …

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