Lovense Gemini Review – “Whuuut?!!” Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Tingly-titty toys? Vibrating nipple clamps have largely sucked over the years, offering mediocre power and buzzy vibration to nipples & areolae everywhere.

Could Lovense Gemini be an upgrade? 🤔 My tits have a strong opinion:

The Run-Down:

Gemini is two vibrating, adjustable nipple clamps. Connected by coated cords, a bluetooth antenna hangs in the center of your chest. Has Lovense vibrator-app control & silky silicone clamp-tips.

$129 at Lovense

Lovense Gemini review

Pros & Cons


  • Vibrating nipple clamps with app control.
  • Stronger than most vibrating clamps.
  • Lovense app control is excellent.
  • Adjustable tightness over each nipple.
  • Not pinchy: smooth silicone coat.
  • Stable Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Waterproof submersible.
  • Body-safe silicone & nonporous plastic.


  • High-pitched (“buzzy”) vibration. Not for anyone who likes it rumbly.
  • Central controller hangs down & is kinda bulky.
  • Loud.

Lovense Gemini clamps are made of nonporous silicone & ABS plastic. Gemini’s got 15.5″ total length, and includes a synthetic string chain you can clip onto the clamp’s central connector & then wear around your neck. The Gemini nipple vibrator is IPX7 waterproof and magnetic USB rechargeable.

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 750 vibrators, 500 dildos, and 120 butt plugs (and an array of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

My Experience with Lovense Gemini

When I got into nipple stimulation toys, I quickly discovered I don’t seek pain from them. I like 100% sensual touches and pleasure, not hard clamping or biting.

The Lovense Gemini clamps meet my preference, then, in one way—but not another.

The good: The clamps’ interior grips are coated in smooth silicone and most importantly, they adjust via a twist-screw. You screw it in more, so the clamp expands—and pinches your nipple less. Amen, because (as we’ll see in the next comparison) some vibrating clamps are not so adjustable.

Lovense Gemini review app-controlled nipple clamps
The white part inside the Gemini clamps’ pink plastic is smoother silicone, which lessens the bite.

The bad for me: The vibration gets buzzy, fast. And one clamp, strangely, has an even buzzier motor vs. the other. The clamp whose control dot (within the Lovense App > Remote) is pink is the most egregrious.

So, Lovense Gemini is decidedly not fantastic if you want rumbly vibration. I’m sure they made it higher-frequency to make the vibes feel stronger (smaller vibrators = almost universally weaker vs. bigger toys like magic wands). Just… my tits can’t take this level of buzz. It’s gratingly loud, too.

Trying to play with the vibration patterns was the worst. When I searched the Lovense app for user-created patterns (found in Discover > Patterns), my tits transmitted sensory input that my brain quickly translated to “Make it stop. Plzzzz.

Lovense Gemini clamps on woman worn under bra

When I first got the Gemini clamps, I’d been excited to put them on STAT and take pics. They made my nipples aroused, for sure. Much perkier than usual. That was tingly fun. I tried walking around my place with them on, adding in a favorite pussy plug for good measure.

But after only a couple minutes, using Gemini has been less pleasant for me. I’m just not into the vibration frequency, too high-pitched. I’m definitely not letting my boyfriend control them.

Although the Gemini clamps don’t meet my nips’ needs, they are not the rock-bottom buzz + bite offender. That’d be:

Gemini clamps vs. OhMiBod Sphinx clamps

I enjoy that the Ohmibod Esca (Gspot vibrator) has a rumblier vibration pitch vs. the très populaire Lovense Lush, but… both brands’ app-controlled nipple clamps suck at vibration.

OhMiBod Sphinx clamps are also sooooo incredibly high-pitched, I started thinking of bees right away. Have you ever heard the sound of an active beehive? A loud, droning bzzzzzzz-zzzz-uuurr-ZZZZZ. And it gets even worse:

Ohmibod Sphinx vibrating nipple clamps with no adjustability - vs. gator jaws
The bottom part of the Sphinx clamps is hard ribbed plastic, ugh.

Sphinx also bites like a motherfucker because—unlike Lovense Gemini—these Ohmibod clamps don’t have a screw to adjust the tightness. You open them, put in your nipple inside, and let go: that’s it. It clamps down, no way to make it looser or gentler. For a $129 product, that’s a crazy design oversight. 🤷‍♀️

Vibration Functions and Strength

Lovense Gemini clamps come with 7 vibration functions built-in. You can cycle through those via the power button.

Pair to the Lovense app for creating more patterns of vibration. (You cannot turn down the vibration pitch much, though, since even at 10% intensity, Gemini already feels heckin’ buzzy and it only gets worse from there.)

Lovense app for Gemini clamps 2024

Gemini is far from the most-powerful Lovense vibrator. Lush 3 is stronger, Ferri is stronger, Dolce is definitely stronger, and Lapis kicks Geminii’s butt.

How to Use

How to Control

To turn on the Lovense Gemini clamps, hold down on the power button for 3 full seconds. It will light up.

Press the button to cycle through the 7 preset functions.

Or, download the Lovense app. Here’s a how-to on Lovense long-distance control, which applies to syncing Gemini to your phone too (even if only using the Lovense app by yourself).

How to Position

To open the Gemini clamps more, find the end of the screw on the outside. Hold the clamp with your nondominant hand, while screwing the screw clockwise with your dominant hand. The clamp will gradually open up.

Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamps size vs. hand

Pinch on the tab at the end of the clamp to open, then apply over your nipple and let go, slowly.

Gemini clamps have both a loop atop the central anchor/controller, to put the included string through to wear as a necklace; plus a notch on the back that you could put any larger, non-clasped chain through.

Lovense gemini how to recharge
Lovense Gemini with magnetic charging cable attached (back). Before washing, remove the cheap-o black cord.

Care & Cleaning

IPX7 Waterproof! Gemini clamps’ silicone + ABS plastic body can be submerged in the bath.

To clean, just use your normal handsoap and scrub the Gemini clamps under running water from your sink.

It’s USB rechargeable. The magnetic charging nodes are on the back of the clamps’ central connector, opposite side from the LOVENSE logo and power button. Be sure to get the charger pushed into place in its nook, with the cord sticking out to the side: the Lovense logo will light up on the frontside when it’s connected properly.

Recap & Rating

Lovense Gemini clamps are happily easy to adjust, so they don’t hurt my nipples. But, the vibration quality is disappointing for me, since I like rumbly vibration and don’t like buzzing feels at my tits.

If you don’t mind high-pitched to the max. vibes and you love nipple play, you’ll probably like these more. They’re not bad to wear, my tits just got real annoyed, real fast by trying to play with random patterns (cutting on and off) in combo with the higher-frequency vibration intensity. There are worse clamps, for sure; just be sure you are not expecting either deep vibration or the power of the Lovense Lush (2 or 3) — significantly stronger vs. the Gemini clamps.

Find Lovense Gemini clamps at Lovense.

(out of 5)
Fun per dollar value:
Arousing at first, was a thrill to put them on and feel titillated. Smooth feel over my tits. But the buzzzzz. No low-frequency options. Can’t wear for fun for more than a couple minutes, gets too annoying.
User experience/Ease of use:
Easy to use, really ergonomic clamp design. Great app control. Not bad to wear. But the vibration is way too loud & high-pitched.
Luxury feel:
Body-safe, smooth silicone tips; clean packaging; USB rechargeable, waterproof.
Run time (90 mins. average) & easy charging3.75
Total3.0 of 5⭐s
[vs. all vibrators]
From 4.0 to 6.5
/out of 10
Vibration depth
From 1.0 to 0 out of 10
52 to 56 dB

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