Body Dock Universal Harness for Suction Cup Dildos – Review

I was skeptical: Would the Body Dock harness actually hold suction cup dildos well, vs. letting them slip or pop off? But hot damn, the Body Dock strap-on harness holds dildos so tight, I gotta pry ’em off.

This is a clever concept, a harness that will support and retain almost all suction cup dildos—while making them stick up, more erect-like compared to a fabric harness’s droopiness. What we found testing the Body Dock, including the 98% of suction cup dildos it works well with:

The Run-Down:

Harness with suction cup sticker that holds super-strong! Adjustable straps; functional + OK comfort. Fits almost all suction cup dildos.

$49.99–$69.99 USD

Body Dock harness with Neo Elite 7.5 Inch suction cup dildo

Pros & Cons


  • Harness holds 98% of suction cup dildos.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Secure fit + stable suction.
  • Easy to switch between dildos.
  • Dildos don’t fall or slip after applied.


  • No bullet vibrator slot for clitoral stimulation.
  • Firm plastic isn’t ideal for hard-&-fast play.
  • These nylon straps aren’t as soft as cloth. (But are softer vs. other nylon straps I’ve felt.)

Body Dock suction cup harnesses have nylon straps and ABS plastic components. The King Cock Elite Body Doc we tested uses just ABS for the suction cup, vs. the silicone suction cup on the Body Dock Elite harness ($20 more). ABS is super-slick and nondamaging to silicone dildos, but firm if you’re banging hard into it as you thrust. Every Body Dock harness will fit waists between 24″ and 54″ (via adjustable straps).

Body Dock harness package - universal harness system

Body Dock Elite and King Cock Elite Body Dock harnesses will hold dildos up to 3.4″ suction cup base diameter, while the Mini Body Dock harness accommodates dildo bases up to 2.6″ diameter.

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 750 vibrators, 500 dildos, and 120 butt plugs (and an array of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

Our Experience

Suction Cup Strength

Dildos stick soooooo well to the Body Dock base. It being concave actually improves how strong the suction is, after you press your dildo down hard to remove air from under the base.

Like, I can pull suction cup dildos off my shower wall, but I cannot pull them off the Body Dock by tugging. That’s incredible. I have to insert a nail under one edge of the dildo’s suction cup, to let air in — breaking the seal and removing the dildo. When I strapped it on for pegging, the King Cock Elite 6″ and then the Neo Elite 7.5″ stuck firmly, and stayed.

King Cock Elite Body Dock harness with King Cock Elite 6 Inch dual-density dildo
King Cock Elite 6″ dildo (not included with harness, but included with 1 Body Dock harness set).

So, the Body Dock harness works perfectly with King Cock Elite dildos (the “Elite” ones are now safe silicone🎉, vs. normal King Cock’s PVC). With some other suction cup dildos, you just need to push harder to apply. The Neo Elite 7.5″ with balls, for example, has a very concave base, so you just push down really hard, and then it’s good. The girthy Neo Elite 9″ is also an awesome fit.

Body Dock harness with Neo Elite 9 Inch dildo

And VixSkin: notoriously “eh” suction cup strength on Mustang and Maverick dual-density dildos. But once you push down, the suction cups are actually staying put on the Body Dock. Again, I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance.

Body Dock harness universal suction cup with VixSkin Maverick
Maverick sticks!!!

What the Body Dock harness does not play well with: HUGE suction cup bases. I like fairly large dildos, but my bigger ones tend to have a Vac-U hole (for fitting on a sec machine). So, a small fraction of XL dildos won’t work with this harness — even if said mondo-dildo does come equipped with a suction cup. The suction cup base diameter must be 3.4 inches or less, to stay stuck to the Body Dock harness.

Body Dock harness - suction cup size and fit

Fit and Feel

The Body Dock Elite harness includes straps that fit under the butt cheeks and run up inside each leg: jock-style, but with nylon straps.

The waistband is nylon too, also with adjustable buckles. You pull on the end of the straps (4 of them, total) to cinch up the fit.

Body Dock harness adjust straps to tighten

You want it to be snug, but not choking your skin. Adjust for comfort.

As a skinny bitch, I had to pull the straps further to tighten, which leaves a foot of strappage dangling down both my thighs. This was slightly annoying at first, but I forgot the dangling length fast. The buckles kept them in place well; the straps didn’t loosen during play.

Body Dock harness how to adjust straps

Sliding a nail under any dildo’s suction cup, then pushing down to attach a new dildo, is moderately quicker vs. inserting different dildos in and out of an O-ring. (But that’s not a huge difference.)

The nylon straps on the Body Dock harness are softer vs. a backpack strap, but still not the plushest material. It’s OK. SpareParts Joque is definitely softer. The advantage of the Body Dock is that it makes the dildo stick up more, really angling the suction cup base upward, which looks hotter IMO.

Body Dock harness how to put on

The plastic suction cup + pubic mound cover is very firm. It’s fine at slow to medium-speed thrusting, but if you are very vigorous about pounding your partner, you’ll probably find that the bottom of the triangle angles into your skin hard and might not like the feel. I’m pretty moderate, so it didn’t bother me especially, though again, it’s not plush. But it does hold suction cups crazy well!

How to Use Body Dock

Securing the Straps

Find the bottom of the triangular suction cup plate, which should face downward (closest to between your legs). The waistband extends around that, with the jock straps extending down from it.

Hold the waistband as you fit each leg through its appropriate hole,

Body Dock harness fit on woman Phallophile Reviews

Then start pulling on the waistband strap’s ends (one at a time) until the strap is snug.

Also pull at the end of the jock strap bands, to tighten them so they fit under your butt cheeks.

Attaching the Suction Cup Dildo

To attach suction cup dildos to Body Dock harness:

  1. Have your small to fairly-large suction cup dildo ready.
  2. Hold its lower shaft with your dominant hand,
  3. The push down hard, pressing the dildo against the Body Dock suction cup.
  4. You’re wanting to push out as much air as possible,
  5. Flattening the dildo suction cup against the Body Dock.

Care & Cleaning

The Body Dock harness is fairly open-crotch, so it’ll need less cleaning vs. a closed harness. (That is, you’re not as likely to get pussy juices on it.)

The suction cup can easily be wiped off, with a wet paper towel or an antibacterial wipe.

The nylon straps aren’t separable. So, if you really need to clean them, you’d wash lightly with soap and water, then blow-dry on low heat.

Recap & Rating

The Body Dock harnesses are almost universal harnesses for suction cup dildos. They hold suction cup dildos incredibly well, sticking without falling off. You gotta pry the dildo off with a nail or nailfile when you’re done.

They only won’t fit dildos whose suction cup bases are over 3.4″ diameter.

The functionality is 10/10, while the comfort level (as the harness wearer) is more like 7/10 due to the (soft, but grainy) nylon straps and firm backing. I recommend the Body Dock for fans of slow and sensual strap-on sex and pegging, but not for “pound u like there’s no tomorrow” hardcore sex.

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