Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang Review: Best G-Spot Dildos Compared

best g-spot dildos vs. VixSkin Mustang

The ultimate realistic dildo??? I’d read dozens of VixSkin Mustang reviews before I got my hands on one, wondering whether it could live up to the hype. So much love was showered on the Vixen Creations Mustang dildo—so many words of praise—that I didn’t bother writing my own review when I started this site. But eventually I realized: How could Phallophile Reviews be an all-in-one guide to silicone dildos without a separate piece for the VixSkin Mustang? And hey, while I was at it: Why not make an entire compare-contrast guide to the best G-spot dildos around???

First I’ll dive into the VixSkin Mustang’s badassery—and then I’ll compare Mustang to other classic G-spot toys. (See also my best G-spot vibrators guide for more charged options!) From super-squishy to super-weighty, there’s a toy for every G-spot.1

Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang

Best for: Comfortable G-Spot/Prostate Pressure, Fast Thrusting, Squishy Awesomeness

So what’s the big deal about the VixSkin Mustang, by Vixen Creations? In brief:

  • VixSkin dual-density silicone has this super smooooshy outer layer. (It’s delightful to squeeze.) Meanwhile, the firm core keeps the shaft stable during vigorous play.
  • That squishy outer layer makes Mustang’s exaggerated corona feel like a million dollars when it’s thrusting into my G-spot.
VixSkin Mustang G-spot dildo

It’s not quite as realistic as the BMS Naked Addiction Dual Density Dildo, but goddamn, the VixSkin Mustang is all about G-spot contact. Whether I use slow strokes, just clench around it, or thrust my brains out, Mustang is writing a love letter to my G-spot. I don’t get off the fastest with Mustang—but I see that as a positive. The lingering buildup is intense.

I often get overwhelmed by harder, less-realistic silicone dildos, and Mustang is the polar opposite. No matter what mood I’m in, the VixSkin Mustang will still give me orgasms because it’s essentially comfortable G-spot pressure. It stays in, it squishes, and it feels pretty damn real when you’re using it with a good clit vibe.

It’s amazing how different people prefer different levels of pressure. As a fan of the softer, more realistic things, I personally favor Mustang over its polar opposite—the extra-hard Pure Wand—95% of the time. (More about Pure Wand and its legendary status later in this post.)

Vixen Mustang comes in 3 flesh tones, plus the vibrant Tie-Bright coloration (3 fluorescent tones in the shaft, over a pearly white base) seen in this post.

Uberrime Splendid (Medium)

Best for: A Little Extra Pressure, More Shaft Texture, Lower Price Point

At first glance the Splendid dildo by Uberrime shares a lot with the Vixen VixSkin Mustang: they’re both dual layer platinum silicone dildos with big heads and forward curves. But Splendid is different because:

  • The outer layer of silicone is still very soft—but not super-duper squishy.
  • There’s more texture on the shaft.

Mustang’s shaft is sticky2 pre-lube but gets so smooth—almost featureless—once it’s lubed up. Uberrime’s Splendid, in contrast, has these curvy lines down the shaft that stimulate my labia while I’m thrusting. Also, due to the firmer silicone density, Splendid feels like a little MORE than Mustang.

Uberrime Splendids vs. VixSkin Mustang
Mustang (left), medium two-color Splendid (center), and large Splendid (right).

(And “more” is definitely an option with the Large Splendid, whose head is 2″ thick! The original medium Splendid is about 0.1″ wider than Mustang at widest.)

If you’re torn between the Uberrime Splendid and the VixSkin Mustang, cost is another factor to consider: the original two-color Splendid goes for $30 less than Mustang, while the single-color Splendid is another $10 cheaper than that. 

Jopen Key Comet II Wand

Best for: Vibrating G-Spot Stimulation!

Jopen Key Comet 2 vibrating dildo vs. VixSkin Mustang
❗ NOTE: Sadly, the Key Comet 2 has been discontinued. The head isn’t as bulbous…but the Blush Impressions N4 packs a vibrating punch and is the closest alternative I can offer! If you do want an impactful head, the Impressions N5 is wider and more intense.

The shape of the Jopen Key Comet II Wand forces my fingers to start typing good-food adjectives: delicious, delectable, scrumptious…mmm. This vibrating dildo is easy to grip, and easy to move—right where I want it.

Key II Comet’s mechanical core boasts a satiny silicone coating: and more importantly, a beautiful curve and bulbous head. The Key Comet Wand’s vibes are good, but not “I will write a sonnet” good. They pair best with this toy’s truly ergonomic shape. I was not surprised to learn that the original Jopen Key Comet was a non-vibrating dildo: the toy seems made for rocking and thrusting motions.

Njoy Pure Wand

Best for: INTENSE G-Spotting, Learning to Squirt

I keep expecting someone to ask me why my site, devoted to “All Silicone Sex Toys, All the Time,” has an instructional guide to the stainless steel Njoy Pure Wand. No one has posed that question yet, and maybe there’s an obvious reason why:

What sex toy review site wouldn’t want an article on the Njoy Pure Wand???

Njoy Pure Wand vs. VixSkin Mustang

What the VixSkin Mustang is to realistic dildos, the Njoy Pure Wand is to stainless steel ones. It’s the ultimate example, the gold standard. I can describe the Pure Wand in three words: So. Much. Pressure.

And it’s all focused on that one spot, whichever you want: G-spot or prostate. The Pure Wand has been known to transform vagina-owners from (1) not much caring about internal stimulation to (2) needing to invest in an absorbent sex blanket, or maybe put down a shower curtain, because squirting suddenly became a thing.

Pure Wand’s stainless is so slick, which many will find better suited for anal use. (And hey, I hear some peeps like the smooth things vaginally too.) I would use Pure Wand on a partner’s prostate first over Mustang, even—Mustang is great for thrusting in a harness, but Pure Wand hits the spot easily and firmly if you’re gripping the toy.

Final Thoughts & Where to Buy

I have to conclude with my own dripping praise: Pummel me, Mustang, pummel me. The VixSkin Mustang is ideal for anyone who likes comfortable thrusting and/or clenching around toys. Super squish + that big head = a winning combo. Mustang retails for $102.60 or $106.20,3 including free FedEx 2-Day shipping within the US.

I think I need to get a fuck machine largely to have Mustang thrusting into me as long as I want, with no wrist strain. 😄

If you find that you need a liiiiittle extra pressure (but not so much hardness!) with your penetration, the Uberrime Splendid’s handmade silicone is high-quality and a touch firmer than Mustang. The comparably sized Medium Splendid costs significantly less than Mustang too: $79.99 for a two-color Medium Splendid and $69.99 for a single-color Medium. Or go with the biggest Splendid for $110! All Splendid dildos except the Small and single-color Medium4 include free FedEx 2-Day Air within the US.

Finally, the Njoy Pure Wand…a legend unto itself. If you doubt that you even have a G-spot, then the Pure Wand is the one that will locate it. G-spots (and prostates) can’t hide from its weight. The Pure Wand goes for $99 when you use code FELICITY at checkout, plus free 2-day US shipping.

For these toys, I suggest Peepshow Toys above other retailers because everything is body-safe, so you’re supporting a company that will never sell you porous or toxic toys.


  1. Or prostate! G-spots and prostates tend to like similar kinds of stimulation: focused pressure, through a forward curve and/or large bulb or head ridge.
  2. This is common with very soft platinum silicone, and is totally safe; Vixen VixSkin’s trademark formula includes extra dimethicone/silicone oil, the same as you’d find in a good silicone lubricant.
  3. Depending on whether you choose flesh tone or Tie Bright. Use code FELICITY at checkout for this lower pricing.
  4. Pro tip: Throw in a 2-oz. bottle of Sliquid in lieu of paying for shipping, to bring the total over $70. More lube is always good.

6 thoughts on “Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang Review: Best G-Spot Dildos Compared”

  1. I have a Splendid and I absolutely love it. But every reviewer I read just gushes about the Mustang and I’m curious. Are the mustang and splendid different enough to warrant buying both? It’s a solid chunk of change so I want to be sure. Are there other Vixskin dildos you would recommend for varieties sake?

    • Yes, they do feel different. The Splendid is thicker under the ridge (the Mustang’s shaft narrows down). The Splendid’s head has a slightly bulkier feel, being a bit wider. So it depends on how much you enjoy a thicker feel, I believe; if you do, Splendid makes more sense than Mustang.

      I honestly like the Luminous dildos better than VixSkin! (The bigger two Luminous, at least.) The production quality is cheaper, but the silicone feels better in my body, interestingly.

  2. I was disappointed with the Mustang’s curve which is not a true curve but a fata morgana, because it loses 100% of it just by holding it horizontally =/. The top is even a tiny bit downward when suction cupped to a wall. Zero G-spot stimulation, doesn’t even touch my G-spot when held horizontally and vertically only as light as a feather.

  3. I was disappointed with the Mustang’s curve which is not a true cruve but a fata morgana, as it loses 100% of it when held horizontally. Zero G-spot stimulation, doesn’t even reach it. And when held vertically, only as light as a feather. They really should make the core firmer!


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