Review: Uberrime Splendid Small & Large Dual-Density Dildos

Uberrime Splendid dual density dildo three sizes

Big news: Uberrime heard that people like having choices and decided to make a smaller and larger size of the popular Splendid dildo!

The Uberrime Splendid Large is for those times when I want above-and-beyond stimulation. And the Small is the exact opposite: a very gentle, usable dildo. It’s a good everyday toy—never too much, with a slick finish and a gently stimulating ridge. See the two compared below:

Uberrime Splendid dual density dildos small large
Small, top; large, bottom.

Uberrime is a small, indie toymaker that I first came in contact with in early 2018, when I noticed the jewel-toned metallic pigments they were using and the fact that they made dual-density dildos—an ultra-rare thing among independent makers. All three Splendids above are two-layered: soft and squeezable outside, and firm underneath so they’re more stable as you move them…or move on them.

As soon as I got my first Splendid, I recognized its quality, and I eventually named the (medium) Splendid one of my top toys of 2018. With that in mind, here’s what I think of the new versions of this toy—Can they live up to the original?!

Splendid Dildo, Size Large

Uberrime Splendid dual density dildo large full length

The large Splendid is like the dual-density silicone (= softer) equivalent of the Njoy Pure Wand. It’s a lot to handle, a lot of pressure!1 With a big ball of a head, a forceful corona, and another jutting ridge after that, large Splendid collides with my G-spot. The top three inches of large Splendid—all that impact—flows together into a series of bumps, boom boom boom, directed at the most sensitive part of my vag.

And the silicone is squeezable, but large Splendid’s ridges are so prominent that this toy would be difficult for me if it was any harder. It’s a dildo for anyone who likes bigger pressure. Large Splendid is just over 2 inches across—not exactly dragon dildo size, but still quite thick—with 7.5 inches insertable length.

The length is definitely more than I need for G-spot stimulation, or even for deeper vaginal stim, so I masturbate with the large Splendid by wrapping my hand around its thick lower shaft (rather than holding its base). The base is wide and thick too, to keep the heavy head above it from flopping over when you sit it down on a flat surface. It will stick OK on very smooth, flat surfaces like tile or bathtub, especially if you’re not riding hard.

Uberrime Splendid dual density dildo large head closeup
The uncored head, with pressure against it.

Because of how large the base is, the total weight of the toy (hashtag #purewandproblems), and the pressure that large Splendid provides, I don’t thrust it as much as I do most dildos. Instead, I rock this two-layered toy back and forth, more slowly. It makes me more mellow with the way I move it, because it’s a formidable chunk of silicone. It’s waiting for those times when I want my dildo to push my limits a bit, to challenge me.

The Large Splendid I have is a shiny light green, but later Uberrime released the toy in a two-color split that I would highly recommend. Same dual-density feel, but prettier colors:

Uberrime Large Splendid dual density silicone dildo 2colors front

And if you ARE really a sucker for 😍 colors, Uberrime made me a single-density Large Splendid with hole for my Vac-U-Lock fucking machine. This purple-turquiose Splendid is soft too, just a teeeny bit firmer in the head than the dual-density Large Splendid discussed everywhere else in this review—and most of all, the Vac-hole version ⬇️⬇️ is more flexible because no core! and the cavity in the base. You get this dude going at 190 thrusts per minute, it’s serious business.

Uberrime Large Splendid with Attachment Hole for Vac U Lock

The Large Splendid’s head is a chunk of a toy, but the way it curves in dual-density, it’s the bottom of the head (starting right above the corona) and the secondary ridge that really make impact. A two-ridge progression, that pushes and ripples and presses forward. Since G-spot and prostate both respond best to forward curves, to being pushed into, this design makes sense.

Splendid Dildo, Size Small

The small Splendid is extremely average-sized: it’s the most popular dildo width at 1.5″ diameter, and a bit over 5″ insertable length. Mine is in pearl violet—a very light lilac color. The small Uberrime Splendid is also available in a brighter blue, a vivid rose, and a sea green. All four colors have swirly pearlescent effects throughout the 100% platinum silicone.

Uberrime Splendid dual density dildo small head closeup full (2)
Purple pearl?

I like this toy because it’s comfortable. It has a G-spot curve & ridge that are less dramatic than medium Splendid’s. More-pronounced textures can feel superb—don’t get me wrong—but sometimes it’s the end of your period and you’re still sensitive but want to screw something, but you don’t want the stimulation to feel so exaggerated. The small Splendid’s head is the most penis-like of the Splendid trio, and so it feels more natural when I thrust it quickly, all lubed-up.

As with all Splendid dual-density dildos, the head is a soft (but not incredibly squishy) ≈0A-shore silicone,2 while there’s a firmer core running down the center of the shaft. The finish is a touch sticky but gets very smooth with your favorite water-based lube, allowing Splendid to glide easily. Again, gentler. Small Splendid doesn’t have skin textures or the wavy “vein” kind of lines that the original (medium) Splendid does running down its shaft.

Small Splendid’s base has the most “suction-cup” effect out of the three sizes: it actually sticks as well (possibly better than) VixSkin suction cup bases, like on the super-popular (and squishier) Mustang. I’d give this Splendid a 5/10 for staying power, meaning that you can expect it to hold pretty well on smooth horizontal surfaces (like so), but you probably won’t have consistently good results if you’re using it on a wall (like medium Splendid, shown stuck in the middle here) or in the shower.

Overall, small Splendid is a solid everyday dildo: stimulating but really usable too. It’s a good bet for anyone who wants something fairly realistic but in attractive, non-flesh colors. It’s simpler than my usual style—but it might be right up your alley.

If you’re wanting to try dual-density and need a cheaper alternative, the Ergo Mini by Blush is the best choice. It’s very similar to small Splendid’s width (a tenth of an inch thinner).

More on Uberrime Dildos Platinum Silicone

Uberrime is an independent maker based in Florida3 who sculpts, casts, and hand-pours all Uberrime dildos. The founder, Marco, quickly found that 100% platinum silicone (certified skin-safe) is the safest dildo material,4 after he—a natural inventor—was asked to make a dildo as a gift to a friend years back.

Marco from Uberrime blends cosmetic pigments by hand too, choosing and mixing colors that end up safely embedded in the silicone. Metallic / glittering pigments are typical choices: even Uberrime “flesh tones,” like in the caramel Dulce, sparkle in the sun.

An Uberrime characteristic are the swirling base patterns, twirled into the liquid silicone before it “cures” (becomes solid and stable). You can see this even in the single-color Splendids, but it’s most visible in multi-color toys like the Sensi vaginal plug below:

Closeup of Sensi’s glitter plus Uberrime’s trademark flower-swirl base.

As a handmade, handcrafted item, an Uberrime dildo isn’t the cheapest, but you’re getting grade-A materials and supporting American labor. For the amount of platinum silicone used, the Splendids are competivitely priced. (Also see a 10% discount code below.)

Uberrime Dildos (like all Splendids) are certainly harness-compatible due to the flared bases. Medium Splendid has a swinging look in a strap on especially, IMO, and is good for prostate (as well as G-spot). My SpareParts Joque (💯 for adjustability and comfort) O-ring will just stretch to fit around Large Splendids’ lower shaft, though it’s a trick to work through at the end! Medium and Small Splendid are easier fits for a normal 1.5 inch O-ring.

Platinum silicone is so awesome because it is the only functionally nonporous toy material that can be soft! What “nonporous” means here is that all Splendids:

Platinum silicone like this can just be washed with soap and water after use. Rinse before gettin’ it in to remove any lint from the Splendid’s surface. And I’d definitely recommend water-based lube because the soft silicone hogs moisture: Hybrid Jelle for the smoothest feel, or Aqua Jelle for the most natural “vag juice” feel. Both lubes are safe with silicone (or any safe sex toy).

Overall Uberrime Splendid Thoughts

The three Uberrime Splendid dildo sizes are a progression: moving from (S) gently stimulating, to (M) impactful, to (L) wham! All are made from the same two densities of silicone, but each size is suited to a different kind of user, depending on individual preference.

How large do you want your dildo? How much pressure do you enjoy? These are important considerations when buying any toy, but especially for this trio. Think about this:

  • Small Splendid gives you: fairly gentle G-spot or prostate stimulation, a more realistic shape, a lighter weight, and a solid average size.
  • Medium Splendid gives you: more impact with its bigger corona, more noticeable veiny texture, more forward curve for extra G-spot/prostate pressure, and lots of overall sensation.
  • And large Splendid gives you: a big bulbous head, a massive ridge that pops as you pull it outward, extra length and girth, and a larger vein down the center—it’s the most powerfully stimulating dual-density silicone I own. (The super-soft VixSkin Maverick seems practically shy by comparison.)

Overall, I’ve rated large and small Splendid a 4.5 out of 5, together: they are both good in their own ways (and the Large for sure is if you want a big, bulbous head effect).

Still, my original medium Splendid wins for my favorite Splendid of ’em all! I have to keep it that way, because Medium Uberrime Splendid is still the best balance of “realistic” and “G-spot sensation” for me—the right amount of curve, and a size that’s above-average but not as difficult to thrust as the Large. I gotta get my sex machine to move the latter for me!

You can find all three sizes of the Splendid here.

Save 10% ⬆️ with code FELICITY at checkout.

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  1. Believe it or not, they’re also similar weights: Pure Wand is 1.8 lbs. on my scale, while large Splendid is about 1.9.
  2. See details in this section of my firmness guide: together the outer and inner layers of this toy test at 5A shore down the shaft, which is soft but not super-duper squishy.
  3. I’ve visited Uberrime’s workshop before, hung out with the brilliant Betty Butch, and seen some Uberrime dildos being made! The workspace is clean, tidy, stainless steel industrial-kitchen-style counters; lined, all around, with molds, pigments jars, and new sculptures in the works. Marco is always creating something new and tweaking old designs too. I’m most impressed by the care he pays to silicone firmness, selecting the optimal density for each piece and even blending multiple silicones to get the best result for most people. I’ve had a hard time getting other indie makers to create custom densities for me, a balance of soft / hard (which I think Uberrime’s 3 to 5A Shore silicone is for single-density toys), so I know this is really unique. 00-50 toys have the most “fleshy” feel but are more flexible than erections, so I’m looking for just a little harder than that sometimes.
  4. Ready my interview with Scott of SquarePegToys for a little about the progression of soft silicone in the sex toy industry. Scott was the first maker of squishy-soft, flexible, forgiving silicone products (geared for anal, but I love the newer realistic dildos!) at the head of SquarePegToys. Scott ties the greater availability of super-soft silicone to the special effects (like in movies!) innovations. I love talking to silicone toy makers, so that interview was a blast, as much as the many discussions I’ve had with Uberrime’s Marco about the toys he’s creating.

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  1. I had been looking forward to your reviews of these! Would you say that the ridges on the Splending Large are more or less harsh than those on the Vixen Maverick? The Maverick is too soft for me, but at the same time its front ridges are uncomfortable, and I had high hopes for the Splendid large being a good replacement.

    • If you think Maverick’s ridges are uncomfortable, then large Splendid probably isn’t the best choice. Its ridges are just as large, besides being firmer. You might consider the Colours Dual Density instead. It’s still fairly soft, between the density of VixSkin and the Splendids, but the ridge doesn’t stick out quite as much, and the shaft is a bit more flexible. The veiny texture is fairly pronounced there, though, so there’s more drag.

  2. Great review, thank you! I’ve been lusting after the Large since I found out about it, been reading every review I can find. Uberrime is probably my new favourite company, there’s such cool stuff.


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