Guide to Bluetooth Vibrators: Lovense, We-Vibe, OhMiBod & More

Lovense Lush 2 & 3, OhMiBod Esca 2, We-Vibe Moxie, and more are sex technology—and I’m on a mission to rate the best long-distance vibrators! As someone who’s both (1) an exhibitionist sexually and (2) in a long-distance relationship, I’ve been excited to thoroughly test out the top Bluetooth vibes available in 2021. All the sex toys here are app-controlled & work for couples in long-distance relationships, for playing in public, or for custom vibe control during foreplay and in-person sex.

Bluetooth app controlled vibrators graphic revised Sept 2021

First, this guide compares & reviews Lovense Lush 2 vs. Lush 3 and Lovense Ferri, We-Vibe Chorus, We-Vibe Moxie, vs. OhMiBod Esca 2—the best app-controlled vibrators on the market right now for vag and/or clit. I’ll rank each toy on a 10-point scale1 for rumbliness, total power, quietness, secure fit (does it stay in???) plus comfortable wear, and app functionality. I’ll also discuss my experiences with Bluetooth connectivity, an important variable.

But hey, then I figured: Why not anal toys too, and why stop with wearable toys? Long-distance relationships are more common than ever, and we have technology to help bridge the gap. Connecting to my partner through strong clit toys like Lovense Domi and We-Vibe Melt lifts my mood and makes me forget the distance temporarily.

Recap: Best-Of Long-Distance Sex Toy

Choose your body part to stimulate!

Vibe TypeShop:
Vaginal (Strongest option)Lush 2, $99-$109
Vaginal (Quietest,
rumbliest vibes)
Esca 2, $69
Clit (More Stimulating)Ferri, $99-$109
Dual: Clit & VagChorus, $199
AnalHush, $99-$109


Edge, $99-$109 (stronger, bigger) OR Vector, $140 (beginner-friendly, deeper vibes)
At home only (non-wearable)• Domi 2, $99-$109 (strongest LD vibrator)
Nova 2, $99-$149 (best clit+G-spot / rabbit)
Melt, $149.99 (Womanizer clit suction)
Max penis vibe/stroker, $99-$109
Satisfyer long-distance, $32-$40.99 (CHEAPEST LD, for clit)

Vaginal Vibes

Vag toys are the quietest for public play, as your body drowns out their sound. Your preferences matter, though: Do you prefer clitoral stimulation? (If so, skip ahead.) Lovense Lush 2 & 3, Esca 2, We-Vibe Jive, and Svakom Phoenix Neo are designed to be worn internally. But if you’re at home (rather than trying to wear them in public), you could definitely use each as a clit vibe instead, just hold it like a bullet vibrator. I’ll rate these wearable vaginal vibes from best to worst (left to right, below):

Wearable vibrator comparison Lovense Lush, Ohmibod Esca 2, We-Vibe Jive, Svakom Phoenix Neo UP
From left: Lovense Lush 2 vs. Esca 2, We-Vibe Jive pink, and Svakom Phoenix Neo (which I might add here later, but suffice it to say that Lush 2 is stronger and has a much better app).

Lovense Lush 2 / 3: Best App & Strength

Best for: Strongest Wearable; Stable Connectivity for All; Super-Easy App w/ Tons of Features; Finding New Partners

Lovense Lush 3 review wearable bluetooth vibrator

The Lovense Lush (now on version #3) is the toy you know someone is talking about when they ask, “I’m looking for that vibe with the pink tail.” Widely used by webcam performers, the Lovense Lush has an excellent app (Lovense remote) that lets you create your own custom patterns. Controlling the vibrations intensity is easy, drag your finger up or down; or choose from preset user-created patterns with names as descriptive as “Insanely Intense,” “Running juices,” and “morning ride before work”—and as vague as “795416.” You can import your music library, or have Lush 2 sync to ambient noises (including music played by sources besides your phone). All Lovense toys—including a wand vibe, a stroker, and more—use this app, and the app quality is awesome.

Both Lush 2 & Lush 3 have the most pointy G-spot stimulation of all the toys here, due to its prominent beak. Personally, I find that irritating and opt for Esca for comfort (next). Overall, Lush 2 & 3 have the most power of any app-controlled, secretly wearable vibrator. In Lush 3, Lovense extended the Lush 2’s battery life (up to 5 hours run time), but made Lush 3 less rumbly and less strong as a result, booo.

ALSO. Because Lush 2/3’s bulb is heavier and my vag has a knack for pushing things out, it’ll work its way out of my vag when I walk around. I personally need to wear tight spandex shorts to keep it steady.

The Lovense app is well-designed. It’s easy to connect (just your vibrator, or connect with a partner), and easy to create new patterns; or to explore a gigantic library of vibration patterns other users have created (more info here).

Lovense is also preferable vs Esca by Ohmibod if you’re looking for new online partners: visit or to find folks looking for the same.

$99 – $119 USD: View the Product Listing Here.
Overall power: From 5.5 to 7.25 out of 10
Rumbliness: From 8 to 5
Quietness: Under 35 dB. Not too bad once inserted, just make sure you’re not wearing it at a quiet restaurant & using it on high—unless you like having people wonder a little.
Comfortable, secure fit: 7/10: More likely to wiggle itself while I’m walking; the tail also curves in weird directions & sticks out farther forward.
App ease of use & features: 9.5/10: Very high-tech, good functionality. Connecting my device is super-easy; getting linked to my partner, a quick learning process. The app allows for text (words & pictures), voice calls, and video. Also alarms for morning wakeup! Lovense’s app is superior.
Preset speeds: 3 steady speeds, 4 patterns
Bluetooth connectivity (my experience): 10/10: Once we initiate vibe control, the connection is steady. Hasn’t cut out yet, either short range or long-distance.

OhMiBod Esca 2: The Rumbliest

Best for: Quietness; Rumbliness; More Comfortable to Wear; Syncing to Music

I’d heard so much about the Lovense Lush that I didn’t expect its lesser-known competitor, the OhMiBod Esca 2, would even be in the same league. But Esca 2 definitely stacks up.

TL;DR: Esca 2 is my favorite. I will always choose it first as the quietest secret vibrator for public wear. It’s rumblier vibration, it doesn’t poke my G-spot, and the sync-to-music Club Vibe mode is fantastic if you like chilling & feeling your vagina pulse in time to good music. So, I would recommend Esca to anyone who prefers deeper, rumbly vibes — Lovense Lush is more high-pitched — but who is not full-figured. Lovense Lush 2 has better consistent connection when traveling through flesh (like thicker thighs).

More on the OhMiBod Esca 2’s vibe quality. The first couple settings don’t have that slightly buzzy quality that I get when holding Lush in my hand. The vibes aren’t as strong, but they’re deeper. (They’re also quieter than Lush 2 and 3’s—hugely important if you want to wear your vibe discreetly in a quieter, not-loud place.)

I feel more comfortable wearing Esca 2 outside the house than Lush 2. Esca’s gentler curve stays put best, whereas Lush is more likely to wiggle its way outside my vagina when I walk fast, move my hips to music, or climb stairs. Plus Esca’s tail curves more easily & fits perfectly against my mons, versus Lush’s harder-to-bend tail that’s always trying to sit crooked against my pubic mound, yikes.

My partner has given me some very good orgasms with Esca’s touch function, and solo, I like syncing the toy to music while I’m working from home or doing chores. It adds life to my routine! Read more about the app here. My other fave part about the app is how it notifies you in real time when your play partner switches vibe modes, so you know exactly how they’re controlling you.

That said, the Esca’s long-distance connectivity isn’t as stable as Lush 2—so especially if you/your partner have lovely big thighs or a full figure / junk in the trunk, Lush is absolutely what I would recommend for you. (I’m athletic / skinny & have few connection problems with Esca personally, but have heard lots of stories from other users.)

OhMiBod Esca 2 vs. Lovense Lush 3 review
Esca 2, purple; vs. Lush 3, pink.

My biggest personal frustration with OhMiBod Esca? The company name imprint in the bulb requires a little extra care when I’m cleaning the toy, I have to run my nail over it to get the juices out. The seams are harder to clean.

Shop Esca here: $69 USD. (See also Lovehoney UK or EU.)
Rumbliness: From 9 to 7 out of 10.
Overall power: From 5 to 7 out of 10.
Quietness: From 28 to 32 dB when inserted.
Comfortable, secure fit: 8/10: Bulb has a comfortable curve that stays in unless I’m walking fast or climbing stairs quickly. Extra-flexible tail rests perfectly on my mons.
App ease of use & features: 8/10: IMO, vibe pairs well to app after you decrease your phone volume to 75% (a minor hassle), but then connecting to my partner is simple, and the text-during-play (send pics too!) and sync-to-music functions are fun.
Preset speeds: 3 steady speeds, 2 patterns
Bluetooth connectivity (my experience): 7/10. Has worked great long-distance; occasionally disconnects in public (once a night; must go in the Ohmibod app and hit the play button again). Users with larger thighs / bigger bodies generally report that Lovense stays connected best for them.

We-Vibe Jive vs. Lovense Lush 2

Keep trying, We-Vibe. You’ve created a very wearable vag vibe, with pretty vibrations. But Lush 2 still kicks the Jive’s butt. The We-Vibe Jive, originally only a pale blue, has now been re-released in “Electric Pink” for all the folks out there looking for Lovense Lush after seeing it in a porno.

We-vibe Jive Electric Pink vs. Lovense Lush 2 ds
Jive, left; vs. Lovense Lush 2, right. Lush is more potent for sure.

Unfortunately, vs. Lovense Lush 2, We-Vibe Jive’s top speed isn’t even as strong as Lush 2’s first steady speed (out of 3 preset intensities). The same applies to Jive vs. Lush’s strength inside their respective vibrator apps: Jive’s not a bad toy, it’s just feels half as strong as Lovense Lush 2 when I’ve got the bite from that vibe’s top speed rolling along. If you do:

  • like lower power,
  • want a slimmer vibe (1.3 inches diameter vs. Lush’s 1.5 inch max.), or
  • orgasm really easily vaginally,

then Jive’s worth considering for in-person play especially: like having your partner control you inside your home. Or maybe for long-distance. Jive can be a bullet vibe too, but lacks the We-Vibe Tango’s echoing rumbles.

The We-Connect app has gone through several upgrades since 2019, but still isn’t as feature-laden or as popular as Lovense’s remote options. (The Lovense app continues to boast the best Bluetooth stability as well.)

Shop Jive here: $119
Overall power: 4/10: 3/10 on low & 5/10 on high
Quietness: 9/10.
Comfortable, secure fit: 8/10: It’s fine, stays in OK. Very flexible tail.
App ease of use & features: 7/10: It’s a smart app and has more features now, like syncing to music; and you can control the clit and the G-spot vibes independently through the app. Chat and video functions for long-distance.
Preset speeds: 4 steady speeds, 6 patterns
Bluetooth connectivity (my experience): Oh hell, y’all, I haven’t tested this—too sold on Lush. Have had intermittent connectivity issues with We-Connect in the past.


We-Vibe Chorus: Clit + Vag Queen

Best for: Clitoral Stimulation; Use during Penetrative Sex, Easy Wear

Update: We-Vibe Sync has been replaced by We-Vibe Chorus, which I find 10% stronger: comparison here. Chorus is an upgrade to Sync!

Chorus is the best of We-Vibe’s lineup of “couples toys” originally designed to be worn for hands-free clit stimulation during penis-in-vagina sex. Chorus’s two motors and double joints put it in a higher price bracket than the (also-app-controlled) Match. (Knowledgeable readers may wonder why I chose to get a We-Vibe Chorus instead of a We-Vibe Jive originally—whose shape is more like Esca and Lush. It’s because of complaints that Jive was “buzzy,” “too slim,” barely noticeable “even when on max power,” and even “a piece of junk”!!! The motor is a definite step down from the legendary Tango, as noted above!)

We-Vibe Sync vs We-Vibe Chorus
Sync, left; Chorus the upgrade, right. (Also comes in light blue & purple.)

Unlike Esca and Lush, We-Vibe C-shape vibes are more geared toward clitoral stimulation, because the larger, stronger motor is housed in the external arm. (But if you’re looking for pure clit stim in a wearable toy, then see We-Vibe’s Moxie, next, a moderately powerful panty vibe with magnetic clip.)

Chorus’s clitoral stimulation is pretty rumbly and fairly powerful. (It’s no Wand or Nova 2, since Chorus has less space for the motors, but still.) Pair it with a VixSkin Mustang G-spot dildo, and I’ve had fuck-yes orgasms with Chorus. I really like clenching on the squeeze remote then!

Chorus has two joints that allow you to modify the shape a lot, because—like I talk about in my Nova review—clit to vagina distance varies a lot between bodies. Chorus’ redesigned shape stays better for me than Sync, though I always recommend tight, spandex shorts for wearing this C-shape kind of toy. To keep it in best!

Also: My FWB and I are generally frustrated with the We-Connect app for long-distance play. The app is sophisticated, but (unlike with the Lovense and OhMiBod apps), we struggled to make the connection in the first place, then I had to figure out how to sync the Chorus by resetting it first, then it sometimes cuts out. Read more about Bluetooth connectivity below.

You can resolve public-play connectivity issues by using Chorus’s included remote control instead of the app.

Shop Chorus here: $179.10 USD with code FELICITY.(See also Lovehoney UK or EU.)
Rumbliness: 7/10 overall: 8/10 on low & 6.5/10 on high
Overall power: 5.75/10: 5/10 on low & 6.5/10 on high
Quietness: 4/10
Comfortable, secure fit: 6/10: larger G-spot arm makes Chorus lock in better for me than Sync, though it’s not perfect, I would recommend spandex shorts if you’re really moving around. I like grinding on it, sitting on it, and holding it against my mons while using a dildo.
App ease of use & features: 9.5/10: Very high-tech, good functionality, continually updated.
Preset speeds: 3 steady speeds, 4 patterns (joint motor control, not independent unless you use the app)
Bluetooth connectivity (my experience): 10/10. Lovense really has the best connection; the only work is setting up a new account to access all the app features.

Lovense Quake: Strong Vibrating Dildo / Wearable Vibe

Best for: Big Vibration: Strongest Wearable Vibrator; But *Bulky*

Lovense released the Quake to offer its popular Lush PLUS clitoral stimulation! The big rumbly G-spot bulb contains the Lush 2’s power (my favorite Lovense Lush motor) and then the flexible outside portion should vibrate your clit too. The name’s no lie: The Quake actually shivers and trembles as the vibration runs all through it.

Lovense Quake review vs. Lovense Lush 3
Lovense Quake, left; vs. Lush 3, right.

It sounds awesome in theory, but do see how large the Quake is compared to the We-Vibe Chorus (which fits me more comfortably when I’m walking around). The G-spot bulb is really impactful, and the Lovense app always performs well for partner play — so I’ve found myself enjoying the Lovense Quake while lying back in bed, thrusting it while it’s being controlled long-distance. I don’t think it’s impossible to wear out in public, but you may need even more support to keep it in place. Last, see how flexible the Quake’s middle section is here: it can bend almost 180 degrees. TL;DR: The bigger body lets Quake hold more motor power, but may make it more awkward to wear during a night out!

Shop Quake Here ($119). Full Quake product description here.
Overall power: 7.5/10 overall: 6.5/10 on low & 8.5/10 on high
Rumbliness: 5/10 overall: 6/10 on low & 4/10 on high
Quietness: 7/10.
Comfortable, secure fit: 5/10: Wore it inside spandex shorts while walking; it stuck out some, but was disguisable enough. I started finding it uncomfortable between my thighs after about 20 minutes of movement. Now use it at home exclusively. YMMV.
App ease of use & features: 9.5/10: Very high-tech, good functionality, continually updated.
Preset speeds: 3 steady speeds, 4 patterns (controlled jointly; independent motor control only through the app)
Bluetooth connectivity (my experience): 10/10. Lovense’s app really is the best; the only work is creating a new account if you want to access all app features.

Clitoral / Panty Vibes

These outside-only clit vibes are more likely to make a clit-owner come—but can be a little louder too: noise level is a greater concern when the vibrator isn’t inside the body. See my full panty vibrator guide here for tips, tricks, and a fuller ranking of all these bodysafe silicone choices!

Lovense Ferri: Strongest, Best App Control

Best for: Clit Stim Alone + App Control

Aha!, Lovense has rolled right in to absolutely dominate the panty vibe market with their new Ferri: the strongest panty vibe around now. It clips into your underwear via a magnet just like the We-Vibe Moxie: discussed next. (See how well it stays put here, dangling from underwear.)

Lovense Ferri review panty vibrator black thong full (2)

Versus Moxie, Ferri is roughly 10% stronger on high AND it has a stronger-stimulating ridge down the middle. That’s perfect for putting more pressure on your clit…if you’re like me, you may find yourself rocking your hips back and forth involutarily, by instinct, when you sit on a powered-up Ferri.

See also my comparison of Ferri’s power vs. the Lush 2 here.

$99-$109: Find Ferri here
7.5/10 overall: 8/10 on low & 7/10 on high
Overall power: 5/10: 4/10 on low & 6/10 on high
Quietness: 3/10. Louder, because it’s all external. The higher speeds are worse; lower 2 to 3 steady speeds shouldn’t be heard in a bustling restaurant or any crowded venue
Comfortable, secure fit: 10/10: Fits so well against the vulva, and the magnetic clip is really strong. Easy to use with any kind of underwear.
App ease of use & features: Same as We-Vibe Sync: Connection is easy. Afterward, swipe right to access 10 patterns that you can adjust the intensity level. You can also create custom vibration modes.
Preset speeds: 4 steady speeds, 7 patterns
Bluetooth connectivity (my experience): 7/10. Connecting wasn’t quite as easy as with OhMiBod or Lovense especially, but, maybe because we were prepared for this now, we tried harder. Video calls were a little glitchy, but the connectivity is better than with Sync (because Moxie is all external, the Bluetooth doesn’t cut out so much).

We-Vibe Moxie (6.6 out of 10)

Best for: Smoother, rumblier clit stimulation

The We-Vibe Moxie is a winner because it stays where it’s supposed to. Most panty vibes are roaming around in my underwear. But Moxie, it sits just right against my vulva, because magnetic clip. The silicone is silky, and grinding my clit on the small hump is a thrill. And Moxie’s magnetic clip (two detachable ovals2) will work with any underwear.

We-Vibe Moxie has some lovely rumble. It’s just not quite the powerhouse I was expecting, having experienced the We-Vibe Tango. Moxie’s super-comfortable silicone coating absorbs a good deal of the motor’s intensity. But, since it’s not inserted inside, your/your partner’s flesh won’t dampen the sound like with a vaginal vibe. Moxie’s noise is undetectable in a more crowded restaurant or nightclub or walking down a street with traffic, but I don’t recommend wearing it in really quiet venues for discretion.

Shop Moxie here: $117 USD with code FELICITY. (See also Lovehoney UK or EU.) Rumbliness: 7.5/10 overall: 8/10 on low & 7/10 on high
Overall power: 5/10: 4/10 on low & 6/10 on high
Quietness: 3/10. Louder, because it’s all external. The higher speeds are worse; lower 2 to 3 steady speeds shouldn’t be heard in a bustling restaurant or any crowded venue
Comfortable, secure fit: 10/10: Fits so well against the vulva, and the magnetic clip is really strong. Easy to use with any kind of underwear.
App ease of use & features: Same as We-Vibe Sync: Connection is easy. Afterward, swipe right to access 10 patterns that you can adjust the intensity level. You can also create custom vibration modes.
Preset speeds: 4 steady speeds, 7 patterns
Bluetooth connectivity (my experience): 7/10. Connecting wasn’t quite as easy as with OhMiBod or Lovense especially, but, maybe because we were prepared for this now, we tried harder. Video calls were a little glitchy, but the connectivity is better than with Sync (because Moxie is all external, the Bluetooth doesn’t cut out so much).

Anal Plugs/Prostate

Vibrating plugs are easy to wear out—less worry about secure fit, since the rectum is a vacuum. If you get a well-designed plug that your body is comfortable with size-wise, then slippage is less of an issue than with vaginal toys. It’s best to have previous anal plugging experience before diving right into wearing a remote plug in public, because even a 1.5″ diameter plug will be large, and very likely uncomfortable, for the beginner. See my anal stretching recommendations here.

Prostate plugs can be worn outside the house, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it in general. (Especially with the Lovense Edge.) The stimulation can get intense, you may want to add penile stimulation too, and you really want to be in a relaxed state for a good prostate orgasm. (Also, jizz happens.)

  • Lovense Hush: Classic plug. Lovense’s motors just rock out. These anal plugs come in two sizes: Hush 1.5 (average size) or Hush 1.75 (larger size). Non-gendered, so anyone can use this butt plug for remote public play. They’re a classic tapered shape with a curly-cue at back to rest in your crack. Only complaint I’ve ever seen about Lovense Hush is that the ribs rubbed someone’s butthole wrong after a while, so do please use a good lube. (I like Hybrid Jelle a lot, very thick.)
  • Lovense Edge: Strong prostate vibrator. Again, strong. Edge is adjustable, so you angle it to hit your prostate right and then it stays in place. There’s a second, adjustable motor outside to stimulate the perineum (chode/taint). The canoe-shaped base is large, so Edge will be clunky to wear around long-term—but for short sessions, it’s very stimulating and can cause hands-free orgasms for some P-spot owners. (I’ve seen it happen, yo! Very fun.)
  • We-Vibe Vector: Rumbly, more beginner-friendly prostate vibrator. Vector features a more subtle shape, one that’ll create some prostrate pressure without bulkiness in the base. The vibes are quite rumbly (deeper than the Lovense ones) and pretty strong. Vector also has an adjustable body that stays in place once you bend it where you want it. Vector is a 1.2 inch diameter, suitable for someone with a little anal experience—so it’s more beginner-friendly than the Edge’s bigger size.

Non-Wearable Clit Toys

Satisfyer Dual Pleasure / Satisfyer Curvy

The Satisfyer Dual Pleasure is a fabulous all-around toy, so incredibly versatile. It’s got two things going on: the range of the Satisfyer Pro 2’s air pulsation on one end, vs. pretty-strong and rumblier vibration on the other end. You choose between the air and the vibration, or if you’re like me, you’ll start coming on the clit-surrounding air, then rub off on the vibrator end for an amazing finale.

This toy is a new favorite to recommend to everyone from the first-time vibrator seeker (because it’s not too strong to start out) to the experienced toy user (because it’s just an orgasmic product).

The Satisfyer Curvy lineup is nice too: the difference between those 3 and the Satisfyer Duals is that the Curvys can have vibration coming out the air-pulsing mouth, but don’t allow for the same level of direct clitoral contact from the vibrations. I describe the Satisfyer Connect app control experience here.

Lovense Domi Wand (9.75/10 for Power)

The Lovense Domi matches the Magic Wand Rechargeable for strength—simply, it’s the strongest remote control vibrator on the market.

Domi’s first preprogrammed speed is deep & rumbly, and then speed #2 (of 3) is a huge leap up from there. I’m very impressed with Domi’s intensity range; the vibes in this one never get so buzzy (surface-level) like some strong wand vibes, despite the high level of power.

And like in Lovense Lush, Lovense’s app excels. I believe it’s the easiest-to-use remote control app. Pairing isn’t a total pain, connection is stable, and my partner loves pushing the limits and hearing my response. As for me, I enjoy the rotating + vibrating functions, and being able to speed up and slow down the built-in patterns. App testing details in my fuller review here! 

Overall power: 9.75/10 (Damn, that’s high!)
App ease of use & features: 8/10: I don’t think you’ll find better.
Preset speeds: 3 steady speeds, 4 patterns
Bluetooth connectivity (my experience): 10/10. Has been flawless for us.
View the Product Listing Here 

Lovense Domi over We-Vibe Melt. These clitoral toys are serious business. With the power of a Magic Wand and a Womanizer, respectively, both are intensely stimulating.

We-Vibe Melt (Strong As Womanizer!)

I firmly believe that We-Vibe Melt is the most comfortable “pressure wave” clitoral stimulator in existence. The toy is covered in a silky silicone that folds inward at the head. That makes it feel more natural to me, because it’s less hard, and getting a seal is easier.

I also find Melt as stronger as the top-of-the-line Womanizer Premium is on its 12th and highest setting—and, on the middle levels, more suck-y.

Of course Melt is in this guide because it’s the first air pulsation clit stimulator with app functionality. In the We-Connect app, you can’t quite customize patterns to the degree that you can with We-Vibe vibrators. There’s one function, “Stimulate,” and you move your finger up and down to change intensity and/or create waves of suction-y pulsation. Still, you can easily let your partner control the toy remotely, without having to touch Melt. My partner and I ran into a few kinks (and not the good kind!) along the way, but I still love this “remote control Womanizer” for its pulsing goodness & strength. 

We-Vibe Nova 2, YUM

I dislike rabbit vibrators, but I love Nova 2—like a love song, baby. AH-mazing. My first few sessions with Nova 2 were a conversion experience: finally, a dual-stimulating vibrator that stayed in touch with my clit, that was comfortable soft silicone, that ruuuuumbled, and that I could thrust with abandon. Had to make it my top vibrator of the hellstorm that was 2020.

We-Vibe Nova 2 new review Phallophile Reviews featured

So if you’re wanting a long-distance vibe that’s above-and-beyond, do seriously consider Nova 2. Like most We-Vibe, the connection hasn’t been 100% stable for me: it cuts out when I sync it to music, for example. But this is one We-Vibe product that Lovense’s comparable offering—the Nora—can’t beat.

On Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth is a wireless technology (used by all these smart remote control vibes) that sometimes works perfectly and sometimes is a hassle. (Like anything electronic-related, right???) Bluetooth signals have a hard time carrying through flesh, which is why the antennas on the OhMiBod and Lovense toys are located outside the vagina. Still, the signal may drop if you close your legs or if your body covers the antenna for any other reason. Folks with larger bodies are known to have more connectivity issues, for example.

Also, different users, with different mobile devices, may have different experiences with each app. The same couple, using the same two phones and the same vibe, may find that We-Vibe works for them while Lovense doesn’t, or vice versa. But majority opinion is that the Lovense app maintains Bluetooth connection more consistently than the We-Vibe We-Connect app—and it’s my experience that the current OhMiBod app is as good as the Lovense one for connectivity.

General Tips for Discreet Public Play

Totally new to wearing a vibe in public? Here my tips:

  1. Scope out where you’ll be going beforehand: Be aware of noise level.
  2. Wear the vibe around your house first—see what support you’ll need. If I walk too fast, all these vibes will start wanting to come out. (With Sync being the worst offender.) If this is you, wear more supportive underwear, or tight-fitting spandex shorts over your normal underwear (this works well under some skirts).
  3. Communicate with your partner about both your expectations. What sounds hot about using a vibe in public: Is it being controlled/being in control? Is it the sheer naughtiness of maybe being caught? Is it that you like having other people watch? Public play vibes are a perfect way to explore dominance/submission or exhibitionism. It’s totally legitimate to not know what you’re looking for at first from a public-play experience, and to figure it out as you go. But it’s important for the controller and controllee to understand that, if either partner is uncomfortable with the situation, they can choose to end the public play at any time. Then discuss the experience afterward!
  4. Bring a storage pouch. If your vibe dies, you don’t want to play anymore, or maybe if you have to pee, then a storage bag can be a big help. Just remove the toy from your body and stash the bag in your purse or large pocket.

However you choose to play, enjoy yourself!!!

* * *


  1. The 10-point scale rankings may seem a little low—but keep in mind that I’m comparing these toys against the rumbliest G-spot vibes, the most powerful bullets, and of course that god of vibrators, the Hitachi (now Vibratex) Magic Wand.
  2. Apparently you only need to use one at a time and the second is a spare! I had to go to a sex toy trade show to learn this, lol.

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      • There are a couple pics in this post with both toys side by side, so you should be able to see how they line up size-wise. Individual factors like how much girth the vag-haver likes, the size of the penetrating penis, and how fast the motion will all affect how well this works. My thought is that wearing Esca during sex would be best with rocking motions, but it would be less likely to stay in place (and would feel awkward) with faster thrusting.

  1. We’ve had several customers tell us the Esca 2 was much better than the Lush and your review is spot-on as always. I love your in-depth information and no sugar coating to please manufacturers like some people do. I also think some of the We-Vibe stuff is going backwards instead of moving forward and being a leader.

    • Thanks so much, I really appreciate the kind words! I like Lush 2; I think the power is good and the app kicks butt—but Esca is my favorite for sure.

      I’m interested to see how well-liked We-Vibe Melt & Vector turn out to be! The recent We-Vibe releases do seem hit or miss.

  2. Is it my imagination, or is the Lovense Remote application far far better than the Ohmibod’s Feel Connect? Feel Connect is rated only 2 stars out of 5 on the Google Play store. Do I have the wrong application?

    • I’ve been using the OhMiBod app rather than Feel Connect, though Esca works with both. I think Lovense’s app is a bit more sophisticated, but the OhMiBod app is easy enough to use and has been functional for us. And tbh no remote control sex toy app seem to get really high ratings: the Lovense app has a 3.2 out of 5 rating on the Apple App Store and I don’t know how it could possibly be better.

  3. Hi there! Thank you so much for your review on these devices. I am wanting something like the lush or esca, but maybe not at such a high price point. Do you have any suggestions for “budget friendly app controlled vibrators?” I ask this, as I have not used a vibrator in years ( I know, I know..) So I don’t really need a power horse, but something fun, and would help me O I’m in quite a dry spell and thought something like this would spice things up for me. Thank you so much

    • Hi! Unfortunately, app-controlled vibes are a premium product, as there’s a lot of tech that goes into the Bluetooth functionality and app design, etc. They may get slightly less expensive over the next few years, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. The cheaper route is a simple remote control vibrator, like:

        BMS Leaf Spirit: Pretty rumbly vibes, smooth silicone like in BMS Pillow Talk vibes, contoured shape that sits nicely against the vulva
        Maia Syrene: Maia vibes tend to be strong, if buzzy. This one is an insertable like Lush and Esca.
        Charged Vooom Remote: Cheapest remote vibe where the vibe quality is actually pretty good: review of the plain bullet here. Needs to be slotted into underwear; isn’t a form-fitting shape, but isn’t bad to sit on either. I actually like this vibrator more than the We-Vibe Tango.
  4. Hi!
    I purchased the lush 2 expecting similar reactions to those i’ve seen in porn and in videos. While I know every body reacts differently I didn’t even have CLOSE to the reactions other people had. Even on the highest settings I barely even felt it.
    Am I doing something wrong? Have you heard of people having similar reactions to me? Thanks! And I love your reviews

    • Hi, thanks for writing! I appreciate the kind words!

      I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong at all. I have heard this said before. It’s probably a combination of: (1) porn reactions being exaggerated and (2) just different individual preferences. Some people like longer strong vibes that others; some need really rumbly ones; and with vaginal stimulation, many people need firm forward/downward pressure—the kind Lush doesn’t deliver, since it rests on the G-spot instead of pressing in.

      I do rate Lush 2 as strong *for a bullet*, at 7 out of 10 power rating, but it can’t match wand power.

      G-spot vibes are really better placed to give internal pressure, since you can push them inward and/or thrust them. (Most G-spots love inward pressure, which is why the Njoy Pure Wand is the most legendary G-spot dildo ever.) For vibes, though, even the Wellness G Curve ($50) is more effective for me as a solo toy, because Lush 2 is strong *enough*, but a lot of the excitement is about the teasing and controlling aspect.

      If you are interested in *stronger* plus G-spot, then you might also consider the Vixen Gee Whizz attachment on a Magic Wand.

  5. Is Svakom Phoenix Neo that bad? Is it strong? Or is ferri lovense better? Ik it’s hard to compare these two but i really dont know which of the two to get. Thank you!

    • I see what you’re saing, they are different since Ferri is clitoral stimulation vs. Phoenix being designed for vaginal — though you could hold Phoenix on your clit & use it like a bullet vibe instead.

      The Lovense Ferri is definitely stronger, and the app is SO MUCH better. You control the speed for both vibrators by dragging up and down with your finger, but the differences stop there. The Svakom app (last time I used it 6 months ago, at least) didn’t allow for messaging or video inside the app, so the person I was playing with & I were actually using the Lovense app to communicate while he was controlling the Phoenix. The patterns in the Svakom app felt less… dynamic, I’d say. Less options overall in a lot of ways.

  6. Hi i just wanna ask why svakom phoenix neo is ranked last? Is it not strong? Is lovense ferri stronger than the phoenix neo? Ik these both are both different buttt these two are my only choices cuz it’s on the affordable side lol. Which one should i get? Hoping for you to reply! Thanksss!!!!

    • Svakom toys feel cheaper, in terms of both vibration strength and the app design. For example, my Svakom app will randomly deliver messages in German or Japanese at the intro. (When the language is set to English.) Real weird, just to name one thing. Also, no way to actually communicate with your partner inside the Svakom app; you gotta flip to text message, or another app, to communicate. Awkward.

      Honestly I wouldn’t pay more than $49.99 for the Svakom Phoenix Neo.

      All the Satisfyer Bluetooth toys now are going for $30 to $50, and they don’t feel so cheap.

      Good point, I should expand on that Phoenix Neo section, because the more I think about using this vibrator, the less I like it. It does look really cute, though, the design is elegant.


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