Satisfyer Dual Pleasure Review, vs. Satisfyer Dual Love

Seeking the best Satisfyer? I have a new contender for that title! The Satisfyer Dual Pleasure‘s name is spot-on: it’s a two-ended toy, creating two very enjoyable feels (true double pleasure, one side at a time). I swear to you, the clit suction side’s given me 15 orgasms in a row, then the vibrating end’s made me squirt feet in front of me for a grand finale. Magnificent, right?!? Here I’ll review Satisfyer Dual Pleasure vs. Dual Love, because these “clit suction vibrators” have similar functions, but you โ€” like me โ€” might strongly prefer one to the other.

OH NO!๐Ÿ˜ข I’m sad to say that Satisfyer had to discontinue the Dual Pleasure (and the Dual Love as well). Please see the Satisfyer Curvy review for the closest alternative!

Dual Pleasure & Dual Love showcase Satisfyer’s future: they’re clear updates to the famous Pro 2 Next Generation. Both new Satisfyer “Dual” clit-pulsators include:

  • optional vibration,
  • long-distance & app control for easier partner play,
  • and their price isn’t any higher than Pro 2’s! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

The Satisfyer Dual Pleasure is a new joy for me, and one of the rare toys that’s so fun, I find it hard to finish the review. (Maybe just a little more testing first?!) But I’ve done it… Keep reading for my full findings on the differences between the two Satisfyer Duals, how powerful they are, and why they’re thrilling.

The Functions: Dual Pleasure & Dual Love

What do the Dual Pleasure / Dual Love do, exactly, that makes them so wild? Both Satisfyers share:

  • Air pulsing “clit suction” on the mouth side (11 steady functions)
  • Vibration on the insertable / handle side (11 functions: 3 steady, 7 patterns)

How to control Satisfyer Dual Pleasure & Dual Love? The buttons interfaces are the same: (a) a center power button that increases air-pulse intensity; (b) a separate button to decrease air-pulse intensity (a life-saver if you start getting overstimulated right at orgasm); and (c) a ~ button that turns on and cycles through the 11 vibration speeds/patterns.

Satisfyer Dual Love & Satisfyer Dual Pleasure review how to control
Buttons! You’ll get ’em figured out.

So you choose between the air pulsing and the vibration: one or the other. You can turn on both functions at once feel the vibes lightly traveling from the air-pulsing mouth, but the vibration’s so much stronger on the other end (the “handle”). So pick whichever function you’d like best at any time. If you’re like me, you start coming after building up the air pulsation speed, then flip it around and finish best with vibration.

Really, the duality of these toys is superb. Air pulsation stimulators are so newfangled โ€” the feeling is so different โ€” that you might be someone who doesn’t “get” them right away. If you’re wanting to a try a Satisfyer for the first time, I would highly recommend one of these two over the Satisfyer Pro 2 because you can always fall back on vibration if the air thing isn’t getting you there fast enough / is overstimulating. For example, it took me a few weeks with the right air-pulse toy to get into the groove. Other clits, though, immediately find a Satisfyer the best thing ever, no joke. You won’t know until you personally try one.

PLUS, with Satisfyer Dual Pleasure in particular, the vibrations have gotten an upgrade. I’ve spent the last couple years confused by how, before this, Satisfyer has constantly produced these high-pitched, buzzier vibrators when they have so many resources. Satisfyer vibrations are always strong … they just wouldn’t appease any vibrator critic. Deeper, rumblier vibes tend to travel through flesh better, to stimulate of the internal clitoris; and they feel less itchy, tingly, and/or numbing against your fingers too.

But now, Dual Pleasure (especially) is rumblier! Deeper vibes than any other Satisfyer I’ve ever felt! I mean, it’s still not the absolute rumbliest1… Yet Dual Pleasure has pleasantly surprised me by having a deep vibe feeling on the first speed, it’s more resonant than I’d hoped for on speed #2 as well, and speed #3 at least isn’t a grating kind of high-pitched. This is real improvement.

All these Satisfyers are USB rechargeable and waterproof, so damaging them in the shower or bath isn’t a concern. In fact, Dual Pleasure has quickly become a semi-permanent resident of my shower, along with the We-Vibe Wand.

The Differences: Dual Pleasure vs. Dual Love

Two major distinctions between Dual Pleasure and Dual Love (P.S. If you’re getting the similar names confused, think “purple pleasure” for the lilac Dual Pleasure; and think “red heart” for the crimson Dual Love):

  • Shape. Dual Pleasure’s handle curves, so if you flip it around and use the vibrator end, it can rub the clit nicely OR give a little G-spot pressure.
  • Power. Air pulsation: 8.5 out of 10 for Dual Love; 8/10 for Dual Pleasure on high. Both are top-tier strong toys in the realm of air-pulsation. Dual Love seems slightly more intense, with its fine rim of a mouth (better seal = more air pressure?) and thinner silicone coat outside.
Satisfyer Dual Love & Satisfyer Dual Pleasure review Clit Suction Vibrator
Dual Pleasure is also fully silicone coated, while Dual Love has the metallic ABS plastic that gets a little smeary.

Interestingly, though Dual Love feels a teeny bit more strong on high air-pulse speed, the Dual Pleasure’s vibrations are rumblier than the Dual Love’s, again by a little bit. The Dual Love is more direct & higher-pitched; my thought is that the thicker silicone layer in Dual Pleasure provides a little buffer there.

And that’s the main reason I like Dual Pleasure best. I am 100% satisfied with Satisfyer’s Dual Pleasure as a clitoral vibrator. So impressed, the Dual Pleasure is gonna make me revise my favorites list again to put it a notch higher than the Curvy 3+. Because Dual Pleasure, in the end, is fantastically orgasmic when I get off on the air pulsation, and then switch to the vibrating end.

I prefer it as a clit toy rather than a G-spot one,2 because the handle curves only slightly downward: so you can still grip it easily when you’re using the air pulse side against your clit. (It’s simpler to hold a toy that curves toward your belly button; less leaning-forward required!)

Satisfyer Dual Pleasure vibrator review

Dual Pleasure is OK as a G-spotter, just not the perfection of the Pillow Talk Sassy’s arched bulb. Speaking of my favorite G-spot vibrator of all time, how does the Dual Pleasure stack up? Well, I’d say it’s 85% of the way to the Pillow Talk Sassy’s top power level. The Dual Pleasure has 3 steady speeds, too, rather than fully adjustable “Incremental Speed” control pioneered by BMS Factory. So the Dual Pleasure’s steady speed #1 is like 20% into Sassy’s speed range; while Dual Pleasure speed #2 is like my favorite Sassy intensity, about 75% of the way up into Sassy’s adjustable range. An amazing vibe frequency, IMO. So, overall, the Sassy is more jaw-rattling rumbly on the lower intensities, and marginally stronger on high, and it’s simply better-curved for G-spot pressure. But…the Pillow Talk Sassy doesn’t have air pulsation or app control like the Satisfyer Duals.

A final important difference between the Dual Pleasure and Dual Love is the mouth shape. The Dual Love is an oval! I should like it more, right, after I’ve praised oval-shaped pulsing mouths in principle because clitorises are longer than they are wide. But here I am, rubbing the Dual Pleasure’s mouth for more orgasmic success because I like its softer slope and thicker head better than the Dual Love… The Dual Love’s thin rim is raised and less gentle, IMO. The distinct mouth shapes also affect my perception of the air pulsation strength in use: So let me talk about power next.

Lineup of pulsing holes, top to bottom: Pro 2 Next Gen., Dual Love, Dual Pleasure, & Curvy 3+, all by Satisfyer.

The Duals Vs. Satisfyer Pro 2

Imagine my surprise when I got the Dual Pleasure and Dual Love out of their pretty boxes, and confirmed that these might match the Pro 2’s pulse power. It’s a close race.

Really, the most obvious difference is: the Dual Pleasure and Dual Love are quieter than the Pro 2. Less rattly, really. My Pro 2 gets up to 71 decibels (dB) in hand, vs. Dual Love’s 61 dB. Applying Pro and the Satisfyer Duals to your clit does amp down the noise level, but Dual Love / Pleasure are still about 5 dB lower โ€” and don’t have quite the same clanking noise on high that the Pro 2 Next Gen. does. After extensive sound testing, I found Dual Pleasure maxing out at 55 dB in use, vs., full disclosure, my whimpers and moans getting up to 82 dB at orgasm (and I can go louder, y’all ๐Ÿ˜‚).

And that’s noise, but what about strength?! Previously I’d hoped that the Satisfyer Curvy vibrating pulse toys would take the Pro 2’s blowing power, and add vibration (and app control!). The Curvy line turned out to be very good overall, and the Curvy 3+ became a new favorite for me โ€” but the Curvy toys felt a bit weaker than the Pro 2’s air-pulsing on high, like they were missing speeds #9 through #11 (high power on the Pro 2). I personally don’t need top speed, because these toys can be quite strong as it is; but some people are true power-lovers.

So if you want the MOST: Do these new Satisfyers match the classic Pro 2? I’ve ranked and ranked and ranked air-pulsation toy power, and the strength of the Dual Love is very similar to the Pro 2. Half the time, I do think that the Dual Love is only as strong as the Pro 2’s next-to-last speed (#10 of 11; not 11, high power). Then I’m back to “Well, it’s about the same… hmm…. Wow, it’s hard to tell…”

Then, as for Dual Pleasure vs. Dual Love, again they’re so similar but the Love model is edging out the Pleasure one. I’ve concluded this is largely due to the Dual Love’s “lip” size vs. the Dual Pleasure. See, the Dual Love has this fine rim around its mouth, so it’s easier to create a firm seal than with the Dual Pleasure’s broader lip. In some positions, like if I’m standing in the shower with my legs closer together, the Dual Love does feel more intense on high speed. The pressure is tightest, most focused, that way.

Air pulsation toy lineup Satisfyer dual love, satisfyer dual pleasure, satisfyer curvy 3+, Satisfyer Pro 2, BMS Pillow Talk Dreamy, We-Vibe Melt
So much testing. *wink*

Speed # 7 out of 11 is my favorite with Dual Pleasure! It’s fast and quite thudding, whereas the top speeds have a more flappy feel for me! But they can be good once I’m really ready and warmed up.

But yes, the We-Vibe Melt is still my absolute favorite for air-pulsing feel โ€” especially because I love it along with a great G-spot vibe. I’m estimating Melt at 10 to 15% stronger than the Satisfyer Duals on high. But Melt’s biggest advantage is that it does curve upward; it’s better designed for use during penis-in-vagina sex than other air-pulse toys. The flexibility of its mouth is sometimes exactly what I need for comfort + a better seal, with Melt creating faster orgasms than Dual Pleasure, in my experience.

One trick with air-pulsation toys is to turn them down a couple speeds if you’re getting overstimulated. The Satisfyer Pro 2’s buttons (on the front of the toy) are honestly easier to operate โ€” the only practical drawback to the Dual Pleasure and Dual Love. It took me a few uses with Dual Pleasure to develop rote memory for which button to press to decrease speed quickly. Remember, with these Duals, the up and down air-pulse buttons are on the back of the air-pulsing head, higher up, so you can still change vibe speeds if you’re inserting the vibrator/handle end into your vagina. In the end, the learning process was worth it. (I’ve mentioned I like the Dual Pleasure’s vibrating handle, right?!? ๐ŸŽ‰)

Satisfyer App Control

The Dual Pleasure and Dual Love are excellent choices for clit stimulation long-distance. (Maybe for G-spot too, if you’re a bigger fan of the handle shapes vaginally than I am!) If you’ve got a lover far away, or you enjoy playing remotely with different partners, the Satisfyer app is nicely designed. There’s now a whole lineup of air-pulsing toys, cock rings, a rabbit, and more that work with this app.

The only caveat: You do need to enable video through the Satisfyer Connect app if you’re wanting to do long-distance vibrator control.

Close range, you can use the app to access lots of patterns, or to access a fuller speed range for the vibrating motor: the lowest you can pull the line down is less-strong than the first steady speed you’d get using the Dual Pleasure’s / Love’s ~ button. Both motors are running at once, pulsing and vibration; you can either control them independently (drag up and down to increase/decrease power) or sync them so they get stronger or weaker in unison.

Satisfyer Curvy Curvy how to use buttons
Hey guys, I need a new phone, you think I should stick to iPhone or go with a Samsung Galaxy? *Decisions*.

See my Curvy 1+, 2+, and 3+ review for a longer description of the Satisfyer app, its privacy features, and many functions. These toys may not be a wearable, play-in-public vibrator like the new Satisfyer Sexy Secret โ€” but they’re more intense fun for your bedroom. I really like the fuller vibe speed control through the app, plus one other hot note: your partner can direct you which end of the toy you’re supposed to be using. Air pulsation on the clit, or on the nipples; vibration on the clit, inside your vagina, maybe even external anal vibration… Lots of control options if you enjoy dominant/submissive play.

Summary / Satisfyer Duals Ranking

Vibrators are electronic devices, after all, and Satisfyer is ahead of the game this year with their tech updates. App control, lower noise level, roughly equivalent pulsing power, and now rumblier vibration too.

The Dual Pleasure is the most impressive Satisfyer motor I’ve felt, moving Satisfyer vibrations from “Eh, I mean, I guess it’s good if you like some power (and aren’t picky)” to “This is legit a good vibrator! I could use just the vibrating end for fun!”

But why would I want to use just the vibrating side of either Satisfyer Dual (Pleasure or Love), when I could enjoy one hell of an orgasmic warmup from the air-pulsing mouth? This lilac dreamboat of a toy, the Dual Pleasure, is a 2-for-1: where the air pulses tease, arouse, and then force me over the edge; while the vibration is everything I want to rub off on. (Speed #2, baby.)

And the Satisfyer Connect app, used with Dual Pleasure or Dual Love, is for anyone who wants a powerful long-distance toy that’s not wearable. The app gives fuller control over the vibe speed range, and a huge amount of pattern possibilities. The two function choices are awesome here too, because the controlling partner might tell the Satisfyer-having one which function to use, and where: Air pulsation, or good vibrations? For clit, or G-spot, or elsewhere?

I’m giving them a 4.5 out of 5 stars, with the low price seriously ruling out any minor complaints about the button control (slight learning process) and the fact that the Dual Love’s shiny plastic accent takes more work to keep looking pristine.

Find the Satisfyer Dual Pleasure and Dual Love here.

They’re โ‰ˆ18% off standard retail price! โฌ†๏ธ


  1. I’m sticking to We-Vibe products & BMS’s Pillow Talk series like Sassy for that!
  2. And that’s 100% because of the toy shape, not a “some people prefer clit stimulation to vaginal” thing, I love G-spot toys.

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